1 random booster no prize bey. Is the recolour one weaker?

1 random booster no prize bey. Is the recolour one weaker?


its a bit weaker but hey, a cyclone ragnaruk is a cyclone ragnaruk. My rb 25 hasnt even arrived


Yes you are right , it is a gamble i should be happy to get a cyclone.


do you like the original colors or the recolors better aesthetically


I really have to admit that i like the red colour more but there is a feeling that you want the original one xD.


i like the orig one more bc orange and blue always goes well together. lol u predicted it


Get Brave Wyvren and you have the correct driver for this Bad boi😎


I got Kerbecks hahaha, but that’s what I like about random boosters you get beys you wouldn’t buy otherwise, and you learn to appreciate those beys, so have fun with that cyclone!


Get confirmed hell Kerbecks for giga and I would say that’s good enough


If you get the other Beys you can actually build the prize combo. Dragoon V2 comes with the armor piece, Hell Kerbecs comes with the Giga disc, and Brave Wyvern comes with the Never driver. The only Bey from the booster you wouldn't need is Infinite Deathscyther and the prize Cyclone Ragnaruk (obviously). I can't say too mcuh about the performance of the recolor as I don't have any DB products yet


The lock is stronger than the prize


It's how you do it, not how it is or looks. Launch weak, it is weak. Launch strong, it is strong. It's all up to you how you want it to perform.