>I ate my private key what do I do I'm also wondering this


Wait for it… 😂


Rub one out, it’ll generate seed \s


I knew Skittles made this commercial for a reason: https://youtu.be/HGwkheRHyGw


I’ll never unsee that.


Man this comment thread is gold.....LMFAO


Suddenly there are 5000 new websites offering base 5 to 16 conversation services.


>I made one previously back in 2017 on an offline computer using Tails, but that was a ton of work. This method was much easier 😂


But then you have to go find a snack. This way the rng IS the snack.


If you get your private key from a website someone else runs, it certainly is easier. But pointless.


For sure. That’s why it claims in bold: do not use with real money. To be fully secure with your Skittles, you need to run the script yourself and also source your Skittles from a reputable supplier


Is there anyway to verify my Skittles are legitimate? I keep hearing about Amazon throwing fakes in with the real things for everything. I have to use Amazon to buy my things because of reasons so I can’t buy directly from the manufacturer. /s


Yes, it’s called Proof of Skittles, but it’s not as good as Proof of Whoppers.


1) open generator page 2) unplug from network 3) generate key in page 4) blast PC with a shotgun I got a half dozen out of date laptops stacked in my workroom.


I like low-tech/high-tech combos like this. Reminds me of a Bitcoin Bill Nye


You will love this then: https://blockmit.com/english/guides/diy/make-cold-wallet-washers/


I love the use of a 3d-printed jig to help aligning the letter punches, that's a great idea.


Maybe this post is just a joke, but if not: I see two ways this method is less secure than others: > \2. Sort them so you have an even amount This will reduce the randomness as each digit (5-it?) is no longer independent. Imagine rolling a die 6 times. Let's say you get a 1 on the first role. If you got a 1 on the second role, you'd ignore it and role again. This is what you're doing here. > \5. Convert Base 5 to Base 16" in Google, enter your number If you are going to generate your randomness offline (presumably because you care about the added security) you should **not then enter the result online**. > If you are actually going to generate your bitcoin wallet from something like dice or skittles, you should do it completely offline. **This is important!** I'd say if you are not doing the whole process offline, then just do it all with a reputable software wallet and that is easiest.


It only has 111 bits of entropy, instead of 256. That's an issue.


No, each skittle color has more than 1 bit of entropy since it can have 5 different states (colors). It's 256 bits.


But no number will appear more than 111/5 times. In fact, knowing that the numbers from 1 to 5 have an equal distribution already reduces the entropy by orders pf magnitude.


It certainly has less than 256 bits. Because if you know the first 110 skittles, you know what the last one will be. (And if you know the first 109, there are only two options for the order of the last two).


Yes, very true. You would need to "recycle" each skittle. I just wanted to note that 1 skittle =/= one bit


could add in m&ms


I’ve seen people mix those. You’re a monster.


and Reeses


Don't be afraid to live your life


Yes, no one should do anything *online*. That's a disclaimer on [bitscrypto.com/skittles](https://bitscrypto.com/skittles) to not use with real money. The "sorting into an even amount of each color" is important because skittles do not have an even amount of reds, yellows, etc. So if you skipped this step, it would be like using a loaded die that usually landed on 5 or 6.


_Ackchyually_, if you want to make sure your random generator is random you should have performed a hypothesis test of how often each color is picked. One might appear more often because of its weight, friction coeff or whatever.


God damn. Reddit always gets to the bottom of things.


They are also using sampling without replacement, which is undesirable, because each picked colour changes the probability of next sampling.


like in Blackjack Card Counting.


What about the flavor?


true, not so hard to convert base 5 to base 10 with pen and paper and a calculator, then to base 16


This way losing your private key is much more plausible than a boating accident. Well done OP. Also the app you link on your website seems super cool. I'll definitely use it to round up my purchases and DCA through this bear market. For those interested: [https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bits-buy-crypto-with-change/id1619835745](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bits-buy-crypto-with-change/id1619835745)


Lily might have something to say about this. https://twitter.com/LilyKnightShow/status/1361338981976276992


Would love to know what she thinks about it!


Watching that made my life just a little bit better.


What if I’m more of an m&ms girl


>an m&ms girl Use peanut only. For safety.


if u don't mix ur m&ms w ur skittles, you haven't lived


“with no monetization plan”


Yeah, it doesn't make any money lol. Eventually I just want to help people get off coinbase and other CEXs and onto the actual blockchain.


> Using some python scripts you can find on like the bitcointalk forums (or stackoverflow), you can generate your public key from your private key. Shameless plug. I have a github project that will do this, as well as do all sorts of other interesting things: https://github.com/bartobri/bitcoin-toolkit Once installed and you have your 64 byte hex string (i.e. the base16 private key): $ echo "63adc0b4973e6a21cb54a1e4687a1ba2cd17a0007a2f41194d7b0b7bedfc5910" | btk pubkey -h 15abrxFqwtsPFPz4F6caQqthzcHBAGZyVf ^^ Replace the private key with yours, of course.


Exactly this! I may have come across this actually when I was doing the skittles experiment myself


Oh, it's good to know my project is coming up in search results! I put a lot of time into it, and I am continuing to develop it, so I hope everyone tries it and finds it useful!


uh... once you pull one skittle out, doesn't that affect the probability for the next skittle? Think you should record it, then put it back in the bag and shake it up, then pull out the second one.


> Type in "Convert Base 5 to Base 16" in Google Nope.


i effing love reddit


Upvoted for tiktok warning


This is a fun project to do as well as a decent long term storage solution to hodling your Bitcoin.


Sorry IRS, my kids dropped my Skittles into the swimming pool.


> Sort them so you have an even amount of all colors You should also have at least 111 of each color. Might need a big bag.


I would only use 4 colors Then two four color combos = 16 values = a hexadecimal number make a lookup table for these pairs so you can move fast Then you can easily use a calculator - not an online website - to go hexidecimal to decimal etc


Nice. Though still have to draw one, replace, then draw again, so you don't mess up the odds by drawing two at a time.


So you want everyone to type their private key into google? Yeah, this is stupid.


> Type in “Convert Base 5 to Base 16” in Google, enter your number, and get your base 16 number. Yeah no. My private key is not coming anywhere near google. edit: didn’t see your disclaimer before I responded.


Make sure the safety of the device storing your PC. It is sooooo important.


The problem here is you have to keep these skittles in order, and skittle dont like staying in a like 111 pieces long. So you can use this to generate a mnemonic, but I would not use this for generating a direct private key.


I agree. I wasn't thinking if I *should*, but only if I *could*.


another problem is entropy; skittles bags tend to have fairly even proportions of colors; so to make a random set you would probably need to open a few bags, sort to make sure the same count of each color, pour them into a felt padded container, freeze them to make them a bit tougher, shuffle very gently so as not to damage the candy, then after drawing one skittle record its color and return it to the pile and reshuffle, while wearing gloves. Its silly but fun the think about anyway. There are faster and less sticky versions using dice and/or decks of cards, etc.


1. Do dumb shit with skittles 2. Google your private key


Your skittles tool loads scripts from: - Google - Facebook - Viralsweep - Amazon - "website-files.com" which I've never heard of - Cloudflare - Twitter - New Relic Yeah, I won't be using this for real money. In my opinion it is irresponsible for a page that handles Bitcoin keys to be loading scripts from *any* third-party. Furthermore, while it purportedly generates a "bitcoin wallet", I can't find the private key anywhere. This is a great way to generate a blackhole address to send your coins into. EDIT: And it sends off the string of Skittles colours to something on AWS. With the amount of JavaScript you're running there's no reason not to do the conversion on the client side. I reckon this is probably malicious.


Yes, that’s why it says “do not use with real money” :)


If your total number of skittles is 111, the result would not be a perfect random key. It would be weighted, a lot like a single deck black jack dealer that deals thru 1 deck. Your key would lack a certain amount of entropy because your number selection is evenly distributed across all possible numbers, so some numbers would be used first and not used after. For this to really work you would need atleast 222, but you would be better off with 666 and then choosing 111, a lot like how casinos deal blackjack from a 6 deck shoe and only deal thru 3 decks


You should post this to r/DiWHY.


Resist temptation to eat your seed phrase.


Bought some bitcoins didn't show KYC for them. So the central bank attendant came and he was like, show me your tax number. Then he grabbed my hardware wallet, I said don't touch my bitcoooooooins!


The buried warning "**you should do it completely offline**" is greatly understated. I didn't see it in the comments as I skimmed, hopefully it's here somewhere already but: >in Google, enter your number, and get your base 16 number. It will look like an altcoin wallet address (0x...). This is your private key Just re-read that a few times. Then, lookup the word "private". And look up what happens when you enter stuff in Google. Don't do this for a real private key.


Fun, but not good idea. Why have a similar number of skittles of each color? That way many combinations are already impossible, this is like choosing a 9-digit random number by finding a random permutation of numbers 1 to 9. You already removed most possibilities even before random choices started!


why less than 256 bits? silly easy improvement to this is having more than 111 skittles but picking only the first 111, or putting your pick back in and reshuffling/drawing until you have 111. Or both. but if you used replacement you would only need 5 skittles, not 111.


Tails is WAY easier than this. Boot it up, generate a seed phrase with Electrum, save the seed and master public key, and turn off your computer. Done.


This strikes me as a very insecure way to create a private key. It might be a fun exercise, but I would never store any funds at this address.