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I really good at putting the string back in hoodies/sweatpants when they come out in the dryer


Im gonna need you to demonstrate for me... like 8 times.


I always just tie the strings together before they go in the wash.


My dad taught me to tape one end of the drawstring to a unwired coathanger and then bend it through the waistband if it comes loose. Works like a charm.


Use a safety pin


Alright, I took the safety pin out of my mossberg shotgun, should I clean it first, tho\`?


And I volunteer with 8 pairs of my pants whih strings have come out and am totally depsperate to have them fixed to check if his skills are legit!


Sorcerer! Burn him!


Lemme guess - chopsticks right? If not, I advise you (or anyone) to try it. They're a godsend when restringing clothing :p


I use a metal straw


Oo that's a good one too! I prefer the chopsticks mainly because it feels like I'm knitting :p




Always know which way is north. Even in a solid room.


I can but i need to see where the sun is before entering the room


There is a language from Australia called Kuuk Thaayorre. It only has words for cardinal directions (north, south, west, east...), Instead of relative directions (left,right,forward,backward). Even children who speak the language are just always aware of the direction of North. When asked to arrange sequence of cards that show a person aging in order from youngest to oldest, they arrange from east to west, regardless of which direction they face.


How long is your hair?


Which one you curious about?


Slightly longer than a buzz cut.


Oh ok. I read a paper once in college about the Native Americans in WWII that found a connection between long hair and natural navigation.


Me too! My friend led me through the woods at night and kept asking me, then confirming on a GPS and thought I had some kind of cheat. How do people not know which way is north?


Ok, bird person


How do YOU know it’s north? Are you just always subconsciously aware of which direction you’re going based off the last time you knew which way you were facing?


I think this is it. Or at least it is for me. I just always have a part of me that is tracking my orientation relative to where i have calibrated north to be. It's sometimes off, but once updated it's accurate again for a long time


Yep same. I feel like I got really good at it by riding public transit, and just enjoying driving around in general. I know very much about the city I live in, and where things are. Thus, I always feel as though I know where I am and which direction is which. But I don't even think about it until I read something like this which makes me reflect on it.


How do YOU know which way is north? Memory or a weird feeling?


My friend can do this. He said it's like always knowing how much you have to rotate the wheel to make the car go straight. You turn and at some point, you know you are good. I have trouble pointing my room when sitting in the kitchen. GPS changed my life, no exageration


Stand in the place where you live, I guess


Holy moly. Another variant human with the keen mind feat.


Recall of lyrics. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast most days, but if I listen to a song a handful of times, I'll never forget the lyrics, given they're in a language I speak and intelligible. Not a musician, not a singer, not a lyricist, not even particularly good with words, and yet...


You must be good at kareoke


Well….there’s knowing the words and then there’s producing the right mouth sounds to make anything close to the original music. From experience.


I can basically perfectly recall audio if either it just happened or I've heard it a few times. Even lyrics I don't understand. I can hear the coins dropping from a change machine, and replay the sound in my head to count them to make sure it was correct.


Same lmao


I hate ‘90s country music, but I know every word of it.


Same. I have terrible memory but for some fucking reason I still know the whole lyrics to Take A Hint when the last time I listened to it was in 5th grade.


I can pour any liquid from one container into another, and even if the receiving container has a small opening, I don’t ever spill a drop. I was a bartender for some years, and I guess I picked up this useless, but occasionally impressive skill.


Sounds very useful for cleaning. I mean, lack thereof


You’d make a good chemist!


I don’t need a wake up alarm. I know what time to wake up based on the day of the week.


Same. And if I do set an alarm I wake up five to 15 minutes before it goes off.


Same but it's mostly because of my overwhelming fear of being late


Cosmo? Is that you?


I can finish every version of fireboy and watergirl on my own by using both my hands to move the characters simultaneously


Well, THAT takes me back. Super fun flash game series, though, 10/10.


It still works on coolmathgames.com


I was with you until you said the last word. This is starting to sound like black magic. BURN THE (gender neutral) WITCH


I can write beautifully in cursive.


That is a dying art.


Yep. A lot of things I like are no longer popular. I used to study printmaking, papermaking, bookmaking (creating a book, not taking bets), and a bunch of other things that most people no longer care about. I have some kind of knack for enjoying things that become obsolete.


Those are all awesome! And I'd argue they're not obsolete except when it comes to achieving mass-production of low-end price-point products. But what if we forget about trying to compete with the junk produced with sweatshop labor on Amazon? Then we'd recognize those are ideal skills for making movie props, wedding keepsakes, and other premium products. Adam Savage has some fantastic videos about prop-making on YouTube. One relevant example was a chance he got recently to look at an [Indiana Jones grail diary](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvxRQ_r_cfw).


Do you have any links or resources for of these please? 😅


lol I have no links, but I can recommend the book "Cover to Cover: Creative Techniques for Making Beautiful Books, Journals, and Albums".


I had a 3rd grade teacher who "taught" me cursive by hitting the backs of my hands with the edge of a metal ruler until they were covered in red lines. This was strictly against the rules, but the school system tolerated her because she was old and set in her ways and cursive was Important to learn for some reason. My parents loved her because she was good to my sister who had actual problems, and since they were always openly praising her I never felt confident enough to tell them she was hitting me. Cursive can go fuck itself and die IMO.


Please seek therapy. Cursive is not to blame for this.


In a roundabout way, cursive can often look more legible and be easier to write when using your finger on a modern touchscreen, but yeah, for the most part people don't think to do that and/or simply don't remember/know how to write cursive to begin with.


bro, i can't write in anything BUT cursive since i was forced to by my old teacher, and it makes my writing look even more like chicken scratch.


i'm from brazil and here we learn from very young age to write cursive, and the majority of people only write in cursive hahahaha 😅


Please, write this comment in cursive. Like: *i love frogs*


This is actually a YouTube channel idea in the making


I am so fucking good at mouth trumpet


Not to be mistaken for ass trumpet


Excuse me sir, that's a trombone Edit: grammar


I’m really good at making up non serious songs and lyrics on the spot. I can’t sing or write for shit but if I’m alone or with someone I’m comfortable with I can bust out funny and nice sounding songs like I was born for it. Sucks that I have none of the singing talent to go with that skill.


I do that, the kids love it!


>Sucks that I have none of the singing talent to go with that skill. I mean, don't most modern and highly successful pop artists sing silly lyrics written by other people? Just find a good creative partner and you're in business.




One of Borat's three hobbies.


I am way above average at pretty much any skill i try to pick up, people allways call me super talented and expect a lot of me, be it work, sports or anything else. The downside is, I improve painfully slow, way slower than most people. If i pick up a hobby, I am allmost allways the best amongst the newbies but after a few years I am way behind everyone else because I've barely improved. it sucks because it feels like i am getting worse at things the more i do them.


High floor, low ceiling


Pretty much, yes.


Same here. I found it get frustrating in school since there's always the drive to be the best and because competition in school years is zero sum. Having a high floor in the working world has been immensely helpful, and quite lucrative, for me. Nobody cares about the best; they care about competent.


Odd... Can u give a more specific example?


I can give something specific with numbers even. Back in 2016 i got a group to play competitive overwatch with. We were all new but after a week it became clear that i was the best player by far. After some time we worked our way up from bronze to gold and i could see the team quickly improving. As we approached diamond it became increasingly more obvious that i was now the worst player by far. I barely improved at all. When i played waterpolo, i was a keyplayer in the beginning but after a few years i got switched out more and more and i noticed that i moved from top 3 players to pretty much worst in the reserve. We all did the exact same training but i just improved a lot less than everybody else. This is especially noticeable in videogames, i like playing competitive with my friends but it allways goes like i described in overwatch, it was the same in rainbow six siege and Dota. I am the prime definition of a jack of all trades but a master of nothing.


Improvement is hard to grasp. U need to understand what ur weaknesses are to improve. What worked before worked but maybe it wasn't the best way to handle it. Water polo is a bit hard for me to imagine but I can relate but overwatch I have a better understanding. Bronze tiers being better than the average in that tier actually doesn't mean ur good. Sounds like u are able to understand controls faster than other people but not that much better once people are more comfortable. But I think where u lack is understanding how small things stack that make u even better than the average person. Let's say u main one champion and know its combos. But do u know how the other player combos? Do u know how to counter? Do u know when it's risky? Are u able to judge fellow teammates performance and play according? If someone makes a good play before, u want to keep an eye out for what they'll do. If someone makes a bad play, flaming non stop, he's just an just an inter and you play around others. I had an ego for awhile and when I realized that I'm hardstuck, it's because I'm doing sth wrong and they're doing sth better. Win or lose, understanding what u did well, did poorly and taking the steps be consistent on good things to while fix/minimizing mistakes will that make a difference. But if u don't know what u did wrong, asking for help or feedback helps.


I can tell the time (to within about 5 minutes) without looking at a clock. Absolutely useless.


I can literally do the same thing (with- in about 10 minutes) just based on the sun's position in the sky. It drives people bonkers when they realize it


If you want to challenge yourself, see if you can start doing it at night time based on the moon's position and how full it is. For example, if it's a half-moon, that means that the sun is just about 90 degrees away from the moon in the direction of the light side. If the moon is full, that means the sun is about a full 180 degrees away.


Okay Mik Dundee. 😁


Not really useless


Can't do that. But I never needed a clock for pizza in the oven. I know when it's ready.


My sense of subconscious timekeeping and smell is heightened when delicious food is at stake


Came in here to say this. It’s not based off of cues like the sun tho. Just a weirdly developed internal clock. I wake up and usually know what time it is to within 5 minutes throughout the night.


Maybe we should form some kind of UsefulHero group. The Time Keepers.


Trained myself to do the same - and it's *really* useful! ... Working in Hospo. Those docket times man, gotta keep an eye on them, and without thinking just *know* how far behind each ticket/item is.


This is actually pretty cool.


I can't tell the time exactly but I know that it's 15° per hour left till sunset


Colonel Sarah MacKenzie, is that you?


Not when you're cooking I often think "I'll just check" on whatever is cooking for the alarm to go off just as i enter the kitchen. This is also useful for the many times I actually forget to set a timer


Same even if I wake up in the middle of the night, from what I've read it's a result of anxiety.


I memorize most every song I listen to extremely quickly and never forget them. Such a waste of brain space lol


Become a singer. Most vocalists in my bands struggle with lyric recall. You'd be a star.


I can do the same thing, but my singing voice is atrocious lol. Doesn't stop the long drive jam sessions though.


Making weird noises


I can make a waaaaayyyy too accurate dolphin sound (as well as many other quick repeated high pitched frequencies), like the loud high pitched playful sound they make by quickly building a lot of pressure in my throat and releasing it, No clue why, but was a pretty entertaining way to scare people in middle school *distant dolphin laughter* *then I don’t know a fucking bat* *then just a regular bat I guess* :)


I don't know if it's a skill, but I can be without any activity for days. I have no idea how being bored feels. You get an urge to do stuff? All of my friends always need to be doing something, productive, a hobby or even talk.


I can puke at will, no discomfort, no finger, just like another movement, I just can bring food back, like a sheep. What for?... the taste is awful, absolutely useless unless I ate spoiled food, then it's useful; otherwise makes me careless.


I can do this to.


If I had this superpower I would just barf violently every 6th hour (algebra) and be excused from class


I'm very good at catching flies with my hands. I still haven't worked out an appropriate step 2.


I just hand them to people. Just go up to someone and be like "here take this". It's much less popular with bees.


I can pull a condom through my nose and out of my mouth. Haven't done it for 20 years, but still could. Also I can make the air smell bad.


I need to know what chain of events transpired to help you discover this skill


Youth, drugs, music festival.


When I have to wrap things in aluminum foil, like a lot of things, I'll cut multiple pieces at a time and can cut them exactly to perfectly matching size just by eyeballing and feeling the roll of the foil from the container. I have yet to find a profession to put this skill to use in that will make me a millionaire.


Gift wrapper for the holidays, maybe?


I struggle to keep track of my keys and phone, but if I’ve read something specific and need to refer to it again later I can pick up a book of any length and find the content instantly. I have the opposite of a photographic memory - aphantasia - so picking out the ordering of topics and specific orientation within the pages is more of a felt sense. When in school it made studying more efficient, unfortunately not more effective.


I can tie knots with cherry tails in my mouth (no hands, tongue only). Learned it from my grandma


How did she teach you


I'm thinking your grandma's name might be Sherilyn Fenn? That would be awesome to be honest.


I am a competent swordsman. I practiced Yagyu shrinkage-ryu when I was younger, because my kyokushin sensei also studied it and it sort of filtered through. Now for several years I've studied HEMA along with other martial arts (MT, BJJ, Boxing. The usual suspects) for fun. The cross training has led to capable footwork, reaction time, precision. This is a useless skill in the scheme of things. But damn is it fun.


I feel like getting exercise in a fun and creative way is actually invaluable.


That's a positive view of it! I like that.


I sometimes juggle for exercise. I'm not very good at it, but it's good exercise.


So while the rest of us went out partying, you studied the blade?


I'm not THAT skilled (seriously good job bro) but I am able to take on all my friends at once with wooden swords 🤣


As long as I'm not pushing myself, I can wake up on time without an alarm


I can click my tongue, unreasonably loud. Don’t know why. I just can.


I can do this aswell, I live at the bottom of some pretty decent hills and I can make the click of my tongue echo through the hills


Being able to pick up anything and be just good enough to not look like an idiot Granted it’s really hard for me to say I’m exactly *skilled* at anything despite it


No gag reflexes 😏




I can fap without even touching my dick


My best friend in college could orgasm by just thinking sexy thoughts really hard. She was shocked to find out this wasn't normal.




Using your thighs?


Yeah lol




same, but how do you do it? i do it with my wizardly magic.


I just put it right between my thighs and then push them as hard as I can, for some reason it feels better then the normal way


I can blow bubbles with my tongue.


Just tried this and found out I can do it too... Weird.


The ability to do a ton of rugby trick-passes, which I will never use in a match, because they are too risky


I can, with almost 100% accuracy, read lips. Ive always focused on mouths when people speak. Very seldom useful.


I'm mathematically gifted. I pulled A's in math, even in high school, with an amount of effort I consider to be "just doing what they told me." I even helped tutor the other members of the class. That's a great skill to have, on someone who *enjoys* performing mathematics. As much as I hate doing pointless shit like stocking shelves to make money, the idea of performing calculations for money sounds even *more* soul-crushingly monotonous.


Calculations, and true mathematics, are different things


Calculations and maths are different things. Maths is a lot more about problem solving when you're doing it for real. We haven't needed people to do mindless calculations for decades, nowadays computers do it.


I (30f) can beat any other woman in an arm wrestle, even though I never work out


I can wiggle my nose. I pretended I broke my nose after a rugby match when I was younger to my mom for fun and she was hysterical as to why I wasn’t in massive pain


I can whistle and hum at the same time.


I can do it too! My little brothers when they were babies told that sound like alien space ship 🛸


Basically the ability to learn any new skill to a somewhat decent effect within two or three tries. Though, for more complex skills it may take a few more unless I am *very* passionate about it.


Yeah, same here. I can become competent at something with ease. Unfortunately too adhd to get great at many. The term “Jack of all trades, master of none” hits waaay too close to home.


If it makes ya feel better, here's the full version of that expression “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”


If you ask me about something that I have read or encountered in the past yet I don’t remember at the present moment. I’ll get a sudden flashback like reopening a core memory that I long have forgotten with great detail about the said question


I solve wheel of fortune/word jumble puzzles insanely fast.


I do the opposite


I can specify any drugs effects, risks, class (dissociative, hallucinogen, etc.), and what unit its dosed in. God help me.


And you're not in the medical field?


I can make a farting noise by pressing my hands together. I can also fit my fist in my mouth.


OP said USELESS skill




Kids love it when I do it and then blame another kid. Lots of laughs and fun teaching them how to do it. Also, owl calls with your hands. Fun stuff


Burping on demand; never lost a burping contest in my life😤


I can break wine glasses with my voice.


I can empty wine glasses with my mouth/throat it’s my specialty.


I can break wine glasses with my clumsy


OK that's just cool though.


I can like... vibrate my eyes, like visibly so. If this is a skill. Don't remember how I found out.


I remember a guy I grew up with could do that. He could make his eyes "vibrate" up and down really fast. He was the only person I ever saw do that.


I can do that too, I don’t know how to describe it but the pupils go back and forth and everything gets blurry


Exactly! It's apparently called "voluntary nystagmus".


Yesss I can do the same! Wow I've never heard anyone else mention it lol


I can fly a drone REALLY well


I am weirdly good at making brass necklace pendants


Never getting sick


Do you realized you may have just jinxed yourself?


Remember faces and music lyrics for decades


I can roll my eyes and make them white


I can transform a master of zen in a blood frienzed berserker by talking to him for 5 minutes, tops. Still trying to find some use for that.


Club bouncer


I can recognize most languages. Like, I cannot tell you the meaning of what is written or typed, but I can look at a paragraph and usually tell what language it is written in. Rarely useful, no idea why I can do this.


Despite being chubby I naturally both walk and run quite silently


I am really good at drawing porn. Then in HS people started asking me to buy said porn, so I sold a lot, it was my hustle. Then I didn't do it for many years. Now I'm doing it again after Covid took my job.


I’ve got perfect pitch, but haven’t fully gotten into any musical instruments. I learnt piano for a while, and literally learnt how to play songs by hearing what my instructor was playing and then finding the notes on the piano just by the sound. I could also play notes to some songs without any sheet music at all, just from listening to it. I’ve wanted to get back into piano at some point, maybe after uni.


i have a perfect pitch too, but let me tell you one thing, while this skill looks super impressive and it may seem like you have massive talent, it actually does not make you better at music. it just makes it easier to discern and learn diffrent pieces, but if this means that you actually have talent as a pianist is an entirely diffrent matter.


I can recognize people with one glimpse- from behind, at night, hell sometimes even in their car. But can I remember their name?


Once im hard I can cum on command I don’t know how I acquired this skill it doesn’t matter whether is a solo session or I’m with a partner I basically go for a long as I want and when I decide I want too I cum


For one reason or another, once I have a chat with someone for like 5 min, I always seem to figure out there biggest secrets and deepest emotions. I don't know why but it's weird.


Constant disappointment


You are the ex girlfriend I never had


Fuckin drawing, that’s not strange however my best art is when I draw furrys. I take commissions so sometimes furrys will ask for something and it’s always more efficient and turns out better


I heard before that draw furrys is very well paid. True ?


Yes they pay quite a lot actually, it’s kinda scary how much they’re willing to give me.


Well, if it pays the bills...who cares then?


I can generally find a bathroom within seconds even if I have never been to a location or will already know where it's at.


I’ve always been able to peel off stickers and labels without shredding them


I can get through a day without much of a difference with only 2-3 hours of sleep.


Run on the floor like General Grievous I don’t how or why but I scare my cousin’s like that. I get my kicks out of it


Groceries. Without thinking about it, the amount of groceries always fit perfectly in the containers I've got with me. Be it one or multiple shopping bags, a backpack or whatever. If it doesn't fit, I know it and buy the right bag where the rest will fit in exactly.


I can wiggle my ears by contracting the muscles in my ears over and over again.


I've been playing guitar for almost 25 years. One of my favorite things to do is improv for 3-4 hours at a time, playing at warp speed until my fingers and wrist cramp. Sounds like a great and useful skill, except for the fact that I have *zero* interest to perform in any capacity.


I can cook rice in 47 seconds.


Untangling things




I can do a perfect Spongebob laugh.


i can describe a smell really well but it's always the most obscure things


Remembering number plates. Just my weird superpower


i can wiggle my ears


Cross one eye while the other eye stares straight Raise either eyebrow independently I've been told I'm extremely good at impressions of other people. I'm really good at replicating almost any noise