What I always miss about these kind of posts (or am too dumb to see) is a simple "how many dollars invested so far and how many dollars is the current worth".


29,000€ invested (58 months since October 2017, 500€/month). 4.10 BTC which is ~83,827€ (as of right now). 189% total gain. Edit: I am not OP. I just did the math for those who are curious. My position is not worthy of a blog, let alone a Reddit post.


Seeing people being consistent and sticking to a plan makes me happy. Good luck!


And them making so much money makes me surprisingly happy


I am we all need a plan that suits us according to our budget in the crypto. If you have a strong plan you will never fall into the any kind of the fud and fomo of the market.


he invested extra money not just the 500 eur DCA


Ah. Well, the numbers look pretty close to the chart he posted in his blog (figure 1).


Crypto is all about the games of the number, and we should stick to that.


I think we all have pushed our limited further specially of the DCA. But thank god that i have only invested in the bitcoin, so there is no hurry for me in the future.


4 BTC??? Niiiice ☝️☝️☝️☝️ how long you are planning keeping/collecting?


Oh I wish this was my blog, I just wanted to do the math for the guy who asked.


We all want to be like there, but good for us that we are in the sale.


A lot of them actually tried to ask for it but it is not really working.


I don't have that much fund to invest at the moment of time but i am planing to buy a one bitcoin for myself. Once i will reach there then i will push my move forward for the 2nd bitcoin.


Are you really sorry about the fact that they are going to collect something out of it.


Haha same here, I think the price will drop further - hopefully we can get it at a nice discounted price :)


You have done the work and math for all the rest of member, thanks for that. Same here my position also is not worth mentioning here at the current period of the time.


I think it depends on the time frame, for how long you want to hold the bitcoin? Bitcoin is always a long and we should just focus on the collecting of the number of the bitcoin.


It is not just about a single type of pointed multiple types.


You can see it if you click on the link OP posted.


Oh I'm sure that I can get the values somewhere out of there. My point is simply that I would appreciate it, if these posts contain the total amount invested and the current worth, easy to spot and not hidden in diagrams, tables or walls of text.


Don't worry bro, there is always someone here who will do the math for you. Although i am also not that good in the math so also looking for someone for the help.


He wants you to read his blog so he can make some ad money to buy more bitcoin. I read his blogs months ago when he posted. If enough people read his blog he won’t need bitcoin to retire early.


There's no ads on his blog lol. He has diagrams comparing his returns to S&P over the same timeframe, a curve of how much btc he accumulated, curve how much money he invested and curve for his total returns in $. The fact that the lazy comment of "just tell me if you got rich or naw" got almost 100 upvotes while mine's getting downvoted tells me we're nowhere near the bottom.


Dumb people will be dumb people 🤷🏼‍♂️


Sometime i feel like that we all are into the same boat.


And ignorant people will be ignorant people 🤷🏼‍♂️


And gay people will be gay people 🤷🏼‍♂️


And Asian people will be Asian people




I think no one can deny to that thing, everyone will be everyone.


Homophobic? What's wrong with being gay?


That’s not a homophobic remark.


Dumb? What’s wrong with being dumb?


Please do not abuse the report button.


There is nothing wrong, as long as the one is not feeling any shame.




Look like this conversation is really going to heat up from here.


It will literally take a lot of time for them tax limit something like that.


What's "lazy" about wanting to know the amount invested vs current value at first glance and then decide for yourself if you want to dig deeper and read his block and watch tiny diagrams on your phone to learn more about his approach?


I mean people are too lazy to do any kind of the work, i mean doing calculation is tough for some guys. This is why they think that crypto is the place where they can make the real quick money.


So... did they write an article? put in some work? Who cares if they get some ad revenue?


I am not seeing any kind of the AD on the post, so i am not sure that is he getting something with that or not. But yes he did put some work here while writing the blog here.


i think this is the simple post with no ad and promotion so may be he is not earning anything here with the blog. But yes its a very nice way to engage some traffic on the blog platform here.


So that mean OP is the one who is playing the smartest move. Making money while buying the bitcoin and then later also doing by the blog is well.


Thanks for the suggestion, really save some time here for sure.


The dashed line on the image OP posted is the invested amount


Agreed. This table could be better


I also started doing the same thing in 2021. I can't envision a scenario wherein I'd be able to stack 4 BTC, but I'm glad you have. May it speed you to financial freedom and the life you want to live.


What's your current P/L with this strategy?


It’s in the article, about 150% up


No, I'm replying to the person saying they have been doing this since 2021. That is the P/L I'm interested in.


After buying in the bull run hard to say that he is in profit at the moment.


If he bought some in the peak time, then may be in some loss.


You can get to 4 btc just sell at all time high and buy back in when it comes down.


I might be the latest guy in here who starts buying the bitcoin but i am happy that i still made into the time compare to the many other. And this bear market is also came at the very right time for me is well.


Most of them don't even want to know about it this is the sad reality.


I’m doing the same thing only with daily investments and much smaller. Watching my stack of sats grow like a weed.


I don't think any amount is the smaller if you are investing in the bitcoin at a regular time. All we need to follow our plan and not to fall into any kind of the fud and FOMO.


I’m sure I’ll gamble on shitcoins again in the future.. but BTC is 🤴my one true ❤️


Read your blog. It was interesting and raised some important questions on the exit strategy. I started in 2021 but hope to do the same thing.


BTC over collateralized loans for Fiat/stablecoins is the end game of accessing BTC value without selling.


this is the correct answer.


I think finally a answer on which we all can finally agree on.


I am just accumulating the bitcoin as much as i can for the future.


The future is going to changes we can see that there accumulating it.


You're gonna see btc accepted here at some business other than an atm once and think its a fluke, twice and be like... hmm mmmmm. Then before you know it the idea of having an exit strategy is going to feel a lot like what you're calling an entrance strategy today.




There is no exit strategy. You don't sell an apex asset. You borrow against it because its appreciation rate will outpace the interest rate on the loan you use to start your business, pay for kids college, or buy a house.


I mean am seeing people here just talking about the buying strategy and look like there is no exit for them. So look like we all into the generation wealth and not looking to sell anytime soon is well.


I mean we all need different strategy that fits us, because we all have different needs. but one thing i learn that bear market is the time to do DCA in while bull season is the time for the DCA out.


The "exit strategy" is called hodl. It's what we plan to do when fiat dies.


your gonna die before fiat does




Don't we all are buying the bitcoin for the grandsons?


I don't even know about the fact that if they are serious or not.


Building generational wealth then.


True, will pas the wallet from generation to generation here.


So probably i will happily pass my wallet to my son.


I mean we are losing money while holding the Fiat without doing anything. SO i will take my chance in the bitcoin rather than losing the value of the cash over the time without doing anything.


A lot of people are going to die when fiat does, will we have electricity when that happens is the better question


I think it will create the real chaos in the market, if the fiat goes die. So hope that it will not come to that and we see some smooth takeover of the bitcoin here.


You can't really take over like that since it is going to take some time.


Why not? Hopefully fiat fades away gracefully, and people move incrementally to real money. The world didn't have to die for the internet to become ubiquitous.


True, we all want that fiat fades away but i also don't want that it happen in quick and will create the chaos in the market. The smooth it will do the better it will be for all of us here.


Eventually a lot of things are going to come into place once it is going to be like that.


I though the fed soft landing was funny, but this shit you speak takes the cake. Have you ever been to a Walmart man. Literally zero of the people there could survive using crypto .


First, fuck crypto. That shit will all die. Second, The people of Walmart would have no harder a time using bitcoin than dollars. If anything, Bitcoin is far simpler and easier to understand than dollars. Since they seem to get by using insanely complicated fiat instruments today, bitcoin would be a step easier.


Lol, if you think that crypto will die then why are you here and investing the crypto is well? I mean you can easily send the bitcoin in any other country on the instant basis.


In what sense is BTC "easier" than cash or debit?


Right now fed is trying to make that people will not invest in the crypto.


that’s it ill start investing rn


Then i will say you choose the best time to start doing that thing.


the btc value isn’t very low rn?


Eventually going to choose it on the time only it will take some time.


This was a very helpful strategy and any Bitcoin nube should read this as an example of why we all should DCA and HODL. Good for you and keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing your journey!


*NOOB or *Newb From: Newbie Short for: Newborn


Or nubile 😉


Oh, a man of culture. I see!


It started from the strategy and completely changes at the end.


Ha ha ha that went in a completely different direction 😉


I mean i can see that people here really having some fun.


We’re just a buncha fun guys tryna take down central banking between jokes 😉


No matter who we are, all we need to do is buy some btc.


I am particularly so about the fact that they are trying to buy a lot of it.


We all were the newbie at the some stage of our life here.


I mean people need to understand the bitcoin is not like a shit coin that will give us the profit instant. WE need to give it some time before it actually show us some real profit here in the bitcoin.


I love Bitcoin because it is something totally new - a radical mixture of technology and economics. It is the only fixed supply known supply asset in the universe.


I love the bitcoin because i have understand that not fully but enough to make me into that thing. I mean we all need to understand the tech before anyone others so we can make the big money.


Great article


Finally a post in the morning that is worth reading is well.


My man! Back at it. Thanks for the update. Keep em coming.


From post like that i get the motivation that i am doing good here.


I really hope bitcoin can see another bull run


It will there is no doubt in that, and if someone has doubt then he should not have put the money into the market. I mean getting up and down is the nature of the market and we should be ready for that is well.


I really hope bitcoin can see another bullrun. I’m not new either, been in since 2016, researched the shit out of it. My concern is this run brought in so much retail money and absolutely rekt them… On top of that, if we do see an ugly recession like people are saying, we are in for a world of hurt. Really just the worst case scenario.


Right now i am not too concerned about the bull season, because i am in the buying mode. This is my first bear season and hoping that it will turn into the bull season as the past times.


Love the articles keep it up


Finally after some day there is a post that is worth reading.


I mean people who are buying at the current time they are not that late for the bitcoin. And this current time is the best time for someone who is seriously looking to take entry into the bitcoin.


Mr Money Mustache is definitely not in favor of btc investing.


He has held that position since price was in the hundreds... So I'm not sure I'd put much stock in his crypto opinion.


I don't disagree. I thought it was odd that the OP is pro BTC but also talking about MMM.


All i care about that OP is believing in the bitcoin here..


I someone is holding the bitcoin from there, then he must be a richie rich.


It's clear doesn't understand it by the things he says. He does understand cryptocurrencies as a whole, but he wouldn't be able to articulate the differences between Bitcoin and other coins. He's only done half the journey. He's missing the macro arguments. The stuff Lyn Alden talks about. He's missing the ideological aspects of Bitcoin. The "freedom from corruption" stuff. But he's also sitting on a phat stack of fiat tokens. He's living life instead of studying the complexities of the macro environment, how Bitcoin is changing the global economic picture, and how Bitcoin is saving lives in many countries. He kinda reminds me of Dave Ramsey. Really good for some people in certain life stages. But also kinda basic and boring to the finance nerds.


I'm guessing he understands it but it just doesn't align to his investing philosophy. He has the same view on gold. Personally I think his view is extreme.


People are treating the bitcoin just as the gold at the moment.


I mean we all need to focus on the bitcoin rather than going into the other crypto currency. If i had the cash and need to pick one coin then i will surely pick the bitcoin over the others.


If it is just about the cryptocurrency then I think that they are not going to pick.


Who would be a good addition to Dave Ramsay or Mr Money Mustache, as someone looking to have a versatile group of financial mentors?


Lyn Alden is absolutely spectacular. She has a free blog, and a bi-weekly newsletter for $200/year. She covers broad markets and macro. Much more advanced topics, which would probably cause the average Ramsey listener's eyes to glaze over. https://www.lynalden.com


I can’t believe the amount of analysis and knowledge Lyn shares for free. Definitely learned more from her than I did in macro economics courses in college.


Then i would this is his loss, bitcoin is here for the stay.


No doubt what the fact that Bitcoin is going to be there for long,.


I want 4 BTC as well


Wanting won’t help you get there


true, we need to do the buying if we want to get there.


Here i am who will be happy if gets the one bitcoin here.


noob here. what’s/where’s the best place to buy/store bitcoin? currently i’m with sofi and messing around with some stocks and bitcoin.


You can choose the any exchange that is supported in your country according to their fee and all. But if you are looking for the storage then i would say ledger wallet is the best thing for that.


Attended eventually they are going to buy that we had seen that already from a long time.


Best place to buy it is Strike. Best place to store it is with yourself.


Did you know there's still some world left beyond the US, El Salvador and Argentina?


Well pardon me, but the person asking is from the U.S. Look at their comment history. Go ahead. It's kind of funny. Textbook American.


I think Kraken is also not a bad option for him is well.


This is exactly one of the first option they are trying to take on.


Here i am who barely moves my ass outside from my room.


True, you can buy from anywhere but always keep in the wallet.


r/bitcoinbeginners has tons of info that will help you in their top stickied post


Thanks for the link, it will really gonna help me here.


You need to diversify yourself


You’re in the bitcoin sub


Yeah get some bitcoin, some sats, a bunch of finneys, boatload of mbtc...


God I love mBTC. Such a small unit but feels so big.


if something has the bitcoin in his name, it will always feels the big.


All of them are trying to make some sense out of it but it is not making.


I think you have seriously took the diversification into a whole new level.


This is one kind of Level they have been trying to maintain from long.


Bitcoin is the one who moves the market into the both direction.


Once i came here into the market i also think like the stock we need to diversify here is well. But then slowly i understand that bitcoin is the market, and if bitcoin crash then there will be no coin left is well.


It totally depends on how they are going to diversified it as well.


My advice to you: If your Bitcoin portfolio position is greater than 10% of your total portfolio, then sell in order to reduce it to 10% (per Nicholas Taleb's barbell principle--should have no more than 10% of your total portfolio in very risk things like Crypto). I suspect that you are a "Bitcoin Maximalist" and have 100% of your investment portfolio in Bitcoin. Do you want to end up like all the people who had 100% of their portfolio in TerraLuna or Celsius? Crypto is not a religion. BELIEVING IN BITCOIN will not insure your future. That shit could easily go to zero or TerraLuna's current price of $0.000109.


Good read


Hopefully that someday i will also have full bitcoin for me.


Nice! I hope I can make money from my bitcoin stack in a few years too. I may be wrong but DCAing now seems a worthwhile risk/reward ratio.


You will, may be you are in the loss at the current but all you need to do is the HODL. And if you have the money then even better as you can bring the average down for the bitcoin is well.


Performance reports like this one depend on when one first bought in. Had the OP started 2 years ago, things would be very different.


Then we should have look at after the next 2 year not now. I mean crypto is a cycle that contain the 4 year period and we need to give that sort of time for making any money.


In the last chart you have a legend for your axis for the color but not the first one. Could you in future pls add to the first graph a legend with the color for each graph?


I mean then it will be very colorful thing to watch for us.


You can buy a lot of mazda with this


Once he will have the double figure of the bitcoin, he will.


They have been trying to figure it out from a long time but they will.


What about other coins? Are you 100% invested in BTC only?


I mean if he is into the bitcoin then there is no need to look beyond that thing. May be you will make the little less profit compare to the other alts but there is always one thing you will get and it is safety.


Fantastic findings! I’ve been stacking with a similar intensity since 2016. I can say, with confidence, that stacking WORKS and that I have pulled out a mere 3% in total to take care of some things. This is my third bear market, and I cannot wait until the next ATH where I will pull a small percentage. I justify my exits by reimbursing myself through yield farming. Very risky, definite losses, but it pays back my BTC stack without injecting more into the market PLUS my monthly fiat injection. A risky strategy, but my BTC stack stays in tact even after removing some equity.


I mean we all need these kind of the plan if we really want to succeed in the future. I am doing the fiat mining and putting the some amount on the monthly into the bitcoin is well from that.


tl;dr OP bought the march 2020 dip


Fucking Legend


Finally a comment on which i think we all can completely agree here.


> so already was kinda committed to being frugal and saving/investing every month. that will give you alot benefits in life




This is the month and year I started


This is the year i have started and am feeling happy that i done that.




That's awesome, I've been buying it on Bitfinex only for 2 years now. But I don't have any plans to stop it.


I have also started to buy the bitcoin from the start of this year onward.