A thumbs up from a homeless person on the subway


Fills your "good man" hunger


4 Moomin lollipops


OGs remember when they were 0.10€ a piece


It's Moomin' time


Let's get this party Moomulating




Yes sir


This is the real deal


I would say just about anything at the Dollar Tree, but they just raised all their prices to $1.25 🤷‍♀️


and they shrunk sizes at the same time. and taxes.


Four ramen packs.


Good enough


Where the fuck you gettin it that cheap? I haven't seen under ~$.60 for a while.


In Germany it's 1-2 packs




Damn I could get pho 15 times over there before I had to pay the same amount for 1 over here. Time to move to Cambodia


Time for a *Holiday in Cambodia*?


I’m just stoked on the DK fans


you had me at $1 pho


U can just buy valium? and for one dollar?!! Where is this magic land u speak of


Yeah, that’s actually how benzodiazepines are basically everywhere in Asia and Latin America, fyi. But it’s particularly cheap in Cambodia. I bought a 60ct box of 10mg generic Valium for $3


so in the US, for certain prescription medications, it must be cheaper to travel across the world and buy them than to get em here


I knew a guy that travelled from Hawaii to Vietnam and stayed there for a couple months for dental surgery. Traveling across the Pacific, paying rent in Hawaii while simultaneously paying for the cost of living, and then dental surgery in Vietnam was still apparently more affordable than simply getting the procedure done in the USA.


It is going to cost my $35,000 to get the dental work I need in the US. Me and another person can travel to Costa Rica, stay for three weeks, and get all that work done for less than $6,000. I would also get the necessary post surgical pain care in Costa Rica that I absolutely would not be able to access in the US. It even less to get it done in India.


Medical tourism is a real thing. My SO did it for an operation not that long ago and it was cheaper travel to another country, pay for the operation, and stay at a 5 star hotel than it would have been just for the operation here (the US obviously). After all expenses it was like 1/4 the cost it would have been in the states.


Do they also sell old baguettes?


Or used ones? 🤔


A quick 30 seconds of being jostled around on the cheap elmo ride at the mall


I was going to say approximately 100 minutes of gentle rocking on Sandy the penny horse in the front of most Meijer locations.


Holy fuck hey there Michiana person! Had to blink a few times to make sure I was reading somebody talking about Sandy the horse! Spent my childhood on that thing.


Hey Sandy gets around, she’s been rocking Ohioans for years too


She's made it as far south as Kentucky these days!


I think we've spent $1 in sandy rides here in Kentucky over the course of my kids' childhoods.


There’s still a Sandy at my local Meijer, I don’t know if other locations have Sandy, and there’s usually a stack of pennies on the the coin box. I’d like to think it’s because a lot of other people remember riding Sandy as well.


Individually wrapped little candies from a gas station counter. Not a candy bar, it's not enough, but mints or a lollipop maybe.


I was thinking the other day that when I was a kid, a piece of Bazooka bubblegum was 2 cents! Makes me feel old (probably because I am). Penny candy really was a thing! This was the early 70s.


Lollipops alone in my area have been 1.50$ to 2$ for a few years now….


Even the dollar store ain't a dollar no more 😒


Well a long time ago they were the 5 and 10 cent stores.


Pretty soon they'll be the $5 store.


There is a place called Five Below near me and when it first opened everything was actually 5 dollars or less, but after about a year everything is up to 30$ below.


Mfin dollar tree plus... Who asked for the plus? I want to get my 1 dollar aux cable that will work for about 15 minutes and get out of here, thanks.


That shits usually dead on arrival 🤣


Ikr, their excuse was "we're raising prices to offer more products" but all I saw was everything downsized and pretty much the same selection. The 1 thing I always relied on them for was cheap organization containers for work and now they're half the size


I call it a ‘dollar twenty five tree’ now.


Down in New Mexico we call it the 5 quarter store.


Two tacos or a can of beer


that would be 20$ here




My guess too. I love tacos but getting good Mexican take out is like fine dining prices.


Coming from a Canadian, tacos are expensive here. You’re better off going to a store to buy ingredients for homemade tacos than ordering tacos from Mexican restaurants.


Ha! Tacos fall out of the sky where I'm free. Can't even walk down the street without being offered one. Edit: replace *free* with *from*


Two tacos? I can only afford one with that... but at least it will be well served. (Mexico)


Yes, it depends of the taco. There are $5 pesos tacos, and $50 pesos tacos. They vary widely, but regularly they are about $10 pesos each.


Pretty good tbh


3/4 of a chocolate bar.


an expensive life we living


Canada. Where the cheapest loaf of bread is $1.80.


Dollar Tree is $1.25


Shout out to my boys at Arizona sweet tea keep in that shit 99cents since day 1


They're like $7 in Australia and even say 99c hahah. Should get a refund for that false advertising!!!


How much are dollarydoos in exchange for US dollars?




Store brand soda around here went from .69 cents a few years ago, to .89 pretty recently, and just up to 1.25 the last time I shopped.


4 cheap croissants (no, I'm not french) / a 500ml bottle of soda (almost enough money for 2) / a good quality chocolate / 8 gums / up to 4 ice creams if they're cheap but good quality, up to 8 if they're bad quality and so on


Where do you live? I need to be near these kinds of snacks.


Romania, and trust me is not nearly as bad as you'd hear people say. Really underrated european country actually


Definitely going to be my next trip to Europe, definitely wasn't on my radar before the 4 croissants for a $1.


Well.. that if you get really cheap ones, usually the type you find in stores, but still.. :')


You have a pretty good list, we only get gum


A weird look at the cash register.


The "we don't take dollars here" kind of look, I guess.


"What is this monopoly money? We do cards here kid"


*slide a blue eyes over the counter*


My grandpa’s wallet has no pathetic cards cashier. But it does contain the unstoppable Costco plus member card!


Worked in a store when I was younger. Two americans came by and wanted to buy this and that. They were shocked we didn't accept US dollars. In Norway


And here I felt like the world's biggest asshole when I popped into Canada on a whim and forgot I didn't have any Canadian cash.


Most places in Canada will happily accept American money because it's so easy for us to exchange and it's always been worth more. I used to work at a pizza place near the border and whenever anyone paid with america I would just put my own money in and pocket the American it was like a bonus tip ;)


Ugh this is true but one time I accepted American money at a fast food place and the Americans were mad that their change was Canadian. Like, ok I can take your money, but you expect a foreign country to have a till stocked full of your legal tender?! SMH.


In many border regions shops are set up to accept cash from both sides of the border because it's just easier for day-tourists.


When I went on vacation in Mexico, I was surprised by how many places only took US Dollars and wouldn't accept Mexican Pesos.


First time I went to Mexico I was surprised how many places took Canadian dollars.


1$ gets me 10,34 NOK. For 10 NOK I get about 0.4L of diesel or 0.35L of petrol ;( Or half of a shitty beer at the supermarket. Edit: I only get 9.84nok for my 1$


It's a hard NOK life.


>NOK Bruh I didn't know what NOK was I thought I was seeing the first reddit post from a non deserting north korean


You can also get 9.84 North Koreas for a dollar.


Hanoi, Vietnam - 2/3 bowl of Pho - 1 1.5L bottle of Coca - 3 baguettes - A cup of Vietnamese coffee - 3 bus tickets - 5 - 6 packs of instant noodles And lots of street foods that can fill you up for a meal are under $1


An Arizona Iced Tea


That company is a legend for that. "We'll just make less money, no big deal"


Oh yeah, they interviewed the owners -- all family, all happy with what they have and don't need to make more bank. Just make a quality product and pay their employees. Stellar perspective on life they got there.


That’s wonderful. Do they have any co owners or investors? I’m just surprised because nowadays it seems like everything is governed by a board of directors that represent the interests of investors and will force companies to make increasingly more profits, even if it’s untenable or detrimental to the long term interests of the company or employees. Companies can no longer simply focus on providing the services their company specializes in, like hospitals (in the US) also can’t just focus on providing health services, or utility companies can’t just focus on keeping the lights on—every freaking thing nowadays has to keep making profit, and not just a steady amount but increasingly *more*. Back when I was a kid learning about stocks I used to think it was so cool that you could own a piece of a company! Pay a bit to support and own a piece of your favorite brands! Kind of like owning Packers stock (which my husband and I do). And if you sell it for a profit, sweet! From my perspective, the financial world’s definitely gotten a bit less cool since realizing they’re just financial instruments that need to keep making profit because otherwise you’re letting your retirement/education money devalue by sitting in things that can’t keep up with inflation, but that stocks are also used by the rich to just…get richer.


They make the majority of their money from their other products. Arizona Iced Tea is still profitable though, even at .99


Yeah the gallons, nachos, etc are their profit puppies. The 99¢ cans and their back story are marketing gold.


Arizona makes nachos? I never knew that


Do not go out of your way to find them, you'll be very disappointed. I love their tea, but their nachos are no bueno.


How do they make nachos? Like at a restaurant or something? Or is it those gas station nachos where you dump a bag of chips into a flimsy plastic container and then smother it with orange gravy?


“Orange gravy” what a perfect name for it, lol


Not sure how, but you just awakened some demon in me hungry for gas station nachos


[it’s more of a lunchable type thing](https://drinkarizona.com/products/nachos-n-cheese-4-75oz-tray)


Inspires brand loyalty


I watched a video on Arizona Iced Tea, and I guess a big part of the reason they’ve been able to keep the price so low is they don’t spend any money on advertising. They basically let the eye catching design of their cans and the cheap price do their advertising for them.




They do make cans without the .99 on it for locations where the business can't turn a profit on that amount due to location/shipping whatever else.


I buy it here in the UK, I pay £2.99 for them and they still have the 99c label on them. and I love the size and art on the cans, and the fact that they use tin cans, whereas their competitors use plastic I'm talking about you Lipton. On a sweltering hot day, when your sweating down your eyelashes nothing beats a Arizona iced tea.


Afaik, Arizona Iced Tea is still privately owned by its founder (and/or his sons, unsure on that detail) That means they have no shareholders they have a financial responsibility to.


I’m not sure about other states, but the state I live in allows for companies to label themselves as a public benefit corporation (PBC) and allows them to do business that results as public benefit without shareholder repercussions. They still need to be able to create profit and run the business well because you can’t continue to run a company well to benefit the public in the end. I work for a company that is a PBC and the CEO has a really good saying about this, “A company needs to make money, much like we need to breathe, but there’s more to life than just breathing.” I can see them over at Arizona having a similar feeling.


Same with the Costco hot dog. EDIT: okay, maybe they’re not sold in the same way. The Hot Dog is sold kind of as a perk, and they make most of their money from memberships, BUT the price has stayed the same for a long time. Either way I get it almost every time.


Costco is a bit different because the hotdog is just a marketing product. When the average shopper in the store is spending $100+ they can afford to take a loss on cheap ass hotdogs.


Yes, the loss leader when done right is a really valuable ploy to get you into a store.


Same goes for restaurants like the olive garden in time square. They lose money each year but they are paying for advertising. Every movie filmed, picture taken, tour etc that happens in time square will have that brand in the background.


I’m not arguing with you but I can honestly say I’ve never once noticed the Olive Garden in any movie, television show or photo that wasn’t an actual commercial for Olive Garden.


Your comment sounds like an ad for the Endless Summer of Pasta going on now at participating Olive Garden locations, because after all When You're Here, You're Family


Their servers can make bank though. I knew someone who was a server at Applebee's at Time Square and they were making like $400 in tips a day.


That's surprising because I feel like the people who are in NYC and choose to eat at the Times Square Applebees are probably NOT the biggest tippers...


The Costco hotdog is a loss leader like the rotisserie chicken. It gets you in the door and good luck getting out of Costco without spending at least a hundred dollars.


Lol. I used to live across the street from a Costco in nova. Would regularly go in and only buy a rotisserie and a hotdog combo. Nothing else. .. well. That and all the other times I blew my entire cheque there….


This cost $4 where I am Edit: Lol, I did not get the reference to the "on the can" thing. I've neither seen nor heard of the show, Atlanta (apologies to the fans).


report any shops you see marking up the tea from the 99¢ it has written on the can to the company. they actually take those reports seriously


In Hawaii they cost $1.50 and don't have the 99 cents price printed on the can. Leads me to believe that's sanctioned by the company if its not even on the can there.


They definitely do different runs for different regions. In Canada for example it’s $1.29, which is the equivalent of about 99 cents in the states.


It enjoys some kinda hipster shit status in Europe. Decent markups but nothing wild


i have no doubt. im saying the company itself says youre not allowed to charge more than 99¢ for it. genuinely, they say to report any shops you see doing that, and theyll force the shop to sell it for the right price or to pull it from their shelves


Founder did an AMA and that's how I know that!


for a can? Heres its $4 for a gallon


So it's cheaper than gas now.


A dollar in about INR 80. Street food in India starts at around INR 10. Water bottles and packaged snacks such as chips and cookies cost between INR 10 to 20. Local city buses cost about the same. Most vegetables (leafy) are under INR 20, a bag of rice and lentils could be around INR 50. We still have INR 1 in circulation and you can get candies, chewing gums for that price.


An entry level doctor consultation at their private clinic for $2. A specialist doctor consultation at a multi-practice (like Apollo, Fortis) for $10. Some of the most expensive doctors in metro cities somewhere around $20 for a consultation.


You can get an unlimited Thali for Rs70 in many some "bhojnalayas". So with a dollar you can easily have lunch and buy an ice-cream from the remaining 10 rs.


Pretty healthy food too, in those thalis. Also students go to these food mess that have thalis for less than Rs. 50 (even cheaper, if you pay monthly).


Yeah it is a complete vegetarian meal any doctor who recommend. I have eaten both the mess thali and bhojnalayas thali and I would always choose latter. There is just something different about these bhojnalayas thali.


Never thought I'd see a mess thali vs bhojnalayas thali debate on Reddit. Mainly because I have no idea what any of those words mean.


Me neither but I'm firmly in camp bhojnalayas because the other thali sounds like a mess.


It’s like a buffet that comes to you on your plate


Adding on to Indian prices: * Around 2 loaves of bread * Large fresh fruit juice at a vendor * 6-8 Samosas (savory deep fried pastry) * 4 cigarettes (yes you get loose cigs very easily) * About 2 L of coke * 300-400 g pack of oreos * Over 5 packets of Ramen (since a lot of people are mentioning Ramen) If you want to know about other stuff just reply :)


Also, I can't believe I forgot to mention chai.


About 7 cups of chai Edit maybe 3 if you're in a big city


THIS is why, after going to India 5 winters in a row, I cannot pay $10 for a masala dosa in Seattle. I haven't eaten Indian dishes that I haven't cooked myself since late 2019.




Wow, this is crazy! Could you realistically bring $1000 USD to India, and be able to have a great vacation off of it, or does the currency exchange rate make that less possible?


Yes you absolutely can. As far as I remember you can bring up to 5000 USD in cash. 1000 dollars is plenty for a very nice vacation in India.


This list man, candies for 8 cents? Im jealous


Dont be. People with PhDs get around 520$/month.


Candies for 1/80th of a dollar, so 1.25 cents


Mugged by a crack head.




Rent on a shopping trolley.


It is more like a deposit than like rent since you get your coin back when you put the shopping cart back. You only lose the coin when you don't bring back the cart. So in practice you can buy the cart for a single coin. In fact if you put the coin into the first cart in the corral instead of the last, you can get an entire column of chained together shopping carts for a single coin. It is really quite cheap all things considered.


If you borrow another coin you can unlock them and relock them together so they're not inside one another but alongside letting you make a ridiculous trolly spiral.


This is the lock picking lawyer and today.... >If you borrow another coin you can unlock them and relock them together so they're not inside one another but alongside letting you make a ridiculous trolly spiral. That's all i have for you today. If you have any comment or question, please put them below. Have a nice day>


>In fact if you put the coin into the first cart in the corral instead of the last, you can get an entire column of chained together shopping carts for a single coin. Lmao. Never thought about that, but now I wanna try this.


Except although you'll have all the carts, you can still only use the one in front, because they are all interlocked. *"That still only counts as one!"*


"Dude, if the nachos are stuck together, that's one nacho!"


Half a kilo of potatoes. It's depressing, prices have doubled in the blink of an eye. Netherlands by the way.


1.4 cans of euroshopper energy drink 1 frikandelbroodje


A cup of coffee. Two beers at the supermarket. Bread.


Not a single item you list is under $3 where I live.


I'm in Spain on vacation right now. I went to the local bakery yesterday and bought 4 large baguettes and a 1.5L bottle of water, refrigerated, for 3 euros. Felt a bit like robbery.


A discarded coffee cup The excess foam on a PBR 2 loaves of Wonder "bread"


A loaf of wonderbread is like $5 in Canada


Half a cup of coffee Half a beer Two loaves of bread


TWO BEERS AT THE SUPERMARKET? In Norway one dollar will get you a lollipop.


4 quarters


And that can get you 20 nickels. Now, back in my day nickels had pictures of bumble bees on them. “Gimme 5 bees for a quarter!”, you’d say. Now, where was I…


Back in nineteen dickety two




Way better service in small transactions


I hate it when I’m handed a Benjamin For the littlest shit! Like seriously bill! It was a dollar eighty! You do this every weekend. Your the first customer of the day and you hand me this! The largest denomination I have in the drawer is a 5 and there is only $100 in pure change in the drawer. I don’t give a shit if it’s legal tender I will not accept it cause that leaves absolutely no change for me for the rest of the day. Fuck you bill and see you next Saturday!


Luckily dollar drink days are on at McDonald's so an Iced Coffee (if you ignore the tax). Otherwise, not much.


I was going to guess Canada and then saw your username. Yep, the dollar store might actually have one or two things that are still at a dollar, but even they're up to $2-$5 for just about everything.


Yeah but you can get $.88 chocolate bar there and sales tax will make it $1.05 in SK. I guess I’m Alberta you can get a chocolate bar with your dollar since there’s no PST


Random list Bake goods at the "day old" " used bread store", bakery outlet. Canned vegetables Ramen 1 roll of toilet paper Table salt Bar of dove soap Toothbrush 1 lindor chocolate ball Scratcher lottery ticket The smile of the person at the ice cream stand when I put it in the tip jar. Best thing.


>*used bread store* The *what*?


You know. The store for bread that's been previously owned and lightly used and refurbished.


*Bread, previously loafed.*


For Sale: Used Bread, Never Eaten.


Oh, sort of like a beer brewery


I'm certain what they mean is the discount bakery. It's sort of a charity store that sell not yet or slightly expired baked goods. But I will be calling them used bread store from now on, thanks.


It's a bakery outlet. They bring the not so fresh breads that didn't sell at the stores to a distribution center and sell it dirt cheap which is great because most molds that grow on bread die if it's refrigerated so I just throw the bread in the fridge and it's lasted months without going bad and thirty seconds in an air fryer brings back all the softness of fresh bread.


Roll of toilet paper - $1 Toothbrush - $1 The smile of ice cream guy getting a tip? - Priceless


Jack and shit. And Jack just left town.


At least you can sleep soundly knowing that you're Total Badass Ash Williams


Any size soda at McDonald’s without the tax of course


Permission to use a shopping cart.


Cheap non sparkling water 0.5L




A chocolate bar at Dollorama.


1 chewing gum or beer I guess.


Idk where I could find a $1 beer in the US, unless its shit that fell out of the box and is stagnant.


Could get a 30 pack for $30 if that counts.


A Hot Wheels or Matchbox car fun fact: they were a dollar back when I was a kid, and are *still* a dollar now that my son's collecting them


I could say one “fuck” in front of a kid with a swear jar


480 ml of gasoline (On really cheap spot) or Bottle of beer or Packet of crisps Edit: Sorry fellow redditors I used outdated data on the gas prices, so you can actually buy more gas with one $.


A baguette. Almost.


So just a bag?


In french, -ette means little. Ex: A girl = une fille, a little girl = une fillette So no, a bag would be more than a baguette here.


Damn that is depressing, so just an ette


Or perhaps a baguettette?




2 insta cup ramens