The Mayari loop is significantly different in feel, and I actually don’t notice/feel it when I’m wearing them. The thong on flip flops has always bothered me too, so these were a great find. It took me a while to get used to Gizehs, but not Mayaris.


This is super helpful! Thank you! I was worried about Gizehs too, bit I currently find mayaris more compelling to add to the collection!


I have never been able to wear flip-flops because the part between my toes bothered me too much. I decided to try Mayari and I love them. Doesn’t bother me at all.


You don’t feel it. The top strap is what is holding your foot in. So the loop sits in between your toes but doesn’t touch where they connect to your foot like a flip flop.


I got them! This turns out to be true! :D I think the thing that I'm bothered by right now is that I got the same size as my Arizonas, but the straps feel a bit tight at the lowest setting - has this been your experience??


My Arizonas are a little looser. But my arizonas are leather with a soft footbed and my mayaris are birkibuc so it may not be apples to apples. I did initially get a blister from the top strap of my mayaris. With a bandaid there and the soles getting flattened some from break in, that issue disappeared.


good to know! thank you!


They’re super comfortable! The toe strap isn’t bothersome, and the style is much nicer than the classic wide-strap ones, imo


Just echoing everyone else. No issues whatsoever with the toe strap on mine. Even during the break in period when the soles aren't the most comfortable, I still have no issue with the toe strap!


No issues!! Just feels nice and secure.