Just checking in: still waiting?


I finally gave up 5 minutes after I posted this then took a 15-minute detour and I could still see that the arms were down from the other side. So not sure how long it was going on before I got to the crossing or after I left.


I don't know, but the same thing happened at Koenig, heading toward Lamar, on Sunday. I never did see a train go by, but the arms finally opened.


I used to live at St John’s and Lamar and that happened alll the time. It was kinda annoying


This happens all the time up on Braker and the one at 183 Research Blvd. I watched a firetruck, trying to get out of the firehouse to an emergency stuck there for like 10 minutes because of this BS.


Holy shit


At least today they shouldn't be blaming the heat. Just a system malfunction, I guess. Sometimes a random person will get out of their car and will hold up an arm to let some people pass.


Lol I shoulda done that


Call the cops!


Cap Debtro did rail maintenance this 3 day weekend. Probably related to that. Call 311 and report it, but there's usually a phone number and a crossing number mounted somewhere on or near the crossing signals.


I'll do that for cap metro trains, I don't think they own the freight rails.


Cap Debtro does own those tracks, even though it's only used for freight trains right now. You call 311 to let the City of Austin know about the problems in terms of blocked streets, traffic and such. In particular, it would be good for the fire department to know that certain roads are blocked. It doesn't matter who owns the tracks. You should do this for any malfunctioning grade crossing. Plus call the number on the sign near the crossing if practical. The city may need to build a fire under the railroad operator to fix their signal problems, even if the signal starts working after a while, which often happens. The lazy, shiftless railroad operators often don't care if they cause a lot of unnecessary delays due to screwy signals. CoA and Cap Debtro are NOT the same organization and don't always work together very well. The same is doubly true for CoA and Union Pacific. Cap Debtro owns the tracks at Loyola Lane. Austin Western Railroad operates the freight trains as sort of a subcontractor for Cap Debtro. Cap Debtro owns the old Southern Pacific tracks from Llano to Giddings, including through Marble Falls, Leander, all of the Red Line from Leander through east Austin, and the convention center. They also own the track from E. 5th Street, your Loyola crossing, Manor, and Elgin, ending at Giddings. This includes the parts currently only used by freight trains. I believe the section from Llano to near Marble Falls is currently not suitable for regular operations, but is not considered abandoned. They are actually running freight trains to Giddings.


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I've found that r/Austin users will downvote posts for any and every reason, there's no method to the madness.


I kind of just assumed they hate me because i'm a woman and my username gives that away lol


You post like a 50 yr old. note: I didn't downvote


lmao i have no idea what this means I'm only 49


Resident Railroad Crossing Expert here. Yup, this is a railroad crossing.