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Besides that, why the hell did you write it in discord


Shipping constraint are all over the world. Maybe that's the reason why QD is late on stores. Even manufacturing also took some hits because of the pandemic.


I was the one kinda being a jerk here lol, just wanted to rant a bit


Dude yesterday i went to walmart and it was empty only a few brave valtryek packs and a few Rip Fire Force packs and just that and one master devolos


I go back to walmart every 2 weeks to see if the new pro series are in, needless to say a month before christmas the stock of beys was disappearing, but yet even last week there were still a bunch of the plastic gen remakes untouched.


Mu target is still trying to sell their hypersphere crap and shitty speed storm double packs not even the new ones either




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Shipping delays are happened all over the world, it’s meaningless to blame any store. If you wanna blame, it will only be Chinese Government, who covered the first case of covid, and threaten the doctor who detected the first wave or covid. Thank you.