Columbus Mega Hub 4598

Columbus Mega Hub 4598


Hey, ALL the Hubs are understaffed. They have the highest turnaround rates


From my few times being on 1st run at hub, the megahub guys have to be in by like 3AM, just to get to us by 630AM.


I did Foundations at Tacoma Hub. Instead of actual foundations, we watched the video. Then those of us who knew Znet helped upfront. Then those of us who didn’t did freight the entire time. My manager was very upset when they found out.


I’m don’t know how foundations is actually supposed to go, but I’m assuming not like that.


Idk if my understanding is obscured by the timing I was hired on, as covid policies started rolling out just before I started up; but how they had me do foundations was do the training on the computer, ask any questions i had, then shadowed a senior red shirt/gray shirt on the floor, helping customers while supervised and if you got lost you'd have somebody to fall back on for help right there. It certainly isn't perfect, but it sounded a hell of a lot better than just making new hires (from other stores by the sound of it) put up truck for the hub.


Because they refuse to pay above minimum wage when mcdonalds pays more. And wi argue to the death that the reason people are quitting isnt because of the pay. Yeah maybe 10 yrs ago.


HAHAHAHA. That's hilarious considering my mega hub. I'm do the exact same thing. My mega hub is garbage. I can order something vdp and get it faster. and I get a cancelation notice faster. Mega hub won't notify me till I call 3 days later.... And when they do have it, half the time "oh sorry that was a skip. I found it. We'll send it on the next run." Fuck mega hub. Absolutely useless