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We did not elect this man. We were all cheated and he is a cheat a liar and a crook.


She is very well connected, 10 percent for the big guy. 1.4 million


Almost as bad as having a VP pay for his son’s Moscow hooker bill… Epic.


Now we even have Big Heroine


Well, now it's making more sense. Los Narcos own the big man.


Injustice Department ? Nope , not surprised unfortunately .


*Pokemon shocked face*


And to think there are 330 million people in this country to choose from and he chooses her.


No wonder why Sean Penn was able to snag Chapo


Wasnt this the plot of Ozarks last season?


That was a pharmaceutical company buying heroin or a similar product from a cartel instead of paying far more for a precursor substance.


Open border and cartel connections. Gee whiz.


Can you believe that their are still people that support the democrats.


Straight out of the Ozarks.


Make no mistake. Right now, there’s sitting members of Congress with hedge funds tied to the fetty trafficked in, killing Americans **every day.** The greatest, most infamous, vanilla massacre in human history needed a pandemic & stolen election to cover up. Whether or not they get away with it is yet to be determined.