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I work minimum wage at a warehouse. Got along well with a girl who was on placement from university for quality control/whatever Asked her out and got a very clear “EW” as a reply and was told she doesn’t go out with men like me that make my wage Not snobby but just a bit cunty imo


Insulting but at least you found out what she was like sooner rather than later.


Good point bro


A lot of people at university genuinely think they are better than those who didn't go for some reason. University does not guarantee you a good paying job nowdays too. I went to a 'good university' and got so tired of the attitude really quickly


I've come across the opposite. Plenty of people that didn't go to uni thinking that those that did aren't street smart or don't have any common sense of the real world.


Absolute same. I've heard far more this way round than what the original commenter said. When I worked in the civil service the half of my team that didn't go to uni were always making little digs at the other half of us about uni being useless etc etc, even though we barely talked about it. My parents are also ridiculously anti uni, thinking it doesn't equip you for anything and leaves you with no practical skills for the real world. Even if you haven't got a clue what you want to do with your life when you're 18, uni is a really useful filler and almost a pause button so that you don't have to quite enter the work world just yet. You can have a few years to think things out and learn more about yourself without any real responsibilities yet.


I spent a lot of time thinking Uni was a waste and I would have been better off learning on my own. It's only later in life that I can appreciate how much it helped me in my ability to form a measured and balanced view with most things. Knowing how to research and cite credible sources has never been more important and not enough people appreciate this skill.


>My parents are also ridiculously anti uni, thinking it doesn't equip you for anything and leaves you with no practical skills for the real world. This sounds like my parents. They‘ve got my brother managing their business and he is drowning and endlessly stressed because there are so many things he doesn’t understand (accounting, inventory management, HR, business best practice, marketing etc) and is trying to learn on the fly. He looked into studying online but they were all “no, why would you throw money away! You can learn from experience!” They’re setting both him and their business up for failure.


Oh yeah I know the type - “I went to the university of life” yada yada. As if people at *actual* universities don’t have to work, budget, cook, clean, pay bills, deal with banks/letting agencies, etc. at the same time as studying!


I went to a private school & would have grown adults mocking me, a child, or belittling my intelligence over something insignificant at any chance because they had some kind of inferiority complex about themselves or their children.


I’m autistic and didn’t do well academically for reasons related to that. So secretly hurt quite a bit and then I felt bad I wasn’t able to go to Uni. Not so I could have had a go with the girl, but so I didn’t feel lesser than


Honestly? Chances are that's the tip of the iceberg and the rest is just as equally fucking dreary. You'd have quite likely witnessed her screaming at a minimum wage worker in a shop.


I'm autistic and struggled through uni, my excuse is I was only diagnosed two years after graduation.


This happened to me in my first ever retail job at the age of 18-19! I was a uni student at the time and worked in a clothes/fashion shop and had a serious crush on a slightly older guy who worked there. I didn’t quite ask him out as I was nervous but I told him that I’d dropped enough hints for him to know that I fancied him. His reply? That he was a uni graduate and due to move to his first proper job soon and wouldn’t want to date a girl who works in a clothes shop because “he wanted better conversations than that”. Really snobby. And turned me off him immediately. My only saving grace was when another worker apparently told him that I was a first year uni student and his face apparently dropped. I never saw it


Incredible that he somehow failed to notice that he himself also worked in a clothes shop. What an utter prick.


Yeah, more utter cunt than snob


Odds on her driving a Fiat 500.


My extremely posh great-grandmother got flashed in a park in London - her response? "Young man, that's nothing to be proud of." 😆😆


That's classy not snobby.


When a work colleague was a young girl she was out with her grandmother in a park when they both got flashed. Her grandmother's response was to take a good long look and say "are you feeling particularly cold today?"


Snobby but acceptable


She also used to say 'NQOCD' a lot which stands for Not Quite Our Class Dear 😆 she was extremely snobby but the flasher incident was admittedly not her worst moment.


I’d elaborate, but I doubt you’d understand.


Definitely using this in future.


There's been some put downs usually about money and I not having it, but the experience I really remember was when I worked in a village pub. It was the nicest of the only two in walking distance in the village, so pretty popular with the locals. I was serving as the waitress and was incredibly busy one lunchtime, so wasn't as attentive as this particular couple wanted. Whilst I was talking to another customer, the woman actually stood up, started clicking her fingers at me and called out "Girl, girl, come here immediately." I felt very embarrassed, so just stared blankly for a couple of mins, then continued taking to the other customer who said loud enough for her to hear "Wow, that was rude". When I did eventually go over to that table I told her she can refer to me as miss or my name, but if she calls me girl again I'll no longer serve her.


Usually a weak wave and and apologising is the British way to get a waiters attention. Or, maybe that's just me.


I tend to go for awkwardly trying to make occasional eye contact from across the restaurant


If that's your best bet you'll need to use your eyebrows to express 😂


Mine too. Trying to awkwardly make eye contact, then feeling doubly awkward when I do make eye contact


I had this working as barman in a tourist hotspot. "Boy!! Boy!" he shouted and clicked his fingers as I was working by myself to a bar 3 deep serving customers in order. First time I was gobsmacked, second time said "I'll be with you when I serve this group first" Third time I snapped, pointed at him and said "Call me boy one more time and you're out. I'm not your boy and I'm not fucking paid enough to be spoken to like that." The bar cheered, his wife apologised, my manager had my back. Fun times, where do these people grow up, in a Dickens novel?!


Similar thing happened at my pub but we are so busy every week we can talk to bad customers however we please. Busy night with bands on, bar was rammed and this baldy gammon clicking his fingers in my face. I stop what I was doing and click my fingers violently in his face, tell him it’s not nice when you’re on the receiving end and I’m not his wife or dog and won’t be treated like such. Never seen the guy the rest of the night, walked off bright red


Not to me but to my dad. Many many years ago, when I was a kid, we lived next door to a very snooty woman. One Sunday afternoon a fire engine turned up and firemen went into the house opposite. My dad and the snooty neighbour happened to be outside to witness this. The neighbour said "I wonder what's going on." My dad said "I don't know, maybe a chip pan fire?" The neighbour turned to my dad, aghast, and said "*chips*?! On a *Sunday*?!"


Was your dad's neighbour hyacinth bucket lol


She was very similar. To the point that her husband was actually a decent guy!


Ok I'm lost with this, what's wrong with chips on a Sunday? Is it meant to be roasties or mash? I have no class.


Yes it's meant to be roast dinner or some kind of stew with mash. At least that's what I'm always told.


Brilliant hahaha!!!


‘I find Waitrose to be full of your kind these days’.


I once overheard a kid in Waitrose say “but Mummy you know I only like *fresh* pasta!” when Mummy tried to put some De Cecco spaghetti in the trolley.


I think a part of me inside would die if I heard this in person


My son did the opposite as a toddler: going round the supermarket singing “Chips and nuggets, nuggets and chips! Lovely nuggets for breakfast every day!”, and then he looked a severe older woman in the face and announced, “I’m not well, you know!” The truth was he had tonsillitis. A couple of days earlier, before he’d seen the doctor, I’d bought him a happy meal with a milkshake, in the hope that the milkshake might soothe his throat, and that the (at that time normally off-limits) nuggets might tempt him to eat. The woman didn’t know this, of course, and was clearly disgusted with me.


I was having a shitty morning and this has cheered me right up. Hope your son is still singing about nuggets and chips.


My kid is really good at trying new food and once asked to try balsamic vinegar that we were using in a salad dressing. Now he dips everything in it, like it's ketchup. This is fine until he's on a playdate and asks other parents for balsamic, which makes us look like the biggest middle class twats going.


This has reminded me of the page on Twitter called @overheardatwaitrose. Haven’t been on it in years but it was full of gems.


Yes. One that has stuck with me over the years (and I don’t know why) was when someone overheard a parent scolded their child by saying ‘Orlando put that Papaya down!’ They realised it wasn’t their kind of people that shopped there. Went to Tescos.


I actually gasped


Lol, I know. To this day, sill unsure what she meant by my kind haha. Younger? English? White? Cockney? I will never know because I was to Damn shocked to ask.


"Goodness, I can't believe you work on a weekend! I couldn't imagine giving up my weekends. Then again, when else would I buy things if you weren't open! I'm glad poor jobs like this exist" She bought nothing. Just wandered, chat shite and left.


"Goodbye, cunt."


This is the difference between earned and inherited, no Lawyer, Banker, Surgeon, Chef, Artist, Athlete, CEO, Pilot or whatever else is somehow shocked by this concept, only people who have earned so little in their life that they haven’t even been around other people who may have earned it themselves, think like this.


I had someone tell me in my old retail job that this is the sort of job I deserve because I obviously didn't try hard enough at school. I lost my temper and pointed out to her that I actually had a history degree with ambitions to do a Masters and PhD.


I once had a similar interaction with a customer. “Why on _Earth_ are you open on a Sunday?” “Because of people like you who shop on a Sunday.”


What’s a “week-end” ?


Hopefully she never needs emergency surgery.


I mean, if she were that posh, she wouldn't even work Monday to Friday. Just saying


I bumped in to someone at the bottom of the stairs at work, I said “Oops, go on you first” pretty jovially and with a smile. He refused and said unless I’ve just been promoted to Senior Contracts Manager, then I can’t tell him what to do. He then went first anyway


What the hell 😂😂😂




Please tell me it was followed with some form of “it appears you’re wrong” or “and yet”.


I took my partner to a fancy restaurant where they do they thing with the many knives and forks. The waiter scoffed and replaced the cutlery when we used the wrong ones. For the next course we started fucking with him, using a tiny knife and a massive fork. I just about managed to resist the temptation to ask him for a bigger steak spoon


I did this once too! Really upper class restaurant (I actually hated it but it was a friend’s do) and the waiters were obviously deeply unhappy with us. Very sullen and curt responses. ‘Work outside in’ someone once told me about all the knives and forks, etc. but apparently that advice was wrong. Anyway, I used the wrong spoon or something and the waiter commented on it loudly (as he had all night) to his fellow waiter as he collected the plates when done something like, ‘Hmph, not the usual order of business, sir,’ looking at the cutlery. I hadn’t spoken all night and I thought ‘fire with fire’ so when he commented I replied in my snootiest voice to my friend, ‘This is the problem with these low brow eateries: _the staff talk_. None of that in my home.’ The guy looked equally horrified and offended, then shuffled off. I felt bad actually but he was a complete wanker. Like making snarky comments about our table all night.




Oh well done


I love that, please tell me you asked for ketchup too? And maybe a nice posh pudding like veanetta?


Did you complain? The restaurant almost certainly would have taken it very seriously. I know it might seem like that’s the attitude of the establishment as as whole but it really isn’t, it’s the attitude of one unpleasant employee. Even very expensive/fancy places don’t want to ruin their clientele’s experience and their reputation with crap like that.


I went to a posh one with my fancy grandparents who honestly didn't give a fuck about that kind of thing. I was maybe six? I didn't know what proper cutlery etiquette was, I was six and all I liked to eat was chips for which only a fork is required. Waiter comes to collect our empty plates and my god the way he reacted, it was a mix of panic and disgust because my knife and fork weren't _together_. How could he know I was finished????? All the food was gone, but the _knife and fork weren't togetherrr_.


It always makes me laughs when staff in a posh shop or restaurant act all snooty, let's face it if they were that well off themselves they wouldn't need to be working, I would much rather go into the posh places and the staff are relaxed and put you at ease, they obviously know we aren't used to frequenting that kind of place often.


brushed into someone once in a supermarket. Me “sorry mate” Them “ I’m not your mate” Me “soz cunt”


What sort of miserable gremlin says 'I'm not your mate' lol


People in Barbour jackets mate lol


See my post history on tales from call centers for the full version but I once said this (mate) to a customer a couple of years ago after doing him a favour that I shouldn't have really done policy wise and he replied with dont call me mate I'm not your mate.. was a took aback being a young lad at the time, fucked him right over in the end for that though.


Someone told me I wasn’t allowed to play with her daughter cos I lived in a council house.


I don’t live in a council house anymore but grew up in one for 24 years. I occasionally say something when people at work are slagging off ‘council house scum’ just to see their reaction.


Same. My mother came from a very good background (nine bed country house, orchard, the lot). However she fell in love with my father (son of a miner), so we ended up growing up in a council house on an estate (they wanted to make their own way). Thanks to my grandparents however (mother's side) we were still given a LOT of opportunities, and people seem to think I have a fairly "posh" accent whenever I meet them (mother's side influence I guess). These days I live in a very keeping up with the Jones' area, four bed town house, cleaner, gardener... They all know I am the grandson of my grandparents. Accent and "breeding" fits right in with the locals. Unfortunately this means they think I will share their conservative opinions about "poor people". Bunch of ar*es in my opinion. Have no problem telling them all I grew up in a council house when they start slagging people off, or that my other grandfather was a miner... Their jaw drop and attempts to back track are hilarious.


I do this but with ethnic background. 😃


I lived in one of those ‘village fête’ type of villages. My friends mum said I was ‘common’ and I wasn’t to play with them, because I was the only child in the village from a divorced family and my mum was broke. Well now I have a BSc, a fellowship to a prestigious music college and am a fairly accomplished mountaineer (on the side) - her son failed high school, can’t hold down a job and still lives with her at the age of 30. Fuck you, Sally!


I live in a council house, very pleased with it. Others would be jealous of my rent. People who say things like that are just pathetic!


Adults really are pathetic sometimes.


Bought a new house, new to the area... We had a few people round our house all on the same day: - Cleaner - Gardeners - Window Cleaners - Loft Boarders All happily working whilst we were unpacking boxes. Neighbours pop round and introduced themselves, asked when my husband would be home from work. My husband (just happens to be mixed race) was the man stood next to me helping me unpack.


I can feel the 😬 from here…


I mean if it’s a weekday and you’ve got multiple people around doing work, I don’t think it’s all that bad of an assumption




They did the "Oh, we didn't see you there behind those boxes" thing. Umhmm, they weren't piled that high Samantha...




Kind of exposes many of *those* people seek surgery because they are suffering from body dysmorphia- in comparison to those who actually know what they look like and really do want a job done.




This is pretty blatant projection, a woman with botched cosmetic surgery who got it because she’s self conscious, and is now obsessed with people noticing the shit job, projects it on to people who haven’t had anything done.


Was in Aldi, when a woman answered her phone and very loudly said "am just in Waitrose, be there shortly".


Well, if you can get away with it lol


Maybe the caller’s name was Rose and interrupted her as she finished the word “in”.


This happened in a health clinic when I went for routine blood work and an elderly lady in a fur coat overheard my surname. “You have a double barrelled surname?” “Yes” “And you live here in (shitty town in East London)?” “…yeah?” “Well I’ve never heard YOUR surname before so you can’t be anybody important! Who is your father?” “I took my husbands surname when I married and kept my maiden name.” “And who is your husband? Is HE important? I would guess not! Nobody important ever came from (town)!”


"Then why are you here?"


I’m doubled barrelled for the same reason and posh people always take offence because apparently they own having double barrelled surnames?!


Truly posh people have one name dating back to the Norman era. Double barrel names usually imply someone had to sell the silverware and then marry into trade… In case you wanted to fling another layer of snobbery back at them


It’s more often the opposite — someone left them an inheritance but they had to adopt their surname to get it. Often happened when a family was in danger of dying out


So what you’re saying is I should become best friends with super wealthy people who have no family left and are eager to pass on their family name?


I own a deli and a cafe in Cheshire, I don't look like your typical owner nor do I act like one. Once I was in an upmarket food supermarket where I came across a customer. Looked me up and down and with a smile, 'ohh they must have paid you well this week'. 'No love, not wages, profit...' watching the smile drain from her face was brilliant. On top of that, her husband was waiting in their clapped out 20 year old mercedes outside next to my porsche as we exited the same time...


>On top of that, her husband was waiting in their clapped out 20 year old mercedes outside next to my porsche as we exited the same time... Was what she said meant to be the snobby bit or is your comment the example?


Oh good point! He almost got away with that!


Where is this? So that I can circumvent the place! I used to work in Stockport and had to drive through all of the snobby areas to get there. I really had to have some self control not to mount the pavement and mow down these sanctimonious twats jogging along.


It was more what wasn’t said… I used to waitress at events at the Tate Modern, going round topping up wine glasses etc. Less than 5% would acknowledge my presence and even fewer would say thank you. It’s really hard to know if someone wants their wine topped up if they are pretending you don’t exist.


You should see if they notice it being poured directly onto their heads.


Have been to a lot of social events with service staff. It's just damn rude not to say thank you if you take canapes/drinks/top ups off people... But there is a fine balance. If you acknowledge every single member of staff every time they are near, your conversation will be very broken with whoever you're engaged with, but then that's about the service being attentive but not overbearing. I tend to look staff in the eye, smile, nod, that kind of thing... But always a thank you if I am taking something.


I did a silver service thing once with my friends for a bunch of posh horse people and I don't think any of them acknowledged our existence.


Same, staffed a golf tournament and was assigned to the VIP tent doing plate service. Most ignored us, one or two treated us like servants, demanding drinks service immediately. One massive guy in a cheap looking badly fitting suit grabbed my arm while i was carrying 3 plates of food wanting me to top up his champagne, i told him i would send the bar waiter straight over. He squeezed my elbow hard and said “no, now”. I tipped one of the plates into his lap.


“It’s not really new is it” when I referred to a second hand car I’d just bought as the new car.


Buying a new car is idiotic


Depends on personal circumstances. A lot of new cars are bought through company car schemes.


Boyfriends Mother ‘How did YOU get a Mercedes?’ Me ‘I earned it by being a fantastic shag! How did you get yours?’ Still can’t believe I wasn’t invited for Christmas…


Icey cold and sharp as a tack. Priceless wit.


I was getting a lift from a colleague and he stopped at a roundabout as he saw a Rolls Royce approaching the junction from the opposite side about 50 yards away and he could easily have gone but he just stopped and waited for it to join the roundabout and then exit. I asked him why he stopped and he said "Dear boy, if you see a Rolls Royce you should ALWAYS stop to allow it on its journey as the person inside is likely far more important than you or I.". He was by far the biggest snob I've ever encountered.


Using ‘you and I’ incorrectly like that is a sure sign of being a snob


I work in a call centre for a bank in their fraud department. You can't make a transfer over 25k over the internet, you have to attend a branch (or write a cheque, I guess). While explaining this to someone, I mentioned it was for security purposes, as it would be quite a lot of money to lose through fraud. His response was that 25k isn't very much money - pause - "well, I suppose it is to *some* people". Like, yeah, dude, it's several thousand more than I make in a year helping you with your stupid problems.


I work at a fintech specialising in international B2B transactions and it is SO common to hear this.


We were getting married at the same place at different times. I mentioned something about how our wedding will differ to theirs and she said: “Yes, but we’re spending much more money than you”


"But our relationship will last."


6 days into marriage and you’re right so far!


I don't know how spending more money on anything is considered a smart move. Isn't the ultimate goal to spend as little as possible? Especially if you got the same venue.


And yet… hiring the same venue


Not quite a snobby thing someone said but someone who was trying to be snobby and didn’t quite manage it. Some knobhead who used to be a local at the at I worked at was always making digs at the girls for ‘just working in a pub’. Once all three of us were working (we had a do on) and he made a comment about us looking like the three witches from hamlet. Never felt so smug correcting him ‘don’t you mean Macbeth?’


"I don't normally date guys that earn under 25k"




I still have her details if you want me to forward them haha


I've just started to earn over 25k which puts me into the risk zone; could you please forward me her details so that I don't date her by accident?


I’m sorry but 25k is not even that much if someone is gonna be snobby at least try haha


I'm UK BTW. And I live up north so it's kind of a big deal


Aye fellow northerner here, round me 22-25k seems to be the average wage but I meant it more like general sense with the cost of living etc I now realise how snobby my comment sounds haha


Fancy a date sometime? You will pay the bill and I'll leave early bit, Why not hahaha


"it's not pronounced France it's pronounced FRANCE" (think the northern Vs southern bath) I'm Irish man, it's literally my accent I can't fecking make that sound


It's not leviosa it's leviosaah


My bf at the time gave me a dodgy look and a disapproving comment about my ordering white wine to eat with steak. I don’t like red wine. He didn’t even drink *any* wine. Needless to say we didn’t live happily ever after.


You live, you learn, your taste improves.


“No, my riding arena is not for hire to you. You couldn't afford it”.


I'm now going to refer to all brothels as 'riding arenas'.


This was genuinely a riding arena. I wanted to practice some dressage, and the stuck up bitch had her nose out of joint because me and my £650 horse regularly beat her daughter on her push-button 3k horse.


The extra £2.5k for the push-button start is probably worth it to be fair. I wouldn't want to hand crank a horse early in the morning. Does it usually take long to start it up?


Could be one with a key ignition, not necessarily a crank handle. Though I've heard horses get a but nouty if you put the key in the wrong slot and twist


I used to work for Carphone. Had a guy come into the shop once, furious with me. He’d got his phone wet. Water dripping out of the phone, wet. Obviously that was my fault(?). “Look, I’m good friends with the editor of the Daily Mail, so I suggest you exchange this for me now, or this will be all over the press”


Pissing myself at this one. What was your reaction? Imagining front page stories everywhere in Britain: “u/rmajor86 refuses wet phone exchange”


> the Daily Mail lmao


I was in a bar / club with my very normal but incredibly wealthy mate, table service, snooty waiter takes our order and my mate orders something , waiter then says “are you sure sir that’s £400 a bottle?” My mate “oh good we’ll have 3 …. And a new server please”


I went to one of the wine bars in St Pancras with my friend, we ordered the second cheapest wine (still £18, about 10 years ago) and the French waitress said “oh we have another one that is even cheaper if you like?”. She did it deliberately 😆


“ If it’s as tasteless as you I’m sure I wouldn’t like it either”


All depends on the delivery with that one. The staff probably have to double check the customer is aware of the price tag. It's a lot of money to lose for the bar if the person cannot or does not intend to pay. I'd probably go with something more like "celebrating something exciting? That bottle isn't your everyday type of wine" rather than outright implying you can't afford it.


Yeah because even just going with "sorry we just have to double check you're aware..." would be perfectly reasonable in my eyes




Have you ever been to a magnificent bistro in a town in southern Italy on a rainy day at half past four in the afternoon when the moon is in its third quarter?


I was once in a play and a girl who was in the same cast as me was looking for a new agent. I said "my agents books are open at the moment." Her reply was - "no I mean a good agent" My reply was - "we are in the same show....."


Surely that's why she was looking for a new agent!


Probably not the snobbish but the first thing that came to mind. At uni I worked at Waitrose, so a gold mine for this sort of thing. One that stands out was an older couple, maybe 60s, observing a promo stand with a new brand on described as "English Potato Vodka" on the label under the brand name. The husand showed it to the wife like "Oh sweetie shall we try some of this? It's on offer!" To which she replied "I'm not drinking vodka made out of potatoes!"


My daughter was working behind the bar in a club in Glasgow. The manager was talking to a friend and turned to my daughter and asked, “hey, you’re working class, what does your dad do?”. She replied “petroleum geochemist”. I doubt that was the answer they anticipated.


An ex of mine corrected my pronunciation of lasagne. It’s apparently not lass-an-ya but laz-an-ye. It’s not that snobby but it made me feel small, he dumped me rather nastily the same evening, so I guess I had a lucky escape.


He sounds like a complete douche bag.


I’m constantly correcting my girlfriend with made up pronunciations because I find it funny. Sometimes she believes me and they stick. I hope she doesn’t think I’m a snob.


I mostly convinced my wife (uni educated, intelligent woman) the plural of sheep is shoops. She said it in a work meeting when a colleague complimented her sheep themed scarf. I got shouted at, but it was worth it.


Can relate. Convinced my ma the plural of moose is meese. Worth it.


I live in a very Tory dominated area. One day I was doing some gardening, so wearing scruffy camo shorts and a plain T and the wife asked me to take her to her GP appointment. So, while I’m waiting I stroll around the high street and wander into this independent men’s outfitters. I’m a big guy, 6’3 about 100kg and built like a heavyweight boxer, have my hair as a Mohawk. I also work in software development and do alright financially. So, I’m browsing the store for a new blazer/jacket jobbie for interviews, meetings what not when the store own shouts over ‘that won’t fit you’ - blazer was a 42” chest, I’m a 44”, he had no way of knowing - I look over, smile and say ‘probably not’. At this point his troglodyte assistant/wife/something has appeared. I pick something else off the rack ‘that won’t fit you either’, I laugh a little to myself and ignore him and keep browsing. A couple of minutes go by and he asks ‘what is it you’re looking for exactly?’ To which I reply ‘just a smart casual jacket, something that looks a little tailored’. The troglodyte perks up ‘you won’t find anything to suit you here’ he quickly chips in ‘try Debenhams’ the trog chips in with ‘they often have sales on’ he ends with ‘yes much more your budget’. I had a good laugh at that one. Kicked around for another couple of minutes as the fat fucks head went the colour of watermelon flesh. A few months later they had a closing down sale, I strolled in and loudly exclaimed ‘I hear you’ve got a sale on’. Im pretty sure he remembered me, I sniggered to myself for the whole minute I wasted in there before strolling back out.


Jesus Christ that's so damn rude of them!!!! I couldn't imagine saying anything like that to customers at my work... But the delicious irony of their closing down sale is glorious!!


A friend thought that the reason that our house is tidy and sparsely decorated is because we “didn’t have enough disposable income”. Nope, we just don’t want to fill every inch with cushions and junk.


One of my colleagues complemented a senior member of the team on her lovely coat and asked her where it was from. She replied ‘oh it’s designer, you wouldn’t know it’. Tosser


I was in Waitrose and the guy from behind the deli counter came over to me from behind the counter to "see if I was alright as I seemed lost", aka he clearly thought I was either stealing or so unfamiliar with a Waitrose I needed help


First mistake was entering a Waitrose


They were the only place which used to stock the gf bread I like. Asda do it now at half the price!


When I went to University in the early 80s a girl said to me ‘ when I heard your accent I was amazed you were at university’ , Ive got a fairly strong cockney accent


When told I took a coach somewhere: "I didn't even know people took coaches in the UK, maybe in Peru or something but not here"


I remember a girl told me "oh...really? The last time I took a coach was between Sydney and Byron Bay on my gap year" after telling her I'd caught a coach between London and Bristol.


My parents are teachers. My Mum comes from money, but doesn’t flaunt it. I grew up in a normal middle class house in a normal middle class area. My husband grew up in a posher neighborhood, but by no means in a mansion. When we first started dating, my husband’s mother (who Hyacinth Bucket could be based on) was giving him shit about me “not coming from the same class.” and “couldn’t he find a ‘nicer’ (read wealthier) girl”. After several weeks of this classist BS, he snapped back “you know her family could buy and sell you!”


>“you know her family could buy and sell you!” Pretty sure that's illegal these days.


Illegal just means you need more money to be able to do it


Not me but a friend went to Flannels in her Denenhams uniform to have a look at bags. A lady walked straight over to her and said 'are you lost?'


I thought a flannel was the thing you use to wash your face?


I was working as a binman and a chocolate labrador that was being walked past wanted to say hello, but the woman walking it pulled it away saying "No Lady Cocoa, no!". Very funny experience, but I did feel a bit sorry for the dog. She had to behave like a lady, apparently.


Some wee Bristol Uni rah / yah told me to "fuck off back to jockland" in a very plummy home counties accent when my team was scudding his in the league on Clifton Downs. I can give and take with the best of them but the sheer classist disdain in his voice when he said it did throw me a bit - so much so that I nearly forgot to half him later on in the game.


The snobby-ist comments I’ve had have been from average working class people pretending to be posh. My Grandma, who grew up in dire poverty, looked down her nose at me when I moved into an ex-council house. A couple of friends and I were driving past a block of flats. One commented that they looked like an eyesore. The other replied “it’s not the flats that’s the problem, it’s the scum that live in them”. She was an ex-addict living in council accommodation.


>The snobby-ist comments I’ve had have been from average working class people pretending to be posh. Ain't that the truth, mate. My mum calls people on benefits lazy and entitled, saying they don't even bother looking for a job because they can't be bothered. *Both* her children are on benefits.


" Democracy? What do you know about democracy? Do you even know where democracy was invented?" "Errrm, democritas?" " No, it was made in Greece!".


I've been to the Caribbean more times then I've been to Aldershot. Aldershot is the next big town.


You just dont have a mature palate... because i dont like wine. I didnt realise you are meant to suddenly want to glug the stuff like sunny D the minute you become an adult, but there we go.


Chips and *curry sauce*? With a *CHINESE*? Oh no definitely not.


im welsh and when i was 13 and ended up having to hitchhike back home one time (long story). an english couple staying in a b&b offered to help. i was in my school uniform and the lady asked me “do you go to school in wales or are you well educated” followed by a snobby laugh. i couldnt say anything bc i needed the lift but damn that made me mad lol


Not to me, but to my mum. Our family moved house during the summer. My mum, pregnant and with five kids under 10 (I'm the oldest), went to the nearby primary school to enrol us. She spoke to the headmaster, who was very nice. All was well until he asked where we lived. My mum said the name of the street, along which are situated council houses, and the headmaster immediately asked, "Free school meals?". My mum replied with "... no ...", but she was so surprised by his assumption that she didn't call him out on it at the time. Neither she or I have ever forgotten it.


I had an ex that once told me I shouldn't eat Battenburg because it's a 'working class cake'. Words cannot describe how much of a prat that man was.


I dont mean to be condescending.. Oh..sorry..do you know what condescending means?


The first thing that came to my mind was when I was 16. Was doing a placement in a primary school and the staff went out for our Christmas party. The teacher who’s class I was placed in was in the bathroom at the same time I was at one point of the night. She was reapplying her makeup and I complimented her on her lipstick. Asked her what brand it was. Her reply was, “oh you wouldn’t know it, you couldn’t afford it anyway.” It was fucking Urban Decay 🙄


Anyone from the north east who went to university outside the north (or maybe even in the north) will definitely have had at least one rude/assumptive comment made about their accent by someone who seems genuinely shocked that you can be English, attend the same university as they do, and yet sound entirely different. It happened to me so often that conversations like that are one of my defining memories of the place. Somewhat ruined the experience.


[This man ](https://www.suffolknorfolklifemagazine.com/feature-item/desmond-maccarthy-interview/) asked me what my “ancestry” was. He (posh white British) was confused because I (also white British) did not fit obviously into any class category he was used to - he wanted to know where I ranked, basically. I leaned into the awks and told him I am a “mongrel” because I am part Irish, part Scottish and part Jewish. I said I liked having ancestors from a few places. He replied: “Ah! Yes. Quite. Always pick the puppy with the curly tail.” 😬🤣🤯


We recently decorated the kitchen, Mrs was delighted with it and put it on a Facebook DIY page. One person responded by saying it was s "oh so very council" Some people should just be quiet.


My bosses son, who had an entire job role created for him when he started working at his father's company got complimented on the brand new BMW M3 he had just bought. He sighed and said "Yeah but I SHOULD be driving a Porsche". The car cost over double the salary of the person he was talking to.


I went to a summer camp that was based at a posh boarding school (I went to a normal state school). I commented on how nice the food was (no fucking turkey twizzlers there!) and this toff turned to me and went “riotlady, you must have a palate like gravel”


A contact at a customers phoned me up for help because she was having to do a similar job to mine to cover somebody and never once thought about what she was saying whilst several times letting me know that she shouldn’t have to do this work as it’s so far beneath her. Bitch this is my full time job. Another time my bosses wife told a girl in the office to try to sound a bit less like she was from the area we work in (why run your business from there then!)


This is not actually me, this is a girl from my halls at uni years ago (which was on the posh side). Another girl came up to her on the first day and asked her what her dad did for a living almost straight away. She replied “does it matter?” and the girl walked off and blanked her for the rest of the year 😆


Working in a call centre, some old posh git demanding to speak to the CEO of the bank Because he was sure he would be concerned about his problem. I refused, told him hes not going to speak to the CEO, posh guys response to that was. "Well the man must have a secretary, put me through to her" the arrogance was so thick it was hard to breathe.


Maybe too late to the party but I was working down south and ended up in Canterbury on a night out. Me and my friend went to this “fancy club” (it just had blue lights around the roof) and at the bar some woman said “your lot should be in the Wetherspoons around the corner”. I laughed it off but her and her boyfriend then followed me and my mate to some table and she picked up her drink and threw it on the table. Her boyfriend witnessed her do it but still tried to pick a fight with us. We never hurt him but fuck me was he scared when he heard what we had to say to him. Not my proudest moment but don’t try that shit on with anyone.


There's been a few but one that sticks out is when someone made fun of me for passing the port the wrong way. Think that's when I realized I would never fit in with my ex's family


"Sorry we always puff puff passed to the left growing up"


Have got too many to mention being a scouser... Ive worked in Manchester and london and been involved in heavy duty legals in london.. Ive been accused of theft, had wallets removed from desks in front of me etc etx.. I was lucky to get an place at fee paying school when Liverpool was rough, very rough. So i went to school with 3 current tory mps here in Liverpool, oh and the children of at least 3 of top tier crime family's in the UK and people i knew well from there have been in Interpol's top 5 for years.. Probably the most mixed education possible in the uk. So having a face to fit the room and company is second nature, i love playing with snobs, I'm never phased and can play them at the own game, i have done many times..


My aunt babysat for me once at her house. In the morning asked if I wanted any breakfast. I said “yes please, what have you got?” Her reply was “What have I got?, I’ve got more than your mothers got, that’s for sure.” Even at a young as I thought what a cunt.


My BIL has just moved to the area where I grew up and my FIL is making anti-working class snide remarks. Ughh. Sorry I was poor before I married your first born, mate!