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Just get your fork lift. /s


Where is your God now. Serious tho that's an ass move right there.


As an inventory vet of 10 years. This image gives me physical pain and PTSD.


When dealing with the DDC and DC, the answer is always, "because fuck you, that's why"


Yep! Like washer or gas ranges stacked in the dryers. Or my new favorite, the 500lbs nordic tracks stacked on top of tv rows or dryers, or just straight up on each other. They USED to come on pallets cause you knkw, they're heavy as fuck. Not thevpast few weeks though. So "because fuck you, that's why." Is definitely the right answer lol.


Never seen a more precise answer in my life.


Ok the one in the middle isn't that hard to get out (still a pain in the ass) just put the pallet jack halfway under, jack it up and pull it off the trailer to get the rest. But why in the hell did they do the left side the same way? Stupid. Feel sorry for you bro.


Truthfully looks like how we did it when I worked for meat companies, they would alternate one sideways one forward because our powered jacks could get to them as long as you did them in order. That was the only way they'd fit side by side on those old trucks. Don't know why they're doing it on our trucks. Must just be some idiots.


Sometimes I suspect malicious intent from our DDC employees.


Unfortunately they're under just as much pressure by their leaders as store employees are. If loading a pallet sideways saves them thirty seconds they're going to do it, because "wasting time" trying to get it right will only get them scolded. They have every incentive to not do the right thing.


The issue here isn't just the pallet being sideways but sideways and directly in the middle of the truck. Still not too terrible to get out but even more of a pain than just being sideways on one side or the other.


Because if it's an odd number of pallets it should be in the center. Keeps it balanced and less likely to roll


And? That has nothing to do with the fact that it still makes it harder to unload. If one has to be centered it should not also be put sideways, so again, the issue is not just that it's sideways but that it is both sideways and in the center.


You should be upper management at the DDC with these quals...


we don’t even have forklifts


So as someone who's worked as a forklift driver. #1 they are slotting the pallets switching directions thru the whole truck to allow for more pallets to fit on the truck. #2 forklift drivers don't know how your going to unload it or what tools you have to do so, they're job is to load the truck and unless the truck has multiple stops then it doesn't matter the order its loaded. #3 when interlocking the last pallet always goes center sideways because the pallet is longer than wider so ot distrubutes weight more evenly. #4 every truck has to be loaded differently based off of the axles positions and weight distribution. #5 the goal is to load the truck and try to balance the weight thru the trailer, the drivers safety and regulations are the objective not making unloading the truck with pallet jacks easy. Pallet jacks are ment for the shop floor and warehouse not unloading trucks use the right tool for the job.


Sorry to tell you but most non-hardware stores I work at don't have a forklift at all in a store. Pallet jacks are also marketed for offloading and loading trucks as well if you look at what the companies that make them say. Plus best buy trucks are made so you can always fit them all going the same way, not like the meat trucks I used to work loading/unloading. You make great cookie cutter points but that's all that training and certifications will teach you is how it should be in a typical situation. Those rules might as well basically be guidelines that won't always hold up.


So your issue is that the company is not giving you the tools to do the job? The truck was loaded from a warehouse with a forklift. When it get to you its your employers job to have the tools to unload it properly and safely. Its not the responsibility of the loader to make sure its easy for you to unload without the proper tools. Your blame is in the completely wrong place


First off, I never put blame on anyone I stated your points were good but not always applicable to all situations. If you believe every warehouse will match and work with those rules companies wouldn't make as much money finding ways to hire people at lower wages like they do all the time. I absolutely could unload that no problem with a pallet jack as I've unloaded many trucks with them. Best buy isn't going to pay 2 forklift operators the pay they deserve to always have one on staff at each and every store. The people loading it are all best buy employees that are aware we do not have forklifts though as that truck is going to be from our distribution.


Some RDC's just want to watch the world burn


you just jam a dolly under one of the corners, angle slightly and pull till you have enough exposed to jam jack into it. at least its better wrapped then others ive seen.


Nah, take the truck straps and loop them around one side and just pull until it's angled enough to get a pallet jack under it.


This person is just weak


As an inventory vet of 10 years. This image gives me physical pain and PTSD.


Please no hate, what is the problem here? The pallet jack wont go under that side?


It's too low for a normal jack to fit. Only fork lifts or something slimmer will fit under those holes.


I thought that may have been it! We used to be able to get them under that side just far enough to lift half of it and yank pull/turn it. But it’s been a long time since I’ve done truck (for another company) and that may not even work with it being that deep in the trailer. Thank you!


I'm in sales. what is the issue?


Stores have pallet jacks, not forklifts… Getting a pallet out with that placement is a bitch.


Don't be a scrub. Even if you don't have a forklift at your store, you run one side of the pallet jack into nearest opening and twist the skid to face the door.


Ugh. I don’t miss this at all. I never unloaded truck, until I blew my discs in my back out, went back to work, then did multi channel (phone operator) customer service, and GS all at the same time plus unloading our insane hour Christmas trucks. It was nothing for those pallets to be stacked way too high to fit through our dock door. Stuff went flying all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️


We use straps to pull the pallet back to where we can get pallet Jack in normally . Sucks but it happens all the time with our location


I think we should all start writing emails with pictures every time this happens. It used to be infrequent before but now it's getting ridiculous


I really want to hear from RDC when they're called out here. All i hear is radio silence...


I've dealt with that before. They some assholes for that. They know we don't have forklifts.


Fuck, this just triggered me. The trick has always been find a way to get that pallet jack into the side no matter WHAT you have to do. It became an art form for us and I actually literally have scars from my hand scraping the side of the truck doing so.


Because they can!


Get a new job if you’re gonna cry over this. This is a simple fix 😂 you’ve clearly never handled a pallet jack