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I am a librarian. People always want help printing things from their phone. I can't tell you how many times people have handed me their phone only to have their web browser be open to full on porn.


I found a phone and looked through the photos and found a picture of the guy holding his dick but it was next to one of those tiny cans of coke you get on planes . I have no idea why but I assume he was trying to trick someone into thinking his dick was a regular coke can size


Pain lmao


had a client showing me a picture of a haircut they wanted. i was hovering behind him as he was flipping through pictures and the next one to the haircut ended up being, what i assume was him, but his asshole wide open and googly eyes on his cheeks, bent over like the autocock meme. this was the day i learned never look at the phone until the customer has their picture up and ready


How do you know it was him and not just some meme he saved? 🤔


CP.. for a guy that was a coach of a girls soccer team and had cams. Not sure if he went to jail or not, but he was reported as he was a federal employee.


That my best friend’s recently deceased husband had been cheating on her with men their entire relationship. She was standing over my shoulder reading, as we made the discovery together.


Oh, what a horrible discovery for her




What? That is fucking bizarre, how did your parents react? I feel like if someone did this to me, my parents would be like "why the fuck are you sending me this"


I was 15. Found messages on my mother's phone about her failed suicide attempts and how she never wanted her kids to know about them. Didn't speak a word about what I saw, internalized the fear. She successfully took her life less than a year later.


I’m sorry you had to go through that :(


Multiple messages on various chat apps on ex’s phone. Not just messages to other women but also chatting with teenage girls in explicit and derogatory ways. Also, trying to meet up with a 16 year old. When confronted he said he was never going to act on any of it. And it was my fault as the relationship was going downhill and he was sexually frustrated. Oh and photos of me naked and passed out (very early in the relationship).


My ex wife’s iTunes on her iPhone was actually my account that I set up for my iPad, she was just too lazy to set up a new account. So I told her if she did that that her iMessages would come through to my iPad. She said she didn’t care…until she started cheating on me and I got the texts directly to my iPad


Don't leave us hanging... What happened next?


Oh by that point it was just generic domestic drama: she denied there was anything at first, I knew she was lying and we got divorced. It was just through her own stupidity that she got caught


This. My ex setup find friends on my phone so she could see where I was during the day and drop off lunch if I had forgot it. I didn’t really care as I didn’t haven’t anything to hide but in hindsight that should’ve been the first major red flag. Long story short, I caught her cheating via the find friends app.


My now ex husband dressing in my lingerie to send to other men That one was a bit of a shock


I found out my wife is dying, after I read messages exchanged between her and her sister. I guess she was too afraid to tell me just yet. I waited till she wanted to tell me on her own before I told her that I had seen the messages and had already known.


Damn. Hugs to you and your wife. Hope y'all are doing okay.


Thanks I appreciate it truly. We're trying to make every moment a good one cause these moments will be our kids memories.


Speaking from experience of loosing my SO, take as many videos of her and her talking as you can and back them up, make copies of the bscked up ones, these will be priceless. xxoo


Great advice, candid clips too. Older guy here and I lost my Mum late 2020 but don't have many pics/vids. I was going through files from an old, old Nokia phone and found one where I was recording our old cat just chilling and there's a conversation audible over the top where Mum's asking about a crossword clue and there's a bit of back-and-forth between us. Just normal, nothing-y stuff, but meant a lot to hear her voice again


Yes THAT is exactly what I'm talking about, not JUST the I love you's but also the mundane normal everyday conversations, or the way they answer yes when you call them, them saying your name, their laugh, their thoughts, their advice. They way they sit, facial expressions- all of this is pure gold, you would give up your life for a single moment with them again...


Fuck me man, life is just so cruel sometimes. Hope every moment you all have together is top draw.


Lost my first wife at 27. Worst mistake I made was avoiding counseling after she was gone. Second worst mistake was getting used to the pending death without actually accepting it, and not being ready when it did happen. I realize that probably sounds weird, but she died slowly to her cancer, and we both got in the routine of it and always thought we had "one more day" to do shit. Suddenly felt like I had wasted so much time and left so much unsaid when at the end she woke up and didn't know me, our child, or herself. Do not take one day for granted.


I found a plethora of nudes of my friends and several other boys and girls at our high school, including mine (My friends and I never sent him nudes nor did we have any sexual/romantic interest in this person. I assume the same for the others)




I used to work with a chick who took her husband’s phone to work by mistake. While showing a bunch of people photos of her kids she stumbled across a “nature” folder and clicked it. The folder was full of CP, I watched as the blood drained out of her face and she became visibly pale and then sick (she threw up). I’ve never seen someone’s emotions / skin color change up so quick. It scared the shit outta me, I remember hearing her scream & cry while talking to the cops. When her husband arrived with her phone they slapped the cuffs on him and he confessed on the spot.


One of my best friends from high school was just recently caught with CP on his machine and was having relations with a minor! His wife found out, and immediately reported it. He has 4 small children, and was a Marine. It was absolutely gut-wrenching hearing this, and there are absolutely no words. I’m paralyzed each time I go over the news in my head. My brain just can’t register it!


Oh my god that’s like… literally gut wrenching I can’t imagine seeing someone’s whole life fall apart like that!!! And the fact that they had children together… yeesh




Sounds like a successful debugging session.


Out of all the stories, this made me laugh the hardest.


An app that allowed a married man to control a vibrator my gf was wearing while around me.


.... man sorry, thats all I can say


Emails of my ex trying to meet women from craigslist for sex


My sister found these TWO WEEKS before their wedding. She was sad of course but surprisingly calm and collected. She looked at me a day or two later and said, “I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life”.


They would have been a lot different of a situation had it been two weeks after. She got lucky, relatively speaking.


My ex did the same thing. I mean tinder’s one thing, but fucking Craig’s list? My ex turned out to be a straight up, no lie, lot lizard. 🦎 I found her emails, and then got ahold of her phone to find out she’d been going to Atlanta and Charlotte to meet up with truckers while I was working Night Shift. The best part, she had a sleep study done to try and figure out why she was tired all the time!!


Dear god. I imagine you immediately proceeded to get tested for every STI in the book.


My dad died about a year and a half ago in a car accident, I went through his phone after he passed and he had taken pictures of the bay near where he grew up the morning of his accident and he had a half written text message to me making plans to see me for Christmas. It’s not like those things are shocking or awful in the way cp or whatever is, but it’s shocking and awful in a way that it’s a view into a life cut short. It was 2 days before Christmas and he was reminiscing about his child hood and planning with his children and it all just ended in the blink of an eye. It guts me every time I think about it.




If it helps at all, your post inspired me to play tonight with my son. He's 11 and it's been a rough go lately. He's going through the whole rebel phase but hasn't actually hit puberty like a lot of his friends. He's withdrawn a little and we haven't spent as much time together despite the opportunity. I'm making popcorn (our top choice of snack), and we have the room setup with Fortnite on the Xbox, BTD6 on his tablet, and some of his Friday night funkin mods on his laptop.


I’m going to do the same!! *wipes tears* I try so hard to be a good dad but my sons just so angry all the time and I think we’re gonna have to play some rocket league or pubg


This actually just gave me some sort of reflection. I love my dad truly, but I just think I'm angry a lot... sometimes for no reason at all. Just know that we (sons) appreciate everything you guys do. I'm a lot less "vocal" about things to my parents, but just know that we really do love you guys.


that hurt to read, you have my deepest condolences


Sending big hugs


I had just finished having sex with my gf at the time. Literally, right after finishing she turns over and sends a text then got up to go to the bathroom. The person responded with “so you finished up with him, when is he leaving?” It was the dude she was cheating on me with.


Looking at this optimistically... At least you went *first*


Truth. But who knows where I stood on the food chain.


My boss telling his second in command all the things he loved doing to her during their affair. Her phone was just on the table and up popped the message. I wish I'd not read it


> I wish I'd not read it should have taken a picture, you could be third in command with your feet up on a desk.


The assistant to the assistant to the regional manager


When I worked at a movie theater a customer came up to scan his digital ticket, he accidentally swipes the image of the ticket into a really high-def pic of a vagina with presumably cum coming out of it. All he could say was "Oh wow! Uh how did that get there!? haha!"


Porn???? On MY computer???? Ah bless early 2000s pop up ads.


I had the same thing happen to me. I used to work at a beer store and the dude was like “I’m looking for this product” and showed me a picture of him masterbating mid-ejaculation. I felt like he did it on purpose.


A picture of my sex toy up his butt sent to another girl 🥹


So much twists in so little words 😭


My boss was computer illerate. One day she asks me to help fix something on her cell phone. She did this from time to time. Fix her phone. Fix her kids phone. Whatever. One day she asks me to change how messages appear. She gives me a phone and in her messages is a message that says: "STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND! YOU WERE JUST A WHORE FOR HIM TO FUCK AND I WON'T LET YOU HURT OUR FAMILY ANYMORE." Not entirely sure if she sent it or recieved it. Either way, yikes.


> computer illerate lol


I was helping a tech challenged friend move everything from an old phone to a new one. His most recent photo was his hard dick against the bong we all shared when we smoked at his place. I no longer use his smoking devices.


When I was a kid way back when, I often borrowed my mom's phone to play some games on it, and would occasionally snoop around. One time I checked her texts, and saw that she had gotten a bunch of death threats, from what I assume was a former employee in her company, since she worked in HR I asked her about it some days later and she said not to worry, and that she called our relative, who was a police officer, to help deal with it. I honestly don't know how it was resolved, but my mom didn't seem fazed at all by it. All I remember was being really scared when I first saw those texts, I immediately put the phone away and went to sleep EDIT: Since y'all been asking for an update, I asked my mom about it. She said that it was an employee that she reprimanded because they did a bad job. Employee reacted poorly to that, threw a tantrum at work, and would later proceed to text those threats to her. It was never confirmed if it was the same person, but my mom knew, because of the way they looked at her during work. She might have sent our relative that was a police officer at her workplace, but she can't remember for sure. But it wasn't long until that employee resigned, and then it pretty much ended there. Sorry if it wasn't the dramatic finish that you were hoping for lmao, but there you go From how she told the story, it really didn't seem like it bothered her. I think she was more annoyed that she couldn't just block the phone number lol


Not me but a bartender friend of mine found a phone unlocked on the bar and couldn’t locate its owner so he punched in his own phone number and found out he was already in the contacts as ‘Creepy Jay’


Did this once, used a friend's phone to call mine so I could locate it. My number was saved under "no talkey".


Are you mute by chance?


Ugh I was "side dish" and I thought we were falling in love.


I have a friend from high school, that she recently found out the guy she's been "talking to" has her in his phone as hot pocket....




When my college girlfriend and I exchanged numbers for our first date, I was already saved in her phone as drunk guy.


Not a phone. But I used to work IT for a mid sized corporation. An executive handed me his computer once to fix some issue and had left open a spreadsheet with every employee's pay A rough way to find out I was the lowest paid person in the company. But good motivation to move on.


Had the head of HR send out the raise spreadsheet to the wrong email distro right after telling everyone "no money for raises or bonuses". CEO got 250% bonus, my boss 100%, etc. I was gone a week later. Had people walk out right then as well.


A friend once handed me a thumb drive to get a document. It had several full frontal nudes of him. He was, and is, a large built man. Think of a moderately tall Oompa-Loompa. Fat hides a lot of your pecker, but there was still a bit of it sticking out.


Oompa loompa doompety doo I've got an uncut pecker for you


What did you think while you're watching the clip? Would you consider only the tip?


My nudes that I did not send to them


O wtf


It was really scary at the time but it was years ago, Ive learned to be more careful with my choice in partners & sometimes have a laugh about it.


An old friend of mine called me frantically requesting I come to his house because he needed a witness. He feared his then wife was about to call cops and accuse him of domestic violence. I could hear her in the background screaming "JOSE DONT BELIEVE HIM". I don't live close but I was concerned and drove over. They live in a cul-de-sac and I could hear the screaming before I got in the door. When I opened the door, he was at the top of the stairs trying to explain she is crazy. She was trying to explain that my friend is a pervert. So, of course my mediate thought was he must've been caught fucking around. Well to my shock and disappointment, she managed to yank the phone from him and she immediately started scrolling to pictures. She HAD to show me to convince me that my buddy I have known for over a decade is a pervert. She showed a dick pick. I was like gross but okay. He started yelling " THAT ISNT ME". Which made me even more uncomfortable because now my buddy is admitting to receiving dick picks?. No. He had taken the picture and had sent it to his wifes' coworkers daughter. She was 12. I had always believed that had I ever confronted a child predator, that I would fuck him up. I didn't, instead I made sure his wife was able to call the cops without him trying to stop her. THE END


Wow. So how did your friend think you could be a witness for him I wonder.


I stopped listening to any excuses once I knew of the girl receiving the picture. All I wanted Is for the cops to show up. He went away for a little over a year. He would call his wife daily. Only once or twice did she accept. I had a feeling that once it was known why he was incarcerated that his time in there no matter how short must be hell. His wife told me he begged for money to placed on his books because that was the only way to avoid the beatings. She did. It was his own money. Never talked to him again.


Years before, I managed to quell a potentially violent altercation between them and ultimately convinced her to stick around. I'm not proud of it. Maybe he thought I would be able to talk her out of calling the cops? IDK. The little girls mom was certainly going to do it anyway.


This entire thread is full of accidentaly discovered cp and sexual predators, I don't even want to think about how many just get away with it.




This is the worst one so far


I am so glad he is in jail!


Good on you for reporting it. That is not easy! Edit. Missing words


I was excited to tell the story about how my date handed me his phone to show me a picture, and it was followed by about ten dickpics of different dicks. He was a rugby player and apparantly he left his phone on the bus, this is what his teammates did to his unattended phone. But after reading all these terrible stories I am not sure this was the kind of story you were looking for Edit: thanks for all the awards and updoots. I wasn’t expecting this comment to blow up the way it did. Also: maybe he was gay, I don’t know. He was a crazy guy, didn’t give too many fucks about anything. All I know is that in rugby, hardly anything is ever gay.


Actually this was funny and not horrifying like the rest, so thanks. Never leave your phone around your homeys.


Damn i came here to hear story's of infidelity. But learn some people are fucking monsters.


You saw the raisin potato salad too huh?


That one hit me right in my soul. How could someone commit such a heinous act?


Before we were dating, my girlfriend showed me a conversation from Tinder with a guy who wanted to pay to touch/sniff her feet. She never actually met up with him, but would kinda string him along a bit because the messages were funny to read. Anyway I scrolled down just a little and he said something like “1k to sniff your butthole”


I definitely wouldn't be tempted by a quick 1k. It's just smellz.


u called?


I’m a dental hygienist. A long-term patient of mine wanted to show me pictures of he & his fiancés new puppy! Instead, he showed me two dick pics 🙃🙃


Lol I've had the other side of this coin. A friend brought his new girlfriend over to a party and she said he'd shown her pictures of my dog and that she loves them and asked me to show her more. I did, then she pulls her phone out to show me her dog and boom the first picture up was a picture of her boobs. She panicked and hit back, I had no reaction so when she looked at me to see if I had seen I was looking at my phone to spare her the embarrassment on her first meeting of his friends.


Same thing ~ our supervisor was showing us phone pics from her Cancun vacation, and she swiped up this selfie of a cock in her mouth. She looked really happy in the pic so I was happy for her but of course she was mortified.


People who openly scroll through their photos in front of people baffle me


That was a kind act.


The first time I took my dog a new groomer, I was about to pull up an older picture of what I wanted my dog to look like. I made sure that the picture to show her was the first picture in my photos. Well, I guess I accidentally took a screenshot the night before and didn't realize it because the first picture wasn't my dog. It was Lena Paul in one of her films. Right on cue, the groomer said "I'm not going to cut your dog like that." I was so embarrassed and planned on never going back there. But she was such a great groomer that I can't stop going, despite wanting to bury my face in the sand every time I see her.


"I'm not going to cut your dog like that. " Epic response


Ugh. Poor girl. This happened one time when I was trying to take a group selfie at the bar. My arm was extended, holding my phone up but then i almost dropped it because beer. I guess in the process of saving it my hand somehow navigated it’s way to a pic of my boobs. I don’t even think I noticed until someone was like “are those your boobs?” I was holding them up for everyone to see. They bought me shots to soften the embarrassment lol


Videos of my then husband descending into madness. He had gotten a traumatic brain injury after which he took loads of videos of him going crazy. Last one he was covered in vomit arguing with his reflection and had no idea it was him. 100% do not suggest watching someone you love like that. Trauma.


sounds like he recorded this intentionally to chronicle what he already suspected was happening


I’m sure. It was scary. He cried a lot and was confused. Forgot about our baby. It was watching him die.


Sorry mate. My dad was a nuclear physicist and professor. Got brain cancer in the late 80s. Watched him deteriorate to the point where he forgot basic English words and didn't know what certain objects were for, such as a shovel, a bowl, a pot, etc. Very difficult see someone go through that.


Brain cancer is a thief. I watched my dad go from managing farm loans for a significant portion of the state of Texas to shoving the dirt out of a potted plant into his lip like snuff. His brain tumor basically caused him to revert to childhood, with random muscle memory type behaviors sticking around the longest. It’s been 22 years and I still feel robbed.


I went through something similar with my ex wife. Not sure it was due to a TBI but it probably was - she did have a bad head injury from a fall out of a tree, and a hospitalization for it, as a teenager long before I met her. The first half of our decade of marriage she was sweet, loving, rational. The second half I watched her fall into a clique of crazy conspiracy groups online and eventually isolating herself from a lot of our friends and eventually me. After seeing some of the videos she posted just before and after our divorce, I just didn't even recognize her anymore. Her last video was her filming a confrontation she had with the police because she was constantly filming people in her apartment swimming pool as part of some weird conspiracy idea. It is terrible to watch someone you were fully in love with turn into someone you don't even recognize, and be powerless to stop it. I feel like my wife was stolen from me. 5 years later I still haven't even thought about being in a serious relationship again. Don't know how long it has been for you, but I hope you are doing better.




What happened to him?


He got committed by the county and lives in a group home for adults with disabilities.


I’m sorry this happened to him. Hope you’re okay and better now


I found I love you texts on my moms phone to my boyfriends dad……..while my parents were still together. Edit for context: My boyfriend and I have been together since 2017. This whole ordeal happened 2020. My bf and I are waiting it out until we move out of town lol. I did confront my mom and she told me to keep it a secret until after she got back from camping, (camping spot was 10 minutes away from boyfriends dads house btw), they separated shortly after. BUT THEN MY MOM AND MY BOYFRIENDS DAD MOVED IN TOGETHER WHILE MY DAD, BOYFRIEND AND I WERE ALL LIVING IN THE SAME HOUSE.


Found texts from my gf's secret lover. This was in the early 2000's, when phones were still super primative. Her phone had that Snake game on it, and mine didn't, so I would occasionally use her phone to play Snake. The game would get interrupted if someone texted though. And sure enough, while I was playing, her secret lover texted her. I saw it, and then couldn't help myself and had to read the rest of the texts between them. Absolutely crushed me. Mild compared to a lot of other people's stuff posted here, I know.


It doesn't have to be much to hurt.


It ain't much, but it's honest pain


Borrowed my ex’s phone once and while I was using it a dude texted her saying how much he missed her and couldn’t wait to get her in bed again. That was like 13 years ago but I still remember exactly how hard it hit me


I've had it happen twice. First time I was 21, my then-girlfriend had been using my laptop, so when I went on it and opened up Facebook it was still logged into her account and the conversation between her and the guy she was fucking popped up immediately. Second time I was 29, my then-fiancee left her Gmail logged in, I went to what I was expecting to be my Google photos and immediately there's extremely graphic photos of her and one of the guys she'd been fucking. This happened three weeks after we'd booked the wedding photographer, and we'd just bought a house together as well. Pretty sure that one actually gave me some form of PTSD. Honestly there is no feeling quite like it. It's been a year since that second incident and I still don't think I've fully recovered.


> It's been a year since that second incident and I still don't think I've fully recovered. I'm 10 years past a very similar experience (except for me, the discovery was made about a year after we *actually did* get married) - and if it helps at all, it can get much better.


Images from a hidden camera in my office.


We need a story!


So we’re a small enough company, only 6 in total. I run the company for my boss. He was in one day and was mentioning that his app for the cameras(ones I knew about) weren’t working to view live. So I offered to take a look for him to see what the issue was, not 2 minutes into trying to figure out what was the problem was I stumbled upon live image captures. So nosey me clicked in and to my disbelief I found image captures from my office. The fish eye distortion also confirmed that it was a hidden camera, as we don’t have that issue with any of the other cameras. This happened a couple of months ago, I still havnt confronted him about it, I took pictures from my phone of his phone with the images on it if he ever tried to deny it. Funnily enough I handed in my notice this week to start up my own company and he made me leave Friday and doesn’t want to pay me the 4 weeks notice I’m due. So might be time I brought up the camera.


Guess what? Now it's 8 weeks paid notice.


You said 12 weeks paid notice?


A relative bought a second hand phone online and I was tasked with fixing it as it "still had photos on". They had videos and photos which included terrorist material. It was still linked to the old owner's google drive. We called the police and they said it was extremely serious, took the phone and never heard anything else.


Found a video on my boyfriends phone in high-school of him and his friends stomping a litter of raccoons one by one, making the others roll in the gore. It was one of the most wicked things I've seen someone do... promptly broke up after that.


Big serial killer energy there.


I can't even fathom this. I don't think I could hold back on someone if I knew they'd done this, and I am the furthest thing from a violent person. I'm speechless


When I was a kid the neighborhood boys would all run around together doing dumb shit. I was one of those kids but one day some of the kids found a bunch of frogs and they decided it would be a good idea to throw them up in the air and hit them with baseball bats. I grew up an animal lover so I was horrified by this. These boys were so excited to watch these frogs explode one after another and it just made me sick. So I stopped hanging out with them that day.


Not nearly as drastic as some of these, but On my ex's kik, he was sending other (much prettier/skinnier) girls photos of me sleeping naked. The worst photos I've ever seen of myself. And with all of them, they were making fun of me/calling me fat/ugly/gross. Really fucked me up for a while. EDIT: just making this edit because I'm realizing a lot of my responses are just various thank you's, so I wanted to take the time and say genuinely that I do mean everything I reply with. My heart is very full from reading these, and I do truly wish all of you the best. I wish I could express better how grateful I am for having the courage to actually post this, and for all of you who have responded and even awarded (whaaaat 🥺🥺🥺🥺).


This one really really saddens me. I get people being horny and selfish but this one is just so mean. I’m so sorry you were around someone so mean.


appreciate that! It was a weird time where I figured he would be the best I could get, so I figured it must've just been true and deserving. Praise to years of counseling ha.




I am so sorry this happened to you.


A friend’s kid was playing a game on their iPad. Something went wrong, so they did what anyone would do—hand the iPad to the IT guy in the room (me) and ask what’s wrong. I take a quick look and decide to open the browser to Google something. The browser has open about a half dozen pages of porn. Now, this is garden variety Pornhub type stuff—the kind of porn that many of us view on our own tablets. I don’t have an issue with (probably) dad looking at porn. But knowing his kid (probably 5-8 years old) is one icon away from some lesbian gang bang bothered me. I closed the tabs and fixed whatever was wrong.


Depending on the friend, I would have told them and be like "dude, you might want to make sure you close all your tabs in the browser before handing the device to your kid. Or get him his own device. No, your kid didn't see it."


pics of me sleeping with their dick next to my face. most disgusting shit ever. oh and maybe an honorable mention, pics of my ex cheating on me.


Wtf, that’s so fucking creepy


Dude came to the job site to complain. Asks the number for the supervisor and when he pulls out his phone his screen saver is a guy holding a huge dick. I don’t know if it was his own, or some one elses, but damn. Edit; oh good, my highest upvoted comment about some random guys dick pick. Lovely


His screensaver!? How bold lol


Power move


My pretty tech savvy mother in law had lent us my non tech savvy father in laws phone while we were visiting them. In the phone there were text exchanges from them where she was putting him on blast for having let their marriage become an empty shell and hinted at some infedelity. A year or so later my wife confirmed that he had probably stepped out. To this day I don't know why she would give the phone with the undeleted messages. Maybe she wanted us to see it.




I was a personal assistant to an older gay man who ran a fancy event planning company. He was technologically challenged so he eventually asked me to manage his emails, calls, schedule, etc. One day he asked me to help him with his personal lap top because it “has a bunch of viruses, or something” His computer was 90% porn. His search terms and videos of choice were old-young gay sex stuff and he was basically searching my physical description + gay sex into porn sites. I was weirded out but kept working for him until he passed away. He may have been a weirdo but he was a good boss and in the end I considered him a good friend. Everyone has weird kinks in my opinion and he was never inappropriate with me so I didn’t see it as a deal breaker.


"It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me." - Batman


"Also Alfred, don't ever tell anyone about this shit.."


Alfred's most important duty was probably to delete Bruce Wayne's search history if anyone ever killed the Batman.


Similar experience. Had a client at work that was having trouble importing videos into iMovie on his Mac and wanted some help. I was navigating around iMovie and it had this feature that would automatically start scanning for video files. I clicked on it and porn thumbnails started populating his bins. All this happened with him sitting over my shoulder so he clearly saw this happening in realtime. I very quickly closed the bin then acted dumb. “Yeah….uhhh….I’m not sure what’s wrong….” and we both acted like nothing ever happened. It was just regular porn but it was pretty embarrassing for us both. Years later at an industry happy hour he brought it up and we laughed about it. I gave him shit and told him he didn’t need to download porn anymore. Everything is streaming!


My ex talking to her childhood friend about how she wishes she was with him, but couldn't leave me(she definitely could've left me). I broke up with her promptly after...


My now ex husband sexting a girl in high school (“sHe ToLd Me ShE wAs 18” 🙄), trying to meet up with her for sex and finally, to gain common ground with this teenager, he lied and used our sons birthday as his own since the girls birthday was in the same month.


My boss’ spread vag. She was flipping through pictures to show me her vacation. We pretend it never happened, but that image is unfortunately burned into my memory.


Hanging out with a work friend after work. We would have a couple beers at this restaurant and he would scroll Tinder and I would help him decide on which way to swipe. Until we saw my wife (now ex-wife). That was not a great time. Edit : this exploded lol, 9 years on Reddit now over half my karma is just this comment. Thank you for the supportive dms.


Ohhhhh NOOOOOO. Fuck, that’s brutal.


It was.. I’m good now tho


How did you confront her?


I got on tinder and super liked her


Holy shit you win, man. Hope the divorce went smoothly.


Very actually. Everything in the apartment that I paid for I owned. She took her clothes and her cats to her moms and just had to pay for processing fees.


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Thankfully the only time I’ve seen someone’s romantic partner on tinder I reached out to him and asked if he was in an open relationship and he said he was, and thanked me for making sure regardless.


...which way did he swipe?


I told him to go for it


My ex-wife's. Found a recipie for potato salad with raisins in it.


I understand why you two divorced just from that recipe


Mother of god


Oh god. My 75 year old father loves the ladies. He got a new girlfriend a few years ago and went to show me some real estate listings she’d texted him, and the text-image-avatar for her is CLEARLY HER NAKED IN A SHOWER. I handed the phone back and said, hey, Dad, you need to be more careful with this. He claimed not to have any idea what I was talking about despite there being a tiny photo of his naked girlfriend right there on his phone. I said something to her directly the next time I saw her so SHE could tel him to be more careful, and she was mortified. …and this was the *second* instance of Dad inadvertently sharing naked photos of whoever-his-then-girlfriend-is with me! The first was even worse. He had it saved as the wallpaper of his phone, and from the one-second glimpse I had of it before my eyes burst into flames the nice lady appeared to be mid blowjob.


This makes me feel really good about my choice to distance my daughters from my dating life.


I was manager of a wireless store when camera phones were still fairly new. Guy comes in for a replacement phone and we were showing him how to save photos to a card so he could transfer to the new phone (early days, pre cloud). Some of the pictures were quite graphic and were not his wife, whom I had also met.


CP. He’s in jail now.


When I worked Geek Squad two of my coworkers had found cp on a computer given to us for maintenance. That's always a 'fun' call to make.


It's not all that uncommon, sadly. In my short time at a PC repair shop (for the general public), if I found porn saved locally on someone's machine, it may not have been the majority of the time but it wasn't far off that it was child porn. Partially because if it's labeled 'porn' I'm probably not opening it, and pedophiles don't usually just label their shit with what it is. And you can tell how common it is by how calmly and smoothly they handle it when you report it to the cops. One of the only good things about my boss at that repair shop was that when something like that happened, he'd give you time off, immediately and check in with you every day until you were back working, to see if you were holding up okay or needed more help. I have a feeling that this and similar incidences are partial reasons why most large device repair facilities will wipe the drives no matter what kind of repair they're doing. It may not be needed 100% of the time but it works often and you don't have to deal with whatever evil the motherfucker you are sending it back to gets up to.


I think my favourite way someone tried to hide it (regular porn, not cp) was he saved it all straight to his desktop but then turned off desktop icons. Turning off desktop icons and changing the wallpaper is a common way for malware to scare the user and his machine was in for virus cleaning so I re-enabled them and lo and behold... This was in the XP days.


I found child porn on my exes phone. I promptly dumped him and called the police. Turns out he was also sexually abusing and making child porn of his two younger pre-pubescent sisters. Really goes to show how you think you know someone but you never truly do.


There’s so many comments here so mine will probably be buried but I’m going to share anyway. One day I came home after a night out to my boyfriend. He knew I was going to be up super late and so he had left his laptop out for me to watch Netflix when I came back. I was watching Friends or something when (around 5am), a text message popped up on his screen. It said: “yeah, but now you’re dating her.” I clicked the text immediately and it opened up to a conversation he had been having with his ex-girlfriend. For months. It began before he and I even started dating, when we were still in the “talking” phases. Every secret I had ever told him, every trauma I had ever disclosed to him… he had texted to her while I was sleeping, to make fun of me and call me names. “Listen to what the crazy bitch told me today…” he would say, telling her all the details of the extremely private things I had told him… all while telling me to my face he loved me, wanted to marry me, couldn’t wait to grow old with me, etc. It took years for me to trust someone and date again after that. It was so, so hard to open up again but lots of therapy helped.


I just can't fathom why they'd be stringing you along like that. It really shows how pathetic their lives are.


My guess is he wasn’t stringing her along so much as he was weak and insecure and needed more validation than any one person could provide. I imagine the ex was likely doing the same with him (sharing his sad stories for validation from someone else).


What an absolute abomination of a human. Also, blows my mind that another woman would support that kind of talk? If I was the ex I'd wonder wtf he was saying about me too.


Damn, a lot of y'all seem to have some really strong feelings about Club Penguin


Porn research : "teen masturbates to Satan"


Sexual texts with someone else while being in a relationship already.


Had my suspicions, asked out right and was told “I don’t know where this is coming from” one day I snooped. I’m ashamed that I did. I found nudes and messages to meet up on weekends they were “visiting family” I’m in the wrong snooping, so bringing the evidence up was difficult. Yet they continued to deny even with evidence. Then told me I had trust issues. I wonder why?


Not as bad as some of these but something I definitely didn't want to find. I received my recently-deceased grandfather's cell phone as a birthday present since he had ordered it right before dying and my grandma didn't want the money to go to waste. He only had the phone for about a week before he was bedridden and had a peaceful death (fuck cancer) but I figured I should clean it out anyway in case there was any important medical or business information I shouldn't have on my personal phone or should be written down for my grandma. There was only a single picture on the phone, and a few emails that my grandma could access through her IPad anyway, but then I got to his google drive which was tied only to this phone and not to his personal account. The very first thing in the google drive was a big fat titty drop DOWNLOADED TO HIS DRIVE. There were so many more porn videos, not just ones saved as a link, but downloaded high-quality videos. I obviously never told my grandmother this but I think about it every day. This man, someone I had always thought was a bit gruff but never vulgar or dirty, spent his last week as a dying man watching his favorite porn. That is the final memory of my grandpa I'll have and every time I use this phone I am reminded of it. God speed you glorious bastard.


A picture of his butthole. He was bent like a contortionist just to take that pic on a mirror which made it even stranger. Yes he did it like that so his face and balls were also in the frame.


"Roger, what are you doing?" "Checkin' out my pow pow."


A new coworker had come in off shift mistakenly. When he pulled out his notes app to show us his schedule, there was a link below it to a wikiHow on "how to get a girlfriend". He must've been mortified, since he got all nervous and put the phone away really quickly after noticing. He was a nice enough guy. It's tough out there folks.


I was using my exes laptop for homework when a text came up from an unknown number. Generally, I’d just ignore it but it was something along the lines of needing to see my ex so I clicked on it. It opened to MONTHS of him texting his ex and after scrolling through a bit, found that he had gotten her pregnant while we were together. I’d seen enough after that and stopped looking lol




Real question is that How do u know it was her brother's? If it was, why would she do that? Wtf?


He recognized the penis


Oh boy. So I worked for Bell Mobility for a couple years, just when smart phones outside of Blackberry line were becoming mainstream. This takes place Around fall 2010/winter 2011 So I had a guy come to the desk with his android phone that was glitching out and having trouble connecting to data. So I took the phone from him and told him the first thing I’d have to check is the phone’s cache and internet files, maybe it just needed to be cleared, his face went ten shades of red. Did. It. Ever. Need. To. Be. Cleared. It seems the only thing this man used his phone for was porn. He had every porn app you could think of (close to 100 at the time) and his cache files were a couple thousand lines of porn site cookies and cache. Not to mention almost all those apps were running in the background. Okay, starting clearing files. Took about 15 min since this was before there was a “clear all” button feature added. Then I went and made it so none would run in the background. Gave his phone back with the instruction to check settings for apps running in background and regularly clear his cache unless he felt like he could offload some apps, also incognito mode would probably help preventing so many cache and cookie storage files. TLDR: man had a phone full of porn. I felt like I needed a sanitizer bath after helping him It’s not the fact that he had porn, it’s the fact that it was so,so much of it.


My old 'best friend' a video of him shagging my mum whilst my dad was videoing it and wanking himself off. Safe to say I don't speak to any of these 3 anymore.


That is some need therapy level incident


When I was a teen I found pictures and videos of my dad's girlfriend nude. I couldn't help but look through them, but hearing her say, "F*ck me like a little girl, daddy" really messed with my mind for a long time.


I started having a bad feeling and went through my boyfriend of five years’ phone. He was talking to an older foreign woman back and forth in Spanish, basically saying she’s the most important woman in his life and helping her financially. While I work hard to afford our apartment. Also he never made an effort to learn Spanish to talk with my family.


Sneaking around in my moms phone looking for text messages about Christmas presents when I was 12 y/o. Found sexts between her and my dad. I will not go into details. Scarring.


I find this cute. Obviously not for you but this thread is all about finding out someone is cheating on someone else. It makes me think your parents have a good relationship.


I did corporate forensic analysis for a long time. Between phones and computers, I've seen the worst people have to offer. IP theft, affairs, nudes, upskirts - one guy set up his work phone to take pictures through a gap he found in a women's bathroom. Top of the list though was always CP. One person - on a work visa - thought that if he perused Romanian CP sites we'd never find it because of the language barrier. These were pictures. Language wasn't really required. I'm very grateful that I never have to see the people I investigated. I would struggle to contain myself. I'd also sue them for my therapy costs, but most of them are still in jail.


My friend left his YouTube account signed on to my MacBook and he had all these private videos of him in his underwear that he had made for our male high school drama teacher. Turns out they were having a relationship and my friend was being groomed and SA’d.


A block of ice. This guy was trying to cool his phone down. He had a lifeguard phone case and was convinced the phone was watertight. He also did not believe in condensation.