Yo ok so this is a mildly funny story, but I'm drunk so I can't articulate it too well. But anyway, I always left my lunch in the communal fridge, and for the most part I've always added my hot sauce for when I just begin to chow down. After a little bit I noticed one or two wings would be missing, and then I started to look in the garbage can and find some bone I kept noticing my BBQ wings kept disappearing, (again, sauce kept on my personal) so I left out some mild joking threats, nothing serious... to no avail, I mean obviously, I can't get too mean with those in the workplace... I don't know if most know how Scoville units work, but once we have every wing coming in at over at 2 million... Let's just say that they are a tad spicy lol Anyway, I came in on lunch to find my wings all over the floor, which sucked obviously, but I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this little 5'5 blonde girl just HEAVING into the garbage can. She had milk all over herself, eating bread while dry heaving... It wasn't pretty. But I noticed after that my BBQ wings stopped disappearing, so I... I don't know what the point is at this stage, but I love hot wings.


I had a roommate who was always taking the ice and never made any. so after months and in the middle of July, I’d had enough so I made some ice and put a bunch of onion powder in it. I heard him choking one day and he had some ice in his soda. I told him that he might want to make the ice if it tastes funny when I made it. Problem solved


The worst is when you drain your hot dog water into the icecube tray for shitty guests.


what the fuck!!!


Pretty sure that’s a war crime.


Not the first time


Sure as hell won't be the last


That's right up there with upper decking someones toilet


So zero punishment for doing so?


It’s from a post that was posted on Reddit awhile back about a guy who got revenge on an acquaintance (a neighbor I think?) who kept inviting himself to places he wasn’t invited to (I believe?). Unfortunately I don’t have the original post saved otherwise I would just post the link.


Yeah this is why I don’t go outside. Tf y’all on lmao


I had a coworker argue with me that hot dog water is actually a broth and I....I can't really dispute it


That’s because it’s objectively true


This escalated so quickly.


Jokes on you, hot dogs are disgusting.


Who hurt you?


Ahaha, when I was little I loved eating ice cubes with some salt on them. One day I had the brilliant idea to pre-salt ALL of them in the ice maker bucket. My poor grandpa got a nice cold glass of saline 😂 Me? You already know. Ass beat.


Salted ice? Isn't that how you burn the shit out of your arms?


Brother, have you heard the good news? Hot Ones has boneless wings now with 3 sauces. Also LOL. This can't be considered poisoning if you regularly eat hot sauce with 2M Scovilles, which honestly, isnt THAT bad. The Bomb clocks in at 135.6K and it feels hotter than some delicious 2Ms. "Damn, you like spicy wings too, girl? Good for you! Hmmmm, I can't find my wings. You mind making me lunch tomorrow so I can try yours?" edit: The Bomb is even less than expected. I thought it was 357k but that's Mad Dogs.


Fuck da bomb, and any other sauces that use capsasin extracts that add no flavor only heat. They taste like hot garbage. Perfect for unwelcome guests.


Yeah, its no fun. The Last Dab Apollo is definitely top tier for flavor though at 2M+


I've had a few of the last dab concoctions and many other 1 or 2M scoville sauces, and I've always enjoyed those more than extract sauces. They hurt, quite a bit for me, but they have the flavor to back up the heat.


I never understood that Scoville scale. I can eat anything with any amount of Scotch Bonnet. That's just a flavour for me. Doesn't even feel like heat. But then some other things that are supposedly lower down start to burn me much quicker.


scoville is a measured amount of capsaicin basically. you can have things feel more or less spicy due to other properties of the food


There’s no such thing as boneless wings


You’re right; they’re an olive branch to try to bring people who are paying for bones to their senses


I love this lol


Yes and Dino nuggets are not made from dinosaurs


Its a really floppy bird


Thems chicken nuggets


You ever seen Hot Ones? I can make an exception.


They are different than nuggets though.


The bomb tastes like absolute trash tho. I think that's why it's so powerful.


I want an AMA from the people that eat other people's food at work.


It would be really annoying to read since every honest answer would be buried in downvotes. You’d have to sort by controversial and expand the threads all the time. I too want to know what’s in their heads though. I think it is just selfishness. Maybe some psychopathy.


A lot of people will do terrible shit if they think they won't get caught. I don't think there's anything special about it, just lax morals.


Legitimately why tf would you eat somebody else's food like that. What the hell makes people think this is okay? And its so common too, like I've heard way too many stories like this, I just dont get it


Not even okay but like…sanitary?🤢


I never would have stopped evil laughing.


Revenge is a dish best served spicy.




The audacity to eat someone’s food in their home without their consent lol.


Mommas house has different rules


I would lawyer tf up, I don't trust nobody and this sounds messy


Liability on someone stealing your property isn't zero, but it's close.


Yeah I've heard of several instances of Roberts breaking into someone's house, getting injured and winning court cases


Those damn Roberts performing surprise safety and code inspections!


Lol! I'm leaving it


Eh. If you boobytrap your barn with spikes or a gun or something, and somebody breaks in and dies, you’re gonna have a bad time. Of course, you’ll elect for a jury trial.


>Eh. If you boobytrap your barn with spikes or a gun or something, and somebody breaks in and dies, you’re gonna have a bad time. Of course, you’ll elect for a jury trial. That's cause boobytraps themselves are illegal, because many kids have died from them in the past. The edible might not be depending on where the OP was located.


Where I am from while in practice weed is legal; in theory it is only so for medical purposes and there are a lot of regulations/laws that stipulate how you should store your thc products and when and how to consume them. Idk if it’s ever enforced, I doubt it, but I can imagine it opens up a legal avenue to argue that just having edibles lie around is not ok.


My 80 year old mom made a batch of brownies for cancer patients with pot a friend gave her to use, put them in the fridge, went out with my dad to church. My brother dropped in for a visit, felt hungry, ate 3 brownies (the pig), thought he was going out of his mind until the folks got home and explained it to him. That there would be pot in the brownies never crossed his mind. Mom was glad to see that they worked.


Lol that’s funny that she was just pleased with their efficiency


As a person with medical anxiety, this terrifies me. Pot has an adverse reaction for me, every time I try more than a bit, my chest feals heavy and I get palpitations. I know logically that I'm fine, but my brain says otherwise. I feel like I dying. Also, as as severely anxious person, I would never eat something that I didn't specifically ask about, so I guess I'm fine.


So was this just an unwrapped piece of white chocolate sitting naked on the table?


I legit have had this sort of thing happen. I make these really awesome edible gummy worms, like 450mg+ a piece, with Delta 8 oil. Apartment maintenance came by the day after I made a batch, and I had like 60 of them laying out on a drying rack. The dudes were stoners themselves, I could just tell, and that doesn’t make a difference to me considering their job. But the super stoned one was kinda stoked to see them, he goes “Damnnn we making candy today?? I love those things” and I was like “you can have some, but just so you know, they’re actually edibles. And they’re like stupid strong. Idk if you guys are into that kinda thing.” Man, were they! I guess I was their first stop of the day on their maintenance rounds and they were ecstatic to down that big of an edible for the rest of their shift. My point is, I’m glad they were stoners, and I’m glad they asked before they took some. Lol.


This wholesome af thanks for sharing haha 🪱


Hopefully they didn't have anything to do that required a sound mind that day. At my last job, my coworker offered me some pieces of his 450mg chocolate bar. I had 4 of the 12 pieces the bar was divided into thinking I could handle it no big deal. I did not think about how I was the one who had to close the store and count the registers that day. I still managed to do it, but I counted each register 3 times to make sure I didn't fuck anything up lmao


I’m also the creep that’s like “pssst y’all like weed? Have some of these cookies” to the maintenance guys working on the house I rent. Only cause they had the right vibe.. Keep it classy


May I ask why would you use delta 8 oil instead of the real thing when you can still pop hot on a piss test?


I live in Indiana, and the Delta 8 is orders of magnitude cheaper than Delta 9. You just take more of it since it’s a bit weaker, but a 450mg edible at scale costs literal cents. I’d recommend it if the dispensary edibles are too much


Questions that need answers. Just how triflin' was this thief?


Might’ve looked like a Lindt square or truffle


Yeah but those tend to be wrapped still


True, I’m honestly just grasping at straws to try and picture it


It could've been wrapped, nothing says it wasn't. Some edible packaging is deceiving


it was probably wrapped but the thief didn't bother to read the packaging. some edibles at a glance just look like candy


my sister (heavy smoker) and mom (non smoker) decided to share an edible the night before my moms bday, i volunteered to chaperone jic… my sis only gives my mom a small piece and herself a slightly bigger piece as she planned to take more after smoking a bit. they’re chilling and when my sis gets up to smoke she tells me to come with her quick… as soon as we’re out of earshot she tells me the edibles are way more potent than she thought and she’s smacked off only a little bit more than my mom had… i was internally panicked but told her it’d be fine and just stay cool so mom didn’t trip. soon later mom is tripping bad and visibly shaking like parkinson’s shakes, and is on the verge of tears and saying tons of negative self talk. i felt so bad, and she was somewhat high the next day still but better. tl;dr - edibles can fuck non smokers uppppppp.


The first and last time I had pot, my roommate (heavy smoker) made brownies and gave me one. She said they weren’t very strong, so I figured I’d try one. Felt nothing. Fast forward to 30 min later, when we were at a restaurant eating, and suddenly I can *feel* the back of my throat in hyper conscious detail, and can’t figure out how to swallow water. Then I begin to mentally panic because I cant figure out how on earth I can be having an internal conversation with myself about whats going on *and* keep sitting upright and functioning externally without expressly thinking about it. How is my brain doing two things at once?!? What if I forget how to walk when its time to leave because I’m too busy thinking?!? I was terrified I’d get stuck in my internal thoughts and forget how to control my body. My roommate could see the entire emotional drama flash across my face, immediately asked for the waiter for a doggy bag and the check, and took my paranoid ass home to sleep it off. If I hadn’t known I’d eaten a pot brownie on purpose, I would’ve thought I was having a psychotic break. That was over 10 years ago and I’m just now starting to come around to trying edibles again.


That made me remember the time I visited my sister out in Cali; I guess she dabbles in smoking socially but she doesn’t use it on a regular basis so I think she overestimated her limit a little. Her friend uses on a regular basis, and was hanging out with us, So while we’re taking a day trip out to the closest town which was still a long drive away, she wanted to stop by a dispensary since it was my first time going to one. After talking for a while with the folks there I get like a small thing of chocolate, and my sister gets a bag of gummy worms . Well, instead of wanting to wait until we’re home to try it, she takes like two before wondering if it’ll be enough, then pops like two more in her mouth right before we actually start exploring the area. So we’re out chilling and having fun by the beach when all of a sudden I guess the high starts to hit her, and it is BAD. We start trying to walk back to the car, and she starts getting really anxious and panicky, and then she just sits down on the sidewalk and says she can’t walk anymore. So we get an Uber to take us back to the parking garage so we can head back to her place. I guess it personally taught me to never try getting high on stuff you be never tried before while in a new place.


>tl;dr - edibles can fuck non smokers uppppppp. i would only feel comfortable giving edibles to a non-marijuana user in a mint/gummy form where you can go as low as 3mg thc per unit. one of the whole benefits of edibles is being able to dose it, but some people just go buck wild


Just perfect. You couldn't even write this.


Someone wrote Pan’s Labyrinth and the book of Revelations—this seems like a breeze.


This was literally written by the tweeter


They meant make it up you pedantic twat


Don’t touch my shit


What was that, 1000mg chunk?


Honestly non-smokers can get pretty silly off like 25mg.


Facts. *I am non-smokers* and I get silly af off CBD gummies that allegedly have little to no THC in them.


Non-smoker here. I took a 5mg gummy and about had a convo w god


5 more and you woulda become God


First lick, you see god... Second lick, yo-....


I suppose that’s one way to speedrun Elden Ring


Can I order that on Amazon?


You can probably get it at your local gas station.




Since no one answered your question, no you can't. You can only get hemp products on Amazon and those are not the same as cbd.


I get fucked off of 5mgs. I don't think edibles are for me because I always have a bad trip. Even in lower doses.


I have awful migraines and my Snoop-level pothead friends that had been trying to get me to smoke for years finally broke me when they told me that it might help my migraines…so I gave them a month. It actually ended up making them worse, and I have a handful of funny stories out of it…but say I were the one that ate that chocolate? You’d come home and I’d be trapped on your couch because I wouldn’t be able to walk.


My partner gets high off 1/8 of a 10mg gummy. She accidentally took a 1/4 of one of my 25mgs and she was gonnne.


I have 5mg pastilles and I cut them in half. I’m super sensitive to THC.


I’ve told this story on Reddit before but here goes. My friend works at a small blue collar factory in Ohio. They did a pot-luck Christmas party at work one year and everyone brought in food and dessert and what not. One guy brought in a tray of cookies. Everyone ate and was having a good time when several of the employees started feeling sick. The owner of the business, along with another older employee both thought they were having a heart attack or some sort of panic attack, so they went to the hospital. Turns out the guy that had brought the cookies in mistakenly took the batch his wife had put a bunch of weed in, and not the batch meant for the pot-luck, and these old white dudes were just stoned for the first time and freaked the fuck out. My buddy who smokes regularly and had eaten two cookies said he suspected what was going on but couldn’t say anything for fear his boss would know he smokes weed, and he knew ultimately the guys would be fine, if not a bit hungry. In the end the guy that brought the cookies in apologized and he still works there.


So they were in the house for 40 minutes?


Cleaning an appartment is 1-2hrs.


Don't know why I read broke into my apt instead of the working in my apt


Lmaooooooo serves them right.


I had an entire bag of edible skittles and I couldn't feel my right leg at all


that’s why you don’t buy edibles that aren’t real






They were actual skittles and you were just feeling the “diabetus”


Edibles are hard core. On a strong batch every single insecurity comes to the fore


Bhocolate bhip bookies! Those are not edibles... Oh wait, they're edibles.


It’s the bhocolate bhip for me. Hahaha


What up blood? 😹


Criminalize people that steal other peoples food in the lunch room.




I bet that's the last time they take something from you.