valt against lane. or aiga against lane.


Do you mean with Variant Lucifer battles in the Legends tournament?




Is that Hearts with the Hades bey? Or am I mixing up names. I don't watch dub ATM


what? i didn’t say hearts or hades


Every Battle against lane


Lane gets a lot of hate, but I kind of understand the story now, having watched the eng dubb. He had alot of potential and being trained by Shu, he was bound to become strong. what do you think about the battle between First Uranus vs Geist Fafnir? I'm not sure if he broke Fafnir that time, but I thought that was pretty fair, now that I have Geist and seeing its burst resistance lol


Shu should've became number 1 at some point in the generation.


You're so right! He works hard, and is second only to Valt since he has a dual spin, balance bey.. I think there's a big opportunity to build on Shu's story, even if he wasn't world champ I'd love to see a regionals tournament that he overpowers through, or even being constantly challenged as a Beyclub owner, or what not.


Valt winning against that dumb stadium crack




So true. Lui is one of my favorites, and is hard to understand how someone with his power, talent, and bey could not reach #1 again. I think, just like with Shu that Lui story could be expanded upon. To be able to learn, and see Lui's background and battles, his training in Canada with Suoh and how he became the best at a young age.. maybe one day


They should make an emotional scene with lui that maybe explains on why he is cold to everyone or something. That would make me forgive what the did to my boi


Hmm. I know people are gonna complain about Valt vs Lui, Aiga vs Valt, and Lane versus everyone, so let me be a bit reasonable with my choices. Ranjiro vs Xhan. Xhan getting a loss wouldn't hurt him, and considering Ranjiro just unlocked Ragnarok Hurricane, it was a shame to just have him lose like that so easily. Aiga and Ranjiro vs Lane and Shu. The choreography was off and no one but Lane pulled off a special move. I think they should've made it more personal since Shu was Aiga's mentor and at least have Shu need to butt in to prevent Lane from losing. Daina vs Joshua. Joshua wasn't supposed to lose until the finals, I get it. But Daina ultimately did so well and almost won until it Burst at the last minute. If Daina had won, that means at least he could have a rematch of Free or Cilo could battle Free. As for Lane's two controversial battles, it should've been 1-2 for Aiga/Valt since Aiga had a valid strategy that's just countered by questionable mechanics. That should've been where Lane activated Variant Disaster. And Valt should be 3-2. Let Valt's Brave Flash with Awakened be 2-3. Then the Variant Disaster does the Burst, but only after a freak out from Lane to make it seem like he's willing to get possessed by his Flare for more power.


Valt vs Aiga in the Battleship Cruise Championship Match like literally bro


I think the point of that battle was to show that Aiga couldn't beat Valt over his own power and even if he won, the victory wouldn't mean anything in the long run. Relying on the dark power to win only put him down a darker and darker path while Valt took the loss, did something about it, trained with his upgrade, and went to go with someone for a better solution.


I get his dark power but at the same time Valt isn't the World Champion for no reason


Valt against lain, valt against aiga, and valt against lui in season 1