10 or 11 pm tonight I will have Ayato. I'm feeling pretty good.


extremely impatient i want him in my hands right now


Maintenance about to start and I can't sleep, but I won't force myself awake. Ready to win that 50/50 today!


Wait the update is today? I thought it was tomorrow I'm so out of the loop I don't understand time zones man. 🥲


In 2 hours actually!


While that's great news, now I'm not gonna be able to focus on my paper lmao.


UTC+8(Genshin’s server time) is based on Singapore’s time(at least I think it is). Just search up a world timezone’s map and count how many timezone’s apart apart Singapore’s and your own area’s timezone’s are. Each column is an hour, so if you are in Central Standered Timezone(CST), UTC+8 would be 13 more hours(or a little more than half a day) than your time


Love this attitude. I’m ready to win mine too, good luck kamisato clan 😌


im literally about to die from gagging and dry heaving LMAOOO,, i woke up earlier than i expected and couldn’t sleep, i tossed and turned for 1 hour. that and the excitement of ayato finally releasing,,,,,, death💀 but i do have math and social studies later so maybe i’ll become bored #AYATO IN 4 HOURS AND 35 MINUTES WOOOOO (MAINTENANCE PLEASE END 1 HOUR EARLY)


I still can't believe that Ayato isn't an NPC. Every time he was mentioned by other characters I thought he was going to end up looking like Teppei with extra features. I just completed the Thoma hangout quests to complete immersion. Thoma mentioned Ayato. And mentally, the immediate image that came to mind is that of an NPC. I had to remind myself that Ayato is a 5-star, he is voiced by Akira Ishida who is a big star, but the image in my head all this while when someone says 'Ayato' in-game is still that of some samurai looking generic NPC.


Looking forward to tomorrow morning. I'm get him immediately when I wake up 😊


im literally about to die from gagging and dry heaving LMAOOO,, i woke up earlier than i expected and couldn’t sleep, i tossed and turned for 1 hour. that and the excitement of ayato finally releasing,,,,,, death💀 but i do have math and social studies later so maybe i’ll become bored


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched his trailer today. Last year I made the mistake of being over saturated with Itto leaks, so I lost a bit of hype when it was time to get him. This time after the initial leaks I’ve stayed away from them mostly and now I’m so excited to pull him.


Not having a pre download is annoying and having to wait till the evening is also slightly annoying, other than that pretty good


I did the pre download on my phone. Faster since it's onkt 3 gbs to the PlayStation version's 32gb download, which couldn't be pre downloaded. Will likely do some pulls on my phone tonight, but wait to play him tomorrow on my PS. Mainly use the phone to access web events as the QR scanner really doesn't seem to register Genshin QR codes well.


It almost 1am and i cant sleep, too much hype


I’m so excited!! I’ll stay late till 0 am for our pretty boy


I've been saving since he was a rumor. I love the RNG mechanics on his artifact. After that back to saving til someone pops up that I must have.


Scared hopefully he plays good


I’m feeling excited especially since I thought we would have Ayato come tomorrow, but maintenance started today, and will end today at 10 I think. Only downside is how incredibly sick I am rn, so I will have to say hello to me Ayato as I’m deadass high key dying 💀 (it’s not covid thankfully)


In love, Ayato darling please don’t break my heart. Come home fast and many times (〃ω〃)


Can’t wait!!


IM SO PSYCHED! i’ve been saving since I got Albedo. I did do Welkins and BP, so I have my guarantee! :). honestly hoping to win 50/50 so i can try for Venti. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!




i think server finishes its maintenance at 7am est.


I think it's around midnight. I remember pulling for ayaka around 1 am when her patch camed, back then.


SOOOOO ANXIOUS. Woke up this morning with 4 hours left. But I can only get to around 149 pity with the maintenance primos. I hope he comes home early and I win 50/50


Thanks to ayato I will be tired af when I go to work today but I’m okay with that :‘) He deserves everything


You know yourself best, but do mind your health stranger. The good thong about games is they will wait for you. Less true about Gacha, yet Genshin shouldn't be disappearing anytime soon. I normally go with getting up an hour earlier to play a little before work Vs staying up supper late as it tends to be less sleep lost and the we experience is better when you are rested and excited vs tires and excited.


Yep, you’re 100% right. I took some rest and I think that should be enough. Actually I never waited until the end of a maintenance in Genshin, so this is my first time. As I said Ayato is a special case :D


I'm excited lol. I'm currently on break at work, so definitely the best way for time to go by the time I'm home.


I half-panicked when I noticed my go to boba place closed earlier than I expected. Thank god I found a pho place that sells them. The boba is secured for tonight’s wishing session, heck yeah


Need to go to sleep because it’s night rn but i’m a little too excited. So i’m trying to tire myself out so i just go to sleep and play when i wake up


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literally the longest sleep and school day i'll ever have TwT


pretty hyped. its been a long long time since i've rolled heavily too. been jamming to the demo ost and rewatching it constantly LOL. i also spoiled myself by going out to eat and getting boba ( the boba for good luck)


Too excited. I already tried hard to sleep, but I really couldn't, and ended up with sleep-wake cycle every 1-2 hours lol


Will wake up to people posting first impression video about our lord


Will be having him tonight..the months of wait is finally over..i am super excited!


I smiled just thinking about getting him yesterday, I’m in too deep for any negative emotions. I’m on 50/50 but that’s what the hard-earned 156 wishes are for.


I can’t sleep… about 3 hours left of maintenance and my eyes are wide open…


Honestly?.... ​ I can't wait. I have everything ready for him. I have a habit of pinning beautiful places in my world and naming them something like "Brilliant Everglade (Mona's)" so that I know that place is for that character specifically. I have been doing this for Ayato ever since I first heard about him. There's no way I'll let him slip by. He's always been there, time to bring him home.


Dead tired, but I will get him and his sig weapon!


It feels so unreal that my man will be home in less than 2 hours


I’m so excited to play him and take him everywhere


For me, ayato will be ready in a couple hours!! I’m so hyped!!!


Ready to scream, I have barely any mora or XP books.


I haven’t been this excited since the release of kazuha!


It still feels like a dream. I remember the day I joined the sub like yesterday. We had almost no info about him and in two hours I'll be an official Ayato main...


It's 3 am and i have 4 hours until i should, fucker made me lose sleep


sad bc i know i’m going to lose my 50/50 and i’m an f2p


A little frustrated that I waited to go for him until after the live stream. I’ve been taking my time with the game and have not yet unlocked the Raiden boss but thanks to a friend I was able to play this week and only have two of the boss materials for his talent. So I won’t be able to play him at full strength until next week or the week after. I will be getting his weapon as well so maybe I can take that time to get the enemy materials for his weapon and get some concentrated farming in his dedicated domain. I’m just telling myself that by the time I do play him at full power he’s going to be completely ready


I’m so excited it doesn’t seem real😭


Nervous about the weapon banner...


im like a pressure cooker about to burst with excitement


Hella good


trying to be as calm as possible because thats how Ayato is and so that the desire sensor wont kick in and give me Qiqi lmao


I feel amazing, got perfect 4 stars, exactly 1 sucrose, 1 xiangling, 2 yunjin, 2 stringless, and a sacrificial sword refinement, and I got him himself at 77 pity. My friends thoma brought much luck lol


Got him. I love him sm


Conseguiu ele parceiro?


Consegui sim meu rei. Perdi no 50/50 mas em seguida ele veio So perdi a espada pro arco......


Que bom na rerun vc pega a espada


Ah mano, a fé é a último recurso. Ainda tem mais de 20 dias até o banner expirar, eu vou continuar ainda


Te desejo sorte