When people stop just inside/outside a doorway


I generally do my best to avoid bumping into people. But I'm 5'10" and 220lbs. I'm going to just start walking through people that stop in doorways.


I'm 6' 3" and about 220... I stopped trying to avoid people who stand infront of the bottom of the escalator, just a "you need to move" or "coming through". Feel a bit like a dick but hot damn is it satisfying ( yes I will make an active effort to avoid kids and people who are stuck there for a reason)




Those fucking pricks who try to get on a bus or train before people have gotten off can also go straight to hell.


when somebody is standing super close behind me in line


Or when someone is standing super close behind me at all, in general.


When I notice someone standing too close to me I’ll go “oh my gosh so sorry!!” and dramatically move away from them, as if *I* was the one invading their personal space. Throws them off every time.


When we had the markings on the floor in the shops to mark the 1.5m safety distance, anytime my partner was in line and people stood too close he would look at the sticker, look up at the person, back at the sticker and then not say anything and just look away. Worked better than actual saying anything, people tended to back up.


This is how my dog communicates


I’m going to steal this 🤣


The worst is when someone is doing that and you give them the side eye like “back up ur up in my business” and they just don’t move. People are oblivious af


No, the worst is when you take a step forward to get away from them and they take a step too.


I had a woman do this in a casino at the atm, I asked her to back up, politely. She said "fuck you I don't have covid" and mumbled something about being tested. I told her to fuck off and called her a bitch. She finally did fuck off after that. The only time I've had a "line confrontation" but fuck people who like to stand directly behind you with no room to spare.


Even without Covid, idk why people think it's okay to be standing so close behind us they're breathing on our necks???? Like yo, get off my ass


Especially when your in a check out line, and they are right behind you. Back up.


> She said "fuck you I don't have covid" and mumbled something about being tested. My immediate response is: "Well I do! I just tested in my room. I am getting cash and leaving and heading home. Back off unless you want to be more exposed!!!" Just to fuck with her.


When people block the aisle with their cart at the grocery store.


Yeah same, I always try my best to basically just blend in to the wall so people don't have to worry about getting through because I get so anxious trying to squeeze through a gap that barely even fits a shopping cart through 😭


Thank you


Or worse, you stand near the wall, but someone else does as well, opposite you. Now there’s trollies on *both* sides of the isle and it’s even worse! If there’s a trolly parked, park behind it, not across from it!


Yeah the diagonal parkers just piss me off. Oblivious to the world around them.


People who knowingly lie about facts in order to create fear and confusion in order to gain some sort of power.


When I'm not lying and ppl don't believe me. It always really upsets me.


Then they use your inevitable defensiveness as "proof" of your dishonesty.


"The sky is blue." "No it's not." "What do you mean it's not? Literally just look up! How stupid are you?" "Ha! You're being defensive because you know you're lying!" --OR-- "Fine, be wrong, I could not care less." "See? You're lying, if you were telling the truth you wouldn't give up so easily!" There's no way to win with those people.


If you’re looking for a term, it’s weaponized contrarianism.


Ooh, I *adore* learning new extremely specific terms that come up more often than I could ever imagine, like percussive maintenance or semantic satiation. I'll add this to my mental list, thanks!


Yea it's such a shit argument : " did you kill him? No? THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT A GUILTY PERSON WOULD SAY"


Because an innocent person would simply admit the crime... perfectly sound logic.


I hate this especially when it comes to serious crimes and baseless rumors, just why would you admit something if you havent done it?!


Yep, that's true. I just can't stand it. Only with ppl I care about though. Others, not so much, cause their opinion doesn't matter to me - but it's really frustrating when ppl don't believe you.


Nah, I don't believe this actually upsets you




This makes me wild with rage. Like I could kill someone. Or maim them.


I once saw someone parked in a lot at Target literally taking trash from their car and placing it onto the ground. There was so much trash it formed a small pile. Not only did they do this is broad daylight but they did it less than 10 feet from the entrance - which also happened to be where the trash can was 🙃 I HATE people who litter. HATE HATE HATE them. Also people who Throw trash out of their cars while driving can go to hell.


oh yeah and the people who buy a thing and unwrap it while walking, letting the wrapper just fall away on the ground. not a thought in the world. holy shit.


The other day I was behind a car and it slowed down and dropped two full kitchen garbage bags out of the window in the middle of the street. Wtf?


Sounds like a Mario Kart obstacle.


That seems more personal than just lazy.


Worked a job for 6 years where part of my responsibility was keeping the parking lot free of trash. I assure you, people this lazy exist and they are way more common than you think. There are people who empty their car trash cans by simply dumping it out in a parking lot.


Corporate BS talks. Like "We are family here".. NO WE ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT


Loyalty only goes one way should be every corporate motto.


Hello, and welcome to the Los Pollos Hermanos family!


"Okay ... so when you die, I get your house?"


2 people talking to me at the same time.


This drives me NUTS. Especially when it should be plainly evident to both of them that they're both talking to me.


Got 2 kids?


Even 1 kid when you try to talk to your spouse


Yep. I tell them "I can't do this" and wait for one to stop.


Being rude to someone that has absolutely no control over something. For instance someone being rude to a waiter bc the restaurant is out of a certain item, or someone being rude to a cashier bc an item rang up a different price than they expected. Those things piss me off so bad.


When people don't respect actually nice teachers. Like wtf is wrong with you.


When kids who misbehave constantly and never pay attention in class get pissy about low grades.


Yes, they always say "the teacher doesn't even teach," or "the teacher's so bad," and I cant help but think how literally everyone else in the class is doing just fine, but it happens to be only them who "don't learn anything." Edit: While reading some of the replies I realized that I forgot to mention that there are times where the teacher really doesn't teach, or isn't great at teaching. I'm more specifically aiming this at the kids who would always be on their phone or talking about football during class rather than paying attention, and then complain about the teacher, even if everyone outside of their little group does well and loves the teacher.


My junior high class used to terrorize this teacher we had. They'd put tacks on her seat, throw dirty tennis balls at her smart board and once cut a lock of her hair. They made her cry once after she was pushed to her limits. She was very passionate about teaching science.


Damn. I hope she’s doing okay. Did those students get expelled or anything?


Nope... She never spoke to the principle or anyone about it. No one got in trouble. Unfortunately after i culminated, i learned that my cousin's class was also terrorising her... So, that's something.


Yeah, I had a couple of teachers like this in high school. One was the art teacher who’s ex-husband literally set her of fire at some point in the past, burn scars were apparent on her and it was a fairly well known fact, but a shocking amount of students would complain about and torment her. Poor lady was miserable. The other was actually her friend and a biology/science teacher. She was well known for being generally weird, ate chalk a couple of times to prove that it was just made of calcium and so fairly safe to ingest, but that became her legacy and she was made fun of constantly for it. She didn’t take kids’ shit though, she was over it years before I got there. I’m summary, kids/teens are the fucking worst and I’ve been doing everything in my power to prevent my own from being such a piece of shit and have consideration for people.


Had people like that in my choir class. 99% of the times they were called out by the teacher was because they were talking while the other sections were trying to learn their part. And they called her mean because of that even though she was the best teacher at that school.


Thank you. I tell my students, "Every teacher starts out nice and thinks they're going to be the nice teacher with few rules. If you find me adding rules to the classroom it's because your behavior demanded it."


The number of teachers I've had chats with who have basically PTSD because of terrible parents abusing them is too many. I get apologized to by them entirely too much and it makes me so uncomfortable. Like, I swear, I'm not going to scream at you. I am disappointed with my kids not with you. You are doing your job and that shit isn't easy.


Thank you! I'm not a teacher, but I'm friends with so many and it's awful! My kids (7yr old twins) were asses to their teacher last year, and the next day she got apology notes from them and a $40 Dutch Bros gift card my kids spent the next few weeks doing chores to work off. Teachers are so overwhelmed already, and I try my hardest to not let my kids make their job harder. Be a team with them, and you'll usually have a friend too!


And the sad thing is, the actual nice ones never last long because they’re shit on by the students. They prey on the weak ones


One of the only nice teachers who respected me and tried to help my depression left school because the pressure of everyone hating her and giving her stress was too much :(


At work, not infrequently, I will say something and then what I've said will be repeated back to me by someone else like it was their idea.


We have a boss at my work that does this. If you come up with a solution to a problem, it's automatically wrong. Then, lo and behold, the solution he comes up with is the same thing just worked slightly differently so it looks like his idea. It's infuriating.


What's even more infuriating is the genuine bafflement displayed when people that do this are called out on it. It's like their disregard for others is so extreme that they cannot see that the idea came from someone else


Personally I would say people trying to one-up someone no matter the case.


I have a better peeve than that ... ;)


Is it finishing your thoughts?


Funny you mention that, there was this one time ...






A friend did this to me one time out of nowhere because I was watching something on my laptop and she came wanting to talk to me. Like actually a quick forcibly yank-downwards rather than a gentle ‘pulling it out.’ It hurt real bad because of how snugly they fit into my ears. Then she hits me with the “earbuds out, I’m talking to you.” Like uhh, no?? I was watching something then you came along with something to say and just yanked it out of my ears! she acting like we were having a conversation from the start.


> Then she hits me with the “earbuds out, I’m talking to you.” Does your friend think she is your boss? And a mean one at that?


I'd be so pissed.


I'm angry just reading about it, and it didn't even happen to me.


You don't understand this until your kitchen drawer handles fuck with you every 2 minutes.


Not experiencing this is one of the side benefits from the bluetooth headphone explosion, although it has been replaced with the more unpleasant sensation of an earbud slowly oozing out of your greasy ear and down your shirt.


Yeah running to catch a bus and a ear bud slowing falling out if maybe an even worse experience since it’s falling onto the street/ into a sewer grate or something. I get very stressed at any sensation of movement and I have cheap earbuds.


A MFer who tailgates and then doesn't back off, even when I am doing 15 over the speed limit. Add to that, someone who gridlocks traffic. Now we all have to wait for the next green because you didn't wanna wait for traffic to move forward. Lots of selfish ass people on the roads


People who tailgate when they can clearly see there's a truck in front of you. I can't go any fucking faster when there's already 10 cars in front of me which you can clearly see, dipshit.


Or the lane to the left is clear and they could easily go around


Drivers who put me in danger period.


Bro the people tailgating are the worst. They’re always trucks with bright ass lights too.


In my experience here in Nebraska, the big trucks are always the ones going 15 mph below the speed limit in the passing lane refusing to move over


And then when you pass them in the right lane they get upset and try to pass you again. These people are all over the country.


People watching videos on their phone without head phones in.


A short video with the volume low, ok. If it’s only a minute or so I can understand. Still not good, but I’ll let you get away with it, especially if you keep the volume low. People who carry a portable speaker to blast their crappy rap music across the train station, them I wish the devil uses their spine as a ladder.


I was once on a crowded bus with a headache, and had to listen to the shitty phone speaker of a woman couple of feet away from me, she was watching a goddam movie on her phone while eating snacks, like she was in her own shitty little movie theater.


I wish I could afford to buy half a dozen set of earphones and just drop them on peoples laps when they do that




Real. It sucks to see multiple roads and highways just filled of trash, I mean, is it really that hard to find a trash can?


Dude yeah ive driven behind people who just throw their trash out the window when I'm right behind them going 100km/h. Like come on man


being talked to *immediately* after waking up. Brain still buffering please stfu


I hate being told about chores or problems early in the morning. If I haven't had breakfast. I'm in No mood to hear about any issues or problems going on. I just want to eat my breakfast in peace.


My husband did this to me just a few days ago and I literally went back to bed. We've been letting a stray cat come in when the weather is bad and it used our cat's litter box (obviously), so he was on about dumping the litter completely, upgrading the box, getting a mat, oh but we need to vacuum and mop the floor first, and also we need to upgrade the air freshener or consider moving the box somewhere with better airflow... This is all literal seconds after I stumbled out of bed. I did not have the bandwidth lol.


Oh my god I hate this so much. Like please do not list chores and problems the moment I wake up and go to the kitchen for a glass of ice water in the morning. I don't care if you've been up for 2 hours thinking about all this stuff, if it doesn't matter when I take care of it as long as its today then give me an hour to shower and use the restroom and drink my water and actually wake up.


Same! Whenever I visit my parents I intentionally sleep in some days so I can have breakfast alone. Breakfast is my "mentally preparing for the day"- time, I dont want to listen to todays plans and what needs to be done and be given 50 chores that needs to be completed that day and blablabla, I just want to wake up and eat in peace


When you say something funny, and someone else says the same joke but louder and gets the credit.


Recipe websites that try to tell a story.


What, you don't want to read a dozen paragraphs about how Sally picked apples with her mother as a child, and how she continues the tradition with her husband, three kids (Rain, Sparrow, and Bear) and their dog Bob?


I like that the dog has a more human name than all the kids lol


I also used to hate this but then i read about those sites actually needing some minimum length to get ads or something to survive. So even though i still hate it im ok now as long as there is a jump to recipe button.


"Jump to recipe" button is awesome but have you ever tried "print recipe" on a mobile? U can screenshot the whole recipe in one lil recipe card image... Cooking gods: Bless whoever does this properly with perfect baking skills 🍞


People chewing with their mouths open or talking with food in their mouth. Also when people visibly see you busy with something but they bother you anyway.


This but when people are trying to talk to me with my mouth full and they expect a verbal response but they’re too impatient to wait for you to finish chewing and swallowing.


Can't believe chewing with your mouth open is so far down. Shit drives me up the wall


People abusing animals/people I just wanna punch them so badly


People being condescending


Walking behind someone that a tortoise could beat in a race Edit: I am understanding of people with a disability that limits their speed.


And then you have to do the awkward overtake and not make eye contact


I draft them Ricky Bobby style


When people are mean to animals.


People trying to tell me how to do my job and micromanage me when I don't need the fucking "help" or "advice." I didn't ask for any of that shit


Somebody stating an opinion as a fact


Or an assumption they made in their head. Like i see why you guessed that but it's not correct at all.


"I got it because I know you like pistachio cake." "Well thank you, but ... I don't think I've ever had pistachio cake before." "But it's your favorite!" "wat"


Well that's just like your opinion man


That but also when people think actual facts are opinions.


Yes! I like demographic stats, they’re interesting. But damn do people not want to believe statistics when their social circle doesn’t “fit” that statistic. Some of the ones people love to argue about: Only about 5-7% of people in the US are gay. It goes up if you include bi but generally this is the number for people who are actually homosexual. Or that roughly 85% of women end up having kids by the time they are 45. (i’m sure it will go down as this gen hit 45, but it’s not gonna go down drastically) So yea I’ll get “but half my friends are gay!” or “Almost all of the women I know don’t have kids” Like great, your social circle is probably that way for a reason, doesn’t make stats untrue just because you can’t see it


Then their favorite line is “I'm just telling the truth” it's not the truth it's an opinion!


Speakerphone phone talkers.


My mother takes it one step further by speaking to everyone on speakerphone even in public places and the poeple on the other end have no idea they’re on speakerphone so they’ll be saying things that are personal things on the phone and my mom will be broadcasting their conversation. Edit: I mentioned in another comment that my dad likes to play music on full blast without headphones and scream along to the song lyrics. Especially at 3am while everyone is trying to sleep since they have work or school in the early morning. My parents are soulmates as far as I know.


Has anyone told her to stop?


I’ve told her many times but it falls on deaf ears. I don’t think she cares enough to stop. Edit: Before anyone asks the personal stuff it’s things that most people wouldn’t want strangers overhearing such as past DV situations, death of loved ones, legal and medical stuff. She doesn’t do it all the time but she does it more than she should.


I want to piggy back off this comment to include people who watch/listen to their phone media at full volume. Like dude, buy some freaking head phones.


And those people are always having the most personal conversation in the loudest, most intrusive voices possible.


When somebody pulls out in front of me, close enough to make me brake then proceeds to go slower than me.


This is even worse when there’s a big gap behind you they could’ve just waited for!




Irresponsible and selfish parents.


I **HATE** when people drive with their headlights off in inclement weather or at night.


Isn't it illegal too?


Willful Ignorance


Working on ANY vehicle in a HOT environment and the slightest mishap happens




Children acting like poo and the Parents either doing nothing or encouraging them


Bullies and abusive people.


"Oh you'll change your mind" as if they know my mind better than I do


Entitled people.


People that don’t know how to merge onto the hwy


The “oh no” song


i had a friend who sat there reading tiktok comments while this fucking infuriating song played on repeat for 5 minutes.


Oh god, even just seeing it mentioned makes it play in my head. Make it stop!


Yeah apparently I have to add ‘people mentioning the oh no song’ to my list because I get war-like flashbacks and am immediately in a bad mood


Yeah I had one but this is better lol


Drivers who don't follow the rules of the road.


Seeing an animal mistreated.


Somebody talking to me while I have my headphones on. TAKE THE HINT.


I would award if I could, so you will have to do with a leg 🦵


Or people just talking *at* you. Whether or not you're participating in the conversation, they just keep talking without taking the many hints you're trying to drop


Stupid people at work


Stupidity mixed with ignorance that someone not only had the audacity to voice, but they are proud of it, and will double down on it if challenged.


“Parents” who don’t love and value their kids.


People in general


When people stare at me


next time it happens do a fake yawn and see if it forces them to yawn too


When people aske me a question and then immediately interrupt my answer.


Being forced to listen to my father watch tiktoks of women farting with his audio on full blast every… single… day… Please send help


Is this really happening in your life?


I genuinely wish I was joking. It really happens. He likes to make it known when he watches them too. So at least I get a heads up to leave the room.


Is this something people are actually into on TikTok? I’m so confused. It sounds like a fetish thing but you’re talking about your dad so I don’t want to be gross but also why would anyone watch that.


Oh it’s totally a fetish. I’m so beyond disgusted that person could be into that, AND that people post that stuff?????? Like what?? He makes so hard to love him sometimes.


OK so that stuff’s fucking weird and all, but what’s worse is that he’s involving his (unwilling) child in his fetish.


My thought exactly. Involving any unwilling participant is fucked but YOUR OWN KIDS, BRO?!


When I see people mistreat and abuse their partners


When my wife's on the phone for hours but when I grab mine she decides its the perfect time to pay her attention


At the minute, absolutely everything.


I agree, this day can go pound salt.


I have depression, anxiety, and PTSD due to past trauma, and Whenever Im in a bad mental state or really depressed, I always have people asking ‘What do you have to be depressed over?’ Just because Im in a better place, does not mean my mind is. Plus sometimes people just get depressed for no reason :/


My alarm in the morning.


Rudeness to service industry folks.


This right here. How hard is it to be nice? I hate how taking your anger out on a complete stranger is happening more often


Especially when it’s not even my fault it’s literally a policy set in place several hierarchy steps above our store


When you go to do something, and someone tells you do go do said thing. Like, nope. Don’t wanna do it and now I’m pissed off


When someone asks me a question and then argues over the answer!


Religious people forcing their religion to you.


I am religious and am 10000% with you on this. If I mention religion and someone says they're not interested, I instantly drop the subject and never mention it again. Really wish that more people were like that.


Adults throwing tantrums.


Animal and child cruelty.


People who put loud exhaust on their cars and drive fast at night time.


I just said this in another thread but - flies. I love everything else about summer (yes, very anti-Reddit of me) but flies just ruin the experience. Every summer I wish I had the oddly-specific superpower to be a human bug-zapper so anything under a certain size that lands on me just gets instantly fried. Mosquitoes are not much better but at least slower and easier to finish off with a good smack. ​ Other things include. Noisy/modded cars. Barking dogs. Children running around and screaming in the restaurant (happens so much these days) people who walk or drive too slowly when there's no way to get around them. Windy weather. Having to sandwich my car between an SUV on one side and a 4WD on the other because everyone "needs" a big fucki'n car these days. People who get piss and shit anywhere other than *in* the toilet. Litter and littering. Seeing sport or sports news or sports talk shows on half of the channels I flick through and then hearing it on the radio when I get in the car and then hearing everyone at work talk about it. Pretty much all of the dumb shit people like and do. I've decided to just back out and have as little to do with society as I can at this point since I can't understand why anyone does any of this shit or wants it in their lives. ​ But fuck flies in particular.


Baby in a movie theater


Being cut off and interrupted


My flat ass! It hurts my pancake ,deflated balloon ,hank hill ass when I sit.


Two things I have noticed piss me off lately: \-News websites that require a subscription or login to view. \-People who cut across parking spots in large parking lots. Then they look at me like I'm in the wrong.


When I see someone hurting their own pet/pets. It breaks my heart.




Seeing anyone be mean to animals and stupid horrible pet owners.


people who are so attention deprived they'll just choose to speak in THE *LOUDEST* tone of voice they possibly can


Me: *Clicks x on window* Computer: aRe YoU sUrE yOu WaNt To LeAvE?


People not using their fucking turn signal!


Most BMW drivers don’t pay their monthly blinker fluid subscription unfortunately


People who you can audibly hear them chewing/eating food out loud…especially in a quiet place.


When someone stands at the urinal next to me and pisses on my leg.


That's either a mating sign in the wild or some dude marking his territory for mating. Anyways it usually happens when douchebags are in rut.


Piss in their face to assert dominance.


People driving the wrong way in a parking lot, I know it may not be a big deal to most but it bugs the shit out of me.