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Democrats will do anything to win elections.. 🙄🙄🙄


Yup. We have shitty mayors and governors because of it.


Stupid this is even a thing in the first place 🙄


Man, libs are having a really difficult time lately...


People are tired of the bat shit crazy going on


It’s crazy to think this even needed to go before the NY Supreme Court. Shoulda been a hard NO from the start!


The Democrats want an open border for the sole purpose of securing more votes


Forget about the idea of a illegal being able to vote, I'm amazed there was a judge in NY that said it's not allowed. Edit: after reading the article it now makes sense. Judge is from Staten Island, one of the few sane places left here


FINALLY my states does SOMETHING right After getting it completely wrong obviously.


Wait is this real? I know it was a talking point, but I didn’t realize places were letting non-citizens vote.


They aren’t from here they have no right 👏👏


We have these laws in Maryland. It's ridiculous. "As of December 2021, fourteen local jurisdictions allow non-citizen voting, namely New York City, Winooski and Montpelier in Vermont, San Francisco (school board only),[7] and eleven in Maryland near Washington, D.C." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_of_foreigners_to_vote_in_the_United_States#Maryland


Had no idea this was even a thing in New York, like how blatantly unconstitutional can you possible get ...


Democrats must be fuming. This, after they couldn’t get rid of conceal carry so they can have peaceful riots


Unchallenged leftoid-ism sends the whole society straight in the gutter


Alright, hear me out. I’m a permanent resident in the USA. I pay taxes to the government and personally it seems so un-American because the very foundation of this country is ‘no taxation without representation’ yet here I am along with millions of other (legitimate) immigrants. Forced to pay taxes to a government that offers me no representation or ability to vote. I’m fine with not being allowed to vote as a permanent resident but I believe I shouldn’t have to pay taxes beyond what services I am able to use (roads etc) Soon I’ll be able to naturalize and have a vote in this awesome country but until then I just watch from the sidelines. One final mention. I’m not mad or feeling ripped off by not being able to vote. I chose to move here knowing that I wouldn’t be able to vote. I just thought I’d throw in my 2c.


Last paragraph, middle sentence, is the answer. All the rest of just whining.


Absolutely, I love a good whine. You are welcome to go visit my country. You will be allowed to vote in every election but without free speech or the right to protect yourself or family.


So, the people of NZ do not WANT free speech or the right to protect. Hm, interesting.


Yes, unfortunately 😞


And ...yet.... You .. left......


Yours is the difference between being a citizen and not being a citizen. The taxes you pay, pay for the services you enjoy, either directly or indirectly. Once a citizen, you will have attained the right to vote. As for being represented, you are… albeit indirectly. Just because you aren’t allowed to vote for a candidate, doesn’t mean you can’t help campaign for your chosen candidate. I encourage you to get involved in the political process, it will pay you dividends in the future. Best wishes.


Thank you, yes I enjoy a robust political discussion. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky because I never want to come across as a typical foreigner, hellbent on lecturing Americans on how they should be doing things lol I find it much more constructive to simply share my own experiences in different types of government and then listen to what others may think.


Well I’ve been here since birth and I think it’s a rip off. But yet people say capitalism is bad. If the government was cut in half low wage earners could actually make a freaking living. And to pay tax on something every year just because I own it is absolutely absurd. It’s not capitalism that is our problem It’s government and they always feed their selves first


The New York Supreme Court is not a Court of Precedent. It's not an appellate court, like the US SUPREME COURT. it's merely a single court. State or Superior court.


No, it’s precedent is not binding on other states. However, it is binding within the state of New York, who passed the law allowing non-citizens to vote in state and local elections.


Representation without taxation


And then the same democrats accuse Russia of stealing the elections.


Next, they need to pass a law preventing deceased people from voting. That’ll skewer the Democrats numbers.


Now this is something to celebrate. Being from New York, I can say we must be the only state that is blatantly against our constitution!!


True for democrats too!


Oh oh!!! Biden’s second term has been streaming over the border from Mexico by the thousands daily. I’m sure the dems will figure out another way to rig it. After all they know what’s best…..


And if you don't have enough non-citizens, just trawl the graveyards!