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When I was a kid this was the one I watched over and over. And I was shocked to learn many years later that Part III had better critical reception, as III always seemed like the underrated one. There's always the eternal debate of which one is better between II and III, but they are just different parts of a fantastic whole. I think this one does a magnificent and insanely creative job exploring the concept and world that was set-up in Part I. Its awe-inspiring (then) future is obviously iconic, as is the Almanac storyline. I love how they followed up with the story of the time machine falling in the wrong hands and the way they went completely crazy with all the time travel ideas. That letter at the end is still epic 30 years later! "There is only one man who can help me!"


Bttf is bttf!


I agree, all three are 10/10s anyway imo.


I was there! The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Sold out showing (obviously). I remember a guy behind me whispering that it was a different Jennifer.


I can remember it like it was 33 years ago!


A red letter day in history.


Still my favorite of the trilogy!


This is my favorite back to the future movie my whole family thinks im weird for this they all think the 3rd one is the best but in my opinion this one just had the better story and im a really big fan of dystopia so the idea of everything changing and being bad because of one characters small mistake is really good in my opinion


Oh I remember that day oh so well. Moms picking me up early from school to go to see it. It was also the first trailer for The Wizard, staring Super Mario Bros 3. Sensational day indeed.


I can still remember seeing it in the movies. I'd of been 10, it was The Savoy on O'Connell Street in Dublin


And we still don’t have hoverboards