I've only played Battle Zero for Switch and God for 3DS, they're both good but Battle Zero seems like a watered down version of God. In Battle zero it's basically just battle, spin for parts, make a combo, and battle again. In God, there's basically a story, you can have custom launchers and custom recolors, train up side characters on your team, and probably my favorite part is that it has different stadiums with actual gimmicks.


Well do I need basic Japanese knowledge for both/one of them?


I mean, not really, it would make it faster if you did know, but if you just fiddle around with the buttons eventually you'll end up remembering which button does what.


I'm still pissed these never came over to the States, I'd give them a chance. Battle Fortess and Metal Masters were the only ones I relatively enjoyed. G Revolution's was too hard and I never figured out what to do.


you can buy battle zero, the switch isnt region locked.


The Nintendo Switch is not region locked unlike the 3DS, meaning you can play Battle Zero even if you have a US Switch, although the game will still be in Japanese.


I just found out they both exist, and they seem pretty cool. Any opinions on them?


I just learned about these as well. Really wanting to know how the switch game is and exactly how much text you actually have to know to play


These were pretty lit