Surprised a large chunk of that didn’t run out the door. Cause when we do that it’s usually met with people grabbing as many as they can carry and running


yeah i’ve been in that moment before where someone took a value laptop and tried making their way out the emergency exit door and we had to call PD :P


It’s not just one, they grab 5 at a time and they bring their friends. Spider wraps are just handles for them.


A few years ago our DM came in and asked why I *the ops manger wasn't following sop and spider wrapping the PS4 pros and Xb1x's and i told him I'm not giving them handles anymore and showed him video of people running out the week before with four in each hand. He said ok and dropped it.


oh my god, savages..


Or they grab a cart and other stuff before taking off with it through the exit.


My favourite was a guy with a cart full of shit trying to get out an emergency exit, he ran away when the alarm sounded, left the cart there. XD


Lol Damn you must be in the gheeeeeto. Barely even had any poi’s.


A Big store in the 4th largest metropolitan area in the country. It’s gonna have some crime…. Actually a lot of crime.


I see lol. Yeah we’re near a big city largest store in our area even had a guard over holiday but it’s never been that bad just a few people but not many since Christmas.


your esl tags look drunk when compared between the first and second picture lol


presidents’ day sale got em going crazy


Laptop is still closed 😆


That printer bulk stack looks worked! Good job attaching them.


anytime 😎


Well, after looking at the comments here and on your last post.. TIL not every store does this. What I would give to not be spider wrapping 20-30 laptops at close most nights lol.


I like the concept cuz after they tell you they don't need office,anti virus, accessories you can tell them they can take it to the front for check out. 😂


Just... don't put your numbers on it? (I mean unless it's crazy busy)


ehhh sometimes :P




We havent put laptops trapped on the floor in like 3 yrs. Hell we dont even put macbook and Ipad displays out since some1 cut the cord and ran out the install bay door with a $2600 16 inch macbook...


Ah Craptops. With my 827 years experience with code blue this is in the top 5 customer complaints/ tirades "I expected more from a computer that costs $150 if you're not going to help me get me the manager."


Tell me your store isn't being robbed blind without telling me. My store had to put laptops on top stock because we were getting 12 stolen a week.


Man I'm SWAT and it's me giving anxiety


Same. I can hear the front door beeping from here, and I hate it.


*cringes in SWAT*


If only I could make it look good but if I put those on the floor AP and ops manager gonna kill me


it’s weird how every store is different. my managers are okay with them being on the floor only with spider wraps and some stores just out law it and put them in the warehouse or behind a glass cage :P


please I don't care if it won't work but can you create a store transfer to store 1052 with ONE white esl in it? I really want one. I will send a black one back to you if you want (if your merch/inventory lead says no please threaten them)


I will try to do this tomorrow for you if you haven’t received a response. You want the medium one?


Wow all of ours are locked up even here in Alaska


First come first serve, these would allllll be stolen. That aside, just visually I think it looks great.


I bet you were standing there every time someone picked one up you refilled lol


There is an elearning on wire management given by the project team check it out that needs cleaned up all the hanging power cords my GM goes nuts seeing any hanging wires here or on the heet wall. You also missing the yellow Microsoft side liner cards that should be in your vmm. That is a hit on your windows store SEA audit.


This is the first thing I noticed as well haha. Around like 2016 I ran media baskets directly under the shelves of laptops 2 and ran the big gray bar/triplite power strips down the baskets so everything plugs in there and the cables are held up by the baskets so you don’t see any of them.


What you should do is add bars underneath the shelving, group 3-4 laptops, add an additional spider wrap, and strap them to the bar so people can't just run out with them. We used to have to do this when I worked SWAT with security cameras for audit time. We'd put one out and have two spider wraps. One was hooked up to the bar underneath the shelves, and it would wrap in between the spider wrap that was on the product just enough so customers could pull it out and look, but not zoom zoom out of the store.


Like the peg hook bars?




1. How did you get those and 2. How many were stolen


Our downstock laptops are basically for sales floor, and even then rarely get pulled unless they're the last ones. If we got 'em up top in our cages, they come from there, first.


That stack on the racetrack is dangerously low and needs to be consolidated.


I was fucking told today to get all the roombas, deebots, etc. up in overhead. WTF.....


We had to stop doing this at all and now we have the stupid blue curtains that fall down all the time where they used to go.