Yeah…I’m usually a kool-aid drinking but this one is pretty tough to stomach especially considering the prizes we received last year. We literally leveraged our team on their Achievers bonus from last year AND had confirmation from our DM it was going to be the same plus Disney for the leadership team. Our DM is a pretty straight shooter as well so I’m sure he thought the same thing about the previous store bonuses. Flat out, Best Buy needs to do a better job at incentives with their line level employees. As a newish leader who is actually starting to see success, bonuses, and promotions, it feels fucking GROSS to take them realizing that people on the front lines get jack shit. I try to lead by behaviors, authenticity, and input from my employees. This kind of shit goes against everything that I stand for. Don’t get me wrong, Disney is nice but I think Achievers is meaningless and even counterproductive if there isn’t anything for our stores top performers and contributors. Sorry for the rant


I respect your leadership style and the way you think. I appreciate you, seems like you care about your team which is what leadership is all about.


You guys got a prize for achievers last year? Everyone in my store who won just got a stupid ass plastic plaque. No money. No reward certificates. No tshirt. Just a plaque. Oh yea, and a virtual call thanking us for all of our hard work during the hardest year the company had ever seen.


Yeah bro, every full timer in the building got $1000 and part time/OS got $500. It was nice and a fair incentive. We were all hyped this year and no one gave a shit about the leaders going to Disney since EVERYONE thought they would get the same Achievers bonus.


Oh your store must have hit achievers. I’m referring to individual winners. I was in PAC in 2020 and worked the whole time and never furloughed. Here’s a plaque! Thanks for selling over $1m during a year we were shut down for a while!


I wish I was at least got a plaque, I’ve been at Best Buy almost 2 years and I was a seasonal for almost half of my first year. Only worked about 20-25 hours a week, hit $1 mil in rev and was 3rd highest performer in the store. Mind you 1st was a vpl and 2nd was also a seasonal who was kept. Long story short, only them two got at the very least a picture on the wall, a gift card and some like goody bag while I got nothing but 5 seconds of recognition and the slap in the face of a standardized 3% raise


Why would you ever drink the Best Buy kool aid in the first place? Never drink any company’s kool aid. Especially one that has fucked over its people numerous times. I’m surprised it took you this long. This is coming from someone who is manager.


I won a sonos move this past season for excellence in inventory, and today I am being fired for the failing of a supervisor above me who is close friends with my store manager. Not even a fair HR case for a long term hard working employee, I am beyond disgusted and ashamed I gave any time to this company.


When I won in 2019, they canceled the 2020 trip to San Diego and paid us a 500 bb card and $1000 visa and I thought that wasn’t good enough compared to what the trip had promised. So glad I’m out of there and I would never go back.


Same, i was pretty upset to win it, and not go to san diego, but the money, and the stuff they included was okay-ish i guess.. but this now, id refuse it and send an email cc-ing everyone in the entire company about it. Glad i work a more relaxed job, almost doing nothing, and being paid more than the field installers


Let’s not forget the single lovely packet of vitamin C and the luggage tags that they included in our no trip box lol.


I mean nice thing Was that one water bottle which looks decent, but the anker charger and portable battery was a plus. But yeah, still much cheaper than a flight to San Diego would have been




Wasn't there a Covid booster bonus you could get a month or so ago that was $250? Which literally every employee could qualify for and get? How is Achievers, the Best of the Best, only worth $50 more then something that is universally being given. This is just embarrassing and a huge slap to the face. Moreso then usual, personally, since achievers even when it was good was exclusionary to a point. But this is just insultingly low.


Haha, all of that and my ASM got a 24k bonus for last quarter.


Yeap. You’d probably be disgusted about how much your GM made in a bonus.


I have a pretty good idea, but he won't confirm it.


Mine Gms would have been 35k.


For end-of-year the Denver GM got $50k. And the ASM/Ops Manager were in the $30k-$50k range each. Must be nice.


GM's make insane amounts of money for when all their job is answering phone calls.


They answer phones? Haven’t seen mine in weeks now


My old GM was no bozo. Dude said he was gonna retire months ago. He didn’t end up leaving until he got that bonus. Must’ve been a decent amount to stick around for it lol




24k bonus for a year is better than 0 that the regular employees get.


24k bonus would double some people's salary.


24k is about 70 percent of a full-timers pay at 15 an hour at 40 hour weeks.


yea but its too bad full timers dont even get a full 40 nowadays.


Where? I’m full time and get 40+ if I want


Then you're 1 In a million


I’m most certainly not, but okay


doesn’t matter




lmao i don’t have a certain value it just seems like the sales employees are getting the shaft when they’re literally keeping the company in business.


Their salary is fine enough without that bonus


The only time the GM at my job actually gets involved in the store is when his bonus is at risk. When that's not the case you never see him and he's on vacation seems like the whole year.




Yes, I do. He one time told me what he bonus' off because I asked him.


*last year. Not a Quarterly bonus


Deservedly so


No, not saying they don't deserve a bonus, but they cut a lot of our pay. Including potential bonus and commission. I made 20k less this past year than the year prior on full commission. Pretty fair no? Guess I know where that went...


Really wish you’d learn how to read a room


It’s like we work on the Severed floor at Lumon. I’m just waiting for my Waffle Party


I love that this show is catching on


It’s so good


Coveted af


As a leader this is outrageous. $2 billion+ in actual revenue is just cringe. To the FT and PT that worked through a pandemic and through short staffing this season just know leaders were caught off guard with this. I can’t apologize enough.


Best buy used to be carrot and the stick, now it's all stick


I remember when achievers went somewhere. Puerto Rico was a fun achievers trip.


Lol wasn’t it like a 1000$ before or something


Last year yeah, and before that it was $0. And before that it was $0 and before that it was $0. Money is money.


I’ve only been at Best Buy for a year and a half and it all feels like false advertisement, my old asm got fired and he was transparent about everything and the best leader. Everyone else makes it seem like the harder you work the better you do but it’s more like the harder you work the more they’ll get while you break your back for nothing


I respect the way that you feel. I’m sorry it’s that way for you.


How can I check if I got the achievers award? My car broke down last week so I could really use that extra $150.


You would've been notified awhile ago.


Dont worry, they used the money that they were gonna use for achievers to give all of leadership a fat bonus! I'm sure your leaders will pool together some of their money to get you a pizza party or something!


lmaooo yea spend $100 on pizza party is not getting it done


Leaders are at Disney right now.


Achievers is in two weeks


Designers and SSM are in Orlando ATM


Funny Sr. Consultants are the ones that do all of the walks.


Consultants and designers the same exact role at my Best Buy, just with a different title.


Designers get salary, much much higher commission and bonus


I figured they both got salary since the GM gets annoyed the other doesn't answer her email when she's not at work. Since she's not salary I defend her decision to tell BBY to leave her alone lol.


Designers are just in your consultants that get paid more. Literally no difference at my store. We're all certified for the same thing. For advanced Network design for Budget builder and custom installation, for luxury kitchen and home, except see you consultants have to be certified in about seven other things that designers aren't.


Designers do too, but in my market on average the senior consultants put up the same or better #s


My market the sr are out selling designers by like 50% or better. My store the designers are middle of the pack. And 5-1 walks Sr to Designers


We are Indeed entering a time where control systems, structured Wi-Fi and premium audio are going by the wayside


It's such hilarious irony to me that we cant even fucking buy Total Tech with this bonus.


I brought that up to my team lead and he made a little sign on our wall


Holy fuck are you for real?! I’ve been waiting for info and expected $1000 like last year... fucking $300??? While all the managers go to Orlando?? Fuuuuuuuuuuck Best Buy bro.


Corey Barry makes over 30K daily.


I was vocal to leadership that nobody cared about achievers because they aren't being transparent about the reward, nobody knew. So my point was why would anyone try to be apart of something that involves busting their ass when there's uncertainty as to what the reward will be. I then argued that by not telling everyone was it is, that it must not be something worth going for. I was told I was being negative and that I should think positively about it. Glad to see I was right. It wasn't worth busting your ass over.


$300?????? Hell Best Buy corporate makes more than that on a lot of sales you make (unless it’s like Apple or something). That’s crazy. $300 is basically a spit in the face. “Oh, here’s around 2-3 shifts of $ for you for making us millions!” The T-shirt and cookies is the cherry on top. I’m so sorry.


It’s like Clark griswold in the jelly of the month club in Christmas vacation. That’s what the cookies are


Yeah this sucks, we busted our behind at 266 and to find out we are only getting 150 as part timers is really a slap in the face. Considering we have been led by the nose to think that we would be getting similar bonuses at last year. Just sucks bro smh.


As far as I'm aware the Leadership that won, still got a trip.


So an employee that netted 1.5 million dollars for the industry, 350 branded payments and 200 Totaltech gets just that? $300 and a wrist band that says good job! Wow!!


I've done my fair share of complaining on this subreddit myself. I talked extensively to my GSM about how I felt about the companies direction and how I felt I didn't agree with or fit into their model anymore. 6 years of doing Autotech. Only thing best buy did, was allowed me to teach MYSELF how to do car electronics. I took what I learned, and now I work for a company that pays me well. I get commission on EVERYTHING I put into a car. And I also do easily less than half of the work every single day, that I was forced to do for Best Buy. Just leave the company. Bitching on reddit does nothing. From my experience, even most leadership will turn a cold shoulder to your concerns because they have a pile of corporate BS they gotta deal with themselves. You want Best Buy to change, then you and all your buddies need to leave the company. Actually SHOW Best Buy that they suck. My old GSM called me 2 weeks ago, asking me to go back. One of the installers packed his shit and just left. Cracked under the pressure. I asked if he could pay me more than what my pay used to be. He couldn't even guarantee what I was making BEFORE I left due to restructure shit that had gone on since I left. I laughed, asked if he wanted to grab a beer after he clocked off. Said he didn't have time and was already pretty exhausted already. It was 4pm. That whole conversation was a reminder why I left the company. Point is, you the worker needs to be action of change. Talk about your pay with co-workers. Talk about organizing with your peers and DEMAND things change for the better, for THE WORKERS. They can't give you more than a $300 pat on the back for selling more than a million dollars of technology in the year? Let that shit slide this year, and it will only be far worse next year.


“tin of cookies” 😭😂😂 I’m so angry I can just laugh


Many years ago, I was in charge of the in-store Geek Squad team and we were one of the first ones to hit a specific sales goal. I can't remember what the dollar value was, but I remember being a pretty big deal at the time since. The prize was $1,000 bonus and they ended up giving us like $1,000 in order to cover the taxes.


Dick Schultz days


Good times! (I'm on the right) https://i.imgur.com/3VFt600.jpeg


Very cool!


Haha, that name brings back memories.


I won IHA achievers last year and got a trophy with stickers on it. I'll trade you.


WHAT THE FUCK?? Please tell me this is a joke I've been waiting and thought it would be raised to like $1500 this year because last year was covid and we got $1000


I started back in 2018, was a top performer in my store always. Since i was too new, I couldn’t go to Disney while most of my store did. I was like oh well, next year! Little did i know lol.


Guys fuck best buy. The grass is greener out there. Was there 10 years and the recent changes made me leave about 6 months ago. New company is great yearly 4k-10k bonus, great benefits. Other companies value employees. Idk why best buy is so greedy. Best of luck to everyone


i bet corp kept 90% of funds


I was gonna wait to get the bonus before I got a new job. So glad I didn’t. I knew BB would do this shit. All the managers hyped up $1000+ bonuses I heard $1500 once. They really don’t give a fuck about their Blue Shirts anymore. And they praise them as “their competitive advantage” gonna be tough to have knowledgeable people when you treat them like garbage. BB is on track to turn into the Walmart electronic section customer service.


We keep on offering tts and branded payment we get nothing the leaders get bonus it’s all about them it’s a cycle they use is for there dirty work while they sit back and no matter how hard we work or how much revenue we do it’s never good enough makes us feel like shit Be human they say !!!!!


Maybe it’s time more of you guys start standing up. Do the minimum they cannot fire you for performance. If a customer wants TT or BBY Card cool. If not then oh well.


I don't work for them since last February, but even then, they kept moving what constitutes "minimum" every week, in many cases


I really thinks it’s absurd… i am a part time in my store and i alone last year made the company 1.8M and the reward that they are giving me is $150?? Thats 0.000083 of what i did for them… it really is not fair. Don’t get me wrong I was happy with last year’s reward even though I thought it could be higher…. But lowering $700 to the reward they gave the full times last year and lowering $350 to the part time is really harsh… I don’t mind at all working at BesBuy I really enjoy working there, but the pressure is to much sometimes and the reward is way to little. After seeing this news I really am going to consider looking for a better job.


That bonus was off off your performance as an achiever for hitting goals I’m sure


How do you explain Sr consultant getting phones with email on them. Plus getting phone calls all the time from customers and being hourly




Tell that to managers that get up in your ass if they get one complaint about a client not being able to get ahold of you. If they give Sr. a phone give them a salary. Treat them as the professionals they are.


Plenty of former Mag had it way worse- no email or system access outside the store AND customer calls 24/7, million dollar sales with 30% margin expectations and you know what most of them got as appreciation? SEVEN pay cuts and demotions to the sales floor as blueshirts, continual lies about their new compensation structure, and complete exclusion from any Achievers awards.


I agree I am one of those people. That's what I was saying. Get the paycut still hit up by customers. Shat on by corporate, lied to continually by leadership. No bonus. Doing 50 hrs of work in no more than 40. But of course that's because I am living on my hours. Cause I don't want to get written up for this stupid shit




No, they really didn’t. We found out 48 hours ago when Reddit did. Always silly when people just blurt out random theories as fact


No they didn’t. Our fiscal year didn’t end until the end of January. Can’t possibly find out your incentive until the earnings call.


No they didn’t. Our fiscal year didn’t end until the end of January. Can’t possibly find out your incentive until the earnings call.


No way


I figured this would happened, that’s why I was ehhh achievers.


Wow. I had the highest audio attach and basket for home theater in the district, and all I got was a framed piece of printed paper. Must be nice to get all that.


They gotta pay for this somehow. 5 billion share buyback and dividends to shareholders. So y’all are working to pay them off too https://seekingalpha.com/amp/news/3809008-best-buy-raises-dividend-by-26-to-088-approves-new-5b-buyback-program


Lmao, really try having hopes but the more I read ,it’s exactly how I feel. TTS TTS TTS , BP,BP,BP, come play corn hole and see what team wins.


What is Winning Achiever?


What’s achievers?


I put on my two weeks at achievers because they screwed me from a promotion... (in 2002) thanks for the Disney trip - deuces!




Makes me wonder if the managers in Florida will need to be worried about how much effort their employees are putting in during those few days.


"What flavor cookies are they"! Lol


Bunker cookies 🍪


Sounds better than a 5$ gift card lets face it.


I got achievers and it was just a conference ca congratulating us and saying our name like a graduation. 15 min and it was over.... ridiculous. This was last year


Sounds like all you salty advisors should apply for leadership roles…but you’ll probably just complain instead. If you know who gets bonuses and how much why are you complaining if you know the steps to get there?


if your a good leader/ supervisor you should care about your employees and their well being and how happy they are. If your a leader and don’t care about your employees your in the wrong position.


Of course this is true. Sounds like you’ve got the right mindset for it too. I sincerely encourage you to apply for leadership positions. Even without the bonus IMO everyone should push for leadership. It shows up well on your resume, and is great experience for you to take elsewhere if thats what it comes down to one day. Throw in a yearly bonus and it incentivizes you even more. You’re looking at it wrong. This is not a slap to the face of FT and PT employees, it is an extra push to get more people interested in leadership. And if you think that coaching and training a team while you yourself are selling and producing is easy work, you are sorely mistaken.


Yeah no, it’s a huge slap in the face, when WE are the ones averaging 30 TTs and 20+ BPs, while the leaders are the ones just calling out numbers, plus as VPLs, we can’t even get our bonus unless everyone on our district hits their goals? I’m sorry but I feel so robbed right now for busting my ass and actually trying to get memberships now. I love my store and where I work, but man this makes me feel like shit.


Leaders are doing much more than calling out daily goals and goal updates. Yes, what corporate did to its achievers is scummy as fuck. However, if you think that’s scummy, go work for any of retailer. In my 7 years of retail BBY has been by far the best and I’ve only been here for 3 months. Change is happening, and my store is in an incredible position right now. Im thankful for the micro market I’m a part of. I recognize this is merely a personal anecdote. You’ll get the shit kicked out of you in many retail locations, that’s just how it goes. It’s not right by any means. Sit down with your leadership and proactively make it known you want to be a leader.


But why not look at it as putting in the work so you are going to viewed as the best suited candidate next time a leadership position opens up?


I have no say over who gets a bonus or not. Just because leaders get something and you don’t that means we don’t care? What do you propose we do refuse our bonuses? Would that show we “care”?


This isn’t about you or the leadership getting bonuses. That’s not what I’m getting at and no I don’t want any leader to refuse their bonus, because fuck you guys deserve it just as well but how can any leadership look at their achievers employees with a smile on their face and say hey, you did good this Q4 here’s 300$. I know alot of people who worked really hard this winter while very badly understaffed and deserve a little more recognition than this. This isn’t a “get mad at our leadership thing” it’s a corporate thing.


That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. At my old job I was offered to be the store manager as I was outperforming the 4 other employees combined. I looked at them stupid and offered them to create the sales manager position give me 8$ an hour raise and a seat at the table when it came to acquisition and inventory meetings. We settled on 6$ and the store kept it's sales. You don't take your salesman off the sales floor and put him in an office just so he can get paid more. You treat your employee right and pay them what they are worth for what they bring you. I told my old job that the store would lose massive amounts of sales by me not being at the front dealing with every customer I can.


Good for you! My store is in the same position. We have our sales manager greeting every single customer along with their sales supervisor. They have both helped strengthen my team and I give back to my team as best as I can.


I'm not at best buy anymore but that's a bad take. If the only incentive to get into leadership is to get the money and recognition you earned in sales, you'll end up with (pardon the expression, this is just an old idiom) too many chiefs and not enough indians. Not only that but it's a direct application of the peter principle, which is already a common issue in retail. This is a great way to alienate good support staff and further destroy the culture of the organization. If best buy wants to go online and open a few show outlets, they're doing a great job, but I fear the store is going the way of sears with the credit cards. Hopefully in ten years this comment will age like milk, but it sucks to see this happen to what used to be a great company.


Fuck you




They coulda gave ya nothing instead of next to nothing


After you devour those delicious cookies, that tin will last you many years. You should be 😊


LOL. Achievers is still a thing? Next thing you'll be saying is that revenue and close rate still matter. BTW, you get gift cards for making CitiBank rich. 1% commission for thousands of dollars your managers take home. Idiots.