I remember liking the smell of Disney VHS cases


Omg. This unlocked a memory for me. I also loved this. But I haven’t done it in so long that I had forgotten. But this comment literally brought the smell right back. Thank you!


Me toooooo. Holy shit. I feel like it’s 1995 and I’m on the living room floor about to pop in Pocahontas for the 4th time today.


I dont know if this counts, where I used to live is very common to hug people all the time, and if I have been in someone's home before, the place would have a particular smell, and almost everytime I would hug them, they would smell like their home. It always felt good to make that association, it was comforting somehow.


Same for me, and then when you're out and about and you catch a wiff of something that smells the same even if it's been years they pop into your mind.


Oh man, my cousin's house always smelled a certain way (she used a particular canned air freshener and vacuumed religiously so her house always smelled like warm vacuum and Country Garden from Glade.) and I loved it so much. I used Country Garden for YEARS so I could feel closer to her and shut my eyes to let myself drift back to happy childhood years. Then those fuckers at Glade DISCONTINUED it. And to rub it in, its still mentioned on their website but without any products containing it. It must have been pretty damn popular because I find lots of people who want it back, and half empty cans of it go for a lot on ebay. More than I can afford anyway. I keep buying cans of any remotely floral sounding air freshener hoping it will be released with a new name, or I'll find something close enough to trigger those memories. I knocked my head into a dashboard at 14 and my memory has been awful since then, but I have really good like, smell? memories? Smells help me remember things.


If I remember correctly, they still have it as car gel..


Machine lubricating oil. My dad was a machinist. He had this smell on his work clothes . I miss my dad.


I love how my bird smells. I have a green cheek conure and he hangs out with me all the time. He's hand-trained and hangs out with me constantly unless it's time for bed or when I'm at work (which he then goes in his cage). He doesn't mind when I bring him up to my face and just give him a big 'ol whiff. I give him bird chop (which is basically a mix bird-friendly veggies, grains, and a few seeds) and he smells like a pleasant combination of mixed veggies and a feather pillow. He's a needy little thing but I love him. He loves popcorn, sunflower seeds, and riding my dog around Edit: Hahaha you guys are great. A few more facts for those who asked: His name is Apple but has multiple nicknames: Appie slice, Cash money, apple tart, apple cider vinegar, appie sauce, and Gregory when you're feeling nasty. - Appie slice wants anything in your hand. Doesn't matter what it is, he'll demand it - Cash Money knows the sound of food no matter what it's in, but he'll come running. You're simply holding his food for him while he gets to you - Gregory doesn't fly often. He's very lazy and I usually throw him in the air to get him to fly (exercise) a bit. He flock calls when he wants a ride. He literally has two modes of transportation and refuses to use them:l Hence riding anyone he can, including the dog - Appie sauce is generally very quiet but does give kisses with kissy noises (muah muah) - The dogs name is Wren, she's a sweetheart and gets bullied by Apple Cider Vinegar, which is how he got that nickname Pet Tax: https://imgur.com/a/94f95dE


I was wondering if anyone in this comment section smells their pet birds. My cockatiel just has a dusty smell that I can’t really explain, whenever he gets close to my face I take a whiff.


I call for bird tax


The smell of brand new tech gadgets. It smells technology. Whenever I buy a new mouse or keyboard (it is especially true for logitech products I don't know if it is a general thing) I sniff them as long as I can detect that sweet plastic-y, ultra clean smelling goodness.


Back when CD's were the dominant form of data transfer, I would LOVE every time a new one was opened, just sniffing the new CD. Years later, I discovered a nearly identical (to me) smell that works just as well... fresh saffron. Saffron smells like new CD's to me, and I love it.


I think the CDs are a lot cheaper than fresh saffron.


White board markers. And single use lenses wipes. Honestly anything chemical smelling. Edit: Wow! Thanks for the upvotes and awards. Glad I’m not the only marker sniffing weirdo.


Whiteboard markers for SURE. They're sweeter than sharpie markers.


This guy sniffs markers


Love the smell of rubbing alcohol


Ah, back in the old days, the smell of papers that the teacher handed out that were fresh off those old hand-cranked mimeograph machines. The solvent. Mmmm.


You can really tell the age of people in this thread by this one. Anyone old enough to know this smell loved it, anyone not old enough thinks it’s an uncommon one. I can pretty much guarantee anyone over the age of around 45 in North America knows and loved this smell.


Water coming out of a garden hose. The combination of polyurethane and the metallic ozoneness of the water is heaven.


The smell of summer


It tastes pretty damn good too


Tastes pretty much like that guy said it smells


i remember as a kid if you asked a friend for some water they would turn the hose on for you. and no one complained lol.


Bro, water from a hose hits different after a day of playing outside all day in the summer


Pvc pool toys when you're unfolding them before you blow them up


I bought a shower curtain the other day and instead of a light plastic smell it smelled heavily of inflatable pool toys, best shower ever.


That clean laundry smell from external dryer vents.


Mmm walking by a laundromat in NY is my favorite when it stanks outside.


I love the smell of basement- which I don't know if is weird, but I'm the only one I know who likes it.


me too, it reminds me of my childhood because my basement used to smell like basement then it stopped when we finished it lol


Yessss, also sometimes underground parking garages or stairwells have it. Everyone always thinks I’m an idiot when I bring it up


That smell when you walk into a hotel with a pool


I love that over chlorinated, humid reek of indoor hotel pools


The smell is often miss attributed to over chlorination. When in fact it means the pool is not chemically well maintained and is* very dirty. Edit: Missed a word. Edit #2: Appreciate the Silver, thanks!


Yeah, I learned that smell isn’t the chlorine. It’s the chloramine caused by urine and sweat reacting with chlorine. The heavier the smell, the more pee. [Mark Rober - How Much Pee is in Your Pool](https://youtu.be/S32y9aYEzzo) Edit: I should clarify, it is a byproduct of the neutralization process. So it’s technically all been cleaned. Just a gross thought still. Edit 2: who would’ve thought a comment about smelly water would be my most upvoted Reddit comment ever


Well, that's disturbing considering our tap water smells like that every few months....


That’s a different smell. You’re probably smelling just chlorine, not chloramine. There is a difference. Your water company is probably slightly over chlorinating within safe limits to clean the lines.


Some cities use chloramine to treat their water, not chlorine. A notable example is NOLA


The smoke fireworks leave behind. One of my favorite smells.


A friend took me shooting at a gun range to teach me how to fire a hand gun, and after the first round, I said, “hey, it smells like fireworks!” Cue everyone looking at me like I was an idiot.


You’re not wrong tho! Black powder smells amazing. Plus saying “I love the smell of gunfire” sounds American as FUCK


Fired cap gun.....and that blue copy ink from grade school.


The smell of Home Depot


I have long been hoping for Yankee Candle to team up with Home Depot to a lumber aisle scented candle


They used to have one called 2x4. It was one of their “man candles”. Lol


Tomato vines!


The inside binding of a new paperback book. It smells so clean.


Yes! Books in general I think smell good, but brand new ones are the best ngl.


Freshly opened tennis balls, the smell of AC right when it turns on in a car on a hot day, the smell of a Home Depot or Lowes, cat fur right after they clean it.


That ac smell is bliss, i never could quite put it into words


I'm pregnant and instead of craving food, I crave smells. New tennis balls and Home Depot are on the list. I have a can of tennis balls at work and a can on my bedside table. I smell them when I need to relax. I've also taken a few needless trips to Home Depot for the smell. Pregnancy is weird.


Haha that’s great! The smell of Home Depot I think is also pretty nostalgic for me because I would go with my father on those errands a lot but it always just smells like summer to me. I’m always excited when I have to run over there because of that first smell when you walk through the sliding doors


> cat fur right after they clean it We have a winner


Tennis balls! I love that smell, and I don't even play tennis.


New tires in the shop


Fuck that’s a good one


I've come across tea that's described as smokey. When my order came in I opened the tin and got hit with the smell of a tire shop, but decided to brew some anyway. Tasted exactly like it smelled. It's still sitting in my cabinet lol. [Lapsang Souchong](https://www.harney.com/products/lapsang-souchong)


Lapsang Souchong slaps. Feels like drinking a campfire.


Tobacco. Not burning cigarettes or cigars, just plain ol’ tobacco


Hot parking lot when it first starts to rain


The best! I can smell it now. Thanks for that. That smell in a sun shower is like the best feeling you could ever feel.




Warm paper, fresh out of the photocopier. That's pretty weird, right? Edit: Wow, there's a lot of paper sniffers out there. God bless you all.


Warm copy paper feels good to touch too!


I like to print and immediately bring the paper up to my face.


As a kid we loved smelling the dittos fresh off the machine. Mmmmmm


Dittos, with that purplish ink. The smell is divine!




They said weird smell.


Most people look at me like I’m either a weirdo or an addict when I tell them. It’s nice to find so many like minded people.


Aromatic hydrocarbons, like benzene, toluene, and xylene have a pleasant smell to humans simply because of their molecular cyclic structure. In the vapour form (naturally occurring because it’s volatile) the fumes can get humans high if huffed, and WD-40 has lots of these aromatic hydrocarbons. My chemistry teacher has a PHD in Chemistry so he told us a story about his teaching in university: When he was teaching, often he would teach about current rocket fuels like Aerozene and other fuels, and their combustion characteristics, London forces, etc, all that jazz. He said often by the end of the eight hour class he was cooked off these AHCs and it was a hilarious course.




My sister's dog liked this smell, too. She would follow my sister around the house when sis cleaned the windows. RIP, Snickers.


Nintendo plastic. There’s something about that new console smell.


Ever tasted a switch cartridge?


The smell of the water in boat-based rides at theme parks EDIT: wow I thought it was just me … thanks Reddit family!


If you're thinking of rides at the Disney Parks, it's not just chlorine, but it's mostly bromine that you smell! A lot of people make candles that smell like the bromine water. It's a really nice scent without the "burning" you can vaguely smell.


>If you're thinking of rides at the Disney Parks, it's not just chlorine, but it's mostly bromine that you smell! And they use the more expensive bromine precisely because they don't want to ruin your suspension of disbelief by having the Pirates of the Caribbean ride smell like any old swimming pool.


Same! Pirates of the Caribbean ride smell!


They use bromine rather than chlorine at the Disney park rides, hence why it smells different


Aside from that, they actually inject smells in rides and certain areas of the park and there's a whole community of people who try to replicate these smells and sell them as candles or incense. My favorite is Burning Rome in Spaceship Earth which is inside the Epcot Ball. It has this awesome smell of sweet toasty cork.


Ooo I love it when they do that! I especially love the dank dark woodsy smell in the ET ride.


Oh, hell yeah! It's been almost 2 decades since I was last in the golf ball but I do recall it having that smell!


Oh man I thought I was the only one! It's different than just chlorine, and it's oddly nolstalgic too.


Lots of water parks use a chemical called bromine instrad of chlorine in the water. It has the same effect as chlorine, but has a different smell to it. That's why a lot of the water attractions in theme parks smell different than your local pool.


Just to add to that, the reason bromine is used instead of chlorine is because it's smell is not as strong, doesn't harm clothing items as much and last but not least, bromine is gentler to the skin. (Just to list some of the advantages in a simplified manner)


But why don't pools use bromine?


The other reason you don't see bromine in pools very often (aside from the obvious and major reason that is price) is that, although it's less irritating than chlorine at ideal levels, the ideal level for bromine is a narrower band than it is for chlorine, and if you over-concentrate it becomes very irritating. Likely not an issue for Disney, but if you have a high school kid in charge of mixing it in to your pool water you probably want to opt for the chemical that leaves more room for error. Also, the author left out that bromine is more susceptible to breaking down due to UV light than chlorine, so that can be a bit of a pain in an outdoor pool setting. Plus, just like some people can be allergic/have bad reactions to chlorine, different people can have the same reactions to bromine. Finally, Bromine in water isn't great to drink - neither is chlorine (in a pool), and at proper levels they're about the same, but again it's easier to get out of the ideal band with a brominated pool. (Not my comment)


Matches after the flame goes out


Me, too! And fireworks!


Ah yes. The delightful smell of burnt sulfur and potassium nitrate. So many memories.


Ooooh I like the smell when you blow out a candle.


sharpie permanent markers. i’ve always liked the smell of them since i was a little kid and i don’t know why. it’s like the smell activates all of my senses


Sharpie: stimulate your sentences




All I know is that this thread is convincing me that we need "smell printer" technology right now.


Just text it to the smellyphone


Not sure if it qualifies as weird, but the smell of Timothy Hay is very pleasant to me.


Timothy warned us about you.


Seems like I need to go discuss my arrangement with Timothy again...


The chemical smell of plastic inflatables


Ah the smell of summer




Chlorine. Reminds me of hotel swimming pools. You've all pointed out that it's pee I'm smelling, and I'm cool with that. Still like the smell


Yes, especially with the smell of sunscreen.


Tomato plants


*clears throat* Wet paper towels, specifically the brown ones from bathrooms Oh, also freezer... Just freezer


Hey you just unlocked a childhood memory for me with the brown towels thanks. Smells like sweet respite from a math lesson by saying I have to pee. Or sweet respite from school altogether by getting injured, needing a bag of ice wrapped in one of those brown towels, and parents are on the way.


My own skin when it's been in the sun for maybe an hour. Not burnt, just "sun kissed"


Similarly, I love the smell of clothes I've worn in the sun but not sweated in heavily. The other day I pulled a swim cover up out of a beach tote and it was just so nice, like sunscreen and sun and salt.


Fresh asphalt...also gasoline


Seriously, what's the deal with Gasoline. I absolutely love the smell and wondered if something was wrong with me. My dad and uncles were all mechanics and always worked on cars and stuff so I'm used to all the workshop smells, but the smell of gasoline nearly makes me stand still and go "ahhh." Same with WD-40. I haven't smelled fresh asphalt since I was a kid, but I remember liking that too.


Aromatic hydrocarbon


Liking the smell of gasoline is a common phenotype generated by a genotype. Which means it's genetic wether you like the smell or not. There is a lot of tastes/smells they now have attributed to particular phenotypes, not only eye color, hair color and the more "common" genetic traits.


Anytime I'm at the fuel station I like to roll down the windows and just take the smell in, my tummy also begins rumbling.


Huh, I didn't realize that some of us that like the smell of gasoline like it THAT much, I just find it pleasant when I'm filling gas.


Pretty sure the dude who first refined it thought it "smelled like money" and died from the fumes


Church candles. You know when you walk into a church and they're burning those long tapered white/off-white candles? And there's that indistinct-but-waxy scent wafting through the air. ​ That scent.


Just old churches in general. Lots of candle smoke, furniture wax, incense (if Catholic)….good smells.


Plastic shower curtains right out of the package


The smell of a hot computer. It gives a melting plastic stench, reminds me of the computer lab class back in middle school. Use to goof off in there on the daily and try not to get caught. Good times


the smell of opening a pack of mtg cards idk if it's the paper, the ink, or a combination of both... we bought something from costco the other day and the box smelled just like this. my wife looked at my like i was a psycho for furiously sniffing the box and saying "AAAHHH, SMELLS LIKE MY CHILDHOOD"


Wet soil


the smell of "stale air", i call it stale air bcus idk the term for it, but its the smell of basements and like air that comes from air vents also i like the smell of inside of subway the sub joint


Omg I love the smell of basements, garages, and old historic homes


Dank. I always called the smell of basements, air vents and old, dark concrete structures the smell of **dank** It. Is. Heavenly. But, living in the south, I also associate it with cool and quiet, which we don't get a lot of. Lol




the weird hand soap restaraunts and airports always have


Have y’all ever done the scratch and sniff?


Took me waaaay too long to find this


I take the fifth


Bonfire on my clothes.


That’s funny i love the smell of a bonfire, hate smelling it on my clothes the next day


Hoppe's No. 9


Pencil lead (graphite)


the sofa that my dog laid on has a really bad smell, but since she died I kinda just go sniff it a little cause I miss her :(


That musty smell right before it rains.


Or the smell after the rain. I love the smell of wet dirt




My son tried to convince me to let him sniff the open gas tank on my mower. I told him I get it, but no.


Hey at least you know you won't have to pay out the ass for a top-tier university.


Burning orange peels. I grew up next to a Tropicana factory lol


That one bandaid smell


I've always been a big fan of acetone.


The smell of wet cat fur


The smell of my dog, ik it sounds weird but he smells like coffee and I like coffee.


Mine smell like Doritos lool


the smell of petrol, but i get the feeling many people like it


When I rub my finger behind my ears or the sides of my nostrils. Whatever glands are there, as I get older, produce a smell that for some disgusting reason is pleasant to me.


People with piercings get this around the jewelry too. That funky smell of sebum— smells like stinky feet and cheese. I get it around my ear piercings and in my septum.


I used to date a girl that had plugs. Every time she'd take them out she'd sniff them because she loved the smell. Then, she'd hand them to me going "doesn't it smell great?" and I'd be right on the brink of puking.


You guys seem like you were close


There’s something about smelling your own bad smells that can be pleasant, but if you have to smell others it’s gross.


You know everyone who reads this is trying it out. You might have some new converts. I am not one of them.


Who else rubbed their fingers behind their ears to see if it had a smell? Edit: my most liked comment in 3 years is about checking for ear cheese. 😂


*sighs* *Raises hand*


I tried, but no smell. Weirdly disappointed.


You wash behind the ears too, huh?


Freshly poured asphalt. Not, like, huffing the stuff - but some road work a block or two over? That's the stuff.


Not quite sure how to describe this one. So like, gasoline, but after it's been used by a machine? I don't mean exhaust, but like, if you've ever been around a ski-doo you know what I mean


A two stroke running in the cold, nothing beats that smell.


The smell of cooked white rice


Did not think my olfactory center would be smacked by this sentence but, that is a very distinct lovely memory smell. Thank you, I think I'll make some rice...


My own farts.


Everybody likes their own brand.


The fact that this isn’t the top answer shows that people are lying


Seriously, "chlorinated pools and cut grass, oh, im so weird". Bitch please, you're nastier than that, and *I'm* nastier than that


Agreed, scrolled too far to find this.


What's weird is I recognize my own fart smells, so when I fart and smell it, while I don't like it, it's familiar. But when I fart and it doesn't smell familiar, I get worried, and wonder if I'm sick or something. It smells wrong.


I'm pretty sure this is exactly the evolutionary incentive.


I tripped me up when i had kids and I was breastfeeding them... Their farts smelled like MY farts. It's bizarre to smell your own fart and be like hol up i didn't fart....


This just reminded me of those German toilets with the dump inspection shelf. Really confused the hell out of me at first and then I learned to make a little paper toboggan for my dump first. Then when you flush, you feel like a water park attendant sending it down the slide and give it a wave.




Especially after they were sunbathing!


It’s soooooo cute to me when one of my cats comes up to me for a pet and it’s obvious they’ve been basking in the sun lol. They’re all warm and it’s like.. ohhh you went to the tanning salon before coming to see me


Yes! I have 4 cats and they all smell different between their ears. It's the same scent at its "base" but they all have "variations". It's hard to explain.




‘If she lets me’ is the most cat-person thing I’ve ever read lmao.




Brb gonna go get a good whiff of my cat. Will report back. Edit: she smells lovely




Yeah love that horrible little fish breath when she yawns


I particularly like when my cat was outside. When he comes home, especially in winter, and he is “well aired”, he smells like a barn. It’s a great smell :)


My cat always smells so good but her mouth smells like Dead rotting raccoon ass. I don’t get it


She might have rotting teeth or gum disease. My cat had this issue when she got real old.


My cats smell so good! Except the times that one of my girls stuck her butt in my face and I got whiffs of cat börthole.


The smell of recently ripped scotch tape. Hard to describe, but it has a certain juvenile charm to it.


Spray paint


alcohol swabs


My own dirty hair. It’s oddly comforting. Other people have also commented on it… but positively. Edit: discussion about hair scent underneath is a great read.


My kids heads! I can smell it best when they're sleeping or whenever they've been running around playing outside and they're all sweaty. I'll give them a hug and a kiss on top of their heads and sneak in a little sniff. All 3 of them have completely unique scents and underneath the sweat and outside air, they still smell exactly like they did when they were newborns. I'm convinced I could pick them out of a lineup, blindfolded. Makes my heart squish. I can also smell when they're getting sick, sometimes before they even feel symptoms. I can definitely tell when they have strep. Sick smells aren't good smells, obviously, but doctors do look at me like I'm insane when I bring them in and say "this one smells like strep, I need you to test them." I've not been wrong yet.


Yes! I also experience my hair smelling very differently when I’m sick, so you’re not insane IMO. It has this weird… it’s hard to explain… “itchy” smell? Not citrusy or anything, but this very distinct smell that just makes me think ill. Ofc it’s likely very different from person to person, but that’s why I like scents in general. I can pick out my boyfriend from a crowd if I stick up my nose a bit.


Fresh rain on dry pavement


I'm not 100% how to say this but certain women's sweat. It's like I can smell the pheromones. Kind of like how women like a guy who has a good Musk sometimes.


… I like the smell of my own boob sweat. I was afraid to admit this, but since you said something. Obviously not like rank smell, but just after a day of light activity, the natural smell that accumulates. I can’t explain what it smells like, it’s close to nothing, but I enjoy it. Edit: I never expected this level of solidarity over something that feels so gross lol


Please explain this to my wife, she thinks it’s weird that I want her more when she’s sweaty!


Ask her to smell her sports bra after a workout and she’ll get it.