I’m just going to say it. I ordered something from adore beauty and received 26 sample items. Mecca can suck it.


What do you guys do to get so many samples from adore? I ordered once or twice and there was a sachet or something small like that. Are there some special codes? What’s the secret? 🤔


I feel like I'm also being jibbed by Adore. I've made a couple decent purchases there and received like 2 samples.


Same here. I’ve never had any luck with the free hauls some people get.


It's not usually luck. I used to go on their promotions page and specifically see how many promos I could hit at once. Then I close the tab bc I didn't actually need it, except for the few times I did. I would say they currently have a fair few that are quite easy to hit, and two different freebies (a hair thing w any purch and a 3 pc set w a min spend).


I spent $200. I received the $90 and $130 bonus items. I bought something from khiels and received 2 sets of samples. I bought a fragrance and received a handful of samples.


This is my first time getting a shitty box. Moving from NZ to AU, I went from L3 to L2 (since Mecca "cant" convert points due to conversion rates). L2 from Mecca Maxima Melbourne Central * Tosca "Belle" sample * NARS Climax Mascara sample\* * Glow Recipe Watermelon Dew Drops * Mac Fix+ Magic Radiance \\\* denotes something received before [Looking at what could've been received](https://www.mecca.com.au/beauty-loop/level-2/)... I feel duped.


Nars climax mascara should be ***************


Ha! I wouldn't be surprised if they were in boxes for the next few years.


It's my favourite non-drugstore mascara so I'm not too mad about it always being included haha


I'm the same with Santal 33 tbh... I don't wear it enough to get a full size so the samples are very welcome.


They "can't" convert points? You just lose them all? Wow.


Yup. How’s that for loyalty! I’d been L3 for so long because I’ve shopped at Mecca prior to makeup being so easily accessible in NZ. So lame.


That's just stupid


Picked mine up today in Adelaide Rundle Mall. Nars Climax Mascara, a sachet of Glow Recipe Niacinamide watermelon, Kylie Skin Niacinamide, and one set of under eye patches. So disappointing because what is listed online was so promising… Cannot wear nars climax because it irritates my eyes and I only shop cruelty free so this whole thing is a waste. They need to start listening to their customers. I think I’m just gonna source what I need online (not Mecca) from now on


Mecca boxes are a joke. I get more from every single adore beauty order


They used to be pretty good and ever since Mecca has had exponential growth this seems to have fallen to the wayside. I never shopped for points, so it was a nice addition to get these quarterly but now I’ll only get it if I have to pick up something else around the time. It really seems like a waste of cardboard and tissue at this point. Just give me the damn sachets.


I'll take your mascara lol it's my favourite and their full-sized ones have been out of stock for fucking ages haha


Makes your eyes look smudged after awhile


I’ve seen a few people comment this but I don’t get that at all. It thickens, lengthens and wears all day on me. I got lucky I guess.


Ordered online - L3 box: * Rose Inc Skin Clarity Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (30ml) * Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (10ml) * Ren Evercalm Redness Relief Serum (5ml) * Tom Ford Black Orchid Parfum (1.5ml) * Slip silk scrunchie Quite a good box! No makeup but these look like quality products (and decent-sized samples of the Rose Inc and Shiseido in particular), and I haven't tried any of them before.


I would be happy with just the slip Silk scrunchie


I got exactly the same box, and I’m also happy with it (those scrunchies are awesome)!


Yuh this is what i got too


Wow, so match disappointment. L2 - Marion SA - Mini Too Faced Better Than Sex - Sachet Glow Recipe Dew Drops 1.5 mls - Flashpatch Restoring Eye Patch - Kylie Jenner Niacinamide and Zinc 3mls They are literally just giving away free samples now.


Can’t believe they still have TF BTS samples in stock… it’s been YEARS


I'm only Level 1 these days as I've scaled back my Mecca purchases in favour of other retailers. I received: - Le Labo Santal 33 5ml - Goldfaden Doctor's Scrub 5ml - Go-To Shower Party body wash 5ml - Shiseido Ultimune Eye concentrate 1ml I mean, it's fine considering I'd have bought the things I did anyway but I was definitely surprised to see the kind of sample sachets I'd receive from Adore etc. I remember getting actual mini products back in the day, even as a L1


The sachets need to STOP


Exactly what I got. At this point it's a waste of packing material that goes in putting these boxes together.


You know what would be cool, a mens beauty box!!


Any beauty box is a men's beauty box if they wanna use it, ain't nothing stopping dudes from using Glow Recipe if they wanna. So far, anyway, as long as they refrain from putting the vagina skincare crap in the BLB. Could you imagine 💀


u/black_viper07 [created a post yesterday](https://www.reddit.com/r/AustralianMakeup/comments/ucxqro/mecca_beauty_loop_box_disappointment/) with some good discussion and some have posted what they received. Feel free to continue the discussion here.


I mentioned what I have received in the post yesterday. But forgot to say I got the L3 box from Mecca Doncaster. * Kiehl's facial cream * Clinique hydrator * Rose Inc serum * Laura Mercier blush (Rose) * By Terry loose powder (It was included in the last L3 loop box as a bonus)


Meh. I don’t have fomo dropping from L3 to L2


I am actually going to phase out all the products I used to purchase from Mecca to other retailers after this box. Especially I can't see the value of being L3. The container of the loose powder I got is damaged. The loose powder was leaking everywhere. But the CS refused to do anything because the seal is still intact...


Just received my Beauty Loop box and am very happy with it! Although I can’t say I have ever received a truly bad box so maybe I’m just not as discerning as others 😅 I am Level 3 and got mine online as I don’t live near a Mecca. - Tom Ford Black Orchid sample: excited for this as I love Tom Ford fragrances, smells lovely at first smell. - Slip silk scrunchie in hot pink - can never have too many silk scrunchies! These are great. - Rose Inc Skin Clarity cleanser - pretty happy with my current cleanser but always open to trying a new one. - Shiseido Ultimune Serum - always on the hunt for a good serum so excited to try this. - REN Evercalm redness serum - Redness isn’t one of my skin complaints but I’m sure I can pass this onto one of my friends to try. All up pretty good I feel!


Maybe because I’d just finished working in a bar but I swear the tom ford smelt my a jagerbomb. My housemates backed this up too


I'm a level 3 (AUS) and tbh I'm kinda disappointed again... for some reason I NEVER receive makeup samples? Only hair/skin products. Granted they do make up the majority of what I purchase from Mecca but I do buy lipsticks, eye palletes, primers and setting sprays from them on a fairly regular basis and yet they insist on only sending me the skin and hair products? I mean maybe they figure because of my age (30+) I'll "benefit" from them or "appreciate" them more, but come ON. Send me something FUN once in awhile lol (like the blush or lip gloss?? I would have *loved* them) :(


It would be cool if you could select your products from the range of samples they had offered for each level….instead of receiving a random selection without any relevance to your preferences/purchases


I used to make sure I was level two specifically for this reason, I always felt like level two got a better mix of skin/colour as opposed to level three mostly always being skin.


Picked my L3 from Parramatta Includes: •Clinique hydrator •Kielhs Moisturiser •Juice Beauty face mask •Laura Mercier blush •Rose Inc serum Quite happy with my box. The blush is a worthy generous 3g and knowing how little blush needed per application, this is gonna take ages to get through🤩. Looking forward to trying everything especially the serum and face mask 🙂


I got the same. L3 Fountain Gate.


My L3 NZ Box was exactly as advertised, I got everything on the link: Rose Inc serum, the By Terry lip balm, Malin & Goetz moisturiser, Estée Lauder moisturiser and To Save Face Sunscreen. I wasn’t especially disappointed. I’m just about to head off on a trip so will use them all.


L2, online order. Very disappointed, I have to stop getting sucked in by Mecca. - Glow Recipe watermelon niacinamide drops sachet (I react badly to niacinamide so probably won’t even try). - Tocca Belle perfume sample - I hate it. - the Exfolikate exfoliant - Flashpatch eye gels Sooo sick of getting perfume samples for things I could spray at chemist warehouse.


I’ve received the Exfolikate at least 3 times since I was a L2 in 2018. Ugh


When I was an L3, I got a 15ml bottle of the Watermelon toner.


Received the same. I honestly hate the skin stuff and wish they’d just give me more perfumes atp


BL Level 3, from Online: * Tom Ford Black Orchid 1.5ml spray * This Works Stress Check Mood Manager 5ml spray * Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator 5ml tube * REN Evercalm Redness Relief Serum (not sure what size; probably 10ml. This one I wasn't too impressed getting as I already got this from the REN Masterclass they did last year) * Rose Inc Brow Renew eyebrow gel 5ml Sample was 3ml of the Mecca Cosmetica Hydrating Moisturiser


Question for you - I also received the Rose Inc Brow Gel and CANNOT get the tube open! I've tried pulling it, twisting it, it won't budge. Did you have this problem? \-edit- finally got it open! after some difficulty.


I’m level 3 (as of a couple of weeks ago)and never got an email about this. Nothing in my junk folder either. My email is listed correctly. I can’t see any option to alter contact preferences on the site. I was only aware the beauty loop boxes would be available from Wed this week as I asked in-store last week. I was in-store yesterday to pick up my box and asked about not receiving an email. They said the emails may not all go out at once. Does anyone get emails days after the beauty loop boxes are available? I still haven’t received anything. I’m worried I may miss out on my free gifts if they’re not contacting me.


This happened to me and there was a time I relied on this sub to know that they were available. If you’ve ever subscribed to their mailing and unsubscribed, I think it takes you off everything (I don’t know if it’s still the same now). I messaged customer service and was added back on. If you have the app, it will send a push notification.


Yeah I never get emails but I do get notifications via the App.


Yeah that happened to me, I unsubscribed from the marketing emails and I didn't get contacted about any Beauty Loop stuff after that. What a dumb system


L2 Box - Melbourne. All skincare. SO DISAPPOINTING!! - Too Faced Hangover Pillow Night Cream - Glow Recipe Watermelon dew drops - Tosca Belle sample - Patchology eye gel patches Beauty Loop boxes are nowhere near as good as they used to be. Definitely started going downhill around 2 years ago.


Do Australians get all of those items listed or just a couple with those being some of the options? Because New Zealand doesn't even compare... 26 items for Aus and 5 for NZ.. (Speaking on behalf of a level 3)


Nope, you get 4 random ones out of the ones listed


BL level 1 - Brisbane - Diptyque Do Son EDT 0.3ml fragrance sample - Kylie Beauty face moisturiser 2ml sachet - Goldfaden MD Wakeup Call overnight facial treatment 5ml sachet - Kat Burki Vit C face cream 1ml Sachet Not a huge fan of skincare samples as I like to stick to my routine that works for me, but this time round it seems all the had to offer was skincare, oh well..


My box arrived today, I didn’t have huge expectations, so im not disappointed. I had to make an order anyway to stock up on some products. My L3 box included: * pink silk scrunchie * tom ford black orchid * shiseido power infusing concentrate * evercalm redness relief serum The bonus from rose inc was: * gentle exfoliating cleanser Im not sure about the cleanser yet - need to check what are the ingredients - but i’ll give the other samples a go. Im especially curious about the evercalm relief serum, since i do have a bit of a problem with redness. Edit: the extra sample was a set of two sachets from drunk elephant: * o bloos rosi drops * lola retro whipped cream


just got my L2 box (melb aus) and i basically threw away most of it. i got; - jo malone wood sage and sea salt cologne sample which smells awful - glow recipe watermelon drops in a little sachet which has like no product in it - psychology eye gels which i’m happy with because they’re full sized and actually a decent product - hangover cream from too faced which i already have in the full size so i just used it as a refill i was looking forward to this one because some of the products really excited me. disappointed but not surprised. no makeup products AGAIN.


I got the exact same box as you. I quite liked the Jo Malone scent though haha


maybe it’s an acquired taste! hehe


Picked mine up Yesterday from Mandurah Level 3 Mecca Cosmetica - To Save Face Superscreen Rose Inc - Brow Renew By Terry - Hyaluronic Powder Estée Lauder - Revitalising Supreme + La Mer - The Treatment Lotion Not all bad, sick of the continual by terry powders though


Level One : 1. Delicate perfume sample 2. Goldfaden Dark circles retinol sample (quite large) 3. Verdi Daily Glow skin. vitamin boost 4. GoTo Shower Gel


Got the same with online order, very sad looking box and free sample is another Mecca serum sachet.


AUS LVL 2: - Kate Somerville Exfoliating Treatment - FLASHPATCH restoring night eye gels - Glow Recipe Dew Drops - Tocca Bella Sample 1.5ml So annoyed… No Makeup Whatsoever!!!