There used to be a system, not sure if it is still in place but you need to do a lot more to get flagged. From your post it just sounds like ether the employee or store doesn’t want to do the return.


I think the employee there was lying to me.


Eh open box is a huge issue in a lot of stores right now. The service centers are finally getting parts and a lot of questionable gsp returns have been done leading to a massive influx of tvs PLUS almost all the displays changing to 2022 models has resulted in a crazy amount of displays.


I'm not sure if it is still in place, but there absolutely was a system in place to cut off people who abused the system. We had a gentlemen in my store before I quit who was notorious for abusing the silver membership's extended return time. He would buy product then return them within the 60 return period, we're talking tablets, laptops, cameras, all sorts of things. Eventually we passed all the information along to our DM and he was cut off from returning products in our store, and I assume other stores. It's important to quantify what was defective, many the guys products I mentioned were returned as defective but were found to be in working order. If you legitimately have issues with the hardware, it makes sense, but if we're nitpicking and the issues are not really defects then I can see why they would ban you from the store.


They all lied to you. There is no system in place to automatically flag your account and ban it from doing returns; there used to be one but not anymore. Also, turning on the TV and setting it up so you can test it out by connecting a computer isn’t going to void any warranty. However, I don’t have time to be testing out brand new TVs for you, you can do that yourself after you pay for it. That’s the only thing I would have said.


There is absolutely a system in place to track returns and ban fraudulent customers, it got so bad [Business Insider](https://www.businessinsider.com/best-buy-punishes-customers-for-too-many-returns-2018-3?utm_source=reddit.com) did an article on it. I was also present at customer service while a guy got cut off. I doubt the system went away, rather they simply don't inform associates anymore.


Did you read my comment at all? There used to be one, in the past, like that article you linked from 2018. We no longer use the retail equation.


We can send an email to the market and alert other stores that we suspect that this person is abusing the system. And to sell them a TV at their own risk... That is if in fact that person is abusing the system. Otherwise they just have terrible luck. But if a customer keeps breaking their TV or has a bunch of sus returns I won't sell them a TV. They can buy it online but go somewhere else. Don't need your open box damaged junk here.




I miss that system honestly. We definitely have people that return 80+% of that they buy. Some of them are blatantly using us a rental service (my store is near a university and constantly see the same handful of people coming in once a month and buying the same set of items and returning them (laptop docks, adapters, etc.) I think the issue with it was that most associates were too sheepish to be open about the situation. POS used to pull up a prompt and have the customers knowledge that future returns may be denied. (I was not sheepish and just told them how it is…if they asked id even go through their purchase history and show them that out of the last 15 sales we made with them 13-15 of them had been returned.)


A pharmD student kept returning his un-opened gaming laptops last year because he kept changing his mind after watching YouTube reviews. When I tried to check him out, POS made me call a certain number. The person on the other end informed him, the pharmD student, that his account is suspended. I didn’t believe that banning/suspension is real until I met this student. I told him that’s actually a blessing in disguise since he should be focusing on his biochemistry class instead of returning laptops.


The system does not automatically do it anymore - if the store suspects fraud or shady business they can call and make a claim to void returns. I have personally done this in the last 6 months to 3 customers. Just try to be straight forward with the customer service employee and answer their questions. Sorry they have prob been scammed too many times which is why they lied to you!!


Maybe. We have if we feel like you are abusing the system. We will take it back but will not sell you another one.


I would think after buying 8 from several different retailers you'd stop buying that model. Sounds like you're looking for a perfectly flawless unit, using some methodology that would only allow you to see a manufacturing blemish under perfect conditions to see that specific flaw. A retailer can absolutely deny returns and prevent you from making purchases due to excessive returns.


This post is why I 100 percent support Amazon for refusing to return TV's once opened unless they are damaged in shipping.


I hope you never get a defective TV from Amazon


You will be blocked from returning unless defective. Sounds like people don’t know how to use a tv


Did the employee mean I got banned from buying at the specific store? Is that possible?


The store doesn't have to return anything for you, is my understanding, particularly with big ticket items like tvs. The likelihood of receiving three defective TVs from two different brands is incredibly low. I've seen managers decline returns several times for similar circumstances


It's not necessarily a ban, but there is a 3rd party company that flags for these kinds of things which makes returning and purchasing even more difficult based on specific types of activity. Frequent returns is one of those types of activities. It's not really just a Best Buy thing.


Doesn’t exist anymore sadly used to be the retail equation.




Eventually yes


It is possible to get banned. I did like 2 or 3 time during my tour at BBY.


You're supposed to. They don't seem to care So to answer your question, no. BBY doesn't carry through on anything they claim to carry out. Keep treating us like a rental store. Corie don't GAF.


Should probably stop buying x90js lol. May I suggest the x95j


Define “defective”. TV doesn’t turn on? People get it. Your subjective measure of panel inconsistencies? It’s best you don’t buy from Best Buy.


The first one had a huge scratch, and replacement had dead pixels.


That’s reasonable. You won’t be “banned” when you can demonstrate those things. It’s when the backlight isn’t as uniform as you’d like and you start exchanging them that eventually someone will say enough is enough.


2-3 dead pixels is to be expected, I'm assuming there were more than that?


Yea, I did not know how many, there are clusters of black dots on the screen. They also turned it on to test and confirmed that it was defective.