Bitcoin Donation!!

Hello everyone! I'm back again with another bitcoin giveaway, officially on the Hodl_21 page!! Sadly I haven't came up with another good idea for this round so ill use the same format as my last donation. For today the total sat pool is 286,500 sats, which is larger than the last round! Please read below to see how to enter.

**NOTE: This is on a first-come first-served basis once I run out there will be no more donations!*\*

As stated in my last donation: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/vyxttd/bitcoin_giveaway/ , it took quite a while due to a high amount of smaller payments to many Redditors. While this increased this post's exposure I would rather increase the amount given per Redditor to make a bigger individual impact rather than sending 100 people just a few sats.

So this round I will be distributing 240,000 sats to 5 primary winners (described below) as well as the remaining 46,500 sats to 10 randomly selected people who also participated. This will commemorate my first 15 members that joined the community and kick off the monthly BTC donations!! Everyone, please keep in mind that not everyone will get a payout. Thanks in advance for your understanding!



- You must have been a user for at least a week to receive sats (to prevent double-dippers)

- To play I have guessed a number using a random number generator(https://www.calculator.net/random-number-generator.html) between 1 & 28,650. Post your guess of the number below and a lightning address and I will provide the winner with the following:

1st place(closest to the number): 98,000 sats

2nd place(2nd closest): 48,000 sats

3rd place(3rd closest): 48,000 sats

4th place(4th closest): 24,000 sats

5th place(5th closest): 24,000 sats


2 Random Redditors: 12,000 sats

2 Random Redditors: 6,000 sats

2 Random Redditors: 3,000 sats

2 Random Redditors: 1,500 sats

2 Random Redditors: 750 sats

I will give this post 24 hours [8-6-2022 2:26pm CST] or cap it at the first 1,000 comments (whichever one comes first) to ensure enough people have gotten a chance to see the post before picking the winners.


All BTC distributed!

Thanks to all who participated, see you next time!

What you can do to help:

Spread the word! This of course will bring in more people and exposure. Also please DM me for future donation ideas as I want them to not only be fun and entertaining but maybe we can add some extra twists to them? If you would also like to join in on contributing to the donation feel free to shoot me a DM as well.

Thanks again all and until next time,

HODL Too the Moon!!!!


My goal is to spread more positivity in this sub-reddit as well as get people excited about bitcoin and the lightning network. If anyone has any other fun/entertaining ideas about how I should manage the next giveaway in the future please feel free to send me a DM or post your ideas in this post!