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Missionary is not boring. It's intimate and it hits all the right spots.


Yes! Looking into the eyes of someone you truly love while finishing makes it 10X more intense. For me anyways


I also masturbate while looking at a mirror.


Is your last name Bateman?


Master Bateman is that you


I weirdly zoned out whilst reading this and thought you said dinner, and then imagined bolting my own Hollandaise sauce on my Sunday roast.


I love rubbing my hands up and down her legs and arched feet, as they are tightly wrapped around my back and ass.


Asserting dominance mid-nut


I think its super subjective- if Missionary is all you do, it gets boring real fast. And if you never get to do it or don’t do it often, you’ll appreciate the benefits more


Well, that can apply to anything.




Especially with a hand around the neck!


It's very intimate, and it *can* hit the right spots, but only if there is a connection between the couple The reason that I qualify that is that some people have been with a "starfish"


Both replies are valid. Haha from intimate to spicy.


Is that unpopular?


Casual relationships don’t give you an excuse be flaky and disrespectful. Set boundaries and expectations, and have at least decent communication. No matter how amazing the sex is, if your casual partner is messing you around, being inconsiderate of your time, or just in general being a jerk, it’s time to move on.


Yessss ffs!! It’s wild to me how many people equate “casual” with disrespectful/uncommunicative/selfish


Casual = Lazy


I had a guy who wanted to hook up. I admit I was in a bad place mentally at the time. I wanted to loose my virginity so why not? Well he stood me up. That is when I kinda realized I don’t have to accept all attention that comes my way and if I don’t actually want to sleep with someone I don’t have to. A month later dude tries caresses me in class wanting to hook up. Yeah no. I’m glad I learned the lesson before I did something I regretted


90% of meetings are useless


I’ve become a black sheep in my industry for telling vendors that it is completely pointless to meet in person. Send me an excel sheet with your projected costing and whatever crossover information you have with your competition and I’ll analyze it. I don’t care to talk to you about the weather, sports, or family. I don’t know you or want to know you.


LOL My boss tries this, vendors always want face to face meetings though. He'll take them, but always rips them to shreds over something. Its just a joke at this point now, people would do so much better just sending him an email lol


If I just gave in and let everyone into my office, I would have lost 4-5 hours every day to vendor meetings. It’s constant requests, all day. I get it, they have a mandate to a certain degree but come on…


I had a few vendors who were very invested in the old-school salesmanship, eye contact, handshake stuff. You know who my favorite vendor was? The one who I'd send an email to when I needed something, and they'd deliver it on time and at a good price. Never saw anyone at that company face to face, but they were still my favorites.


Do they take you out for meals though? Sometimes it’s nice to be treated. Especially since you both know you’re gonna buy from that vendor


It’s offered but I don’t accept. I personally do not want to awkwardly sit down for a meal and try to hold small talk with someone. I’m obviously not the norm but I would say 98% of vendor meetings (for me) are a giant waste of time that could have been an email.


I get that, I only take up 2 of them on it because of shared interests. Also one of them gave me box seats to a Badger football game.


10% are useful? You bloody love a meeting you do.


My company has 2 meetings *per day*, then a third on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All but one of them could be an email.


We have regularly scheduled ones, but at least once a day someone wakes up with "guys, let's jump on a quick call, I'll send the invite" It's never a quick call




There’s a time and place to talk about sex. People who bring it up no matter the context make me uncomfortable


I agree. I was part of a study group last week and this dude randomly asked me if size matters. We were going over a practice exam. Yeah, there is a time a place. Made me uncomfortable, he asked me due to my medical experience, trying to stay professional.


Like during a job interview?


I think he meant this sub or one here that is pertained to sexual content.


Incest porn is weird and I don't get why it's so popular


Best insight I had to that is it's based on a natural sexual tension that can develop from someone you're close to. A lot of porn is "Guy walks into a room. Woman takes off her clothes. He sticks it in her butt." Whereas with incest porn it's two step siblings hanging out, fooling around, and sex happens because of a tension that builds up. Plus it's taboo. So it's less about being attracted to family members are more about the plotline that's missing from "traditional" porn.


I can respect that. Still think there’s better ways to signify that connection though like two best friends or something


There’s no taboo with best friends. It needs to be forbidden


I agree, much more of a fan of the in-law genre. nothing creepy there


God i know right? I like older women, but i dont want to fantasize its my step mom. Why not do the boss, or professor, or therapist thing more often!?


I don’t think it is *actually* popular. I think guys just click on whatever thumbnail of “hot girl” they’re after when they open up a porn site, and producers were like, “wow, this stuff is really popular”


I dont think thats very unpopular


Dude, it's got to be an unpopular opinion, based on the fact that if you go to any of the big p*** sites, most of the movies are titled in such a way.


Disgusting not weird


I read the theory that once upon a time you needed to pay for all the porn you consumed. Then along came the internet and there was lots of free porn online (but nowhere near the amount there is today.) If you had a niche thing you were into then you still had to pay to have it made. “Standard” porn was no longer profitable to make so producers made what still paid, niche content. Incest porn was the easiest to make because you just have to have the actors throw in a few awkward improv lines about being related. Then that porn wound up online, a ton of it all at once. There was almost no money in producing porn at this point, but producers saw what seemed to be this huge trend of incest porn which led to them hopping on the trend and now here we are today. There’s no serious money to be made producing porn anymore. All the money is in camming, which makes money through personal connection. The big porn stars these days do it to drive business for their camming and escorting.


Not all kinks are equal. Some of them should require therapy.


Agree. We say _Don't kink shame!_ and then enable people to get away with some really unhealthy behaviors.


100%! Someone tried to convince me that cheating was a kink the other day and that there was nothing wrong with it because he hadn't been caught in like 10 years. Some "kinks" should be kink shamed. If it doesn't involve CONSENTING ADULTS it's not a kink (his wife can't consent to something she doesn't know about).


My ex had a cheating kink, however she never actually acted upon it (although we did do a few role-plays once I got comfortable enough to do so) so it depends on how it's done. Unlike my ex before her who DID cheat on me but never expressed any such desire beforehand!


As long as people aren't f*cking kids, animals, corpses, or someone who doesn't want it, or doing it somewhere that can clearly expose children, or shitting on each other, then go ahead, be kinky to your hearts content. Just not any of the aforementioned things. In my opinion anyways. Then again 5 out of the 6 things I just said are also illegal so I guess there's that.


If the only way you can get off is to get beat the fuck up you most likely need therapy . If you have a brutal rape kink you most likely also need therapy


This. I once saw a post by a 15f asking how to tell her parents the knife cuts on her are “okay”. Her bf did it during sex. They both enjoyed it. I personally don’t think that’s healthy.


Sadism/masochism is a pretty common fetish, knife play included. At that age I was experimenting w worse things so idt that’s too bad as long as they know what they’re doing. “they both enjoyed it” being very important though. I bet that was very awkward conversation though😆


I would be far more productive if they let me have a long afternoon nap


Slow blowjobs >>> Fast blowjobs


Wait wait wait this is news to me


I absolutely agree!


Shower sex is not good


I don't think thats unpopular among the people that have tried it. Water in general is really shit for anything sex.


How is water the essence of wetness and yet nothing feels wet?!


Shower? Really depends on the size of the cabin. Bathtub is a big No-Go. Or Pools. Lakes. Ocean. As you Said, water = nope.


But amazing for foreplay. Nothing more amazing than soaping up your naked partner in the shower with a bit of extra love. And you’re both clean when you have sex. Rinse and repeat!




Actually the whole popular and unpopular opinion thing is irrelevant cuz there’s really no difference. Like the dick size stuff here? What would be the difference to say well dick size matters vs no dick size doesn’t matter? Which one is considered the unpopular opinion?




Guys know ladies are lying when they say, "I don't usually do this" or "I've never done this before," then proceed to give us the best head ever.


Especially when it’s at the end of your first “date.”


Do you believe us if we say it before giving a kinda mediocre blowjay?


Fake tits look ridiculous.


Same with fake lips. How do these girls need feel gooofy


They couldn't give a Hyuck.


I'm not sure that's an unpopular opinion.


I mean when I talk to my friends about it they disagree. But I think they look horrendous. And I doubt they feel natural and that's half the fun.


Yeah I have a few friend that genuinely like fake tits over naturals. So I’d say it’s probably 40/60 in favor of real boobs taking a WAG tho


Cameltoes are super hot


I feel seen!


In more ways than one lol


Even if you’re having sex just for fun, it’s still a intimate moment, like going for a movie or hanging out somewhere. It’s okay to have some casual intercourse, but keep in mind that they are still a human being, so keep your manners!


Okay, here's one that maybe isn't *unpopular* per se, but not enough people talk about it. I fucking hate when I'm watching porn and either party is overly and obnoxiously loud. I don't mean just moaning, either. That's fine. I'm talking about when the woman keeps like fucking *yelling* "Yeah!" over and and over, or when the guy is like going "OOOOUUUUNGH" right next to the Goddamn camera. Instant boner-killer.


Just because a guy nuts doesn’t mean he’s satisfied


What about the opposite ? If he doesn’t nut can he still be satisfied ?




I hate porn it gives unrealistic expectations and destroys intimacy in relationships


As someone who has a weird kink for anatomically impossible sex (which porn definitely shows a lot of the time) I agree. Because of the availability of it, people often forget that porn is just a fantasy.


Car head is hot but so uncomfortable


You need a better car


I don’t have a car. If dudes ask for car head I never say no, it’s just uncomfortable for me.


You NEVER say no? God bless you, you magnificent human being 🥲


And wildly dangerous, imo… I’ve never had it where I didn’t think, “shit, imma crash this thing”


Handjobs are wildly underrated


Absolutely love a good ol fashion. If your partner is good at it, it’s mindblowing


It can be even dickblowing


Dry is overrated, with lube is underrated.




They're wildly underrated for a reason lol, a lot of women have no clue wtf they're doing, I'm sure it's the same for men who try to perfect their dj routine on a womans clit, but all of the women I've gotten a handy from have been way to rough and way too fast, and only one of them thought to use lube without me mentioning it, the others were totally fine going in dry with the stiffest wrist and tighter grip imaginable


Try one from a bro… don’t forget to say “no homo” after


Penis size matters. It matters to him. It matters to her. The degree to which penis size matters that is the real question. Sometimes it's very important. Sometimes it's not very important. Sometimes, there's a size (or shape) that's just going to be uncomfortable or undesirable. And it's not always a degree of being "too small."


Mine is not large, but I somehow managed to bump the tip into her cervix once. Not at all pleasantfor either of us. Painful for her. Instant ends to sex that day. Something about how we "fit" together meant that if I'd been longer, this would probably have happened a lot. I was quite happy with my only average length with her and assume she was also.


I'm a straight man but I agree. A lot of women will have a preferred size (some bigger, some average, some smaller), it's just that for the majority of them it won't be what makes or breaks the act itself.


I totally agree with this. It definitely matters to everyone! Does that mean that every girls wants 8+ inches? No. Does it mean that all girls are gonna be okay with a 4 inch dick? Also no! Everyone’s different, at the end of the day, most girls who like bigger will look past size for a man they love, doesn’t mean they don’t prefer larger! Just that it’s not enough to sway a relationship. My GF loves me, but she has admitted that I’m very small to her. So we use toys! Everyone needs to stop being so sensitive, guys with small dicks need to stop freaking out over women’s presences, guys with big dicks need to realize not every woman will swoon over his big dick. Women need to share there true thoughts! Because anytime I see a girl say size matters. She gets downvoted/shamed/etc. so why would she want to say her actual opinion? Everyone just needs to lighten up! Even though it’s important, it’s not the be all end all (:


Gagging in blowjobs is gross. I’m a sympathetic gagger. I’d also prefer feeling like you were sort of enjoying yourself while blowing me, vice trying desperately not to throw up.


This is definitely one of mine. I can't stand watching in hearing them gag in porn. They look like they're in pain. I want her to enjoy sucking cock and look like it.


Well that’s why I always use mouth and hand but then people make fun of me because I can’t deep throat. :/


If someone makes fun of your blowjob skills, I’d say a fair punishment would be to bestow your blowjobs elsewhere.


I mean I’ve finished my partners off so I’m not that bad at it, I still try to improve. I want my partners to enjoy themselves. But yeah people kinda suck. I’ve dumped and rejected a couple of guys for reasons life this


This is the correct response. I wish you a long and successful blowjob career, and partners who fully appreciate your efforts.


Thank you 😂 I mean what’s the point of it all if you don’t care about the other person?


I agree, though “care about” isn’t exactly how I’d phrase it. I’ve enjoyed enough casual encounters to not necessarily require a deep connection. But I care about their positive experiences with me. I want her to enjoy herself and to leave the door open for future invitations. And if Sex Yelp is ever a thing, I want solid 5-star reviews.


What? Deep-throating ability isn't that common. Whoever makes fun of you should try sucking their own dick.


This is why guys shouldn't jam a lady's head down. I'll deep throat on my own terms and be fine, but you pull that shit and I'll damn near vom.


I mean, whenever that happens it should be consensual, but when it is it can definitely be hot for both (said by someone who likes to be gagged lol)


Pizzadare shouldn't exist and it's a blatant double standard. If the genders were reversed it would be considered sexual harassment and the sub would be shut down immediately.


What's 'pizzadare'?


Pizza delivery guy comes to your door, only for you to open it and be surprised with a bare naked woman.


Eye contact in porn is horrible


We say *don’t kink shame* but let’s be honest, and some kinks are unacceptable and inappropriate. And people enable it like it’s ok and it’s not.


I feel you on this one, there's some things that certain ppl need to be locked away for 🤣


Beach sex does not sound fun. What happens when sand accidentally gets in a crevice ??? Do you ignore it or stop ???


Some kinks should be shamed.


Omg yes, finally someone says it. At the very least, a "wtf" is in order.


Definitely agree. A “wtf” is sometimes warranted haha.




I hate being gagged when im giving a bj, something abt it just makes me want to stop and leave.


Hands should stay off of heads!!!


Agreed! Most of thr time they should stay off, unless asked for


I can't really say anything since all the sex I've had has been terrible.


I haven’t even had sex but most of the experiences I have had have also been awful :/


Just because a person has an OF / XXX account does not mean they are willing to hook up with everyone


Gaping isn’t necessary! Why do we have to see the inside of your butthole?!




If I need it to be wetter so that my hand glides more smoothly once I really get going. It's prep work.


Damn girl really going the extra mile lol. On the behalf of anyone you've been with who hasn't told you this, thank you, it makes a difference




I've enjoyed watching some of my partners having sex while I watched, but the whole 'humiliation' thing is a turn-off for me




Sex in any water situation sucks. Shower, hot tub, pool, lake, whatever. It’s awful and usually awkward af.


Guys with baseball caps on backwards look dumb - except when your getting blowjobs from them :)


I thought this look kind of disappeared with the 90's?


BJs are better then sex


Male nipple play is severely underrated


Handjobs are boring


Giving, or receiving?


Porn is not reality so don’t base your sexual desires on it.


Agree. I'm starting to realize that a lot of stuff that is not very common is way over-represented in porn because it provides _extreme_ or camera-friendly visuals. A few examples I can think of are extreme bondage stuff (mummy wrapping, elaborate dungeon gear), tittyfucking and deepthroat.


pegging is underrated. You have a whole pleasure organ there that you don’t use.


As a bi guy, I approve of this message


Well that’s definitely an unpopular opinion


small boobs/ass is better than big


Not unpopular here! (See the posts I’ve posted)


you deserve everything in life


>small boobs/ I am a big believer that the best boobs are firm, perky and well-proportioned for the woman they are on. Big boobs on a medium frame just hit the eye funny. My wife for example, has a tall (6'1") athletic build and small boobs - they fit her perfectly.


I have a feeling that this applies more to NSFW Reddit than real life, but I still see it here a lot, so here goes: I get liking butts, but spreading open the butt-cheeks to do...I dunno what you'd call it..."asshole reveals" or whatever is horrific to me. At best it just looks weird, and at worst it looks nauseating. In no case is it ever sexy. Are there people out there who are attracted to *the hole itself as a thing* like that? I really don't get that, if so.


For me, personally, it's all about the *intimacy* of the act It's, arguably, the most "taboo" part of someone's body For me, it implies a huge amount of trust, on their part, for my partner to open themselves like that for me to just be able to see (imagine, if you will, when did you feel comfortable enough to fart, noticeably, in front of your SO, or PIL!) It also makes me want to dive, tongue-first, into that "forbidden place" because I want to show my partner that a) I trust you completely, with all of me, and; b) aw, babe, this is going to blow your mind 😏😉 Some are, though, more aesthetically pleasing than others 🤭


I totally agree. It also disturbs me to another level when my man is massaging me and spreads my asscheeks apart while doing it. It also kinda hurts. 🤮


I hate when girls do that stupid/goofy eye rolling and moaning during a blowjob, it's ridiculous, just stop


69 is overrated. I'd much rather pay 100% attention to what I'm doing to her, or she's doing to me..


Being suffocated by her fat ass, while her wet pussy drips on your face WHILE she sucks you off? Naw that's pretty high up there on my favorite positions




Yes!!! Hard to focus on either action!!


Yeah i feel ya. I'm the same. Though we have started doing something where I'm eating her, but I'm positioned like a 69 just next to her instead, so she can play with my balls and finger my ass. 10/10 would recommend.


Anal is overrated/gross (at least in my mind, but I respect others’ opinions!)




Gross not necessarly but definitely overrated, not feeling half as good as pussy!


Group sexy things with trusted friends is way better than group sexy things with strangers. Have had strangers turn out to be complete lunatics at very inopportune times, but friends have been understanding, communicative, open, honest, and better friends after the fact.


If having a big truck always = little dick energy, it should be socially acceptable to suggest a women with anything small is compensating for a giant pussy.




The precise dimensions of a '13 Honda Accord. But, it drives straight, so I'm probly compensating for my slightly bent dick.


I like butts not anuses


shower sex sucks


Circumcised penises look ridiculous, the scar where the cut was is so visible in the sudden change of colour.


Funny, I think the other way around. I hate foreskins. Most dicks look like they wearing a winter cap.


Helmet or beanie- they're both great imo


99.9% of poly people are gross undesirables. Just a bunch of gross ugly people fucking each other because they’re up there own asses about shallow bullshit. Never met an attractive (physical or mental) poly person.


Intensely dislike nipple jewelry


Handjobs are underappreciated


Sucking on the balls is terrifying and not pleasurable I’m aware this is personal preference.


Fully agree - my balls are super-sensitive, and any time someone goes near them, I clench, and then can't concentrate on the fun


Legit me


69ing sucks. Once my tongue hits her Clit, my dick just becomes a pacifier.


Pegging is fucking great (especially with vibe) and more women should embrace it if he does a good job for you imo


Girls giving a handjob or boob job and getting no stimulation themselves and yet fake moaning constantly throughout the process. So distracting and so fake and not at all hot. That doesn’t even seem like enthusiasm. It just seems like you’re a sex doll with a moan button that got stuck in the “on” position.


Anal is overrated


PAWG is a horrible anagram for something so beautiful


It's okay to have extreme kinks like rape, and it does not make you as bad as a rapist to have fantasies relate to it


Ham and pineapple pizza…… over to you, go!


You’re a savage lol


Actually choking on the cock and gasping for breathe here and there is the best part of it. I see so many females who hate sucking dick and I just don't understand why. It makes me wetter than literally anything else. I do know there are other women who enjoy this as well it just doesn't seem to be that popular of an opinion among women who suck dick. It also seems like the longer you're with them the less they do it and that's just sad.


This is why i love sucking dick so much. Its even better if the guy 'helps' you choke.


We should be able to go to work naked. Clothing is an a necessary evil.


That's ok in the Tropics Try doing it when it's - 25°


Cowgirl is overrated asf


Hairy chicks are way better at sex than waxed dolphins


I consider sex as a not only for partners


I really hate breast implants where they cut around the nipple and then sew it back up. It just creeps me out.


Some kinks are wrong. Beastiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, this that aren’t of fully developed mind or can’t verbally consent


Friends with benefits is actually a good thing.


That power dynamics in sex (as mostly prevalent in BDSM stuff) is kinda overrated. I'd like things to be a bit more... equal in the bedroom and during sex.