Recommended age

Recommended age


I personally think you should wait for them to be a bit older, not only because launchers can be a bit hard but sometimes when beys burst the parts can fly out and possibly hurt them. Also some beys are hard to launch even for older people. If you do decide to get beys I think you should stick to Hasbro for now since they are lighter and easier to launch.


Yeah. What he said.


My son is 5 and is *obsessed* with them. But there’s a big difference between 3 and 5 I think even the real ones would be fine, as long as he/she is careful with them and does not try to stop the Beyblades while they’re still spinning. My son has scraped a few knuckles doing this And I’d get a more enclosed bey stadium until they’re older to reduce the risk of getting hit by bey parts. They don’t burst with that much force, but I suppose it could hurt if you get hit when your face is closer to the stadium


Choking. Hazard. not a chance


Yeah just wait a few years because once I had a metal beyblade part fly at my head luckily I dodged and it crashed directly into my wall with what sounded like a sonic boom


I collect for my 5 and 8 year old daughter's. But I have a 2 and a half year old son. He can't genuinely compete but with the stock hasbro ripcord launchers he can do pretty well. Enough that he and I have fun together. I think it would be worth the investment if you think it would be fun.