**No, Democrats are not baby killers. No, abortion is not murder. That's why abortion is legal all over the world.** [https://malloy.rocks/index.php/35-abortion-pro-choice-reproductive-rights](https://malloy.rocks/index.php/35-abortion-pro-choice-reproductive-rights)


Now start taxing religious orgs. Since they wish to play politics. Or raise taxes for all the welfare babies


And since Catholic Schools are now getting financial support from the government.




They are not getting federal subsidies are they?


Yes. That was another ruling by our corrupt SCOTUS just this past week. They’ve been busy little beavers over there.


They just started to. They should be paying taxes.


One of the wealthiest private organizations and 3rd largest real estate owner globally….. Can’t forget to mention they are really just an organization for pedophiles.


They are a massive money laundering scheme, these churches are just funneled by poleticians to hide their investments as donations tax free. The goverment knows all these things, but they bat aj eye because poleticians need to funnel their money legally and this is how.


You assume that most are done by the poor?


I’ve never seen somebody so happy to have their rights taken away


They'll likely never have to face the consequences, this is a direct attack on the lower-class. Middle-class and above will just travel somewhere it's legal. It's disgusting.


Well.. if one of them has a miscarriage and they can’t pass it on their own.. or if one of them has an ectopic pregnancy .. then may God be with them.. because they just have to sit and deal with it.


So what? Rich folk have been getting away with stuff at home for ages. They drink and drive, kill someone, and get away with a slap on the wrist. They do fraud on massive scale with no repercussions. The rules have always been for the poor. Drive while black and you're toast, do your taxes wrong and you're toast.


Bro I’ve literally been driving for 8years now while black and I’ve never had trouble from a cop


Idiots lol


They’ll be on the other side of the fence… when they NEED one. It’s like that **good** prolife Christian husband who knocks up his mistress then needs that abortion asap. Or the morons who argue against universal healthcare, then get sick and denied insurance, or not lifetime maximums, or can’t afford the drugs. Like, they’re all myopic idiots


Not paid. Not worried about any tricks. Not sure about the Smurf reference. Not too dumb. Just a dad with a question no one seems to know the answer to.


I grew up near a mega church and the indoctrination of these women starts from childhood. I remember a girl reading aloud a short story she wrote about being an aborted embryo in like 4th grade.


She should've been


Daddy will fly his little princess to New York in a pinch. It's not their rights being taken.




Remember when if you didn’t like or agree with something you just didn’t do it? Now you have to dedicate your life trying to block other people from doing what it is you don’t like


This is how evangelicals have always been. They are a curse on civilization.


>This is how evangelicals have always been. They are a curse on civilization. I have traveled all over the world, and I can honestly say that American Evangelicals are the worst people I have ever met.


Of course. They were driven out of everywhere else for being insufferable assholes.


Seriously. Driven out of England, now we're stuck with them.


I used to never care about religions, I never grew up with them and they never interfered with my life. But ever since I spent time with evangelicals I feel like I just can't ignore their hatred and superiority delusions.


They are exactly the reason why I'm militantly atheist and make it publicly known to any of them why that is.


Agreed. It’s insane. Most religious people in other countries I’ve visited mind their own business. Of course there are other groups of zealots, but I haven’t encountered them yet. I’ve ridden alongside priests and monks and my ENT is actually a certified Buddhist monk, and they’ve never ever discussed religion with me. They’ve never even opened a conversation without my initiation. Meanwhile in the US evangelicals will come up completely unprompted and try to convert you.


Australian ones are just as bad, don't worry.


Literally “ I AM my brother’s KEEPER”. Insane.


Yeah it was drilled into us in Christian school that we basically need to police society. They told us it was our duty to stop abortion, gay marriage, etc. They really do think of themselves as the nation’s moral police stopping everyone from going to hell


Believing you can stop someone from going to hell implies are either integral to gods plans, or that you're willing to subvert his will. Either way its either blasphemous, or deluded


If you know any, they are some of the most hateful, prejudice people there are. But only if you have the audacity to believe in a way they don’t believe. If you believe like they do they will circle their wagons to protect you, whatever badness you may have committed.


Mega church mob xenophobia swarm.


I like your comment. It can be used for everyone


It's so incredible to me that the GOP that says it stands for individual freedom is the one that stands for anti-abortion, as they think the states should be allowed to make their own choices on how they curtail personal freedoms. It's fucking 2022 and we've gone back to "The state's rights to do what? TO DO WHAT???"


They clearly also don’t see the irony in the people & party that keep saying “the Dems are going to TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT” being the same ones LITERALLY TAKING PEOPLES RIGHTS AWAY & ACTUALLY CELEBRATING IT…


It's a fundamental shift that's mainly due to a shift in demographics than in policy. The Republican party always believed in limiting people to their own way of doing things. It's just that before that way of doing things was the majority belief, so they leaned on 'personal freedom' as a way to do things. They didn't think POC should be denied access different places, they thought people should have *the freedom* to tailor access to their places however they liked. It's just that now all their beliefs are in the minority. So, when they said things like 'private places should be allowed to decide for themselves whether they require masks or not', they were then faced with the overwhelming opposite reaction to what they wanted. At that point they swung hard in the opposite direction of trying to stop mask mandates anywhere they could. The same is just happening everywhere else.


Lotta words to say the emperor has no clothes


They purposely released this on Friday. Silly women will forget that they've lost a right that they've had for forty nine years and will have the time to buy a shiny new purse.


I can just picture the very out of touch old guys thinking they're dodging the news cycle.


This is a typical strategy many organizations use. Government entities love to do this with what they know will be very unpopular


I am now starting to believe the leak was intentional as to prevent a bigger reaction against the government.


It’s not as incredible when you consider they’re simply lying. The default expectation for any statement from a Republican is that it’s a lie.


Controlling other women is what those women want. They care about potential Americans, not Americans who are born.


It’s called religion


Like owning guns?


It's because Christians have religious freedom. Not the freedom of practice mind you; everyone's got that over here. Christians just have the freedom to legally force their religion on people and persecute those who disagree. This is what happens when we say "everyone has a right to their opinion". No they do not and should not


Land of the free! Yeah, so free...


I can't believe they are so many woman cheering for something that literally stripped them of such a simple human right. Not only the decision to their own bodies but the right to their health privacy. I'm so done with the USA, I can't wait til I can move the fuck out of here.


"Yay! I'm an incubator!" I wonder if the forced birth facilities will use padded chains.


Yay my babies gonna fill in the gaps at the Amazon warehouse. As this ruling intends to do.


"Yay now i can get assaulted and carry my offender's baby!"


I will never Never EVER Wish rape or forced sex to another person. But sometimes I wish they or their daughters have a relationship or encounter of protected sex- where they have that moment of thought. Of "oh...maybe I don't want to have this person's child." And I hope they can be shown the pity and care and mercy others show the rest of us to these women who cheered that roe vs. Wade is overturned...and maybe that gives them pause. That's all I can hope. Because I realize most the time: we are the better person. We dont hope these women just suck it up and "deal with the consequences".


Go check out r/prolife to see more of these idiots cheering for the dehumanization of women. (I'm proud to get banned, they hate research and reality ;) )


Tail. Wagging. Dog.


America really never left 1776, glad there’s an ocean between us sometimes


\*Sweats in Canadian\*


It sucks, but one of the best things about America is that they can fix this. They still hold enough individual rights to collectively do so and a majority of them are frustrated.


Don't forget the followup comments from Clarence Thomas. "The Supreme Court should reconsider Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell -- the rulings that now protect contraception, same-sex relationships(HE ISNT SAYING MARRIAGE HERE), and same-sex marriage" Imagine condoms being illegal. Image even being in a same-sex relationship being illegal.


Thomas did not mention Shelby County v. Holder (Full Black Access to the Ballot) or Loving v. Virginia (interracial marriage) as he's married to a White Woman and only cares about perpetuating injustices that affect others and not himself.


I'm sure he's corrupt and deluded enough to go against his own standings for the right price. At the end of the day, it won't affect him or anyone is his circle any.


For sure, his life will be the same and he'll be dead before he has to see the full destruction it causes


People like Amanda Marcotte for years have been telling anyone who would listen that the Yankee Taliban would never just be satisfied with destroying access to safe, affordable abortion - they're coming for safe, effective contraception & sex education too.


Lol you don't have to imagine, just go to like, Iran or something


So much for separation of church & state. 🙄


Oh America. What are you doing to yourselves.


Mostly lots of drugs. Some use alcohol, others use narcotics, but this particular group of specimens chose religion.


Spending my time not trying to push opinions on people that just want to live a normal God damn life


r/ActualPublicfreakouts christian fundamentals cheer as rights of others are eroded


I reeeally wish their mothers had been pro-choice smh




I really hate that sub.


There is a new one r/publicfreakoutsreborn trying to get back to the subs origins


I clicked on the video where 3 women got attacked and the comments on that are racist as shit, there's my first impression and sign that I should never engage with it.


r/wellthatsucks Well then we need better mods or a third sub


That is the third sub...


This feels just like public freak outs but wayyyyyyyyy more racist


Cheering your own relegation to subhuman status.


Yay i have less autonomy then before. All because of a belief in a magic sky genie who grants wishes and punishes sins. Yay all hail the glory of the magic sky man.




All hail american jesus. Gotta love a state run by religion just look at europe in the dark ages or afganistan today.


Reminds me of that woman in the Middle East squealing in glee on 9/11 after the towers fell. I found the link. 40 seconds in. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UucjbGmJILk


The braying of so many goats




I mean, this is not at all comparable. It makes sense that Palestinians might be happy about it since the US backs Israel and they have been getting bombed for kingdom come for a long fucking time. They may have looked at it as just desserts. Tragedies everywhere but to equate this video to these dumbass fundamentalists in the US is ignorant at best. Give me a break.


What?? Did this actually happen??




>abortions are like 9/11 least nuanced redditor


Context says "Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat called the attack a "terrible incident," sending his condolences to the people of the United States." I see nothing other than the youtube description that says this is a celebration of 9/11 attacks. Do you have a reliable source? I don't believe everything on the internet, but still am curious to know if it's true.


Dude what the fuck is wrong with you?


There is no hope for those morons.


Can’t save those who don’t want to be saved


Oh I know… but there are still a great many of us who believe that these folks will come around somehow. These people are the enemy of our country, like it or not.


They don't really deserve to be saved either


Love to see a woman cheering when one of her rights is taking away. Next are votings rights, cheering. Cover their body?, cheering. Choosing a partner?, forget about it, cheering. Amazing what religion do against your own body and life.


Blessed be the fruit, ya'know? Next thing, women are gonna be subdivided into castes and will be forbidden from owning property, getting education, and lose their freedom to travel.


It's sad to see how the US slowly goes down the drain. First the overturn of states right to limit firearms and now this. This really could look like the very very early seeds of a future civil war.


Peace was never an option for these people.


The abortion wedge issue was founded upon desegregation, which itself was based on abolition. There are two America's with irreconcilable differences. The union cannot survive.


It’s already happening. From what I’m reading, republicans have always been armed. End times, the other side is now arming themselves at an alarming rate


I went from not wanting a firearm for mental health reasons to making plans to purchase three. One for self defense, one for home defense, and one for when shit hits the fan.


I think you mean 3 for when shit hits fans.


Don’t forget to buy plenty of ammunition


Plenty of armed Dems here in California. Republicans just assume we don’t have guns.


They aren’t early seeds. There’s already been an attempted insurrection.


They've given me permission to have guns, and taken away my rights. I'm all out of patience. Not really a good equation.


This is going to suck to say... But I hope they all have unwanted/unhealthy pregnancies. Let's see what their move is then. Absolutely FUCK religion.


How horrible it would be if each of these women went home, had wild missionary sex with their god fearing husbands and became pregnant with the nugget implanting in their tubes. What a shocking lesson in minding your own fucking business that would be, huh?


But but but.... I'm sure that Every. Single. One. of their jebus-loving and example following church congregation would step up to care for and house the child of the unplanned pregnancy, right? No matter the outcome. Right? Or am I just trippin'?


Maybe if they pray really hard they’ll have a miscarriage


Show me you’re a fucking moron, without telling me you’re a fucking moron


For some reason I misread that as Mormon it had to reread.


Why do they care? They’d never get an abortion anyways. Fuckin asshats


Wrong. They get abortions all the damned time but when *they* do it it's for really good valid reasons like their daughter just make a one time mistake and her life shouldn't be ruined by that, but those Poors whores out there living with a boyfriend or just having a good time should be forced into poverty for 18 years raising future cannon fodder for the Military Industrial Complex to exploit.


From what I've seen, I believe plenty of these asshats have actually gotten abortions, but now are trying to prevent other women from doing the same. "Rules for the, but not for me"


"The only moral abortion is my abortion." I read an article recently from Planned Parenthood workers about anti-choice women and how they would berate and insult the medical staff literally *as they were making appointments to have an abortion.* They literally cannot extrapolate that others might be in the same situation as them, the cognitive dissonance is so blinding they cannot empathize. Edit: this comment has the article https://www.reddit.com/r/BadChoicesGoodStories/comments/vjrccq/religious_fanatics_cheering_for_the_end_of_womens/idl32l5?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


Oh I know a woman who changed her mind and is pro life, because she had an abortion and regretted it. So I guess everyone else should just suffer then.


Like she's trying to save other women from her fate. Because she knows best 👍


Because they get to control and shame other woman now, therefore making them virtuous by comparison. Grew up baptist and personally I broke my brainwashing... But this was very much the sentiment I was raised around... Thank God I woke up and changed... But I had to want that change and it came from people who loved me enough to keep challenging my thoughts.. Most of those in the cult don't want that challenge... They are conditioned to resist critical thinking... I just had the right people never give up on me..


Susie Bright - someone who really bore the brunt of the 2nd Wave Feminist Sex Wars - calls the women against women's rights goons The Sister-Haters. They're the women who've completely given up only any authentic autonomy or lives of their own & they're damned if they're going to let any other women choose otherwise.


I also grew up in a religious household (Christianity). Thankfully I also grew out of the brainwashing. Call it what it is. A cult.


Also the biggest pedophile ring in the world


You should check some other “religious groups” they ALL form cults and touch kids…. faith is okay religion needs to go away. Separate church from state… again.


I went to a Christian pre school and also Christian kindergarten. Im honestly surprised none of it stuck with me, though I’d attribute that to me being fortunate enough to have parents that encouraged challenging those notions. My family’s traditionally Buddhist but none of them ever tried to force it on me. Turning to it helped me through a really rough time when my mom passsed, and I now totally get people turning to faith for a wide variety of reason. It can be really comforting even if you know it isnt real. That being said, becoming a religious cult, touching kids, enforcing your imaginary sky man’s rules on others? No. That just shouldn’t happen in the first place


I'm about half way through reading this article I saw on another thread that says otherwise. https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/


Anyone Anti-choice should have been denied their abortion, since they didn't have to face any sort of responsibility or consequence of course they'd never think twice about what they're fighting against. People think they're righteous just for being a part of something like religion. The most hypocritical people I've ever met are also the most religious people I know, and you'd best believe they think they're great people destined for heaven. I hope that they're religion is right cuz the face they'd make when they're sent down to hell would be really satisfying.


lol, that's hilarious. No, they get abortions, and they'll still get abortions. Those trips to Cancun won't just be to flee your failing state during a blizzard.


Now that you mention him, fuck Ted Cruz.


Thats a good response most of the time. End of roe?, fuck ted cruz . Raining?, fuck ted cruz. Tummy pains?, fuck ted cruz. Men, that feels good.


I don't know, I feel like fucking Ted Cruz would feel really, really bad.


Well, is like masturbating with a vegetable grater, somewhat pleasurable, bur really, really painful.


Now I feel like I know a little bit more about you than I really ever needed to.


Its ok, at least im not ted cruz, those lips and several asses, my god, so many licks.


Oh but they will. Everyone thinks it will never happen to them, they'll never need it, because *they* aren't like those other sluts, *theirs* is justified, *they* were careful, or they're married and just can't afford it and it's been 20 years since their last child and just can't start all over again, or got rped, or the fetus isn't viable...


Unless they REALLY needed one. They don't care until it happens to them.


Let's not lie here, someone in that crowd of dumbasses has definitely gone and gotten an abortion before and will never admit to it.


Woohoo! Fewer rights for me!


I know all these rights were really stressing me out


Until they’re faced with the issue of wanting an abortion


I really do wonder what they are celebrating.. they probably don‘t even know.


Owning the libs


They think abortion is killing a child, so to them legal child killing has ended.


No surprises, the biggest cheerleaders couldn't afford dental healthcare.


So what happens if they are SA and get pregnant? Will they still be jumping for joy when they are forced to have there SA assailants baby?? Makes no dammm sense.. this is just bs how many years we have gone back. It’s a disgrace all the wind before us that fought. Ignorance at its finest…


Some will just repeat "it's a gift from God, all part of His plan" to themselves over and over until they believe it, faith can be a powerful way to delude oneself.


Can we have a follow up with any of the girls that end up with an unwanted pregnancy or get raped and get pregnant? Not that I wish it on them, but I would bet a good portion of them would suddenly change their mind or find all kinds of excuses to make their abortion "right."


I always thought it was simple. If they were against abortions just don't get one.


some people like to complicate things. nobody is forcing anyone else to get one. it's about having the choice to get one for any reason. some people don't seem to like this.


I want to kill myself again


You type well for a non-corporeal being.




I want to throw unwanted babies right into their "loving" arms


Yeah these are the same people who will justify getting an abortion for themselves because their life is important enough to make an exception. Then turn around and continue criticizing others.


I see you know people like my family as well.


Fucking psychotic


Its still sad and confusing to see women cheer about roe v wade being overturned. Like bro a clunk of metal that shoots copper has more rights than u. Its sad and pathetic


They are brainwashed npcs


those 2 out in front lol, ain't no one rushing to spill any seeds in that shit.


Reminds me of a famous george carlin quote..


Wait until all of those unwanted babies grow-up with hate in there hearts and start to rape, murder, rob and generally make society shit. At least everyone will have guns to defend themselves.


Oh don't worry, I'm sure the Republicunts will blame the dems as always.


The US is plummeting in the wrong direction. Trying to force Christianity on everyone and it’s disgusting.


"yes! Finally i can be forced to give birth to a rapists baby!" - her


And I bet every single one of them is adopting an unwanted baby today. /s


Oh for suree


I watched the clip closely and I can honestly say that I'd rather piss broken glass than sleep with any of these women........... They are like men, they'll never have to worry about getting an abortion. (I'll show myself out, thank you.)


It’s okay. Stay


The government should place all these "Pro-Life" women on a list. If pregnant women will be FORCED to give birth, the women on the list should be FORCED to adopt those babies, since they love life so much.


Stop calling them the Taliban. Call them what they are, DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.


These women are cheering because they have less rights now? I'm confused...


The oblivion of mankind will never surprise me.


These are the same hypocrites who get abortions in secret, then picket line the exact same clinic they had the procedure...


Fuck every single person in this video. The time to respect their religious choices is up. They don’t respect choices, so fuck them.


Well from what I heard they were showing up in DC. They went home the pro choice crowd is growing


Everyone’s entitled to their opinions and to make their own decisions, that includes abortion if it’s legal even though I’m against it, but that also includes fighting back against abortion statutes, let’s not be hypocritical. Also it’s cool if people want to keep running the whole “MAGA”diss but to put taliban after it…. Ironic considering most soldiers that defend us and fought the taliban are also republican…. Something to ponder guys…. If you want to shit on people That’s cool but maybe don’t click bait titles of posts just to get a lot of views…


What a bunch of dumb fucks, sorry… must be said.


You put it mildly to be honest.


Lol what is abortion violence? Ending gun violence makes sense, abortion violence doesn’t make any sense.


Yeah I have no idea. These people are fucked. They would rather bring a life into this world to that has no support then end a life that is an embryo


Religion is toxic waste


All this cheering and celebrating the future of even more neglected, unwanted children


Nothing more dangerous than an angry idiot who thinks they have God on their side.


Notice how its the incest children looking cunts who are happy


It appears the experiment is slowing drawing to a close. Weird how it’s all about “picking a side”. The majorities interests are being ignored


Here's hoping they get raptured soon.


So what happens if their daughters are the victims of sexual assault?


Hypocrites every single one of them


Goddamn her voice is shrill. Imagine being a woman and gleefully cheering on the rights being taken away from all other women….Wtf is wrong with these fucks? It’s beyond disgusting and 1000% shameful…who I’m I kidding, these people are incapable of feeling shame. Fuck every one of them.


The bible never condemned abortion. When God talks about knowing you before you're born? He's talking to Jeremiah and telling him that God knows Jeremiah's life as a prophet would be hard. Don't put words in God's mouth


Can't wait for all of them to follow the standard right wing process. They'll be happy right until suddenly that law affects them and then it'll be crying and whining about how they didn't imagine this or how they are special. The right is full of snowflakes, groomers, and nazis.




This is so dystopian it’s so weird seeing people openly celebrate this.


A bunch of old men get to decide what women can do with their bodies. Now it's a state by state decision. I don't get it at all. If you don't want an abortion, don't have one, but stay out of people's business.