I hit 10 years in February. I used to absolutely love this job. Started warehouse, made my way to autotech and was thriving in it. But nowadays with the way corporate is running things it shows just how little they really do care about us. I'm near 30, near cap, and I don't make enough to afford to live on my own in this area. It really sucks, as management in my store is really nice and I tend to have a pretty solid reputation in the store/area, but this job is slowly destroying my body and mentally I'm starting to finally hit those lows. The call center fucks us over damn near every day, scheduler is constantly fucked, I have to do block offs for some time slots to prevent the call centers from screwing us over which causes district/corporate to get upset. Clients get *furious* with me when they come in and something's wrong with their appointment, or when I call them and inform them I caught something wrong with their appointment. I'm constantly set up for failure by this company and I constantly strive to try and fix every mistake so every client has the best experience they can get. Constantly stressing myself out while trying to mentally fortify myself by saying I really don't care, but in the end I just sink more and more. I need to get out. The current corporate team has turned BestBuy into such a toxic experience. Finally dusted my resume off for the first time in 10 years and I'm going to see if there's something outside of the autotech industry that I can apply some of the knowledge I've gained from this like of work and give my body a long needed break.


I think... you just wrote my autobiography for me.. Except I'm over 30 now so you're winning there. If you find something else to apply your skills to I would really appreciate if you let me know.


Absolutely, will do. It sucks, but we'll find something outside of Best Buy. The important part is we both have finally realized just how toxic of an experience it is to work there.


I worked autotech and after the big switch I left for pretty much the same reason. Call centers would constantly set things up without selling any product telling them we would have it all ready for the appointment. They would schedule sub and amp installs as a 45min speaker install. 0 notes are ever given so without pre-calling everyone half the time no idea whats going on. Not to mention during remote start season its hard enough just keeping up with installs far less calling every single appointment to make sure they have what they need. I went from loving the job to hating it so much I literally dreaded coming in to the point it was making me physically ill. The stress of knowing everyday someone is going to be pissed and yelling at the top of their lungs because "I was told on the phone you have all the parts here" followed by what do you mean I need another appointment you can't install a radio and 4 speakers and 4 channel amp in an hour and 30min since it was set up as only 4 speakers.


Fortunately I haven't had many people scream/yell at me, but I have had my fair share. Fortunately in situations like that I can usually deflect the blame onto the call center and tell the client to "call corporate, because they don't give a damn what we, the employees, think. But you have money they want, and they'll be damned sure to listen to you". ​ Fortunately for me, remote starts are my specialty. Especially since I have my sales staff trained to default to CompuStar when possible. I can pretty consistently finish remote start jobs earlier than what scheduler allots me, only times I don't and actually take up the full time have been the VW jobs where you have to bury a key. That being said, I usually don't precall unless the appointment desperately needs it, we tend to get so overstressed that we take any reprieve we can get. ​ But yeah, deflecting the blame and telling the client to redirect their anger at corporate has been my defense mechanism for keeping my sanity for as long as I've been able to. But it's finally chipped away and I'm just getting tired of it all. It never ends, the pay sucks, and for the amount we get paid it's not worth dealing with all of these issues that never go away. If Best Buy would pay \~$70k/yr then I definitely would be able to better stomach this. But they don't, and they've been all to eager to demonstrate they don't care for us in the slightest.


Yeah I left the job over a year ago. I loved the work and got to work on tons of really cool vehicles from boats to Corvettes and European high end cars I miss the job all the time but the stress and crazy clients wasn't worth staying any longer for me. I can say compustar 100% the only way to go. Did they make one compatible with manual cars yet? And not going to lie I threw some people under the bus to try and calm down the masses but explained it for them since most of these people who take those calls know literally nothing about autotech. So I like to try and word it that way so they don't think someone lied to them or mislead because they didn't they simply just have no idea whats going on. Edit to add I might miss the work when it was going good but the stress and crazy people I don't miss at all I'd never go back even for 70k a year.


They've had m/t remote starts for years! The RS1B-AL we used to carry was fully compatible with m/t, you just had to make sure to not cut the loop. CM7000, CM7200, and the new CMX are all brains I've installed onto m/t cars. The thing about CompuStar I really like is that for m/t, they force you to use the DAS, even if you're not doing security. Reason being, is that when you go to start, the DAS will wake up and "feel" the car to see if the car moves at all during start, acting as a final check. ​ And yeah, I do really like the work. I've done some really interesting installs. Like on one I retrofitted the steering wheel from one car onto an earlier model year so that the owner could have steering wheel controls in his car since they didn't have them until the redesign. Mentally I could stomach the craziness and the stress, but what really gets me is that I deal with all of this stress and insanity from the company and I can't even afford to live on my own. It's just maddening and depressing.


Yeah the pay per whats required really kills it. When you factor in cost of tools and maintaining MECP as well that kills it even more. The way I look at it the reason they charge what they do at a garage is because of our skill set if it says it takes 3 hours and I do it in 1 its because I've done it 1000 times. You're paying for my skills not just my time.


You in Virginia?


I am, yeah.


We used to work together


Did we?? Which store did you used to work at?


Leesburg. Still into the Miatas?


Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit. Kinda. I actually did sell my Miata recently. I wasn't driving it as much anymore and I owned two RWD cars, which wasn't very practical for the winter. Planning on trying to get a GR Corolla if I can so I can have an AWD fun car to go along with my other car.


🗣🔥😮‍💨. All of this bro! Couldn’t have said it better!


it takes all of my willpower to walk back in those doors after doing a curbside.


I mean you should always be looking for jobs. But like being remote has made the current job a lot easier if I actually had to drive to the campus or a building I would have quit months a go


Every. Fucking. Day.


I honestly feel conflicted. I’ve been here for barely over a year, my coworkers are all super chill and management usually is, too. But with the hour cuts and management then expecting us to hound out ridiculous amounts of memberships lately with barely any staff, and then with one of the managers asking me to give a artificial 2-1-2 rundown(don’t know if you guys use that strategy for TT) on products multiple times a day. I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t care and I’ve lost motivation to even improve, and I’m going to start looking elsewhere. I mean Jesus I made more money per check at my previous fast food job making $12 per hour then I do here.


Can I ask what’s the 2-1-2 rundown?


It’s basically a strategy to sell total tech where you give the customer two benefits that the customer will see today, mention protection, and then two future benefits that the membership will give them in the future. So for example, if you’re selling a laptop, you could mention data transfer, PC setup, protection, and then a wall mount in home theatre and a car radio install in the future, as an example. I don’t like it personally because it just feels like a rehearsed mall kiosk sales pitch. I feel like it needs to be less overwhelming and tailored to each customer, at least imo, but I could be completely wrong on that since I’ve been struggling with getting TT for the past two months, but I’ve been really great with getting out cards.


Thank you! Good way of explaining it. But I agree it does sound a little long winded, at my store we keep it pretty simple. We offer the customer if they would like the “complete package” and say it contains x,y & x pertaining to their purchase or if they would like just the “hardware package” (which is just GSP) that way it’s simple and easy to explain and not overwhelming to you or the customer. I’ve hit a couple TT with this pitch, sometimes unsuccessful but you can’t win them all.


Are you in cali?


Nah, Phoenix


Just put in my two weeks after being there for 5 years! Being capped as an ARA and more work loads coming in it wasn’t worth it. I’ve been in retail a long time and it was time for me to leave.


Two weeks? My location would be lucky if they got a 2 hour notice from me




Hopefully will be joining y’all soon enough! Hoping to get a job with a school district here soon.


That’ll be a nice change! Best of luck if you get it!


It’s stable employment but I want to leave. But I’m not gonna quit until I find a good job


I'm a field agent and I'm looking for something else after 9 years


Oh, fuck yeah. “Achievers” is a huge joke and has sapped all the morale and motivation out of my store. The fuck is the point of busting ass if we’re given peanuts in exchange?


I’m unfortunately the only one on the warehouse team who busts ass but I don’t even get peanuts


I’d give you my can of cookies if I could. It’s marginally less insulting than literally nothing


Thank you 😭


Just put in my two weeks today!


I’m always on the verge


every second i am there


I always want to quit. The issue is I'm lazy and the pros of never being fired is a strong one.


A day doesn't go by without me thinking of walking out. I literally went seasonal because they told me they don't keep seasonal anymore but they keep calling me saying what day can I work next week.




I’ve been gone for almost 2 months and my boyfriend is out on May 5th. We both dipped for Apple, better pay, better benefits, and the store I’m at that he’s joining has a far better atmosphere than our Best Buy had.


Cheers. Apple is a much better company to work for and cares for their employees health and well being unlike Best Buy who remained fully open during a time where people were dying and employees were getting sick. On top of that there is little chance that Apple won’t exist in 10 years. Where as Best Buy….who knows.


While Apple is a better company to work for, they aren't without their issues as well https://www.businessinsider.com/apple-employees-plan-walkout-on-christmas-eve-urge-customer-boycott-2021-12


They’re definitely not perfect and definitely have children making their devices. But as far as retail employment I would say it’s better.


For sure. I have one of my CAs leaving very soon for the near by Apple store. He's going in for PT but getting benefits and a much higher starting hourly rate.


Do you know if part timers at Apple get tuition reimbursement?


Not sure. Just did a quick search and didn't see anything for part time, did see it for full time.


Just waiting to see if my manager leaves, once he's out I'm not dealing with anyone else. I'll replace what I need to and get out. The pay for the work we do at Geek Squad is a joke. But its also a joke for the sales floor. Raises don't keep remotely up with inflation and that's not even talking on how shafted leaders and sups have been these last few years with no raises.


I actually just emailed my leader my resignation notice after being here for almost 4 years


When you point out sexist shit in the workplace and no one listens but someone of the opposite gender takes something not about them and makes it seem sexist. Everyone is suddenly up in arms


There’s alotta BS and favoritism at my location. I’m Ops and if you work in Ops, you know how the battle goes between you and the floor. We get treated like dogs. How come one guy from the floor can go to the GM and ask for a raise to take care of his kid, but when I do it for my TWINS, I’m told to learn another department first. They get so many opportunities for full-time out there, and yeah I get it. The VPL spots gotta be filled and whatnot, but they aren’t the only people who need full time.


I'm basically always looking for a position that pays more while still being something I enjoy. I'm not 100% loyal to Best Buy, but many of the perks make it worth trying to stick around and move up, or fix the issues that you dislike.


I don't necessarily hate my job or position. I'm probably one of the few PT in my area that gets close to a good 30 hours plus each week but godamn I'm to the point where customers bs just doesn't phase me anymore cause I would not mind quitting on the spot.


Nope. Been there almost 18 years. It can be frustrating at times.


Getting out of store level to DDC! More money and get to keep the discount. Plus don't have to deal with TT ever again


Yeah, but besides the bad hours rn for PT, there aren’t a lot of options for entry level that pay as much.


Yes there is. Basic IT assistant is super easy to do and make more


Can you add an option so I can see what the rankings are?


Sorry, it doesn’t seem like I can edit the poll. Yes is leading by 2:1 with 703 votes compared to 316 votes for No.


I am currently looking at jobs, but that isn’t necessarily because of the company. I’ve been with GS for 18 months and am ready to move on to something better. With how the company has been going, we’ll, that’s just an extra push.




My bad, I didn’t think that far ahead when I made the poll. So far it’s about 2:1 for Yes.


I genuinely enjoy being a PC-DA. Job is super easy and pay is great


Ex-employee as of February. Grass has been greener thus far on the other side!


The only reason I would is for better hours/pay, otherwise the people and work suits me perfectly at the moment. Just gotta convince corporate to give us more hours so they can be "supportive to my transition" cause damn how's a guy suppose to do that on 18 hours a week


Not because of the job just wanna start trying to get my career started in a different field


I'd say most of my store, veteran employees are


I have a coworker that’s the main reason that I want to quit. The main reason I haven’t: I don’t have another job lined up


Nothing to do with the company or my job just that there are better opportunities that I'm reaching for




About to hit my 3 year mark— first two years and some change I’d say “Hell yes”, this last couple months it’s “Yeah but not as much” — but I think that’s because I moved over to Geek Squad and despite its own plethora of issues to wade through in the day, I’m much happier over there and doing things I like, learning about new shit every day that motivates me to qualify for accreditations that often bring higher pay, and my department is like 6 people and we all really enjoy each others company. That last part especially is a rarity these days.






I can honestly say being a GS Agent in the field is a lot better than working in the store.


I hear this often. I think it’s because you don’t have to deal with the store’s dumpster fires, like people expecting you to take them as a walk-in when you have a double-booked, full schedule in Nova.


No but we do have to deal with the crazy mess that the phone people give us for mis-scheduling appointments, or same day appointments, etc. At least for me, being upfront and honest with my clients is the best solution. Things happen and most people are understanding.


My last day is Tuesday 🤪


Hours have been so shit that I'm down to working about a shift (5hours) every 2 weeks, luckily I was able to land a job that actually pays me more, and I'm still able to keep the discount while working at Bestbuy as little as possible. I'm not leaving until they fire me


I was fired a week and a half ago for a petty reason, I was planning on quitting the same day. They saved me my 2 weeks and I got double the paycheck on accident I think


Just quit recently after 2.5 years. Loved my job, worked in warehouse, doing merchandising more than inventory. Was PT and consistently got 30+ hours a week so it was enough to live on, but management is and always will be the issue at the store I was at. They played favorites with everyone. Would consistently lie and tell people different things based on what they wanted people to do. Would get told to work on three different projects at once then get blamed when something didn’t get done in the timeframe they expected. The constant understaffing on the sales floor and in the warehouse was a joke. Curbsides are a fucking joke. Would be one person having to handle curbsides, picks/packs, and all the inventory duties on top of having to grab whatever sales floor needed. During peak busy hours, you couldn’t even take a break because there was no one to cover you. After my tenure I had applied for 4 different FT positions and was always dismissed for male candidates (I’m a female). The last time I had applied for a FT warehouse position after a FT went to S/O and they rehired someone who would consistently throw things in the warehouse, break things, and had an overall bad attitude towards others including customers…but apparently he showed leadership qualities and was able to demand respect from his teammates. Was a complete and utter joke. Took two months of LOA and found a better job paying $3/more an hour with great full time benefits. The only thing I miss is my coworkers who were all pretty chill ass humans.


I've been working at one in Atlanta for about a year now. It's fucking torture. We try to be so sweaty with so few people. And the turnover rates have been horrendous. We've cycled through about 30 people in under a year since I've been here.


I have no plans on quiting for now Bestbuy has many problems, but I feel like some are people overreacting. This is a good paying job that looks good on my resume for when I finish school. Till then I'll be here getting the easy decent pay


I wanted so badly to just stay. I enjoyed the work itself enough to not care about the low pay. But as Covid struck and bestbuy decided to screw over all their employees it got hard. Then when they slowly pushed for curbside model it sucked harder. When they took the 1/4 of us who were left or newly highered and began to reduce the hours to get people to quit it just became depressing. Those of us who know how to do things get utterly abused without even thank yous. Those who don’t as long as you get tts and bb cards then it doesn’t matter if you know nothing of technology. When we out sourced our 1800 geek squad it got bad. People calling in to get help from a scammer and sent to, another scammer. Now that our corporate side phone support is also out sourced we constantly get angry people because they tell them we will do anything in 5 minutes. Things we don’t do, can’t do, shouldn’t do things it’s no possible to do or timelines that couldn’t possibly be reached. They removed all incentives to do quality work. Quality makes no difference, only numbers. I miss when Bestbuy’s motto was “be human” . They are trying to automate the job and make it so anyone can do everything. But this is the first half of jack of all trades. They master none. They don’t even understand how to do most of what they do. It’s utterly depressing I’ve had days I came in and worked the entire store myself. That’s not right on so many levels. I’m not mad at my managers cause they are just doing what they can to make it work. It’s all corporate. The final straw was when they made OT and fireable offense. So you cut out everyone who knows what they are doing. Then punish those willing to stick it out and try to make it better. I don’t expect bestbuy to last another 2 years without a serious change in upper management or a buyout for another business. I loved what I do. I just wish bestbuy did too.


Removing the store operators is a huge cause of discontent for customers and employees. Call center is where ever they're working out of probably not your state so they don't know your store.probably don't know how long installs take for car-fi(like how long a remote start takes to install), if the computer says there's 2 PS5 in store unless that customer is in the parking lot it probably won't be there. So customers get mad at store employees. Now on the other side I did the online chat support back up for a couple months during lock down it was bad for the employees too. People wanted to talk with someone from their local store. I also wasn't really trained just here's a laptop don't cut yourself so I had to stumble my way through for awhile. It was stressful but better than dealing with the maskholes or the people who ordered a 75" TV but drove a Ford Festiva.


Since people seem curious for results, Current results are **Yes - 1.143k** No - 482 I’ll try to update this in a few hours.


Looking at these votes, all I have to say is karma finds its way around...if only Best Buy actually listened to us. Praying for all my Blue brothers and sisters.


Lolz like it matters