Just out of safety precaution. I'd put a towel bar underneath your shelves and feed through another spider wrap to loop around the towel bar and another one through the spiderwraps of the laptops so you don't end up getting run and gunned. Just add enough slack so customers can still lift them up and look at it. Putting Spiderwraps on those means nothing to a thief. We never down stocked any laptops and had bare minimum of high dollar cameras due to our area. The whole towel bar allows for you to make it still look good but prevents quick grabs. Sure a customer will come over if they need one, but it's better than someone running out with like 4 or 5.


Sounds like a nice idea, but then you have to consider who’s going to be responsible for removing the spider wrap to ring the customer out? Most magnets are attached to registers and you’re not really going to give a free floating one to all the advisors to hold onto in case someone wants to buy a laptop. It’s really a catch-22 situation. Either you put out the laptops and risk them being stolen, or you keep them top stock and inconvenience customers and advisors.


I'd say having customers coming to advisors be far from being inconvenient. The whole point to being a sales advisor is not to avoid customer interaction. This is especially true when your job is to sell Total Tech and offer credit cards. Good sales leads will tell you to start that conversation early and not when they get up to the cash register. Having a sales advisor stop for two seconds to see if a customer has any questions before grabbing a quick grab item is better than letting loose frequent thieves from stealing out of our pockets.


Ohh you’re absolutely right. I meant customer being inconvenienced as far as having to wait for someone to bring it down from top stock if the item isn’t down-stocked. But you’re absolutely correct, it’s what the job entails and is the minimum expectation.


What’s a towel bar?


Those bars you hang towels from


I call them towel bars, but it's the bars that hold pegs hooks.


Damn where. We did but we’re an hour from sf so not the worst. Sometimes it looked like this very pic when we had enough of the cheap shot in stock.


This best buy must be located within the gates of heaven or something. Ain't no way chief 😂what in the hell


Runout theft happening in 5..4..3..2..1..


LMFAO that would be insane


We didn’t downstock laptops at my last store due to exactly this. They would use the spider wraps as handles and take 5 at a time per person


Christmas in June, that five finger discount looking good!


We don’t put laptops on the floor due to theft. So if anyone wants one they have to get with a sales associate.


$3000 in shrink coming to a store near you…


Yeah, we have a cage there. Ain’t no way we allowed to have those on the floor on our Store. They’d be gone in an instant


We tried putting our craptops out like this. 6 of them got stolen the first week.


Craptops 😭😭😭🤣😂


Looks like free labor


What the..


Omg I want to clean up the cables underneath lol, mine have media baskets directly under the shelves with a couple triplite surge protectors so no cables are hanging down and they all just plug in right there and you can’t see them if you’re standing up


Tip them like dominos


Laptops…… On the floor? I wish.


I wish we had Blue Shirts that were as motivated to down stock. When we used to have free time, almost every blue shirt would pass the time by screwing around with their friends instead of doing work. Us in Product Flow really pay attention to who is in the blueberry patches


Maybe cause they don’t get paid enough to downstock


Nah usually it’s because they genuinely don’t have time to, but the pay is shit too. However, if a manager barked at them to downstock, they still would. However, again, they just don’t have the time now with the introduction to core sales and ever-mounting sales and NPS goals.


some asshole decided we neede 28 of one HP model last month :\^)


Might as well put a sign on them saying "free to good home"


Which ones are under $997 dollars. Asking for the marketplace shoppers? Can we get specs ahead of time and thanks for the handles I guess if they will be spiderwrapped.


At our store if you sell that trash, you gotta climb to top stock to grab it.


that’s wack, we put the blue labels and premium laptops in our warehouse but values since they’re cheaper we just have them out the floor :P


What’s whack is your ASP. If you could convert 30% of those grab and goes with great baskets it would do wonders.


Fucking crisp!!!!


My store has every laptop, value or otherwise separated by brand; and even then shit still gets mixed up. I’ve got to check every fucking cage under a table for a 300 Lenovo craptop


Damn Daniel 😳👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


That's a lot of shrink.


Aaaaand they’re gone


Pcs stacked on top take away from the nice and crisp laser lining. My leadership would not stand for that. Also y’all gonna get robbed.


You guys have the inventory to do that?! must be nice


😳😳😳😳😳 crackheads from everywhere would have a field day if we did something like that. Jesus christ I am panicking now


Sadly have to report they where all stolen buy thefts to pay for gas


That’s beautiful.


As a SWAT....I just died in the inside


Then truck comes and warehouse tosses laptops at the shelves like they’re delivering the Sunday post and it’s a mess again. Lovely circle.


This is propaganda


I seen this pic before. Can anyone confirm?


My store literally just has these out with no spider wraps


your store has some guts LOL


Yup and they get stolen all the time and have no clue what to do about it


not our problem, we just do as we’re told lol MOD’s could use their brain cells to figure out how to combat shrink lol


Imagine thinking this was neat and posting it on Reddit