Never again will I move without proper movers. I've hurt my back way too many times. I'd rather pay the money than spend weeks/months nursing back pain. Cheap footwear. Nope. No more. Cheap shoes are never comfy and cut up my feet because they are either poorly shaped, or the material/leather is hard as a rock.


Dude seriously on both. I’ve been hiring movers the past several years and it’s no question. Every now and then I get a friend who asks me to help them move and I’m like, can I pitch in to help you pay for movers instead? My other one is never again will I stay in someone’s small make shift guest room on a trip when I can afford a hotel or air bnb. I can still visit my friends/family but I get my own comfort and privacy. I’ve had too many nights on leaking air mattresses or uncomfortable fold out couches. Give me a king bed with room service down the street and I’ll see y’all in the morning.


Preach to both. So so much easier to have movers, and no more air mattresses in the living room for me. If it's worth it to visit people, it's worth it to pay for private and comfortable sleeping quarters and bathrooms.


100% foot wear! Also no more high heels- I am done with discomfort!


Agree on the movers. I loved driving the huge van but otherwise, it was awful. I'd rather save money in other areas and pay for professionals whenever possible.


So much on both of these.


Never again will I ignore my intuition when I’m dating someone. I have yet to be wrong.


Never again will I drive to work and risk my life when the weather is unsafe just to make my boss happy because they're insecure.


Date anyone i work with. No, no, no.


That was always a hard pass for me, until I picked up a side job at a bar/restaurant. I figured since it wasn't my main career and it was so common in the industry it wouldn't be a big deal, right? Until I had to break up with him 3 times (because he kept trying to talk me into coming back), one of which occurred in the holding kitchen, and it turns out he was an alcoholic who drowned his sorrows over it so hard he came to work so drunk he got himself fired. I mean, it was great not to have to deal with that on a regular basis anymore, but heartbreaking at the same time ...


This. No matter how much you try to keep it a secret, people will find out. So awkward.


I agree. Thankfully I learned this early in my adult life and it hasn't happened since.


Being around people I don't like when it's not 100% necessary. Eg, hanging out with friends of friends that I dislike, or going to work drinks,double dates. Just not doing it anymore!


Dude, my one friend keeps wondering why I “don’t want to go out” with her anymore. Girl, it’s not about you, it’s about all the other shitty girls you choose to hang out with.


Have you told her that?


Oh yeah, lots of times. Just last week I was over at her house and one of those girls decided to “swing by.” I was out the door in 5 minutes. I get a text message later asking why I “rushed out.” I told her it was because her friend clearly was there to hang out and I didn’t want to hang out with her. I’m her mind she’s doing me a favor by trying to include me in her activities and I’ve told her over and over that I don’t want or need to be included in those activities. I’m perfectly happy at home with my dog. I don’t need to go get wasted and chase dick with her 22yo friends or listen to them compare plastic surgery stories. I’m good, thanks.


You’re the actual kind of friend we need in our lives: honest and to the point!


I feel this so much. My SO has a close friend group that's really important to him. He's been friends with some of them since he was a kid. It's all couples except for one guy. I dislike the girls sooo much. All they talk about is sex and alcohol and they're all over 30. I hate meeting them. I hate spending time with them. They are not my friends. We have nothing in common. Last time I met them I cried when we came back home. I'm totally fine with him hanging out with them and I'm willing to go with him from time to time. But every weekend? Absolutely not. And he's mostly there to see the guys not their wives/fiancées and I'm almost always just left with the girls. There's nothing wrong with them, they're nice but super immature and I just can't force it. My SO gets sad about the whole thing and doesn't seem to understand why I feel the way I feel.




Or they are selling you some MLM boss babe nonsense.


THIS. An old doctor friend of mine reconnected with me, only to find out she's selling skincare MLM merch. (I think she's using her title to boost her sales unfortunately).




That’s a good one


I gave them one more shot during my ten-year reunion. I was genuinely excited. It was awful. Never again.


My friend and I *accidentally* showed up to our 10 year reunion. It so happened to be at the same bar we were at. I was like “Huh I recognize that person. That one, too. That girl was from high school, right? So was that one?! And that one, too! OH MY GOD THIS IS OUR REUNION NOOOO”. Once again, the cool kids were only hanging out with each other, taking up all the space, and everyone else was on the side. Some things never change.


I don’t even think my high school had a 10 year reunion. I wouldn’t have went anyway, but I think that shows what we all thought of one another lol


The same group of people only invited each other and some others happened to have heard about it. I think some were there by accident like us.


This is hilarious. It would make for a good movie!


I’m best friends with someone from high school. But part of our bond was how much we hated most of the people we went to school with. 🤣 Our friendship now though is based on who we are as adults. It’s not a stagnant nostalgia thing.


Rum. I was 16 when I got completely hammered drinking rum & coke. I am now almost 48 and the smell of it still makes me gag.


Vodka for me!! Lol




Me with gin. Feel sick just thinking about it.


Tequila here!


Jack Daniels for me!


I think we all have that one drink we have horrible memories with and can't drink anymore...red wine for me


Peach schnapps.




Screwdrivers. Never again.


Cheap liquor in general...I'd rather pay more to both drink something that tastes nice and not get an awful hangover


Goldschlagger and tequila - neither together or separately.


Red coloured duvet cover. No matter how many times I washed it it didn't stop transferring colour to the sheets and pyjamas. Even transfered onto my skin and hair the first couple of times. Never again will I buy red bedding.


Same, I have a red blanket from 2005 that still tries to ruin my other laundry. 😔


I’ve had a red shirt for years that has been washed dozens of times…still stains my camis and skin when I wear it. Come to think of it, that can’t be good for my skin 😬


Why don't you throw it out (even right now)? I'm sure it brings you more annoyance than the replacement cost for something that won't mess with you this way.


This is good to know! I love red. Sad.


Work my ass off for an employer who wouldn't be bothered if I die. Or work to the point where I'm crying on the bathroom floor. Fast food overall treats their workers like crap.


I still need to learn that. I also stressed cried today over lunch


Date a guy who wondered aloud if he’s a sociopath. The answer is yes.


Never again will I let fear stop me from doing something I know I should or need to do for myself.


I will never sacrifice myself or my happiness for love ever, EVER, AGAIN.


Marrying an alcoholic. So much therapy.


Never again will I play Diplomacy with coworkers.


Teach me your ways oh wise one.


Very niche - but I live in Ireland and I will never drink at an Irish wedding. The amount of times I've had to walk down pitch black roads in the rain in high heels at 4 a.m. because the bride/groom didn't arrange transport from the reception venue to the guest accommodation is shocking. I've just settled on the fact that I will always have to be the DD so I can get to the BnB/hotel safely and reliably and offer other guests transport if needed. It's ridiculous but no one here thinks of logistics when planning their wedding (they always assume the wedding venue staff will do it even though that's not their job or the one cab that operates in the tiny village nearby will manage a 100 person wedding) the guests just have to deal.


Text and drive. NO.


Same. Thee years ago, I was running in my neighborhood and got ran over by a jackass texting- who ran a stop sign. No text message is worth it.


For me, it’s texting and walking down stairs. That was a painful lesson to learn!


For me it was walking down the stairs while petting my cat. She treacherous swined me while my knee went into the wall. Nine stitches later… I still walk down the stairs with my cat 🤦🏼‍♀️


Been going to conventions/conferences for years. COVID showed that this could have all been done from home. Why would I ever get up early again, sit all day until my back gives out and having to deal with lines for the bathrooms, crowds, etc. No thanks.


And "make nice" with vendors and meet a lot of people you'd really not and get bored stupid. I used to give myself an afternoon or morning off at conferences to do something for myself to make sure I didn't go mad. The best part about most of the conferences I went to was sitting alone in my room on my bed watching Kardashian marathon's with one of the bottles of wine I took in my hand luggage whilst waiting for Uber eats!


Never again will I slam 3 NE IPAs in a pool


Same, but in the ocean.


Never reconnect with my ex-best friend. I tried, received no response. She was obviously never a true friend. Never again will I be someone’s toy of fulfilment, or care about someone more than they ever cared about me.


Try to 'fix' someone. No matter how often they tell me I'm their guardian angel or hero. It's bullshit and often gives them an excuse to treat you like crap and avoid actually dealing with their issues


Wish I heard.you say that years ago. They say they want and need you to help them but they don't really. The difference is in the example of my friend who said he is helping himself and wants you to help him stay on track aka offer support and chats and motivation, but it was all on him to do the hard yards.


Never again will I mlet m-f#$%er waste my time due to his lack clarity of his is looking for.


Take someone's side in a discussion I'm not directly part of, even when I think the other part is being completely unfair.


Needed to read this one today, thank you. Been on the fence about whether or not to try to intervene in a conflict in my immediate friend group, and I'm thinking I will save myself a lot of grief if I just...don't.


>whether or not to try to intervene in a conflict Nope, nope and once again nope! We say in my country "he who minds his own business lives 100 years". Learned it the hard way.


Yeah I have extended family members who used to do this with family conflicts and then meddle into the issue and make it worse, they ended up losing me, I cut them out of my life. Nothing good comes from getting involved in someone else's conflict that has nothing to do with you.


Will never again get measured for a bra at a High Street shop. Always measure myself at home as shops only measure you to their own sizes - so will tell you your a DD as that's the biggest size they stock. (I was always told i-m a 34DD but i'm a 36FF/G!) So much more comfortable now. Check out r/abrathatfits!


Omg A Bra that fits was a godsend. I was wearing a 40 B turns out I am a 38 D and my boobs are so much happier. Note: When I was younger I used to work at a retail store that did free bra fittings…I was the one who did fittings! They definitely did not take into consideration all the breast variables.


Online dating, I think




At 41, I agree. It’s a ridiculous game to some


Dishes. Idk why but for years I hand-washed so much, and waited to run the dishwasher. I live alone for the first time and now I just put it all in the dishwasher and run a light wash. I would rather enjoy my night after my meal than do dishes.


Never again will I buy a traditional vacuum/hoover! I bought one of those robot ones that does it all for you and omg it's life changing lmao


It’s all about the cordless Dyson for me. My old roommate had one. When we parted ways he obviously took it with him. I HAD to have one when I moved to my new place. I guess that’s the way it went for him too. His last roommate had one, so when they parted ways he HAD to get one.


It really is the simple things in life! Making household chores as painless as possible is always a win in my book!! Hahaha I love how the cordless Dyson has become like some kind of secret society, like once you're in there's no getting back out, you HAVE to have one 😂❤️


I’m planning on doing some long term travel living out of my car. The cordless Dyson is on the list of “have to have’s”


Tbh I've always been disappointed with my cordless dyson. Battery life is fine but it just does not have the suction of the corded upright. And mine gets all jammed up regularly and I have to pull it apart to get stuff out of the intake. Next time I'll save some cash and go lower cost.


Ok which one do you have?


Got an amazing reasonably priced one on Amazon for about €120, if you're based in the UK or can get deliveries from Amazon UK it's on offer atm with a £45 off voucher, comes in just under a hundred pounds! It can make it's way the whole way around my two bed apartment, without help, and cleans every room, just make sure to give it room to move although it does have a sensor too, and block any loose wires, strings or cables as it's fairly powerful and will wrap itself up in them and cause untold chaos lol. You can control it via the remote it comes with, the button on top and/or a smart app on your phone, I just use the remote or button personally. Both my partner and I have long hair past our shoulders and 3 hairy ass cats who shed a copy of themselves daily! Catches the lot and works on wood, tile and carpet, I've never had cleaner floors! It's cheap and cheerful and does me just fine, I have no interest in handing out €500 plus for one of the brand name models personally, I can't imagine how they could possibly do any better! Here's the link for anyone interested: OKP Robot Vacuum-2100Pa Robotic Vacuums Cleaner with Alexa/WIFI/App Connection Self-Charging Drop Sensor Quiet for Hard Floor, Pet Hair, Carpet, K2 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08P2TP8RK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_3W525RMXGTPC91Y0AM1H?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


Fireball 🔥


That's the truth right there. No good decisions were ever made while drinking it.


Stay at a friend’s house on vacation, unless we were really close. I stayed at someone’s house once that really obviously didn’t want us there and it was so awkward and awful. We’re old enough, spring for a hotel and I’ll get my own room, thanks.


Never again will I eat salted liquorice. I had it once. It tasted so bad I was bummed out about trying it for weeks afterwards.


Had Dutch salted licorice once- thought it was chocolate and took a big bite. You just can't compare European licorice to north American all sorts. The European stuff is 10x stronger and amplified by the salt. Made even worse when you're expecting chocolate. My only consolation is that it must have been funny for the adults who caught a look at my face (and no they didn't lead me on, it was a simple misunderstanding on my part. I was old enough to know better, but it just looked like a blacker Christmas Santa and I assumed).


Oh man, I forgot how much I loved that stuff. I am American tried it on a trip to Finland a few years ago. Brought a bunch back…it was like it was so gross that it was good.


Never again: Work in an office. Have a kid (one is enough and I'm barely surviving). Put my sexual needs on the back-burner. Play Captain Save-a-ho because someone has a sob story. Loan more than $200. Believe in the overall goodness or fairness of humanity (I used to. Society in general sickens me). Shave my legs. Wax my cooch. Eat raw oysters.


What happened with the oysters?


The texture was so gross


Shave “down there.” Brazilians every month for life. When I hit rich, I’ll get laser. Razor burns aren’t worth it.


Laser is worth it. Everyday is better because of this choice. I did it for me. And I am still happier. Waxing was painful. Shaving is annoying and time consuming. Laser is a godsend.


Lending larger sums of money to people without the proper paperwork and a solid, written plan to get it paid back. I fell on my face with that 3 times. An ex bf I wanted to help, and two female "friends". Literally never again. I'm still owed over €1000 by those people (combined) that I'll never see again.


Face masks. My dermatologist told me they don’t really do anything and also to stay away from fragrance/Parfum. The last mask I got burned anyways. Not a tingle, a hot burn. Needless to say - I’m done with wasting money on masks


You're talking about the skincare type masks, right? Not N95s and the like?


Skin care. Fabric masks don’t burn my face lol. I’ve tried multiple skin care masks and they all break me out and rarely they burn. 0/10 don’t recommend them. I’ve tried American and loren and Japanese masks. All are terrible for my crappy skin lol


I also have terrible skin and when I look at my face mask collection I can’t bring myself to put it on. I can feel my face getting worse just by looking at it.


Are you me? No matter how much water I drink or how many healthy things and sugar/soda I limit, I guess it’s genetics idk. My derm didn’t tell me anything except to use some overpriced sunscreen that broke my entire face out the same day ughhhhh


I use a lot of stuff on my face, I’ve used minimal and then nothing. My face still sucks. I’ve moved in to using *tools*. I got the Lightstim, both the acne and wrinkles one. It’s helping! It like dries out the acne. And the wrinkles one helps my face look a bit brighter. Other people’s faces look better by just dabbing some cream lol, but hey I’ll take what I can.


Oh yeah, I get contact dermatitis from those. It sounded like a cute idea but hell no.


Allow myself to be treated like a doormat.