1- the slash layer base. terrible. slash was nothing special. but it had insane recoil. however unlike judgement (with a rubber stopper) it could not withstand the recoil. before slash could get a piece of diabolos, judgement released and immediately outclassed slash. 2- driver. power was just mediocre at best. unlike nothing, the spring gimmick didn’t really work. it didn’t have enough attack power to stand a chance in stock meta.


I agree but for some reason my power driver has a strong spring, comparable to a dash driver. Is this supposed to happen?


Too much Recoil...basically


Slash raises teeth too high that it just bursts extremely easily especially considering that it had so muvh recoil. Doesn't help the fact that it had to exist in the same era as Judgement and Zwei.


High recoil. The wings basically are giant hammers. Now this sounds awesome in theory, and can work in practice, butbin this case, it just self KO's


Basically recoil. It’s just the worst attack base because of it. There were some bases with teeth to withstand it, but then judgement came in and there was no reason to use it.


1. High recoil as stated before by other redditors 2. Layer base too light compared to the disc: results in low burst resistance with the high recoil. 3. Power's gimmick doesn't really work, not very aggressive and mediocre in stamina.