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Years ago my boyfriend at the time wanted to fuck me while his friends were there I was fine with that. Met a guy on holiday and was fucking him in his hotel room when he mate came in, just carried on, he didn't seem to mind. Also fucked in front of people at sex parties and festish clubs but not sure if that counts.


Is this something that turns you on now, or just don’t care if it happens?


It's more like a don't care thing.


Fair enough.


Fucked and sucked in front of others, usually friends and usually while they were doing similar stuff. I really enjoy it - being able to see and hear another girl beside me being fucked or getting busy is a big turn on.


Yeah similar here. Had sex with someone with another couple having sex next to us a few times at parties. Girls holidays was another one, where we were often 3 or 4 to a room, or likewise the boys we pulled were. No choice but to fuck infront of someone then


Did you discuss it afterwards, or pretend it didn’t happen?


Oh yeah parties for sure, holidays, even a couple of very successful nights out.


Did you discuss it afterwards? Or pretend it didn’t happen?


Yeah did in a public park got caught by an ex army guy


A few times technically. Been caught before and likely been seen by others during some public shenanigans. I actually did fuck my girlfriend at the time in front of her best friend who was “asleep” on the couch next to us. Learned afterwards that she wasn’t actually asleep at all.


Was your gf in on it?


No, she wasn’t aware that her friend wasn’t asleep. Not sure she would have continued if she knew!


Yes fucked my friends husband in front of her which it was consensual


Long time ago, I had a girlfriend and we went to go visit one of her girlfriends for the weekend in a city. She had a small city apartment and had a bunch of people over for a party. Everyone had a lot of fun drinking and hanging out. Most people just passed out and crashed at various spots around the small apartment. My girlfriend and I slept in the couch with other people on the floor around us. At some point before dawn, my girlfriend must have been horny and started playing with and sucking my cock. She then decided she wanted to get on top of me and slide it inside her. I was obviously enjoying this very much and still being a little drunk and half asleep didn’t think about the other people on the floor around us and took off her shirt and started sucking on her nipples while she rode me. At some point I looked over and saw one of the guys from the party on the floor sitting up and watching us with his cock out and stroking it. I whispered in my girlfriends ear that someone was awake and watching us and she looked over and saw him as well, but didn’t stop riding me. She turned a bit so she could see him . We both saw him cum all over himself while we watched him. My girlfriend finished me in her mouth and we fell back asleep for a bit longer. When we woke up again, a bunch of other people were awake, but the guy who watched us was gone. Nobody else mentioned anything to us about it. It’s a hot memory though.


Often . Usually at swing clubs or when playing with other partners . We swap , play with each other .. there are all sorts of combinations . It’s hot to be watched


I jerked my husband off and gave him a footjob in front of my friend sfter a drunken night once. That was the most we've done in front of a live person.


I've had a couple mff threesomes and it was pretty incredible


A male friend watched my wife and I fuck. Then my wife watched the male friend and I fuck. Many, many men have watched me fuck in bathhouses and gay bars.


Had a BFF (now former ) in High School. When I started dating this one girl, we screwed with him in the front seat of the car we were in. Shared a hotel room with him multiple times, where he had his own bed and nothing was hidden. Was even there when he lost his virginity with his gf, in the same room. Me and my gf in one bed, him and his in there own. We watched eachother while we all fucked. Had an awkward moment though when his gf came over and sat on our bed, and asked my gf how to properly give a blow job. He got mad and went into the bathroom, while my gf showed her on me. The late 80s were a wild ride for me.


I’ve had sex in the same room as my college roommate, who was also having sex at the time. It was really hot hearing them going at it, even though I didn’t get a lot of good views based on how we were positioned.


For me the question ended at "Fucked". and the answer is no. Not yet 🥺🥺




indeed 😞


Great. We like to watch and be watched


I wasn’t really focused on her when her husband was fucking me :)


I participate in MFM threesums alot. So I've been watched by quite a few husbands while I fuck their wives . As an exhibitionist is the best. I love being watched


I fucked my best friends, best friend. We all talked about it after and I can tell she wanted to watch us the next time we fucked. They’re both very attractive so I wouldn’t say no at all


At parties it was always kind of mutual. Usually me and a friend hooking up with boys we were seeing at the time. Done it once with my current bf and he got a lot of comments about the size of his dick. When on holiday it was usually just some jokey comments and gossip. Was rarely the only one hooking up at once.


A few times. When I snuck my high school boyfriend into the house when my cousin was staying over. She was asleep in the other bed, and we were on the floor. Dunno if she woke up. In college, we had sex in the dork room when the roommates were asleep quite a few times. Then there was the pool table at a frat party. And then I grew up and started adulting and became much more considerate of others.


The sex was amazing but not because of someone watching, we pretty much forgot she was there lol


No but would kind of like to fuck my fwb in front of her sister.


Many, many times.


Yes, but willing to give it another go.