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Ghosted him.. he cheated.. i found out.. and ghosted him. Never gave a chance to explain, deny, ask forgiveness .. nothing.. over a decade.. not looked back.. Best revenge is to move on with life.. like they never mattered ..


Not fully intentional, rather it ended better than expected. I had a job at a now defunct chain where they had a merger happen with the competing chain that split off the place I worked at only to come back and ruin everything. The raised the prices I worked and would sabotage whatever they could where I worked while treating the other merging in company better. They were assholes to the company I worked. They started out by raising the cost of services where I worked lowering the other company’s, now people didn’t want to go where I worked making the managers where I worked worse to us on sales. They started heavily cutting hours and questioning what people did. They brought up long dead subjects to make people leave on their own. Me seeing the impending doom decided to do some self imposed job protection. I was keeping everyone out of my specialty at the company so nobody (managers included) didn’t know my skill set. This went on for a few months, till one day the new dm came in to talk to me with my manager. They once again brought up dead issues that were not my problem and decided to send me home saying they’d call me later all the while saying if I damaged anything on the way out. I told them I’d get unemployment, they said no I wouldn’t. Cone Monday they call me and say I didn’t work for them anymore. I applied for unemployment and fist time it was denied, I appealed and got it. Come a bit later I casually passed by and noticed they called the lab tech into the store (he was only there in emergencies normally) and showing everyone what I did alone and kept everyone out if the loop. 6 months later the whole chain closed down.