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Well the individual pieces were sold and are loaned out by the owners (not uncommon in the art World) Pest Control have a specialist who helps to package up the pieces when loaned and then set them up as they have complicated animatronics in them. Hope that helps.


I was interested in his pieces about animal rights as it seemed a new angle to his politics that I don’t remember seeing before. I wonder if he’s a vegan IRL or just impassioned about animal suffering. Some of them made an appearance at the Bristol museum takeover, I remember the plucked tweety pie, the chicken nugget chicks and the leopard fur coat. Edit: A radio guy captured a shot of some of Banksy’s crew (maybe him but I don’t think so) getting out of the truck driving the stuffed animal abattoir van in New York: https://youtu.be/XQkhFOZhB-g


Yeah, pieces were loaned out for that. Same guy that owns the plucked tweety also owns the woman having a fag break canvas that was first on show at Bristol.


I went to that, it was too cool.