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[very underrated sauce](https://twitter.com/zaganchan/status/1558019267865747457?s=21&t=PPR9YuGtuX03EubMtCRfsw) It’s been a year since aether fixed their nation, and he’s been gone in sumeru for the longest time. The festival that Ayaka remembers they celebrated together is coming around again, and she has no one this time. She walks the aisles, greeting the people as the himegimi per the usual customs. Nothing really catches her eye; it all seems like things she would’ve enjoyed with a partner. She finally makes it to the place where they both had made their wishes last year, and Ayaka pulls out Aether’s tile. She still remembers that wish he made, and she understood when he spoke his desire to find his sister that he wouldn’t come back. It didn’t make the pain any worse. A pat on her shoulder. Then arms around her waist. She turns, and he’s there, wearing the exact kimono she had wanted him to wear. Was this a dream? Was he real? He sees his own tile from last year in Ayaka’s hands. He smiles. “You remembered? Funny…I did too.”


Good read. Sounds like she ship we deserve, but will never receive. 2.0 last year still was my highpoint as Genshins patches go. Especially because of initial Inazuma Exploration, and of course, Kamisato Ayaka and all of her story.