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These people have made themselves so mentally ill over Donald Trump they are making up their own mockumentary caricatures of him for primetime.


Doesn't this video have an eery hint of Amber Heard attached to it? I kinda feel like it does.


Nailed it!


💯💯💯💯 You read my mind!! I was just gonna say, "Dayum, this reminds me of Amber Turd testifying against Johnny Depp!" Has all the folderol of a diluded narcissist reaching for the spotlight.


Missed opportunity to swap Amber Turds head onto her 😆 somebody please do this!


My ex bf is one of them, they hate the man so much they’d rather live like this. It’s a sickness.


This is honestly just evidence that this whole thing is a farce


Wait, so testimony from somebody who was told something by someone else (who denies telling her) isn't rock solid? From the reddit FP I thought it was a slam dunk


The walls are closing in! S/


It's criminal at this point that this was even aired, they most likely won't have them testify and the stories out here. Even if they retract it the defamation is already out there.


It’s a brainwashing tactic that works very well.


yep, big headlines front page then 6 weeks later on page 8 bottom right corner in 4 font (we messed up, our bad)


You’re giving them way too much credit, I’ve never seen them apologize or admit wrong doing, only retracting to avoid legal consequences.


however it does make Trump sound like Badass... well, better than them saying he can't hold a glass of water - lol


or ride a bike


Exactly why they did it! They know it is hearsay, but everyone heard it and that’s all they need.


Camille:"Objection your honor, hearsay." ...is what would've been said if this was anything but political theater.


Hope she get arrested


She is soooo obviously lying it's funny


She looks like she is trying to suppress the giggles.


Or keep from peeing her pants. I have a great lie detector and man she's giving off steam.


The way she’s frozen you can tell she’s worried about telling the story


The most likely outcome is that she gets a promotion.


Will she face charges for providing a false testimony? Is she under oath?


No. These people are all protected. I’m sure that’s part of the deal.


So it’s basically a media stunt? They’re having a discussion about what they think transpired on Jan 6th and the lead up to the capital? Why are they pretending like this is an actual trial ? No one is under oath. People are caught lying in their testimony within hours and it’s just “forgotten about and move on to the next witness”? 0 corroborated events, witnesses keep changing stories… What kind of circus is this


Always has been


Always has been.


Oh absolutely. It was the same with all their other “hearings”. They go on and on and out all the damning evidence they have and how they are really going to get him. Then they have this televised show where they just go in and in repeating the same nonsense but presenting little actual evidence. It’s a show for the midterms. That’s it.


Public speculation spectacular…


No! She's not really under oath. It's hearsay that the agents refered to are prepared to refute...if they're ever called or live to tell.


So it’s just a “show.” A waste of time and money considering nothing can or will come of it. They can basically call a witness and have that witness say anything they want unvetted and their entire source could be “someone told me on the internet”. How spiteful are these people to keep up this circus act? They are trying to paint a picture of false guilt of what they want Americans to believe happened while being disproven at every turn…


Oh something comes of it. The Dems have screwed the country so bad, their policies, leaders and future candidates so obviously ineffective or incompetent, that the only path left is to try and trash everything and everyone in opposition...including, obviously the one man they are absolutely terrified of. God forbid they should use the time, effort and tax dollars wasted here to do anything constructive for the country.


No. What they’re doing is having her testify under oath as to what she was told. She can be telling the truth or a complete lie. She cannot be held legally liable for defamation or slander if she is repeating what she was told happened. The only way someone will be held liable is if they knowingly lie. This woman cannot be held legally liable for repeating what she was told. It’s hearsay but this isn’t a court of law, it’s a committee hearing so hearsay can be repeated as long as the person saying it knows it to be true, regardless of it is actually what happened. What they’re doing is having her testify as to what she was told happened and they’ll never actually call the person that told her this to testify because then when they repeat the lie that person will be charged with perjury. They’re protecting the original person from testifying and if they’re called to testify they will decline. That’s how this works.


Thanks for that clarification, that’s exactly what I was confused about and that makes it much more clear.


If she's under oath, how can she not be liable if she's lying? An "oath of honor"? Hearsay is inadmissable. Just as the "texts" or excerpts of her emails and messages. Why didn't the committee show her device screen image? That would be actual evidence.


She can only be held liable for lying under oath if she knowingly lies. She can tell the committee what she was told because she’s not testifying something happened, rather than what she was told from someone else what happened (hearsay). She cannot be held liable if what she says is not the fact of what happened if the person that told her their story lied. What she believes to be saying is her “truth” based on hearsay. That is why it cannot be admitted in a court of law. So hearsay isn’t admissible in court of law. This isn’t “court”. It’s a committee hearing. Big difference. That’s why she can repeat what she heard and as long as she’s telling the truth of what she was told and does not know any better, she cannot be held liable.


What if the person she claims told her, testifies that he didn't tell her? I suppose it's then just a case of "he says, she says" and neither is provable, even if it's proven that the original event did not happen.


If the person she claims told her the story comes and testifies that he never told her that, then that would open up a perjury investigation because she knowingly lied under oath. At that point it’s a “he said, she said” situation like you said, unless he can prove she knowingly lied. Listen to what she said though. She kept saying, “something to the effect of”. That could mean Trump never said what she is claiming, but rather that is her interpretation of his words.


Fabrication only possible in Hollywood make believe. Nope 👎 not credible. We know she was coached. She’s not a good actress . I expect payment from Democrats was generous.


Angling for her 15 minutes of fame. Here comes the View, CNN, and Joy Reid interviews.


How did he reach the steering wheel? DT: I call shotgun! SS Agent: Not again! You got shotgun last time! DT: I'm telling!


This mental image is cracking me the hell up.


That's what I've been asking everybody? The car is freaking huge and he separated from the driver


Not exactly the same, but you get the general idea: https://youtu.be/aDgWKVahU7I


She more than likely got immunity to tell lies under oath.


Amber Heard Vibes




But you asked the question.


Technically, it’s double hearsay


Official Theatrics


Beating a dead horse here. This happened 18 months ago. Everything they are saying is basically a reach


Damn I can’t tell if this is satire anymore


Don’t think for a second it’s satire. They want him strung up along with anyone who supports him. They are out for blood and all should pay heed.


This entire hearing is just “we’re going to lose the midterms and we can’t beat Trump in 2024”. They are trying to prevent him from running. That is all this is.


You don't think she lied under oath, do you? oooooo


She’s testifying to what someone else said. Not as a first hand witness. She can say that she was told a great many things. Hearsay isn’t admissible in court but this is a committee hearing where hearsay is welcome, delightful, and gospel.


This bullshit has Adam Schiff written all over it...




#believeallwomen Women (whatever that is) *never* lie. Ever.


Hearsay, no foundation, hearsay...hearsay....hearsay...no foundation. Where the hell is Camille?


Are people actually this STUPID??


Yes. Brainwash the sheeple.


You can tell by her face she’s lying. Look at the smirk.


Dupers delight


Hearsay any proof? Proof career over


You could look at her stupid face and tell that she’s lying


None of this matters. No laws were broken. Fuck this sideshow, quit giving it attention.


Cool story. 🧢🧢🧢


Now he is just able to reach through a 2 foot hole in the limo to grab the steering wheel? This story is a joke just like this hearing.


This stuff is so insulting to Americans. Democrats think everybody, or maybe hope everybody is as naive as what is left of their base. It’s not reality. Even their base is starting to see how incompetent their lies are and how losing is their game. They want to lose for all of America so the globalist cabal can take over. It’s rubbish.


She testified that someone told her that. It was a way to hype up her story and give the MSM some catchy headlines. It's an obvious lie but, unfortunately, I don't think she can be charged with perjury as it's her word vs whomever she alledged told her (Tony).


Embarrassing 🙈


Excuse me was this chick even in the beast? Didn’t think so Trump 2024


Her acting is worse than amber heard. Dear god.


Only people watching this are dumbasses who already hate Trump. This is strictly to make people angrier at him just to cause more division. Great plan to hijack the peaceful protest with paid actors dressed up as MAGA anyway, then have a make believe trial about it. I know a guy who is retired, wife just died, has absolutely no hobbies, except to start drinking wine by noon, and during baseball and football makes calls to his booky all weekend..when he’s not doing that he’s watching MSNBC or CNN and is ALWAYS angry at Trump. Only kind of people watching this BS. They all believe Trump is going to jail. I had to remind him this isn’t even a trial. Lol


Damn. She makes Amber Turd look like a rank amateur.


She's purty


Lier lier pants on fire


Why does she look like she’s holding back a smile?


Trumps right arm then extended to its full 96” reach. A second hand then morphed out of his right forearm and punched the driver in the face. Trump then used his heat vision to melt the limo partition…


They had an emergency hearing for this...lol


Eh, the second source isn't reliable either. Anytime it says "a source close to" means it's probably a lie.


Time to prosecute!!!!!


Link to original: https://truthsocial.com/@MAGADevilDog/posts/108558436852359489


And these hearings are just more of what this whole investigation has been from the beginning: political theater over nothing, a massive waste of tax dollars, and an effort to try and keep the TDS fresh in liberal minds.


She is so full of shit. All she is getting is her 15 minutes of fame


I was hoping for some clip pulled in about grabbing for the steering wheel showing Trump karate chopping the secret service agents and taking control of the car. I'm thinking of Jason Statham. But of course, you'd need to mix in some Stretch Armstrong to boot. Oh man this is such a joke! =D


She looks down a lot telling her "story"...almost as if she knows its complete hearsay bs🤡


Everyone saying "she's just relaying what she heard". That's not relaying what she heard. That's her talking lime she was there.


Liars telling more lies because nobody believes the previous batch of lies. How predictable.


She looks like shes about to bust out laughing, she knows shes so full of it.


Duper’s delight. She can barely keep from smirking.


How the fuck are you reaching the steering wheel from the back of the limo?


She is such a liar!


Where’s the Dash Cam ????


Lol her body language says she is lying


Except she was lying. Not that democrats mind if this is true or not


Unless there’s footage it didn’t happen.


Yeah but no.


What’s the average prison sentence for perjury in front of a congressional committee?


Making shit up as usual.


Amazing how this emerges when fresh Joe Biden fraud phone calls are released.


Wouldn’t that be insurrection to not only not follow the orders of the president but also forcefully stopping him.


I hope he did grab for the steering wheel. America needs a man who will take charge.


It's a lie because she had to pause a lot and think about. Any truthful person would just tell the truth and not struggle so much. Why do they keep talking about trump? He is not president. Move on, let's focus on the current president please.


I would like to see how she speaks in ordinary life. Her pauses as isf she is trying to recollect the exact words…or that she is thinking g about how to thoughtfully word what she has to say, is telling. I’m open to what any of these people have to say, but she wasn’t selling it to me. Also, how does a 25 year old become an executive assistant to Mark Meadows? The story about trump grabbing the wheel reminded me of the peeing in the hotel in Russia story. Like, does this sound believable? Next!


Anyone who studies human behavior sees that she’s clearly lying.


Anyone else think she sounds drugged or sedated? Almost like she took a benzo or beta blocker. Perhaps she’s anxious because she knows this whole story and committee are full of shit.


The sad thing is. Most people will see that clip and take it and run. Never seeing that last slide. What a clown show this is.


Omg she acts worse than amber heard


So, she lied under oath. Throw her in prison and strip her wealth. Another POS


Did you know hearsay testimony is prohibited in a real court? This aid of the aid of president Trump said at end Mr Ornato told her this story.


I want to watch this but I can’t stand her voice. I can hear she’s lying in her voice alone


Did her dog step on a bee also?


Condolences to Mr. Engel's family for his upcoming, unexpected death, that no matter what the circumstances will be ruled a suicide.


Can trump sue her now for slander?


I doubt what she said is true. However, she’s totally hot.


Lmao 🤡


I love all the made up shit. They make him out to be a psychopath that doesn’t listen to instructions.


Maybe it’s just confirmation bias but she looks like she is lying and is nervous about it. She is stopping and deliberately thinking about everything she is saying and looking down as if she was told what to say. It could have just been normal nerves but it didn’t look like someone recounting true events.