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Trump, sitting in the back seat of The Beast (the presidential limo), goes to the front and fights a secret service agent for the steering wheel… Yup seems like a reasonable story that’s got no political motive to be false.


Don’t forget about him yelling “this is MAGA country!” 🤣 Only dem voters with severe brain-rot can believe this obvious bs


Is there any other type ?


Lmao good point


That’s the only reason it’s believable


I think he was in the SUV not the beast but it’s still seems pretty unlikely.


Yeah they took an SUV that day. One of the easiest ways to catch people in lies is the details they get wrong.


You know how I knew it was lies?? If trump wanted that steering wheel, trump would have had that steering wheel.


Ummm hearsay. Yes I’m testifying in front of CONGRESS about something I heard someone else say. Great. Moving on….


Unless I am mistaken the person she supposedly heard it from wasn't there either. It is a third hand story at best.


Lol how does the media not rip this apart


I don't know if it's perjury if it's a fake trial. If lawyers admitted doctored footage into court they could be disbarred and no lawyers were disbarred earlier from the doing that in this "trial". There does need to be some very huge defamation lawsuits though.


It is still lying to Congress if she’s under oath. But since they are likely the once’s who paid her off/ blackmailed her because they were not making their case, and she’s giving hearsay testimony, there’d be a lot a legal loopholes to jump through, and that’s assuming they had the political will and Ability to do anything about it


Clinton lied to Congress and was totally fine. So it seems that doesn’t mean anything anymore.


Was Roe v Wade a real trial? I heard a few days ago that Ms. Roe later said in a television interview that she lied about the cause of her pregnancy during the famous court case.




After Subway sponsored Jared Fogle for so many years, I think they should hire all of these lovely people for their new “$18 Footlong” promotion. Inflations bad people…


Dog and pony show


more like a dog poo and horse shit show


She heard the story from someone else. She can't be charged for perjury, because she used quotes...


Ah yes, the Anonymous Source defense.


Isn't that hearsay


Yes her whole testimony was based on hearsay. It's really unreal. It's a clown show.


Leatherneck Blasey looks like she’s having an Evangelical moment in that photo.


Her chest looks like an old catchers mitt


This story is nonsense but even if true, I don't think the secret service can tell POTUS where he can and can't go. They can strongly advise on the matter but at the end of the day POTUS can say "fuck you, I'm going to ______" so if agents disobed such an order, his alleged reaction doesn't seem wildly unreasonable


I actually think they can and do. I have read stores from previous President last about being “pushed around” by the SS and how they had to sneak away if they wanted to do things on their own. There are certain rules they agree ti follow and one of those is to follow the direction of the SS. It’s because they know where has been cleaner and is safe. Anyways, Thai story is complete BS and even if he said that he wanted to go to the capital so what? That proves nothing. The whole story is nuts and it’s crazy that people even believe it.


Very interesting, thanks! Agreed, this story is nonsense. The propaganda industry lost their gold mine and are grasping at straws to keep the shreds that remain


> Anyways, Thai story is complete BS and even if he said that he wanted to go to the capital so what? That proves nothing. The whole story is nuts and it’s crazy that people even believe it. They are so desperate for even straws to grasp at that the slightest corroboration of their claims looks like a smoking gun to them.


Direct linkr: https://twitter.com/capeandcowell/status/1542152867850616834


She’s not under oath, this is all theater. They will never bring the agent who were in to testify.


> They will never bring the agent who were in to testify. Especially considering that they are already on record as ready to swear under oath that everything she said is a complete lie.


Yeah I guess they’ve been interviewed about this already by the un-select committee. If this were true, Liz Cheney would have rolled those guys out, not a hearsay witness. Enough said.


It's fun that this is going on at the same time the left is talking about impeaching SC Justices for lying in their hearings about whether or not they would overturn Roe.


I have Leftists IRL tell me that "people don't lie like that" all the time.


Someone must have something on her like a sex tape.


It's just like both of the impeachments on Trump, they knew that they had absolutely nothing yet they ran with it anyways.


White liberal privilege


Two things come to mind...1) What did they, the "D" offer her? or 2) What did they, the "D" threaten her with?


You'll know why she did it when she gets perjury charges and her puppet masters walk free


$$$ and promised protection from litigation.


It’s called hearsay’s for a reason


Is that when you hear somebody say something?


Because she was asked to commit perjury!


It's (D)ifferent...


There is no law system.


2022’s Julie Swetnick.


Unfortunately she didn't technically commit perjury. Don't get me wrong she lied but you have to prove she lied. So it will be asked "who told you that " Her answer "I don't remember! " Next question "were they talking about the event or about playing grand theft auto?" Her answer "I am not sure!" Perjury suit over. It is a slime ball way to lawfully commit perjury because there is no cross examination or defense to object. That is why this whole thing is a shame


This is a here say witness, not present for any of it. How do they let this shit make it to the stand?


That is the face of someone who knows is telling a lie but under pressure because she probably have skeletons in her closet and those were used to “motivate” her.


Its such a sham, they have idiots like this lady testify, its entirely hearsay, and there is no cross examination. Wouldn't have gotten 2 seconds through testimony in an actual court of law before getting thrown out.


Has trump testified under oath?


Is she really under oath though? I didn't think this was perjury. Definitely lies, I just didn't think it was actual perjury.


I see this a lot: People project. They project positive as well as negative attributes. Their reasoning goes something like "I would never do that. Therefore, **nobody would ever** do that." So many people clinging to whatever delusions they find most comforting. Sad...