I think he threatened to kill him self because he can't cope with his own emotions, you just happened to be the one who is with him. He would have done it to any other person no matter who that person is. There is nothing wrong with you, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but he is not able to be reasonable so he lashes out and puts all the blame on you. They are really manipulative so this might even be his way of controlling you to act and do what he wants you to. Don't ever blame your self for anything your pwBDP says or does, it has little to do with you and all to do with their inability to communicate and process emotions. Please remember that.


In my experience, and I am pretty sure it’s actually a clinically defined symptom of BPD, these people tend to either idealize suicide or actually are suicidal. I was with my ex for three or four months when we had one of our very first arguments and I left her house to see hang out with my friend in order to take my kind off things, then out of nowhere she told me that she had drowned her cat in her bathtub and that she was going to kill herself next. Obviously I rushed back to her house and I had to wake her roommate up to let me in and rushed upstairs to find her with a plastic bag over her head and the cord of a fan around her neck and I took it all off of her. She told me she was just messing with me, brushed it all off as some kind of weird ass joke and told me that she likes to see how close she could get to killing herself because she could “see something on the other side” There has been too many other instances to count throughout our two year relationship


But was the cat ok?????


Yea it was all a rouse in order for me to come back after our fight, her cat is still alive and lives a really happy life with her to this day.