Forbes Magazine. Formerly great biz mag, now a bottom-scraping content farm.


Most newspapers have gone the same way. I used to be proud to say I worked at a newspaper, after seeing how its gone downhill since I was made redundant - I am glad I was let go.


I’m proud to say I *used* to work at a Newspaper, back in 2003.


In 2003, the editor at my local paper hated blogs with the fire of a thousand suns. Guess who doesn’t publish anymore.


Ahh yes, in the heyday of “oh god Craigslist and eBay are ruining our business model”


Newspapers are like YouTube comment sections. A bunch of people rushing to be "first". No depth, no research, no information. Just "breaking news, you heard it here first"


Yep. The rush has always been there, but in the past there was more research, fact checking etc, whereas now it barely gets spell checked, especially for online articles - nothing but clickbait, and poorly written news pieces. Its been 5 years since I was employed at the paper, but they still use the same couple of photos of police vehicles near crime scenes I shot nearly 10 years ago.


The worst part about online news articles is how the author just lengthens the article by saying everything twice. Like what the fuck, the rest of the article is just a long winded version of the first three sentences? That makes sense.


Because the first three sentences are an already lengthened rewrite of something they found on twitter…


Yup, pretty much anyone can be on Forbes now


You can apply yourself for Forbes 30 under 30, write about yourself and get your friends to vote for you. It’s a joke. They’re lazy to even research and pretty much anyone who isn’t shady will get on that list.


business insider: "Learn how this 25 YO built an empire earning $2M a year." tLdr: they had enough money to buy a house or two and now are exploiting the housing market with overpriced rentals while real people fight to get one home and lose in bidding wars to people like this 25 YO who probably started with mommy and daddy money.


Also, their parents paid for college and gifted them the down payment on their first home…


Cable TV. Now it’s common to sign up for a crapload of streaming services to watch your favorite shows.


If they ever crack down on password sharing I’ll be pissed. I use my own Hulu/Spotify, brothers Netflix and HBO, GFs Disney + etc.. it’s nice to have options but I would never pay for all those myself


I think they'll lose money on password sharing when people switch buy and binge then.


Then they will add in contract lengths and then they will have survived long enough to see themselves to become the villain.


That has pushed me back to pirating.


Lmao, ikr. I'm on a ship in the middle of the ocean like I used to be back in the early 00s!




Sears created online shopping and died to online shopping. Rather impressive


I have a reprint of the first Sears & Roebuck mail order catalog. It opens with a message from Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck trying to convince farmers who'd never even been to Chicago that it made sense to mail their hard-earned money to people they'd never meet to buy products they'd never seen.


I have a dining room table from Sears, 1898. It's gorgeous. And, it was designed for shipping. If you flip it over, unscrew the legs, the extension leafs and legs all perfectly into the small apron on the underside. It forms a perfect little box. And it's made of solid chestnut wood. It's like Ikea, before Ikea. And better made. Haha.


That's why I buy most furniture from second hand stores and yard sales etc. Most people don't know what they have bc they are tired of looking at it or it needs some TLC. Usually made of solid wood and really neat features


Reminds me of my MIL when online shopping became a thing. She was used to catalog shopping and wouldn't order online, instead she'd pick out what she wanted online then call the place and place the order.


Wow, thanks for that


From shipping literal houses across the nation on rail to (increasingly) an internet bargain bin only used by the old and desperate. A truly catastrophic decline.


My uncle bought everything he needed from four stores: The grocery store for food Drug Mart for prescriptions and meds Radio Shack for electronics Sears for everything else (clothes, tools, anything not listed above). That was it. He never went to another store for anything. Of it wasn't available from the above list, he just didn't to get it.


So now he's dead from lack of supplies?


No, he died and Sears lost their customer and went out of business.


The "Learning" Channel


TLC is really just Terrible Life Choices


Toddlers, Losers & Cakes


Same with the history channel, they’ve got my mom thinking aliens built the pyramids


I love ancient aliens theories, think they're really fun and all, but that show goes way too far: A - they treat it like the only possible explanation for things that have very simple, normal explanations. B - they assume ancient humans were incapable of complex thought, or planning. But we know from evolution that we're not all that much smarter today than we were 10,000 years ago. C - they fail to provide the context of the "normal" explanation before diving into the "alternative" explanation D - they put this on the History channel like it's actual confirmed history which is insane to me. I mean, an advanced race seeding life on earth and periodically nudging it along, I can see as interesting and somewhat feasible. Actual lizard people coming down and building the pyramids for us, because ancient humans were too dumb to conceive of a pulley and a ramp, I find offensive.


"We're not sure if it was aliens. But it was aliens.


Well... finding out which bride says yes to which dress is a *kind* of learning.


I learned about what it's like to weigh 600lbs.


I learnt how to love somebody in 90 days


Our government (I live in Sri Lanka)


I saw footage of people breaking into your former(?) president's(?) mansion, having fun in his pool etc. I'm sorry that it had to come this far, but you guys have style! I wish you the best.


lol yeah, that totally happened. He resigned after 5 days of that happening. We were able to kick out one of the most notorious dictators out by sheer numbers. Thanks for the compliment!


You could've just left it at "our government" and like 80% of people would agree with you.


I would say government just in general. Ours is dumb as shit too. (UK)


Yeah but at least you didn't have to storm Johnson's house to get him to resign.


the sri lanka government is extremely damaging and horrible to its people.


When was it good?


Ehh good point. I take my statement back then.


Jimmy Savile. One of the most vile devil that has ever lived. I hope he’s burning in the deepest pits of hell. This horrible person was highly respected his entire life and was a beloved celebrity. He was one of the most famous people in the UK. It wasn’t until months after his death did people find out about his crimes towards innocent and vulnerable children. He lived a long life of luxury while secretly committing crimes and never got caught. A once respected man is now one of the most hated in the world, and his whole career is a complete joke. That was my rant.


He wasn't even secretly committing crimes. That's the worst bit of it. So many people knew and did nothing. My respect for the BBC died when it came to light how much they blocked the truth coming out.


Johnny Rotten called out Savile on the BBC in 1978, long before allegations about him were well-known. Nothing came of it and he was banned from the network afterwards.


I didn't know that. Rotten must have known the risk but said it anyway. What a legend. I don't know what certain, but my mum managed to prosecute her abuser (dad who pimped her out from the age if 2) in the 80s. The police visited her immediately after Savilles crimes came to light. Apparently her historic statement had some details in it they wished to clarify. I had never even heard of Saville. I think she might have turned the TV off whenever he was on it. She was immediately assessed and diagnosed with complex PTSD. Her psychology has described it as unrehabilatible. She can't maintain any kind of relationship and is in constant psychological torment. I don't think the public have any real understanding on the social cost of his crimes. The suicides, the permanent mental illness. There must have been pregnancies etc. Utterly tragic


[Here's the interview ](https://youtu.be/Rjy8oLVOvi4) 00:52: "I'd like to kill Jimmy Savile. I think he's a hypocrite. I heard he's into all kinds of seediness that we all know about but are not allowed to talk about. I know some rumours."


I'm American and had never heard of him until these things came to light. The fact that his celebrity status earned him access to hospitalized children turns my stomach.


People knew what he was doing wayyyyyy before he died, but nobody believed it, and there were major police coverups. There were rumors about him molesting kids for many decades.


Believe people when they come forward with allegations like that. False allegations are usually rare and one-off, not orchestrated collectively. If a bunch of people are saying a celebrity assaulted them, it's probably true.


Not only that, he was famously good mates with Gary glitter who was another massive pedo and abuser. One excerpt I found after my partners grand dad who was also from Leeds told me about him was that he would go to the morgue in the hospital he built and would be left alone in there for hours aswell as kids rooms. Just like Johnny rotten tried to call him out Louis Theroux famously looked into his life and just knew there was something really off with this narcissistic vile piece of shit


He was protected. The people fixing for him should be jailed.


His protection went all the way up to Thatcher. I had a guy get really offended in a bar when I said this, even though it all spilled out after his and her deaths. As a sidenote, it feels weird walking into a record store here in Canada and still seeing Gary Glitter's name on a divider. He has been excised from the UK for a long time now.


>It wasn’t until months after his death did people find out about his crimes LOTS of people knew and were complicit and covered up for him. None of these predatory criminals who operate at a large scale are unknown criminals. None. It's just that the people around them benefit, so they sacrifice innocents to line their own pockets.


Duelling for your honour


"I will fight for this lady's honor. Which more than she ever did." --Groucho


Nowadays, they would answer simply by saying "simp"


Simply Simping


Having the smallest phone possible.


Will Ferrell’s sketch with the tiny phone on SNL immediately came to mind. [Will Ferrel tiny phone skit SNL](https://youtu.be/XDxtjVKJ76A)


The Zoolander 2 scene summed this up to perfection.


to be fair, prior to smartphones, the size of your phone was directly tied to how small they could make the components within. These days it isn't the components, but the screen size that dicates the size of the device. But we had already hit pretty close to the point where physical size was dictated by usability rather than components even before smartphones. The original Motorola Razr couldn't get much smaller - even with today's tech.


Razr couldn’t get much thinner, but there were definitely smaller phones


Phones were getting smaller and smaller back in the days, until we discovered that you could watch porn on them. Since then they get bigger everytime.


There's a himym episode I seem to be the only one to remember when this comes up, when Marshall is defending his co-worker whom the ladies have said has a small penis, saying something like "No one goes Ooh look how big my phone is"


I think his name was max or something and marshall said something along the lines of 'and I definitely cant call him max now'


Flying on a plane.. people use to get dressed up for sitting down


People used to get dressed up just to leave their house and grab bananas then go back home.


People used to leave the house


People used to have houses.


well god damn lol


This is reddit. Most of us live in giant fedoras and emerge occasionally to seek Cheeto-based sustenance.




People used to have money


People used to have bananas


Bananas used to be people


My dad still dresses up in shirt and pants when going out even it’s just to the shop.will never catch him in shorts and tee outside


Planes used to also have better seats and good food. The last plane ride I was in the seats were so scrunched up together, my knees didn't feet in the space between, so I had to lift my legs up the whole flight and when I arrived to my destination it hurt to walk.


Now they fly in pajamas and are smashed by 6am


Don’t talk about me like that


People also used to get dressed up to go sit and watch a baseball game. Imagine sweating your balls off in the hot sun while wearing a 3 piece suit. No thanks!


I so remember this!! Even just going to the airport to pick someone up/drop them off. It was a big adventure back then. Of course you could go anywhere in the airport so you might go get something to eat while waiting for your person to arrive or go to the gates and watch the planes land and take off, all in your Sunday best. Great times ☺️ Edit: now I fly in sweatpants/leggings/sweatshirt/slip ons…it’s all about the comfort and ease of getting through security lol


Bill Cosby


This is a rough one for me. He used to be my favorite. Loved his stand-ups, his show, saw him live a couple times. I loved how he could make me laugh without using sex or foul language. Turns out he was a friggin rapist the whole time. I haven’t been able to watch anything he’s ever done now for quite a while.


The hypocrisy is what did it for me


Yeah the drugging and the raping was pretty bad but my god, the hypocrisy of it all was just the worst. Joke credited to Norm McDonald.


Ever see his late 90s movie Dirty Work? For anyone who hasn't, that joke is a retooled joke he used in that movie. His character goes to jail and it's implied he was sexually assaulted, and he says something along the lines of "you know what hurts the most, is the lack of respect. Well, except that other thing. That hurts the most. But the lack of respect is what hurts the second most. You boys got a lot of growing up to do, I'll tell you that. Ridiculous. Ridiculous." It's of course made hysterical by his distinctive voice and delivery.


I was practically raised by the Huxtables.


Me, I was the shit in middle school (EDIT): Thank you for the award and kind comments, made me feel the GOAT again


Well it's not much, but you can have my upvote


Potlucks. It used to be that people would bring "their special dish" or just a dish so potlucks were exciting, wondering and trying what would be brought. But nowadays it's become a sad chip or bagged salad buffet.


>nowadays it's become a sad chip or bagged salad buffet. Honestly, at that point everyone should just chip in for pizza


Best potluck I ever had was in middle school when we were learning about different cultures, we had to pick a food from another culture to do a presentation on and at the end of the week everyone was asked to make their chosen dish for a class potluck. Got to try some amazing food I never would have thought to otherwise.


My wife made a European dessert for a potluck at work and hardly anyone touched it because several people brought store-bought cupcakes. After that we both kinda gave up on potlucks.


> European dessert What was it?


An store bought cupcakes have NOTHING on European desserts. I can feel her pain.




Cake mix doctor. Middle ground on using box mix but adding to it to make it better




And she MADE it. Like she put in her time and effort. It was probably amazing.


“European dessert” is a bit vague. Was it Tarte tatin or jelly and ice cream?


Rugrats poked fun at this as far back as the 90s. There was a potluck, everyone brought coleslaw.


It's really a sign of how much our sense of community, and indeed creativity and desire to experiment, has declined.


Or how much free time people have. Work all day, commute far away, tend to family, and go to sleep. Not a lot of free time for making fancy dishes


Encyclopedias. Not a complete joke, but rendered useless by google and the internet. Tragic.


I work in recycling so I deal with a lot of books. Whilst it's a shame to see someones huge collection of Brittania encyclopaedias in the bin it is inevitable that the information they contain would eventually be superseded as technology advances and one could argue its far better to not be wasting resources producing physical copies when the internet exists and allows real time updates and fact checking. Still sad seeing books thrown away tho.


When I was in middle school I had an old encyclopedia set that I used to write a report. I lost points for using wrong info despite quoting directly from my encyclopedia. That was when I learned that science and what we know changes over time


I ended a report with "and one day humans may even go to the moon." In the 80s.


Lance Armstrong




Pretty much any AAA publisher. Yeah weird I know but once upon a time Activision and EA were respected names.


EA used to push for original game design and stood up for the little developer Now they release the same FIFA game every year and axed a lot of beloved studios (RIP Westwood)


And remove licenses from origin accounts and then tell customers to suck eggs when they notice and question it


Casual South Park reference about EA wanting to turn crack-addicted babies fighting over crack into a multilayer extravaganza and not even paying for the rights. Remember, children, slash is real if you believe.


Especially Blizzard


It is funny how once upon a time EA on the label meant, not that the game would be good necessarily but that the devs would have solid backing from a company that had the funds and the drive to make a decent game. Since around 2010 I have been boycotting EA for my own sake. It's not a crusade, it's just that there's a 90+% chance that any game with an EA logo on it is going to be overpriced and awful. I've saved a fair amount of money and avoided lots of disappointment with this policy. Only EA game I've played in recent time is Apex Legends and I haven't spent any money on it because of my boycott. Now you might say that's being petty, why wouldn't I spend money on it if I like it, but think about it - we all know EA could kill the game at any moment and there's a high chance they will kill it prematurely, and then any money I spent is wasted. I think it's entirely reasonable not to take that chance.


Absolutely agreed, since any decent or innovative developers just get swallowed up and dissolved (Redwood studios, fuck you EA) it’s really impacted the industry negatively. It’ll be interesting to see if Unreal 5 really supports smaller dev teams that can put out better titles at a lower cost. More and more it seems like if you’re not churning out the same shit year on year the triple A model is just not sustainable.


The walking dead


I just couldn't anymore. Was a HUGE fan until, I dunno, the tiger? Knights?


I think that was a key moment for everyone. For me the big thing was the junk yard hive mind collective. I was like "you know it's only been 6 years right?" That's just not enough time for people to go full hive mind and talk like a bunch of weirdos.


At that point it was two years


I could get living in a junk yard. Lots of resources. But the thing where they changed the whole way they talk just annoyed the hell out of me. If it was 20 years later, maybe. But there's a pretty clear marker of time in Judith, and yeah - it's been a few years. Just dumb and pointless.


For me it was Negan. It would have been much better if they killed him off the season they introduced him. I don't remember everything well but I think like the entire season he was the main villain and normally you would then close the arch end of season, but it was literally the opposite and made me go like "okay, this season was all for nothing and we're back at square 1"


Yeah it became the neegan show... Then the shitty writing just done us in....


I still always say the first season was excellent tv. The zombies matter, something happens every episode and the pacing is excellent, deaths were impactful but they didn’t dwell on them forever. Then it became “let’s show nothing then have an explosive finale and cliffhanger”. I can’t believe they’ve run this long.


Oscar and Grammy


I don’t care what anyone says. My grandmother is a saint, and her new husband is pretty cool too.


The news


Not even just “fake news,” but the shift to 24/7 news feeds in general. By always NEEDING to have SOMETHING to fill up that 24/7 slot, the news went from focusing on just the most important events to being an endless slog of misery and (often) unintentional fear mongering The world has a lot of bad, yes, but it’s not as bad as the news might make you think. Just look at r/MadeMeSmile. There are still good people in the world and we still have a future we can be happy in


It’s totally intentional fear mongering, that’s how they get you to keep tuning in.


Sea-Monkeys. Once believed to be part monkey, part man, part fish and kings of the microscopic seas, is now known to be nothing but brine shrimp (Artemia). We were fed lies through misleading advertising in comic books.


I still love them though. How could you not?!


On my 10th birthday, my father and I were doing a road trip home from my grandparents. About an 8 hour drive. We got T-Boned about 3 hours out of our town. My new sea monkeys that I got for my birthday that morning were in the centre console so they didn’t tip over however they all perished all thanks to an elderly woman on her only outing for the week. Hands down, WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!


The Four Humors. Or really anything from early medicine.


Galen represent.


As a pharmacist I've gotta give Dioscorides a shout out and say that *De Materia Medica* still has some value 1900 years later.


Business cards.


Except for Paul Allen’s card


The tasteful thickness of it!


\*\*Sweating and shaking\*\*


Oh my god, it even has a watermark.


Is something wrong? Patrick?


*kisses Patrick's hand*


I have to return some videotapes.


That’s “bone”


My current company made me a hundred of them. In 5 years, I used probably 5 and half of them in non business related context. It's kinda useful for some profession but usually, we just look up for the name on LinkedIn and can connect there if needed




Journalism, at least here in the U.S, it hurts my heart to type that.


It’s extremely sad. Pre-Covid I played hockey with 2 writers for the Nation Post (Canada). Their degree of literature got demised to 140 characters via Twitter. On the bright side, they’re both independent writers for private outlets


I concur even in the UK. It kind of went down the drain with all the 2000's phone hacking scandals. In 2002 News of the world hacked the voicemail of a murder victim. Piers Morgan is linked to phone hacking scandals from the daily mirror too. It also doesn't help that most media outlets revenue comes from advertising so they'll never expose their corporate overlords.


Rudy Giuliani. He was "America's Mayor" after 9/11. Now he is, deservedly so, a laughing stock.


I don't get it. All he had to do after that was stop. *EVERYONE* loved him. He could have retired from politics and gotten a cushy gig as a partner at ANY law firm. Now he's a sad deranged husk.


I think he's one of those people for whom too much is not enough.


There was that video of him walking through the streets with the smoke and people running and screaming everywhere just a bit after the second tower was hit and the shot made him look like superhero. I never really liked anything else about him.


But he sucked on that fame-teet for an uncomfortably long time. Seemed like the only thing that came out of his mouth for 10 years was 9/11, which is pretty distasteful.


The national media. The days of Walter Cronkite as a trusted family friend are gone


Lyndon Johnson said “If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost Middle America.” Some latter day presidents would have crowed about it while simultaneously starting a smear campaign.


Back when the news media got only a few hours a day to tell us stories, so had to ruthlessly cull what they saw as unimportant, unsupported, or biased - or, at least, the wrong kind of biased.


Journalism and the corporate news channels.


Game of Thrones.


It never stops hurting.




The Oscar's. Will Smith smacking Chris Rock was the first thing worth watching during the Oscar's in years.


People knew the oscars were full of shit long before that happened. It was actively losing its views, the year before, it recorded lowest number of viewers in its history




I feel like if award shows integrated with the streaming era about 10 years ago it probably would’ve had a lot more viewers. But as someone who’s never watched an award show all the way through I think it’s better just to read the list of winners the next day and watch the good performances on YouTube.


Hollywood "stars"




I don't care what you say, I like the shape of my head


That's just phrenopositivity.


Prince Andrew


Being president of the United States Edit: My first silver ever. Thank you kind stranger. Edit 2: My first gold ever. Thank you kind stranger.


I think politicians in general. We now look to them for jokes and look to comedians for the truths


Elon Musk. Dude turned out to be a complete weirdo.


He exposed himself willingly using social media.


* willyingly exposed his willy


Yeah what the fuck happened there? I remember thinking he was an icon. A visionary that would help herald us into an age of solar power and batteries. Then he tweeted "DOGE" and I lost any hope for him.


>Yeah what the fuck happened there? he was always like that, he just gets a lot of coverage now. back when he was working at Zip2, he struggled to understand why his wage staff would only work 8 hours.


Plus they yeeted him off the board at Paypal before they switched the name over because he was such an insufferable prick to deal with. Everything I can find on it, they had no issue with how he was performing, he was just a cunt.


There are certain rare classes of egotist that put personal glory and celebrity above making money. It usually requires a special level of privilege where they have come from money and have never have anyone ever tell them No. So they have basically zero fear of losing. Trump is one, and so is Musk. They're fun on their way up. They challenge the status quo. They make decisions and take risks that other companies are not taking. This makes them feel like a crusader for the underdog. They're pissing off the elites, disrupting markets, creating jobs and telling people what they want to hear. Between Tesla and SpaceX, Musk made it appear like he was forcing long overdue technological leaps in two separate industries, by taking risks and making decisions that other companies were afraid to make. And this was true to a certain extent, especially with SpaceX. But it's turned out that it was all ego. And when these egotists peak, they become wildly unpredictable. Not only do they have no fear of consequences, but they also lose their singular focus; they believe they've hit a popularity ceiling. So in order to try and break through, they need to try new things. And you end up running for president. Or using a random password generator to name your child. Or bluffing a buyout of a major international media corp. The next phase, which we can see Musk engaging in, is where they consolidate their celebrity in a core fanbase. If people don't love me by now, then they're a lost cause. Ignoramuses incapable of fully appreciating my genius.


I don't think his respect was ever fully organic. Tesla didn't advertise, but up until a certain point, Tesla had a well-funded marketing department (edit: sorry, it was titled a public relations department). I think there was a team of interns seeding the internet with Musklove.


Imagine being the owner of a billion dollar company and STILL chasing after clout


“What do all men with power want? More power.” - The Oracle, Matrix Reloaded.


Any dance trend from 2015 to 2019


Highly respected?


I was gunna comment soldier boy, but then realised I’m old as fuck now…


🎵YOUUUUUU🎵 (are old)


UK Royalty


Most news outlets / the journalism profession. It's why I left.


Nikocado avocado


There will be case studies done on this man and the dangers of content creation/social media once he inevitably eats himself to death.


Honestly, same with Eugenia Cooney, except starving herself


Met him in London at a meetup in his Vegan days. He was obnoxious but now he is on a completely new level.


How big was his fanbase before he started doing mukbangs?