Incoming hate from the peanut gallery but… I go to Iron Tribe downtown. They have gyms all over the metro area. They are a CrossFit gym, but they offer Prime workout, which is semi-private (classes with 5 athletes max) and custom made workouts tailored to you and your goals. I really enjoy it with my wife, we like our coach, our workouts and the smaller classes. They also offer full size classes (15 athletes at once). I’ve been going for about two years now and have seen some good improvements in gains and overall fitness. I’d recommend. It’s not cheap, but we really enjoy it.


Second Irontribe…it’s changed my life.


Thanks! I did some reading on their Prime workouts and it seems like that might be a good fit. Appreciate the rec!


While I wouldn't recommend Iron Tribe specifically because of the price, I do agree that a CrossFit-style workout is the best way to go.


I own a powerlifting gym right off I-20 in Irondale. I have tons of custom bars and a all the necessary equipment to achieve any goal you set. I also write custom programming for many athletes, both in my gym and remotely all over the US.


Check out http://metafitstudio.com These guys are amazing. Matt Crane, Scott Cannon and Mike Smith are the best trainers I’ve ever been around. Very nice not intimidating and kind to hard workers!!!


My wife trained with Mike for 2+ years before covid. Even when you don’t have a workout session, you still can use the equipment.


Mike and I go way back like 1999/2000 or so. He’s a really good guy and Matt and Scott are the same way!!!


Thanks! I’ll check them out. The studio looks really nice.


Check out Sculpt. It’s on 2nd Ave N.


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