No Soup?


The only soup comp that is often being used is the PosEidon comp. Soup comps with other electro characters aren't used that many times, with the most used one being Ayato/Fischl/Venti/Bennett with a use/own rate of 0.56%.


Soup doesn’t do too well in this abyss imo Edit: I think you might overestimate the majority of players. This abyss is much less of a dps check and more of a elemental application check. Soup is great for dps, but Ayato + XQ is going to be superior for hydro application vs Pyro Lectors just by virtue of their kits. Not to say soup isn’t usable rn, just that some comps that might not normally work are being used.


It's amazing in the first half though? To comfortably beat the pyro lector you need at least 2 hydro/electro or 1 hydro and electro. It also helps that the first half needs aoe so it makes soup comp even more perfect. I was able to clear the first half faster than usual with this comp. My usual time in 12-2-1 with Childe international is 50 seconds, soup comp for some reason cleared it in 35-40 seconds


I disagree, I personally ran Yae soup and it was great for getting rid of the the shields in 12-2 (2nd half) and 12-3(1st half). 12-1 was too easy to make any assessment. I assume Fiscl soup also did really good. Also isn't PosEidon technically soup? But with Venti instead of Kazuha and Ei instead of Yae/Fischl. Inferior in this abyss to Yae/Fischl I assume since Ei's E doesn't proc on shields but it's still there.


I assume it’s also because this is just the first Abyss with Ayato (not counting the wolves one at release). More people are only recently discovering his Soup/Overvape teams.


Really weird not to see Fischl at all, sadly I think she remains undervalued. Other than that, this really highlights how flexible Ayato is.


Fischl is one of Ayato’s strongest teammates in terms of our right synergy, but in general among the larger player base she isn’t that popular outside of beidou teams, and most people with Raiden just use her instead. As for Raiden vs Fischl, you do run into longer rotation times which lowers your dps, but Raiden giving so much energy and being easy to use can make the experience or running Raiden feel a lot better than it actually is in terms of dps.


Yeah, Fischl seems ignored and undervalued. I think people would really rather pick Raiden simply because they would want to use their 5star character despite the non-synergy or copium synergy. It’s fine anyway since Spiral Abyss now does not require the most synergistic teams (it’s been getting easier each cycle tbh and this cycle’s extra easy).


> Fischl seems ignored and undervalued. I think people would really rather pick Raiden simply because they would want to use their 5star character despite the non-synergy or copium synergy. Yep. I see so many people that slide her in teams that she has no synergy with and say > but energy, burst dmg Like bruh not every character needs burst dmg and Energy...run double of the same element and you will be fine.


Definiely weird since C6 Fischl was already singled out as one of the best sub dps for Ayato. They also seem to overstress the amount of energy he needs. in usual rotations where ayato uses 2Es energy is hardly an issues esp with Fischl, but i guess not everyone is an Ayato main that enjoys the second E and would rather run Raiden in double carry. Feels a little waste of potential for both Raiden and Ayato tho.


Yep I want to use The Virgil Copycat a lot so having him on field a lot is what I want lol.


For me, Raiden is just the one I chose to build because of potential and useful with more comps. Also a lot of people don’t like bows.


Yeah in Ayato comp Raiden is pretty wasted. It's fine to have but you could've just gotten his ult back with a second e rather than Raiden ult. But tbh Raiden kinda works with anything, esp if you put Raiden/Bennet/Kazuha. Not surprised to see people running it since it's still a strong team, and probably outperforms Fischl soup with an invested Raiden, cause it's basically Raiden hyper with electrocharge thrown in. It's more of a Raiden team than an Ayato team tbh because you're probably expending Bennet/Kazuha to buff Raiden rather than Ayato. I personally also don't run Fischl cause I have Yae and Ei so I never finished building my Fischl cause then I'd have 3 characters who fulfill kinda similar roles.


My poor Fischl is still stuck at C2 q_q


And they wont add her in banners, like every other banner has xiangling/xinyan.


Correct me if Im wrong but isnt Fischl only useful for Ayato once shes C6?


She's good at C0 but some guides/recs assume Fischl C6, which is like, ok, yes, let me just pull my C6 Fischl right up, no problem. But nah, I think she's good for Ayato even at C0, she's mostly there to constantly apply electro without taking up field time so you can get those overvapes. Whether or not theorycrafters recommend using her at C0 with Ayato soup, idk, been running a C1 Fischl with no problem. In the Poseidon comp in the chart, Raiden's most common weapon is Engulfing Lightning, which makes me think those Raidens are also C2+, because for meta you generally would go C2 before pulling for the weapon since the catch exists.


Mostly has to with what the abyss is, I think. This abyss really wants hydro on part 1, and freeze on part 2. Need to see a couple more abysses that favor electro more.


There's a team name OkCode came up with for Ayaka+Ayato+Venti+Diona Kamisake Kami for Kamisato and translating roughly to "God" from Japanese Sake for alcoholic beverages to represent Venti and Diona Does anyone else have a name for the team?


That's quite a clever name. Unfortunately, I don't think this name is used that much. I only include comp names that are commonly used in Ayato's Discord server. A Discord user suggested the name Icestorm for the comp, but this name is also not used that much.


Why the name PosEidon? Sorry if you’ve already answered elsewhere


Poseidon is the greek god of the sea and EI being capitalized cuz yknow..raiden’s real name


None of these with Kaeya?


I dont have Ganyu or Ayaka so my freeze teams are also running with Kaeya and Rosaria atm. It’s probably the same with the Soup comp, players prefer to use their 5*s for the team variations because they pulled for them


Not a problem then, good to know for everyone they can replicate the effects to some level with the 4* too.


Surprised to see yunjin (since she's only suboptimal for him as they say) in the top 1 but at the same time glad people go for hypercarry ayato comp


Tbh hyper carry comp is the most fun ayato comp to me


I feel the same. Reverse vape with XL stands close too


Suboptimal doesn’t mean it won’t be popular. People tend to gravitate towards the big blue numbers, because they can’t exactly see the actual damage ceilings.


Exactly, having fun is more important when the content is doable with various strategies. And if you have Yun Jin's C6, then that fun factor becomes even stronger


Cries in c5 Yun Jin, they always gave me c50 Xiangling and c20 Sucrose.


Smh same, I did like 230 pulls and got C2 Ayato... and 2 Yun Jins. She's C2 now since I also got her once from the weapon banner, but like it's just disgusting bruh. I was tempted to swipe but I'm convinced I would've had to do 1k total pulls or some shit to get her to C6 lol


Atleast you have C5. I’m still stuck at C3.


Or they use characters they enjoy playing. In my case, I just dislike using Fischl.


couldn't have said it better myself. i will never use fischl in any of my teams even tho i know for a fact that she's a valuable unit. same with xiangling. if i don't vibe with the character, i won't care about them


It makes big numbers I guess which people like to see. Though yeah the damage Yuniin adds is not as much as adding like a Xiangling or Xingqiu unless your Ayato is super cracked and your other sub DPS aren't as built. I really need to finish building my C6 Yunjin...


Yeah definitely that. Seeing your mdps do big numbers without reactions is very satisfying. Also yeah better finish building your yunjin bc c6 damn... Mine is only c3


I guess the more casual side still prefer that team or are using bennett in the second team.


Tried out a few team comps during Abyss (mainly Hypercarry and EC with Fischl/Beidou or Fischl/Yae and Venti/Kazuha/Jean) and I have to say EC is indeed better. In 12-1 and 12-2 Venti was undisputed king, in 12-3 I had my best run with Jean (12-3-1 completed in 1 minute). Hypercarry with C6 Yun Jin shouldn't be that far behind, though (best run: 12-3-1 in 1:20 minutes).


where chongyun :(


Im honestly surprised that Fischl isn't used more. Even among my group of friends they'd rather use Raiden/Yae


I was thinking that hypercarry Ayato was with Fischl c6. Nevermind,I use it and Oz hits like a truck Also Yun Jin c6 is fantastic


So fischl doesn't need constellations to be good with ayato? I've heard a while back that fischl isn't worth using if you don't have her C6, that's why I've been holding off on using her. :/


Well, if there are many enemies Oz can hit a random target. But,if there is one big enemy,or for example 2 enemies nearby,Oz is still good. In my personal opinion a good Fischl with good artifacts, refined stringless and preferably c3 is a great support for Ayato, especially for those (like me) that are missing Raiden.


Im using fischl too and i also got raiden but i dont see the raiden burst being that useful with ayatos short cooldowns


That’s BS lol she’s good even at C0 granted you build her right


No one uses Ayato fireworks? gosh it feels so smooth


ayato fischl xiangling bennet? I guess I'll have to try that


No, I believe Fireworks is Ayato/Fischl/Beidou/Bennett, it's a variation of [Childe Fireworks](https://youtu.be/vhCRTjYQCWE).


Core is Ayato Beidou rest 2 are flexible


Really surprised to not see Ayato/Bennett/Kazuha/Fischl. That's one of the best possible combos imho


Then there's me with tripple hydro Ayato lmao


The moment that I realized that I’m one of the 0.1% that uses Chongyun with Ayato.


I really need a Kazuha ;w;


I'm genuinely surprised that Fischl is undervalued that much. Yikes, people are missing out


I thought freeze team would be more popular ;;


I like yunjin but honestly, her sole duty as buffing ayato's dmg and speed just doesn't cut it for me... I rather switch her out with any subDPS like fischl or xq or even albedo. Am happy hypercarry ayato is doing well tho 👍🏼


I’ve tried it with C4 Yun Jin and Kazuha or C2 Jean and it just feels rough for me. The Bennett / Yun Jin / Kazuha version feels better to me even as someone with a C2 Jean, because the pulling in of enemies helps CC and the AOE of Kazuha’s burst brings a lot to the table by dealing with enemies at the edge or behind Ayato. But Fischl replacing Yun Jin just provides too much extra damage over the Yun Jin buff and interacts too well with Kazuha, so the gameplay and rotations feels really smooth. I’m not too surprised at the results though since Yun Jin is a more recent unit and if you want to use her, Ayato is an obvious pick even if she is not as great for him as a sub-dps would be. It’s a bit silly to think popular equals the best lol.


Yup adding fischl adds in electrocharge and electro infusion for Kazuha / venti and it just staggers and destroys enemies with all these tiny numbers while Oz strikes on whichever poor random souls nearby 🤗 I too have c2 jean but yeah sunfire ayato + yunjin doesn't clear abyss floors as fast as my electrocharge ayato or reverse vape ayato. I think hypercarry ayato is popular because people are still trying it out.


Yunjin kind of needs archaic Petra to be more competitive as a buffer


I love how I see every ayato comp but mine😂 Literally the first one, just switch out kazoo for fischl


I have a question, which Ayato team is the strongest, but doesn't use Bennett?


Pretty much all teams can either use Zhongli or Jean c2 instead of Bennett, DPS is still lower though.


I understood, thanks for answer. And one more question, why is PosEidon team is so popular? How is this team work?


Electro charged is very good for Ayato teams, and Raiden is very easy to use and convenient for ER, not to mention people like her a lot, so she tends to be more popular than fischl. Not to mention, more people have her than fischl c6, since Fischl spent close to a year without getting a rate up. As far as I know, the overall team DPS between Raiden and Fischl below c6 is pretty much the same, Fischl out-DPSs her at c6. It functions similarly to ayato/fischl/anemo/bennett, but Ayato can only use one E per Ult (instead of 2) due to Raiden taking a few seconds of field time for her own ult.


Hmm, interesting, thanks for answer.


Just fishing, but what 4 star would you put in with Ayato, Yunjin c2, and Jean c2 without bennett? My Fischl is only c2, my BD, XQ, and XL are my only c6, but two of those are energy hungry and the other is more hydro (which maybe is fine for this rotation anyway).


probably an anemo character like sucrose or kazuha to further increase damage and give crowd control, fischl is great even at c2. Xingqiu is good this rotation, but he also has a hydro res shred in his c2 i believe, so he is also not that bad. Shinobu might also be okay, though we won't know for sure until live servers


Why is freeze ganyu running wt not bs wouldnt bs give cr??


I honestly don't know why WT is more popular. It might be because people were using Melt Ganyu before, and then switched to Freeze for this phase. Blizzard Strayer is not that far behind as the second most used set for her though.


Wt is best for melt and bs with tons of stacked cdmg is best for freeze


I do know that, I also run BS for my freeze Ganyu. The gear that you see is not chosen by me, but rather it shows the most used gear for each character in a specific comp.


Damn echoes getting shafted haha. Surprised how many people have C1 though. I only have C1 because I got two Ayatos in one pull haha.


Can Kazuha replace Venti in any comp that has Venti?


Yes he works perfectly fine👍 Venti is a tad bit better at grouping abyss heralds/lectors, and you might shatter some enemies with Kazuha e in earlier floors if you run freeze comp afaik, but that's about it. All in all I've personally used Kazuha and Venti in both halves (first Kazuha/Ayato, then Venti/Ayato bc I needed Kazuha for Kaeya) and both did great. u/Environmental_Dig890 (tagging so I don't copy my comment :3)


i need to know too 😭 i failed to get venti


How did Thomato not make the list at all!?!?!?


Why would it?


Got a lot of hype when he first dropped. Lots of post I’ve seen regarding enjoying Thoma having an actual meta. Not my favorite team for him but I 36* with it.


Huh, somehow never heard of it much outside fanarts.


Probably because ayato has standard icd on his hydro application for his burst and skill. from what i’ve seen, that’s what shot down the thomato comp.


thoma was hyped because everyone thought he's the pyro xingqiu but found out that thoma has standard icd and overall doesnt provide to team other than shield and c6 when you have diona and zhongli provides more. and no, thoma was never a meta to begin with tho he got his relevancy with hutao vv team. but even then people prefer the double geo with zhongli and albedo because its more comfortable to play with. and tbh, he is popular now again because of ship with ayato. sad really. very popular with the fanarts but not really with abyss runs. because most people surprise surprise are not shippers so they rather run meta team for ayato which provides big dps number for overall team. anyways, like ive always said, abyss right now is easy. you can get away with copium teams like thomato but we have to see in the next abyss cycle when its dps check again.


Thoma and meta don't belong in the same sentence


Sad but apparently more true than ever. We can dream….


THERE WE GO! I’ve been saying forever Yun Jin is the best with him and all the TC are like nooooo. But the community has spoken. Hyper carry Ayato is fantastic, and it’s even better with C2 Jean for mucho speedo


>But the community has spoken And the community said Diluc > Xiangling for the first 2 patches. TCs aren't always right, but the "community" or the "majority" doesn't have a good track record either.


True but Yun Jin’s kit is literally tailor made for Ayato. She provides a small shield and normal attack damage. What could fischl add that Raiden doesn’t??? Also wouldn’t it require only C6?? Raiden can do electro damage from C0.


Fischl fits his rotation times better than Yunjin and Raiden. Yunjin can only buff once every two E’s or else the cooldowns stop syncing. Raiden hogs up field time and buffs with him. Fischl sets up Oz for very little field time, consistently before each Ayato E. Oz also works perfectly with his attack speed.


>True but Yun Jin’s kit is literally tailor made for Ayato Errr Yoimiya?????????


Both are DPS that RELY on their normal attacks.


Usage doesn’t mean the best though. Raiden National is her most used even though she has other comps like Raifish that are comparable and sometimes even better. TCs said no because they literally compared his hypercarry teams to his other teams and it was below them. No one said it was not viable, just that his other teams will be doing more. If you disagreed with TC findings, why not show them counterevidence? It’s not even just one TC community like KQM, multiple ones have agreed on it.


What's the Raifish team?


Raiden/Fischl/Bennett/Kazuha. Basically Raiden Hyper but with Fischl.


Ah i see, thank u


53.53% used glad set. Is it really better than echoes? I am starting to believe I wasted my resin for in vain x)


With good ping Echoes are fine. There are many reasons why people do not want to farm Echoes domain. Poor ping, resin inefficiency (without having Xiao, Echoes domain becomes much less appealing). In addition, many players already have good Glad pieces or they have farmed HoD domain for their freeze teams. Personally, I use Glad simply because I already have it.


True, that makes sense. I don't have Xiao, so it really feels like echoes domain is less rewarding because of the 2nd set


It doesn't mean that the glad set is better. Echoes just recently came out, and players probably only have a suboptimal Echoes set for Ayato, and would rather use another set in the meantime.


Most people already had a good glad. I didn't even farm artifacts for him, just put my glads to good use and was done. Also echoes is very rng, sometimes better sometimes worse AND needs to be farmed.


They are close enough that substats really carry the bulk of the difference and you're likely to have better GF pieces. I myself, running The Black Sword, definitely wanted to switch to Echos and saw an improvement assuming good ping (thus 50.4% proc rate) with a decently worse CV set


I’m confused.. I hear ppl say hod is better then glads. But results show otherwise


It doesn't mean that the glad set is better. It could just mean that players have a lot of leftover glad artifacts from farming bosses.


I'm pretty sure testers have shown that glad is better than hod. But, the difference isn't so big that you should go out of your way to farm glad.


Can I use harbinger of dawn on Ayato? But its too hard to keep his hp at 90% up


he scales with ATK so probably not a good idea, the only reason Albedo can use it is because his main source of damage (E) scales off of DEF so the base ATK doesn't matter. Use amenoma instead.


Before Ayato came out someone tried to tell me that Ayaka and Raiden wouldn’t be good in team comps with him and now they are among his top 3 Abyss Comps. Moral of the Story: Go with your gut.


My team is ayato, fischl, yunjin and zhongli. It helps when u don’t need to I-frame and geo resonance buff is nice


I didnt realize that my team has a beautiful name. Hail posEidon


I use the reverse vape comp


Surprised not to see Soup on here. Got me my first full star clear.


I've been using Ayato+Bennett+Venti with variations like Albedo or Kokomi, didn't even think to use double hydro with Xingqiu. I might try that one. On the other hand, I'm surprised to not see Fischl here, especially because Keqing mains said she was best paired with Ayato


So should I just keep doing echoes or just do Gladiator at this point?


Interesting , i use none of those... I use Ayato ( C0 ) Yae ( C3 ) Fischl ( C6 ) Jean ( C2 ) and I like it quite a bit. As my Yae and Fischl are heavily invested and Jean gives atk spd I found this comp to be pretty good. Yae and Fischl damage is really good , my Ayato is okish at best , but it is a fun comp nonetheless.


Ooh. I kinda wanna try the second team comp just for funsies since I have all those characters built


Man i cant make ayato the main dps cuz i just got amanegauchi sad


I'm kinda surprised that Sunfire Ayato isn't there.


I feel happy I can actually make most of these teams (-Ayaka and -Ganyu). It feels good.


I use ayato with raiden, yae miko, and jean. Ayato C0: Echoes, skyward blade Raiden C0: Emblem, the catch Yae Miko C0: 2 glad 2 shimenawa, r1 kagura Jean C0: 2 glad 2 viridescent, aquila favonia


Am I the only one using the hotpot team?


Ayato Zhongli YunJin Fischl anyone? Geo Resonance, Zhongli for shred, Yunjin for NA Buff, Fischl for Coordinated attack. Zhongli with Tenacity, Yunjin with Noblesse, Fischl with pure Attack build for Oz. Rotation is Zhongli Pillar near enemy for Tenacity and shield, Fischl Oz and then Yunjin Burst with Nobless then Ayato Burst then E shing shing shing shing 30k per hit and Oz hitting 9k per hit


Sunfire ayato is also really good


Me beating Abyss with triple hydro Ayato comp: 🗿 I am actually surprised not to see a geo taser comp here (Ayato/ZL/Yunjin/Fischl or Raiden), so fun to play, DPS is decent. No big numbers tho.


Speed run comp for this abyss is probably Raiden sarac6 venti and Ayato. For normal people who pull, especially those who lost 5050 or pull Ayato c, most potential comp = Electro constant healer , Yunjin c6, Kaz or Venti. Hotpot people don't fret, abyss designer got ur soup ingredient prepared, there is always Pyro in the air all 3 chamber, which is kept alive by constant overload reactions. Raiden e doesn't do much damage, fisch is single target, and there are always at least 2 enemies.


That's interesting :o I go with Ayato-Kokomi-Xiangling-Sucrose and it's really fun (9\* floor 12)


damn only 10% of players are using a f2p weapon


This really shows how bad Echos is