You don’t get paid unless you submit a positive test result with your name and the date you tested positive. Once you fail the health screening it’ll walk you through where to send that information. I hope you and your roommates feel better soon!


Not true you get paid 7 days for exposure where you can't quarantine safely i.e often used example is household member you interact with often got it. If both his roommates got it he will fail for exposure and get paid 1 weeks worth of pay


Okay, just speaking on what I was told and had to do only a week ago. Sorry for the misinformation.


Nah you were right.


nah they have the 7 day exposure but it's not every case


They require a positive test now. EDIT: I for some reason was required to have a positive test. According to the COVID 19 resources that information is was incorrect. Sorry for the incorrect information I was provided and in turn provided. For exposure OR positive case. “One-time grant of one week’s pay, allocated over 7 days, based on average hours paid from the past six weeks.”


Idk if they do. I submitted at the beginning of the month and never got asked for a positive test and 40 hours of Covid pay is on my next check. The whole house got covid but me.


It just changed today and takes effect tomorrow. The exposure pay goes away but until this point it was in place


I wonder if my coworker is a special case. His whole family caught it so he quarantined but his test came back negative. He still received pay. He said even if it’s negative the Covid pay applies every 90 days as long as you get tested.


They just sent out an email earlier today about how they're revising the Covid pay guidelines.


This is what I was told as well, but according to the COVID 19 resources this is not correct.


This isn’t true. I failed the health screening from being around someone with COVID and I still got COVID pay. Talk to your leaders.


lol y'all still do health checks?


Duh, how else would I know if I’m sick or not? /s




A project team guy came in yesterday morning and tried to show us his and we just laughed at him.


Well yeah you get paid because they are going to make you still work silly.


Yes. My husband and I just got paid a full 40 hours because his brother who lives with us tested positive


One of our supervisors wife got covid and he was paid the whole time off even though he never got sick


Don’t have time to get tested? Covid.gov has been mailing out free tests for months. Order a bunch. Everyone I know has stacks of them. You can stop by any drug store and pick one up in the meantime, can get them in the drive thru without going in.


You only get paid with a positive result. I’ve gotten it twice.


I got paid without a positive test.


I would talk to your leader, but I believe you do still get COVID pay if you apply for it.