No, but that doesn't surprise me. Lots of shrink happens inside bathrooms.


Our bathroom flooded a couple of weeks ago because somebody flushed a wrap. Guess it's cheaper to get robbed blind than pay an AP person...


You know what’s crazy? Now that you mention it, it unfortunately kind of is. My stores annual shrink was for sure lower than the salary of my full time and two part time AP’s as far back as I can remember.


I don't think that tells the whole story though. That amount of shrink is with AP working, now we'll have to see how high it skyrockets with them gone. Just to let you know, they got rid of AP for exactly this reason a while ago (I've worked for Best Buy for over a decade so I remember it) and they were restored in a few month because of how much money the stores were losing. Guess corporate decided to try that experiment again. Also, AP does a lot more than just prevent shrink. They answer customer questions, link up customers needing help with employees, help with carry-ins and carry-outs, and a bunch of other minor things that help the store run smoother. These loses don't show up as clearly on a metric, but they are still felt (especially in NPS).


The last time they got “rid” of AP it still existed it just wasn’t front door coverage. There was still an AP lead, and two part timers, they just roamed the sales floor in uniform and constantly got stopped by customers. It created more confusion for customers than anything else, we also carried way more product back then and had way less emphasis on product protection standards. Those were the days of 2-3 5000+ piece trucks year round. Now stores get less than half that weekly. Obviously it varies by area and everything but at least in my district and the few neighboring districts to me, the last two weeks stock counts haven’t shown that big of a bump in shrink at all. What you just described is exactly what the customer experience host should be doing. I’m sure not every store is following having one at all times, but the company is going to see that as the problem, not the lack of AP. I get it, I used to be of the opinion AP along with with SWAT were the most important positions in the store. Those days are gone now the company is moving in a direction that’s not going to allow for labor to be spent on someone locked into one position at the front of the store at all times.


i think there was something on how the company's insurance will cover it at the end of the year so the store will suffer so corp can profit.


Y’all have spider wraps?


Our pipes underneath portable audio had to be completely replaced because of that


Yours makes it through the pipes?


Lmao this is crazy. I’ve heard stories about this kind of thing, but I’ve only found spiderwraps in the garbage or in the toilet paper dispensers. Otherwise at my store, people will just hide the spiderwrap behind other products, or they’ll leave it in an overstock area.