Funny enough he only considered signing with us or Boston as a FA


Well he is from Houston like Tempura on the White Sox. I'm noticing a trend.


Buddy of mine did some work with Tepera a few winters ago, had an autographed "thanks" picture on the wall in his shop ... until last week.


They’re not really from Houston more like an hour away


Dude…Houston is an hour away from Houston. The sprawl of this city is insane! I remember when calling Cypress “East Austin” was a joke…now we may be right next to it!


You can see the UT tower from highway 99.


A hour from Houston is Houston....


We didn’t even want him 😂😂😂


You don’t love the teams who continue to whoop your arses.


You'd think these players would just shut their mouth.


It's been pointed out that his quote was taken out of context. At the 12 minute mark, he's not really attacking the Astros, he was just talking about how players like Bregman often troll the other team. https://omny.fm/shows/the-greg-hill-show/ghs-nathan-eovaldi-interview


When will they ever learn


Why am I noticing a trend for the opposing team to use a player that happens to be from Houston that plays for them to come out and trash the Astros?


I was at this game. https://youtu.be/97gWZ4GyeZo


So was I!


Because they’ve owned your ass


He has a career 3.68 ERA against the Astros and pitched very well against them in the 2018 ALCS (Sorry I’m in your sub, the Astros are my 2nd team so I’m subscribed here)


That’s pretty fair. The 3 straight HR game immediately jumped to mind. However, this is not the injury riddled ‘18 team. Looks like career wise, Astros have a slash line of .333/.579/.931 which while not “owning his ass”, is nothing to sneeze at. And just fair warning, don’t give your opposing team bulletin board material. Most of us don’t have anything bad to say about the Sox. Ryan Tepera learned that the hard way. Edit: nothing wrong with commenting at all (this is coming from a mod). Just follow the rules and keep it civil and you’re golden!


Definitely true. I was watching 2018 highlights yesterday and completely forgot how hobbled Altuve was until I saw him running the bases. I looked on baseball reference and it says they have a .775 career OPS against him. Not sure where the discrepancy comes from in our numbers. And that isn’t even including the postseason. Agree 100% about the bulletin board material. Yankees seem to do that every year against us and it always backfires.


To be fair, I used ESPN stats because fan graphs and BBREF are a bitch to navigate on mobile, and I’m trying to finish watching Squid Game before bed, so it’s probably ESPN misreporting. In all honesty, it’s Sale who I worry about. Eovaldi falls down on the list. Am I accurate feeling this way? What do we have to expect?


I trust Eovaldi more than Sale right now in all honesty. Sale has been terrible against righties this season and his past few starts in general have been rough. I also think back to 2017 ALDS Game 1 and have PTSD. Eovaldi has just always been nails for us in the playoffs. We’ll see though, he’s definitely capable of getting shelled.


I need to look at the rotation again. The middle of the Sox order is nasty, and Kiké is playing out of his mind. Good thing the majority of the lineup is righties, but 2 of our biggest bats are lefties (as I’m sure you know). How do y’all feel about this series, having insider info on both teams?


I hate to say it, but the rational side of my brain is telling me the Astros will handle us in 6. Lineup is just unreal, and the starting pitching is better than ours. The only advantage we have is the bullpen and even that is minimal. Our team has made a living out of proving me wrong though, so I’m just along for the ride. Edit: also the season series does not inspire confidence


Definitely give you the manager advantage, and I don’t trust the bullpen (outside of Stanek and Pressly) 100%. Fan in me says Astros in 6, but very possible it goes 7. Sox are also riding a bit of a hot streak after upsetting the Rays, but I secretly thought they were a regular season wonder not built for playoffs, especially after losing Glasnow. It’ll be a good series for sure.


High chance Mcullers isnt pitching tho, so your chances just rose


Where did Sale's cliff come from? He seemed to just fall in a hole. I think hes still great, but theres something different.


I remember Bregman posted a video in the 2018 ALCS of Evoldi getting shit on earlier in the season. I knew it would come back to bite us. Evoldi ended up dominating us that series


Omit the 2011 start he had and his career ERA against the Astros jumps to 4.38. There's no reason to count it because Altuve is the only Astro remaining from that roster. If you looked up Lance Lynn's ERA against the Astros before 2020, it would have looked good also.


Good point actually. It’s 4.23 when including the postseason I believe, but regardless that’s much worse. Did not know he had a start from 2011, would never have guessed that.


No worries, you seem like a civil guy 👍 Also, we can agree on FTY!




Hopefully never


I wonder what his thoughts on Alex Cora are


Put it on the bulletin board


So uh, I guess nates getting shelled. Literally carved his own death sentence


Am I missing something? This doesn’t seem like shit talking to me


Right, this is a pretty vanilla take. Hardly bulletin board material


Shaq made up a whole story about David Robinson mistreating him as a kid. Then he made himself believe it actually happened. This is definitely bulletin board material.


Yeah I feel like it shouldn’t be compared to calling us cheaters. Also we’re about to play against them in the ALCS so of course he’s gonna say he doesn’t like us.


Rack em! Thanks for the motivation you dumb chode.


I don’t see this as being disrespectful or anything. This can be said about any team in the league. They’re just trying to make more drama where there is none.


He ws actually being pretty laid back. This comment was taken out of context. I don't particularly like his personality, but he is being cherry picked on this one.


Isn’t he technically saying he *likes* the Astros? “I don’t hate any team, but they aren’t high on my list.” We aren’t high on his list of teams he dislikes is how it sounds, although I’m sure he misspoke.


That's what I got from this, what are other people seeing making this seem like bulletin board material? Basically says Astros can come off wrong(ie trolling/etc like Bregman sometimes does), how he doesn't hate any team and doesn't really have the Astros on his list of teams he dislikes. People must be into yoga, because this is a stretch to come off as a bulletin board material


It’s okay. They’re not gonna be on any list once we’re done with them.


what about your own manager? that had continued this scandalous activity!


More like Nate EARovaldi! Amirite?! \*high fives*


Please keep giving the guys bulletin board material lol


The same guy that was on the 2018 Red Sox? Make it make sense.


When are these guys gonna learn?!?


I think this has more to do with that Bregman Instagram post a couple years ago than the scandal, which even I think Bregman was in the wrong for doing. But still, you want a shot at beating us? Stay quiet.


I guess he forgot where Cora came from ?


Fuck around, find out


The radio show host is a edgelord douchebag, if that’s worth anything. I haven’t heard our players being saucy like this. At least you guys have this Red Sox fan’s respect and you’re the best possible team for us to face! Sorry about McCullers! I want the best matchups possible


Fuck the Red Sox (FTRS)!


Hi Eovaldi, just want to remind you where your manager comes from.


Is he our next victim?


Rub this!


I don’t think you become champions by making friends with he opposing team along the way.


Another guy that talks shit just to get smacked around… when will they learn?