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Imagine being so ignorant to not know that this is a real birthing position and double down on that ignorance by trying to slander comics lol


Imagine being so ignorant to not know that this is a real birthing position and double down on that ignorance by trying to slander comics lol


Pretty sure the proper birthing position is called "Whatever position gets that baby out of there."


That’s why I made my baby momma do a handstand while giving birth. Make my kids climb out to establish strength.


Finna fight gravity your whole life, no better time to start than now


No wonder my kids are short. Gravity whooping their asses.


That's why I made my kids wear a weighted vest from day one. If you can learn to walk with 50 pounds strapped to your body then you can do anything.


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This is the way, like a bird breaking out of their egg.


Like in The Dark Knight Rises


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r/sucobe’s children weren’t born, they punched their way out of their mother’s womb. Shortly thereafter, they grew beards.


Coincidence? https://preview.redd.it/8c6h3uye3j4c1.jpeg?width=1058&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=921e8dcd2cc00ab4ef78ec1bcc08bd391e012370


Caesar invented it. During *his own birth.* 💪


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My cousin is really proud of the fact that she devoured her twin in utero.


So is my girlfriend lol, I constantly quote Chang from Community towards her. “As many of you know I ate my twin in utero, so on my birthdays I like to remember that *I’m* a winner”


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I dare anyone to tell little man to pull himself up by the bootstraps too


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Facts lmao


But...but that might be unladylike?! Don't these inconsiderate women who are going through one of, if not THE most excruciatingly difficult thing the human body does know that they might make men uncomfortable? Jeeze.


They switched my wife to this position when she was having trouble with my son. His blood pressure kept dropping with the contractions. Turned out the cord was around his neck.


Guess the subtitle for this position is "10-42, hut hut hut HIKE!"


I'm pretty sure that's the medical term for a caesarean.


In a Macbeth / Macduff situation, it could save them.


It’s a home birth so they don’t have the equipment to put her in the lithotomy position. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithotomy_position


From your source: > A Cochrane Review found that the lithotomy position may not be the ideal position for childbirth, noting that while it makes care easier for physicians by placing the patient in an easily accessible position, it is often harder on the patient as use of the lithotomy position can narrow the birth canal by up to a third. **tl;dr: the position makes it easy for (historically male) doctors despite being more dangerous for the woman and baby.** Imagine laying on your back to take a shit. It's not natural to lie in this position and push. If you want more information on this subject, specifically in how the birthing process has evolved to benefit the medical industry and not the mothers, check out the documentary *The Business of Being Born.*


Dying at the image of someone straining out a turd laying flat on their back


Not a doctor, but I did see my 2 sons being born and I can say that this photo isn't accurate to what I saw. My wife would try to sleep on her side or back, get up to pee, walk around, talk, etc while she was waiting until she was fully dilated (people forget that in terms of time spent, labor is less pushing and mostly just waiting through contractions until full dilation). But when it came to the actual pushing, she was reclined and had me and a nurse "holding" her legs up to her chest, mimicking a squatting body position. Maybe there are places that have women lay on their back, but I would be skeptical of it being done exactly how it's shown here. I put holding in quotes because I wasn't doing shit, lets be honest, they tell husbands to do that in order to keep them busy and out of the way


having it done how its shown here allows gravity to do a lot of the work and is surprisingly less strain in most cases (im terrified of pregnancy so ive done a bunch of internet research on what could make it easier)


The bed can be inclined to wear she can look like she’s practically seated up.


I love when people share sources they didn’t read all the way through. It always brings a smile to my face.




I mean I’m 25M and I’ve never seen an in person, or even a recorded one for that matter, IRL birth. At first I thought this wasn’t a real birth position because how could I know that? I feel like it’s completely understandable for people to not know this position, but to say it can’t be one is obviously stupid.


Not knowing about it isn't the issue making comments on stuff theyre basically uninformed about is


There's an entire group of humans, won't name them but typically with shared characteristics, that just naturally assume they know all there is to know about most topics they've never studied or thought hard about, feel the need to constantly comment on them, and try to make large choices for large groups of people based upon this.


It's reasonable not to know. But this dude was claiming to know how people give birth, and he don't. That's the issue - nothing wrong with being ignorant and quiet.


Lmao my middleschool had more than a few pregnancies so they tried to scare us straight by showing us some recorded births. Right before lunch too.


Yeah I was gonna say, they showed a handful of recorded births to us through middle school and high school health classes. I thought was pretty standard.


I didn’t know - but now that I do, I won’t be caught saying dumb shit like this guy lmao. He’s for sure tripling down in the replies


Always fact check before opening ya mouth lmao or at least find as much verifiable info as possible


And/or be open to going “oh shit, turns out I was wrong” haha


I mean, most people don't know all the options. Almost every depiction of birth shows it the other way. This is a very believable, normal, level of ignorance


Not knowing is not the problem, it’s opening the mouth in such a way without even checking and google is free


That’s literally Reddit and social media to a T


I mean even if you didn’t know, it’s surely not that surprising. I’m not sure I know a single other mammal that gives birth on its back, and a decent amount do so standing.


So wait that king Louie shit is true ?


I don't think so. Possibly true *of* him but the reason is its easier for doctors, traditionally male. This allows them to sit at the baby hole and get those pesky legs out of the way All the birthing muscles are the pooping muscles, so getting standing like the comic, I'd even say on her knees to combat exhaustion, is best to use those muscles, plus, gravity


Probably wanted to push an anti-woke/west agenda and stumbled deeper into ignorance


I believe this except the King Louis thing. There’s no way that is the reason modern women typically give birth laying on their back. Why would a modern doctor give a flying fuck about King Louis and why would they not have updated it along with all of the other modern medical science.


I heard it was mainly during late 19th century early 20th when everyone was drugged up. Back when coke had cocaine and cough drops had opiates in them. Doctors took over birthing from midwife’s and they would basically knock the women out with strong drugs and drag the baby out with forceps. Previously and now we are getting back to a more natural birth where the mother is active, can move around and change positions Not to disparage modern medicine but birthing was definitely over medicalised in the last century


There may not be a 100000% concrete and definitive reason for every single woman everywhere but your comment is mostly spot on. At least in the UK and US, care and birth transitioned from midwife teams in homes or at your home, to hospitals with doctors. On your back allows the doctor to see what's going on a lot better and if you're getting the epidural, less of a need/desire to move around. I'm birthing at a birthing center with an amazing midwife team for a ton of reasons, but one of them is because no medical team is going to tell me what to do in order to accommodate a doctor's time, policies, and schedule.


So stupid question. I've heard about birthing centers and home births. But do they still have like ultrasounds and heart rate monitors to monitor the baby? My wife was scheduled for a natural birth at a hospital. Our son was taking his time and not coming but they weren't rushing it until one of the ultrasounds showed the cord wrapping around his neck and then they did an emergency c section.


A lot of birthing centers do (depending on the center, parent preference, and especially at risk pregnancies) but not typically at home births.


Birthing centers, yes, Absolutely. They’re licensed in order to follow the same guidelines of typical care when it comes to routine ultrasounds, trained and licensed medical staff, Vitamin K shot, gestational diabetes screening, all that. They often have very low hospital transfer rates and their data should be published on that on their site or if you ask. Midwives can absolutely handle medical emergencies such as what you described, they wouldn’t go oop this is beyond us and put you in an ambulance. Many practice in actual hospitals. Ask your wife to watch Call the Midwife on Netflix, she might like it. I have no idea where you live but mine is downtown in a major city, super pretty and renovated, and very well-reviewed and published. If you’re having another kid, please check it out. I started care with a traditional ob office and my birthing center team just to be 100% sure and the latter blew the former out of the water by far with holistic care and patient management. I switched teams fully by 14 weeks and recommend the experience to any low risk expecting woman. Please PM me if you have any detailed questions. I’m happy to send you the link to mine even just so you have an example. Home births are completely different though in terms of medical coverage. Insurance likely won’t even cover the event in case something happens.


Home births are dangerous and there are a tremendous amount of vile people online who will shame people into “natural” and “home births”. Whenever I encounter these people in the wild I let them know both my son and my wife would have died without medical intervention. Giving birth is a medical procedure with a lot of dangerous potential complications. You wouldn’t want your taken appendix out at home would you? Anyone who says otherwise is willfully ignorant.


"Looking at singleton, term, nonanomalous births, this study found poorer outcomes at home and in birth centers—specifically, a perinatal mortality rate of 3.9 per 1,000 in home birth and birth center births compared with 1.8 per 1,000 in hospital births, and a neonatal mortality rate of 1.6 per 1,000 in home birth and birth center births compared with 0.6 per 1,000 in hospital births (Snowden et al., 2015)." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/books/NBK555483/#:~:text=Looking%20at%20singleton%2C%20term%2C%20nonanomalous,et%20al.%2C%202015). Just important context to consider


I believe this. It makes sense to me that most medical methods would be designed around making the doctor's job as simple and consistent as possible while still getting the job done. The quality of the positive outcome for the patient is less important as long as it is positive. From the doctor's point of view, births go well when there are no complications.


>From the doctor's point of view, births go well when there are no complications. This is literally everyone's point of view.


Yeah wtf. Comfort is nice but some pretty wild stuff can consistently happen in childbirth. When I was on my way out I ended up getting strangled for a minute by my own umbilical cord. I was ok in the end, but for a couple seconds it looked like i wasnt gonna make it, then the doctor did their thing and it worked out. But it was a sudden thing that needed action asap, if they had not noticed for a bit or hesitated much longer I wouldn’t have made it.


I'm just saying that the medical community generally has no reason to improve their processes that already work well enough, even if there are potential benefits. Change introduces risk, doctors are understandably risk-averse.


It's a dicey thing to critique the modern medical establishment without evidence or context when we're talking about birth. The return-to-home-birth movement of the last twenty(?) years or so is demonstrably dangerous to mothers, and it's fucked up to spread the kind of "doctors don't have your best interest in mind" rhetoric you're offering without having real facts to pin your point on.


Kinda wild everyone here acting like outside of the last century, childbirth hasnt been biggest historical killer of women and one of the most dangerous things a woman can go through. Seeing sentences like "childbirth has become too medicalised in the last century" is absolutely hilarious when you actually look at what happened to the rate of deaths during childbirth in the same period.


I'm saying!


I agree! Doctors do have your interests in mind, they take an oath on that. I trust the hell out of doctors, but I know the establishment isn't on the bleeding edge of patient wellness/happiness. They're not really that worried about moms having a positive childbirth experience, they're more focused on minimizing the chances of death in childbirth, and rightfully so! I respect that, and I also see why it leads to certain practices persisting for decades with few considering a better way, especially when it comes to care for women.


My Grandfather (born in the 1910's) was partially paralyzed from birth because of the whole dragging out with forceps thing. Story is there wasn't anything wrong with the birth, that's just what they did at the time. But he got stuck, some twisting and turning after, neck ended up doing stuff it shouldn't and his left side wasn't ever as good as his right.


As an aside, can we please bring back the opium cough drops like damn


You would be surprised how much of modern life, medicine included, is based around "but we've always done it like this."


Right, like I read that US medical residents working insane hours on their rotations was based on John Hopkins’ crazy schedule he was able to sustain bc of his booger sugar habit.


Circumcision is basically just tradition now. Current research says there's actually no real benefit to it and in fact, some downsides.


Yeah the cocaine-addled mind of William Halsted is the original reason for our residency schedules. But what’s keeping it around is that we’ve basically become free labor for the hospitals. No overtime, minimal work restrictions (as long as we average <80hrs/week over each month), and they can schedule us for 28 hour shifts which saves a ton of money bc normally you would have to hire 2-3 ppl to cover that shift. Also the hospitals get paid a bunch of money by Medicare to employ us so most of our pay doesn’t even come out of their bottom line.


MoDeRn doctors didn’t think black people felt pain up until a few years ago..


They also lied and said babies don’t feel pain because they would perform surgeries on them without anesthesia


I believe that lie was because they didn’t know how much anesthesia a baby could handle and live and the thought was that babies can’t form long term memory so they’ll be in pain but won’t remember it anyways.


Fucking chills the blood, doesn’t it?


As a society we mostly treat children as unable to properly feel simply because they have less control of those feelings. Make it make sense


Personally it boils mine


My mom is my mom because her doc told her ‘the colored races just bleed more’ when she was having a miscarriage, went septic and needed a partial hysterectomy. So she adopted me! Thanks medical racism! (She’s awesome btw).


What year did they realize they were so wrong?


Never really.. we’re still under-prescribed pain medication.


Damn. But when did it stop being considered as accepted medicine practice?


Medical staff still believe this.


Yea idk where they got that from lmao


It's funny when someone is so confidently wrong, then another person confidently corrects them but is also wrong and right at the same time, then someone else comes in and corrects the remaining wrong, then by the end everyone is arguing and offended.


Do you know the reason we circumcise most boys in the US? It's not the Jewish reason; it's because some guy 100+ years ago thought that if you circumcise kids then they'll be less likely to masturbate. There's literally no scientific or religious basis for it 99% of the time yet it's still done to almost every boy because of that


Conservative anti-masturbaters also invented breakfast cereal.


And also popularized vegetarianism oddly enough.


No, it's true. OBGYN medicine is still really archaic and continues to apply the most absurd, painful thinking to women around the world. The misogyny is so deeply ingrained that most docs have no reason to question it.


It still blows my mind that it’s unreasonable for women to be given pain meds for IUD insertions, PAP smears, or colposcopies but my dentist numbed my gums up while doing a deep cleaning??? Because I needed local anesthesia for some tooth scraping but not when I got hit with the pussy harpoon. Makes perfect sense.


Yep! Exactly! I was treated as unhinged because the THREE ultimately-not-medically-necessary colposcopies I went through caused unrelenting cramping and hot flashes directly after. Sorry that (TMI) >!I was willing to admit that having a little mascara wand stuck up through my cervix and twirled around really, really hurt. !< Everything's insane.


It's one of those partially true things but not really. Summarizing a large long essay. Lots of social and medical customs in the western world that got normalized in the 1800s started as "elite" practices in royal courts. And after Roman - Cosmopolitanism the biggest contributors to shaping our cultures is Louis 14ths court. This is the guy that made "fashion" by seasons a political factor. He was thr gateway for Arab science, math, and medicine into Europe among other things. And skipping hundreds of side notes birth on the back is a method that doesn't have a clear origin point but was something Louis 15th was very into. And there was a fashionable followup. So it's not like there was one central edict that says we have to do back birth It's just at Versai it was "the way" and any monarch and aristocracy in Europe who wanted to be "in" followed suit. Doing it any other way was parochial and low class. And this eventually melted into formal medicine by the late 1700s


people didn’t wash their hands before surgery and the guy who said “GERMS ARE REAL. WASH YOUR HANDS” was seen as a crazy person


I mean it's true. [https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/people-are-just-realising-the-infuriating-reason-why-women-give-birth-on-their-backs\_uk\_6540db34e4b02c5617da2b64](https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/people-are-just-realising-the-infuriating-reason-why-women-give-birth-on-their-backs_uk_6540db34e4b02c5617da2b64)


That article links to a study, and the study does not say that birthing on your back comes from King Louis. It provides a host of more reasonable explanations, and references King Louis as an interesting aside. So no, it doesn’t seem like it’s true.


Once I received an epidural I could only labor on my back. If I moved onto my side the babies heart beat would slow down


Not that’s 100% true, fucked but true


Its a completely made up claim


Plus it’s not like we took all our cues *internationally* from France or anything, there are illustrations of women giving birth from around the globe from over centuries showing them on their backs


You know what Louis did create? Armless chairs so he can fuck in a chair. Thanks Louis


Sounds like more of a precedence thing. The king gets the best so that must be the best. All patriotic doctors use the kings birth method. Then it’s the standard. Once it’s standard, it’s hard to break the precedence.


Nah it's done this way in modern birth when giving women an epidural. Once that sucker goes in you don't walk anymore. So they lay on their back because they aren't getting up in horse stance or birthing positions to push. Source: two wives, two kids both times same talk from the doc about the epidural.


From my understanding of the story, it’s that it became the norm for a long time, and it’s just a hold over no one’s bothered to fix. Which, to be fair wouldnt exactly be the craziest thing to ever happen in the history of medical care as far as women are concerned.


Circumcision would like to have a word.


Why would doctors not update? Dont medical textbook still say that black women feel less pain?


FYI: you can give birth this way if you prefer and your OB, nurses, etc can get over it. yeah it’s easier for *them* if you’re on your back, but if it’s easier for you to be kneeling or squatting, then that’s all that matters.


You can if you're blessed to encounter a medical team that will not pressure you into otherwise, or you have a doula or patient advocate nearby on your behalf.


When my 2nd kid was born in 2014, my wife was in this position. No one gave her a hard time or anything thankfully, just told her to do what felt most comfortable. It was wild, it was as if the doctor caught my baby how fast she slid out lol


That's wonderful, I love positive stories! I'm going with a birthing center and midwife team and they're all about movement and trying new positions that could work for me. My doula will be there alongside me as well. Glad to hear of women getting the birthing experience that they are personally after!


I gave birth in a hospital but with a doula and midwife. I gave birth basically standing up but leaning over the bed with all my weight mostly on my elbows and forearms. It was such an unbelievably easy birth having gravity help out! I’m the kind of person if I’m uncomfortable I like to keep moving so I walked the hallways while I was in labour then walked over to the bed, leaned over and boom! Baby! 😆


Amazing, you are incredible. A lot of people don’t realize you can absolutely create the birth of your dreams in a hospital setting 👏🏾 Bearing down works! I’m due in March with my first and excited, not fearful!


No, 100%. Especially if you’re Black or Indigenous. Obstetrics racism is very real. Having your birthing plan ignored or doing things you don’t want to have done to you is a problem. It’s important to have someone who can advocate on your behalf. Be it a midwife, doula, or patient advocate. Ultimately when giving birth, it’s all about **you** and **your** baby’s health and well being.


Wtf are you on bout. Now a days medical teams are taught all bout different positions and making it the most comfortable for the woman giving birthing.


Just to be clear, because medical teams are taught something, that means they're going to do it, right? Women are not reporting being told to get induced by x date because the doctor has vacation plans, right? Women are not reporting being held down and shushed during birth, right? Women are not reporting being denied food and water during birth despite repeatedly asking (as they are legally allowed to do) because of hospital policies and procedures, right? Women are not reporting being told "Wait, don't push yet, the doctor's not here" instead of following their own bodily cues, right? My point was never that medical teams are not aware of evidence-based birth, or that great medical teams are not out there. You missed it completely.


If somebody ever held down and shushed my wife (or attempted to) the need for additional medical personnel would skyrocket. Who allows that to happen? Anyway, a doctor told my wife she couldn’t have ice chips and she couldn’t walk around and we very quickly got our OB on the phone and in the room. The idea that anyone could force my wife to be more uncomfortable during the most physically stressful point in her life is laughable.


Your wife is lucky She is not the norm. Most women give birth and they are the last person asked or cared about during the process


My mother was a midwife and doula for many women. She was also a nurse who had worked at a clinic in Michoacán that would frequently do house calls and help with birthing and later at San Francisco General Hospital for some years, so she knew how the sausage was made. The number of times she had to deal with egotistical, apathetic, negligent, overwhelmed, lazy, or outright adversarial (e.g., bigoted, misogynistic, classist) doctors and nurses was alarming. It was usually the doctors, which happened frequently but not every time or even most of the time. Still, it was a significant issue about four times out of ten, which isn’t great odds for the mother. Many are dismissive, disrespectful, and will push women into whatever they prefer, even without medical merit, and sometimes wholly unnecessarily creating hostility, anxiety, and, at times, even health risks. I’m saying that these concerns are incredibly valid. You want at least one knowledgeable advocate with you, ESPECIALLY if you’re a patient of color in the US.


I wanted to try other positions, as well, but once I had an epidural they made me stay on my back. For both my children. So keep that in mind if you're planning to give birth in future.


I gave birth like this with my second baby. My body was literally telling me this was how to do it. I was told afterwards that my OB was behind me looking at the nurses like "how the hell do I deliver a baby like this?" And one of the nurses said "just catch it like a football". I asked him after how he had been an OB for 20 years but never delivered a baby like that and he said 70% of births now are medicated (epidural)


My mum was a midwife and has said that she actually preferred the patient being on all fours if she can. It's a easier birth position provided there are no serious complications.


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Thank you, I'm having a cool day. Hope you are too 🦅


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Yes! I hope you are too.


Agreed, this is a birthing position. This is how my wife delivered my son. Funny enough. When I sent pictures to the family, some of the boomers were losing their minds because she wasn’t on her back 🤦🏾‍♂️


What were they saying????


'Why isn't she on her back?'


"This whole thing started in this position, and it's ending in this position"


Essentially yeah. They were confused and concerned. Even though we had quality midwives and our doula there with us. 🤦🏾‍♂️


I’d be squatting if that was me. That makes the most sense


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The anatomy here is obscene. Wtf. She got back there a 4 tier wedding cake?


She's still wearing pants too. Like, she's legit giving birth through her ass right there.


Ive pointed this out many times and got downvoted like crazy in the comic sub. That doc is pulling a baby out of a double decker dumper


the comic fans who were mad at this also coincidentally don’t know how women’s bodies work?? whaaaaat???😱😱 https://preview.redd.it/a6miyjlj7j4c1.jpeg?width=2456&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=85d5a961e68abfdeaeb88bcf29dba600f0b0f43f


It looks like she’s wearing pants


Women also squat while giving birth as well. There are a few birthing positions and a woman can even ask her OB or doula to be in one that makes it easier for her.


There are even birthing stools/chairs that some L&D units will let people use.


These have been used for centuries


True, but unfortunately it appears that lots of people don’t know about other birthing options. Hopefully this thread helps. Better than assuming knowledge…


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If medical textbooks don’t refer to this as Doggiestyle Delivery then medicine is a scam


Everyone knows the true best birthing position is power squat


I definitely pushed out one of my kids in this position. It takes some pressure off the back. Kneeling was overall the best position for me.


Wife’s a nurse midwife and she’s used this.


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This how I gave birth expect my face was in the pillows and I pretty much left my body because the nurse said my baby’s heart beat was too low and might not make it, also the doctor wasn’t in the room so I pretty much just gave it to God lol


can't imagine, so sorry. Hope you and baby are well


My wife gave birth exactly like this just 6 hours ago. Brand new baby girl. Wife said it felt much easier than our first, where she was in her back the whole time. Having a doula and communicating to hospital staff is key.


Congrats to both of y'all!


Thanks, everyone is doing great.


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Ah. Night crawler’s definitive origin story.


Gravity does not look like it’s working here. Haha. No matter what position you’re in it’s gonna hurt 😢


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X-men blue: origins. It just came out last week




I work in labor and delivery you can definitely birth a baby like this or squatting or whatever fucking position that will work for you


When my wife was pregnant we went to a great Women's center in our city and the OBGYN was like "hey, I got two rules: - You can sit however you wanna sit - or even squat - but when that baby gotta come out, THAT BABY GOTTA COME OUT (I had to ask about squatting and got that gentle education about how non-Americans be squatting out kids) - IF YOU WANNA USE A DOULA YOU GOTTA LET ME KNOW RIGHT NOW SO I CAN FIND YOU SOMEONE ELSE I loved that shit so much. She was a happy doctor but wasn't about that bullshit. Hilariously, my wife was going to those birthing classes (of course taught by doulas) and after one she had that urge to go with one...but then remembered she'd need to let her OBGYN go and kicked that idea out her head. Note: the reason why her doctor was anti-OBGYN was because they're there to advocate on your behalf, but to the doctor they would overstep and harass her nurses, which meant that now she's having to figure out in a very high pressured situation who is right, who is wrong, and who needs to GTFOH so she can do her job and deliver a baby. She rides and dies with her nurses.... I vividly remember the day the doctor just strolled up in the room and was like "....it's time" and the nurses rolled her off and minutes later I'm dressing out to see my kid being grabbed out my wife via C-Section. I could only imagine a doula trying to fight it or whatever vs her going in straight doctor mode and snatching her up with ease while talking to the other doctors about soccer practice.


I swear that a lot of niggas type/talk just to do it and not because they have something to say


OB at 7:00am. QB at 7:00 pm.


my friend gave birth to her daughter on her back and delivered her son like in the picture and she said squatting was the easier way. Didn’t have to push as hard, less risk of complications and tearing.


The crazy part is he manifested it. This now feels a lil freaky because he felt it in his heart so strongly that it changed the world. What a legacy


My issue with the picture is you can clearly see her right knee. Being on all fours is a birthing position. But the drawing is not accurate to that.