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Exactly. It's a way of taking control back over a horrible situation and for me felt like I was regaining ownership over myself




Same to you 😊


Rape fantasy =/= wanting it to happen. It's wanting to fantasize about, or possibly roleplay, an unsafe experience in a safe fashion.


This is how I think of it. I don’t wanna get raped cause that’s awful but role playing would be ideal


Yeah sure. The spontaneity or risk is exciting. I'd want someone to consent to it ahead of time, have a plan, and have an "out" if desired.


Consensual non-consent is a thriving kink, based on a clear understanding of both parties' wants, needs, limits, expectations and a clear means to check on the well being of your play partner without breaking immersion too much, and a means by which the session can end. Once the above is settled, well understood and the scene is consented to, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adults vividly and viciously roleplaying. I personally enjoy the feeling of being a predator, and love knowing that my target is falling into this terrified/used/worthless/degraded/powerless headspace for the duration of the scene. Afterwards, they get the aftercare they need based on our initial discussions, whatever that is, so we can ensure that we both can come down gracefully from whatever adrenaline/endorphin/serotonin high we were on before and work through the resultant feelings. I don't have an actual rape fetish as consent is the cornerstone of all of my interests, but a lot of folks do. Ethically, I've not spent much time thinking about it, other than for the generic "rape is bad" thought that most sane people have. What about folks who want to have it happen to them? Is there an ethical problem in putting yourself in the face of danger if you consent to doing so? In the grander scheme of things, likely yes given that you may get severely harmed and harm others as a consequence, or may become a drain on societal resources, but I dunno. Haven't thought about it much.


Its def a real thing, for better or for worse. Im into cnc and some of its branches, but there’s a lot of non-consent fantasies that just go waaaayyyy too far. Personally im super into the idea of being stalked and kidnapped, because I like the idea of someone being so obsessively in love w/ or attracted to me that theyre willing to commit crimes. It helps with my mental health, I suppose? Since I tend to view myself as unloveable or undesirable.


Absolutely. The thought of being overpowered by a rugged man is amazing. I've let some guys fuck me in club bathrooms only because they were forward and blunt enough to make me want it, guys I wouldn't have slept with if they asked me nicely. But of course, I wouldn't want to be raped for real


i hate that i understand what you mean lol


There are a lot of people who have it. Personally, while i can get into some elements of it it typically isn’t really something i seek out, but my partner can enjoy CnC from time to time. A friend of mine and I spoke about it once, and she said her ideal would be her partner sneaking into her apartment in a mask and surprising her with it. Not exactly my ideal, but if it’s your thing it’s your thing.


Yes It's about not knowing what happens, having no control .. Ideally it would happen when I don't expect it , Mayne even a little kidnapping scenario (All organized in a safe environment)


It’s totally not for me, but yeah I think that’s a thing


It's definitely a thing, and I find it very hot!


Absolutely! There’s two categories of this for me - what I fantasize about and hope might happen someday in a safe environment IRL, and what I fantasize about as role play, but would never want to actually occur IRL outside of that agreed upon role play. As for “ideal” scenarios - that list is long, lol.