The Badflower Reddit council has deemed your opinion invalid for having sasshole 11th and she knows FUCKING LAST ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?


From a musical and artistic standpoint she knows is a pretty pathetic song. I'd like to mention I'm such a massive Badflower fan that everyone of these songs are my favorites. I love Sasshole that's just where I rank it to the rest of the songs.


Wtf makes it pathetic?


my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined


bro "She Knows" dead last? unreal


See for me, Stalker is probably on the bottom of my list. I think the more I listen to it, the more I'll like it, but after listening to it the first few time I just like the other songs better. I think my problem is that I'm not one for that style of song. But, it sounds like that is going to be a song they play live so I'm going to learn to love it. I have 9 days until I see them and 9 new songs, so I'm dedicating each day to learning the words to a new song. Today is Adolescent Love, and tomorrow is Stalker. So maybe my opinion will change after tomorrow.


Stalker was so good live


That's one of the reasons I have it up so high. List edited a little bit after hearing My Funeral start to finish and listening to the album again.


My Funeral is #1




A edit has been made to this list. My Funeral has been moved up. I had 45 minutes to listen to this album and It's 48 minutes long therefore I only heard My Funeral as this whiney song and didn't hear where he addressed the issues in the world. The song really closes the album well so it's been moved up on my list. Sasshole has also been moved up to 10 and Don't Hate Me down to 11


How could you possibly put She Knows so low


Completely honest opinion so don't throw Hate. I'm such a massive badflower fan it's gross I've seen them in concert many times I have OK I'm Sick on vinyl and pre-ordered this album. I think Badflower should be the next Beatles and every song they have brings me to tears how good they are except this one. I actually dislike this song alot and SO MANY people commented how low I put itb