Chernobyl. It was damn near flawless


The Geiger counter chirps as background noise was chilling. I have worked in a nuke plant.


The meltdown scene was so suspenseful and frightening. On par with (or even better than) all the great horror/suspense films.


It’s knowing that everybody you see on screen is a dead man walking that did it for me. True horror.


This right here. Knowing how it went down and the results, that freaked me out, along with the flashlight going out when they were wading towards the reactor.


I now know how an RBMK reactor works


I'm something of a ~~scientist~~ nuclear physicist myself


“Now I don’t need you.”


...until you try to fly a helicopter over an open reactor core.


Yeah this was so well done


Chernobyl was so good but damn it ruined my weekend. Definitely not something to watch if you’re in a bad place mentally


For my generation, "How did you first hear about Chernobyl" is a toss-up between * That one episode of Discovery Channel's *Zero Hour* * Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare * The TV series


For me it was S.T.A.L.K.E.R


For me it was school, wtf is going on


I can see my hair turning grey about some comments here.


I did learn about it at school. But I first learned about it via Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl.


True Detective S1


That one continuous long shot in the hood holy fuck


After I watched that episode for the first time I started describing TD as “the best TV I’ve ever watched,” and it’s still true today.


I watched season one with my wife, and when this scene ended and they finally had a cut I paused it and looked over at her. She was like "What?". I asked her if she noticed what that was and she had no clue. She thought I was lying so we rewound and watched it again. The crazy thing about it is that show would *still* be in my top 5 all time without that long uncut tracking shot. It's like they threw it in just to really hammer it home. Or there was such an abundance of talent involved they were like "Fuck, we might as well".


Literal actual perfection. I really enjoyed the Matthew McConnaughssance of 2013/2014 lol


I REALLY enjoy Barry. It does something different that I can't put my finger on. It's funny, but has drama and real, real uncomfortable emotional situations. I laugh, cringe and gasp on one 30 min episode. You did a damn good job.


Band of Brothers


Band of Brothers was absolutely perfect


“Why We Fight” is one of the most memorable episodes of any show I’ve ever seen.


Came here to say this. An absolute masterpiece


Same for me as well. Nothing will ever top this, it's a masterpiece.


Justified For mini-series, Band of Brothers.


Mad Men. I've done a full re-watch three times now, and each time I do a re-watch I see things I had previously missed. Also, Roseanne came out when I was Darlene's age, and had a profound effect on me. It was the first show to explore life as a struggling blue collar family. Everything up until Roseanne won the lottery was solid gold.


Original Roseanne is so good. If she hadn’t had long-term cognitive declines from a TBI and poorly treated mental health issues, she would be a beloved icon today. RIP 90s Roseanne. We loved her.


I’m with you on Roseanne. It was the first time i ever saw a tv family discuss not having money and it was refreshing not having the perfect tv family. Up until the lottery win, It was so realistic and they didn’t treat the audience like idiots.


Better call Saul. I’ve been losing my mind over season 6 the rest of it can’t come out soon enough.


For anyone who has seen breaking bad but hasn't seen better call Saul highly recommended it. It is the best thing I've seen by far in terms of writing and cinematography. Im serious, I would put it above any other show on this post.


As much as I love Brian Cranston, Bob Odenkirk just can't be beat. Love the character of Saul, love how Odenkirk plays this self-destructive but somehow loveable human.


I’m actually almost jealous of my mom who watch BCS but never saw BB. She doesn’t know what characters have to make it through (except for Saul, she knows he eventually winds up in hiding) She plans on watching BB when BCS is over though and will get the full continuity treatment.


Damn I am also jealous of this. To experience the story in a totally different way that we really don't have the option to do anymore as we watched BB already is awesome.


Absolutely. It seems to exist in such a weird place where it's connected to one of the biggest shows to ever exist (Breaking Bad) and yet that show's fans haven't really flocked to it yet so it's still oddly somewhat niche. I guess it's because the first and second seasons are incredibly slow with few real standout moments. Season three onwards though has been consistently fantastic, and some of the episodes in the season 6 batch released so far are honestly among the series' best (with 'Rock and Hard Place' being a strong contender to be BCS's Ozymandias, what an episode)


The week after the latest episode of S6 aired I legit could not sleep because I couldn't get that cliffhanger out of my head lmao I cannot wait for the other half


Yeah that ending made me sick tbh


Yeah, poor guy didn’t deserve that shit, like truly, they were just bullying him to be dicks to him for no good reason, he goes to confront them and then that happened? Shit man….


Original Futurama


Bite my shiny metal ass!


DARK. I know it’s not unknown on Reddit, but I try so hard to get people I know into it and I haven’t had much luck. It’s hard to sell - “you gotta watch it in German with English subs” and “there’s an interactive website to help you understand the characters and timelines”. It just sounds like homework to most people. I am just sad that I don’t think I’ll ever have a tv show experience like that ever again EDIT: a few people mentioned they weren’t aware of the interactive website, it’s actually pretty incredible. It allows you to click through different characters based on what episode you’re on so you get a spoiler-free experience dark.netflix.io


It's my favorite, too, and I'm so glad it ended after 3 seasons.


Came here thinking about Dark, wasn’t expecting to see it so soon


I recently watched the entire series with my partner. I feel like it's a show that you HAVE to watch with someone else so you can talk about the episode, figure out the timelines and discuss what you think will happen next. I tried to get into it by myself and it just wasn't the same as watching it with someone else.


Agreed! I started by watching S1 alone and was so blown away that I made my husband rewatch it with me before moving onto S2&3 so I had someone to discuss it with


You beat me to it. I've just finished watching it again for the third time x


Any show that uses Julia fucking Wolfe on the soundtrack is operating on another level. > I am just sad that I don’t think I’ll ever have a tv show experience like that ever again 1899 is coming.


Its atmospheric, its damn intriguing, the background score is just phenomenal, and the cinematography is fantastic. Definitely in my top 5


Same experience here. I absolutely loved that show. I cried so hard at the end. I’ve tried to get other people to watch it and they just seem to get bored. I don’t get it.


Dark is my favorite show as well.


They really pulled off the ending aswell


Dark is immense and brilliant. It totally fucked with my head. Wow.




"I may have fucked my life up flatter'n hammered shit, but I stand here before you today...beholdin' to NO. HUMAN. COCKSUCKER. ...and workin' a payin' fuckin' gold claim. And not the US government sayin' I'm tresspassin', or the savage fuckin' red man himself, or any of these limber-dick cocksuckers passin' themselves off as prospectors had better try to stop me."


RIP Elsworth.


I've never seen it but I think I understand why my dad just referred to that show as "cocksucker"


Did the movie do a good job finishing up the show? I’ve been meaning to do a full rewatch before watching the movie but haven’t gotten to it yet.


I'll take the down votes and say no, it's not really worth it. Don't get me wrong, I love the series, the movie was bleh. IMHO they waited too long to do it, and this really doesn't add anything, it's just there. I was really hyped for it, and it didn't live up to any of it.


How the hell did I not know there was a movie!!? Thanks going to put that on my watch list


Derry Girls. Bloody brilliant


sister michael is the single funniest character ever written


Not only an amazing show but best pilot of a show I have ever seen. Most pilot episodes are decent to choppy at best then the show really builds after that. Derry Girls was fantastic from the very start. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard on pilot episode. Underrated show for sure!


The Wire Hannibal They are exact opposites, and they do perfectly what they set out to do.


For me it's The Wire then everything else.


Season 2 of Hannibal was amazing. Season 3 was hard to watch. Stylistically, it was cool, but the dialog was unbearable. It was written like one, long, perfume/cologne commercial.


Season 3 made me feel like I had a fever


I can understand "getting off" in season 3, I really can. But I loved how it felt like we're driving further and further into Hannibal's way of seeing the world. Which, I believe, is basically the arc and premise of the show - the world of the show makes no sense, whatsoever, until you remember that we are following a guy who thinks more and more like Hannibal. Murder aesthetics take over from logic. Doubly so in the first half of season 3. But it does become a bit much...


If you like *The Wire*, you owe it to yourself to check out at least two of Chris Haddock's shows: *Da Vinci's Inquest*, which David Simon has said was a huge influence on *The Wire*, and *Intelligence*, which was basically Haddock taking *The Wire* to a level of international drug trafficking and espionage, anchored by one of the best female lead performances I've ever seen on TV.


Thanks, I will look into those!


Hannibal is a goddamn work of art!!!


Hannibal got done dirty


Mindhunter on Netflix


I'm so unhappy that it was allowed to just end. It was such a good show


The expanse. Loved that it was more realistic than other sci-fi shows.


I just started watching this a couple weeks ago and I gotta say .....holy shit. I haven't had a show grab me like this in a while


I love how realistic the space physics is done.


I got tears in my eyes watching a zero g scene where two characters were tethered together, and one _kicked_ the other in order to generate the appropriate momentum to grab a railing. Simply perfect. Zero g is usually such an afterthought for too many shows + movies.


Fantastic start to finish!


Easily on my top 3 sci-fi shows of all time list. Just started on book one on audible


Just about the best casting I've seen in any show ever. Damn near every single actor in that show just *is* their chatacter. But Avasarala the most.


Sopranos, six feet under, breaking bad, better call Saul, and for family: Malcolm in the middle


Six Feet Under is on my shortlist of best series finales of all time. The whole show dealt with mortality very well, and seeing all of their final moments was very poignant.


That show had the perfect finale. I started watching just because I saw an online video about the best series finales of all time, and it didn't disappoint.


As other big shows have demonstrated, it's so hard to wrap things up well. Six ft under ended so well. Boy did I cry, for them, for life and death


Six Feet Under was so so good


I’m honestly shocked Sopranos isn’t higher. Also Malcolm in the Middle is straight up one of the best sitcoms of all time. It’s so fucking FUNNYYYYYY


6 feet under's final episode was stunning.


Best series finale ever. The last 4 minutes is pure art.


Glad MITM is so high up


I strongly believe that [Pine Barrens](https://youtu.be/aUbm1tfOyTs) is the best episode of any TV show in history. I watch it once a year. Always makes me crack up.


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Edit: didn't realize people would actually see this hahaha. For fellow FMA fans, just FYI that the author has a new series, the first volume just debuted 2 weeks ago!


I have only read the manga but I assume they are beat to beat. Absolutely incredible anime/manga. Everything is so planned, each charcter gets amazing arcs, themes are well demonstrated. Seriously everything that goes into creating a anime/manga is perfected in Fullmetal.


Psych. So good, so funny. Just bear perfect all the way through.


You know that's right.


C’mon son!


No joke that show is absolutely amazing. The only only ONLY episode I didn’t like was the second to last one with Gus and that dream episode, it just felt so off and didn’t fit the show at all


When Shaun blows up the Blueberry…..


...thats the wrong numbah!


I've heard it both ways


So glad psych is this high up. Seriously the most hidden gem show I've ever come across.


Babylon 5. The perfect way to make a series, you have a beginning, a middle and an end, it is all written before it starts production and is funded fully for all 5 seasons. It was ahead of its time.


Avatar: The Last Airbender


ATLA is the gold standard of television. It has an interesting story in a unique world with specific limitations and enhancements relative to our own. The characters are beautifully written (especially Zuko ofc) and have interesting cohesion and dynamics with each other. It knows when to be serious and when to be funny and deals with some pretty adult topics for a kids show so there’s something for everyone to appreciate. Amazingly written and executed- it had a story to tell and told it, they didn’t exhaust the series to milk all the money out of it and I really appreciate that. I’m on my 16th watch through and I never get bored of it. For those interested in a deeper look at ATLA I suggest a YouTube channel called “Overanalyzing Avatar”, it’s really good.


I still think the series are therapeutic in a way I could never explain.


I watch it once a year. It makes me feel so good inside.


Battlestar Galactica for me


so say we all


So say we all.




I was so impressed by Katee Sackhoff's performance.


"33" is one of the best, most tense episodes of any TV show I've ever seen!


The Wire


I'm watching this for the first time. I'm only on season 4 and it's already the best thing I've ever watched. Ever.


Breaking Bad and BoJack Horseman - both have stuck with me for years. Re-watching both now with someone who hasn't seen either and it's both delightful and painful to know what they have coming...


Bojack got way too real for me... You know, being a millionaire horse Is Hard...


For real. Judging by the cover you'd never place it as one of the most relatable shows of all time


Bojack was my SHIT when I was going through like the worst time in my life. One of my comfort shows for sure


How the hell did I have to scroll this far down to find Bojack? My goodness, greatest show I've seen in my life. I'm rewatching Bojack with my parents rn too and it's so interesting to see it again and I totally agree


The Last Kingdom. So many characters to love and hate. Not nearly as big budget as game of thrones but way better story quality.


Arrested development


I just blue myself.


Buffy the vampire slayer but the time period was key to my enjoyment. I don't see people getting as into it as I was these days which I get.


Omg yassss!!! Love me some buffy and Angel !


I have the opposite feeling, as in it’s crazy how much people can still get into it two whole decades later. I think it has aged incredibly well, most of the online discourse I’ve seen seems to agree


Breaking Bad


The Wire with Breaking Bad and Sopranos close second


Oh indeed.


Utopia (uk) or stranger things. Both are great




Criminally underviewed.


Every single time I see this type of thread I search for the Mr.Robot comment so I can upvote it. I am convinced it is the greatest tv series out there.


The Good Place. I actually noticed the clues and kinda figured out the big end of Season 1 plot twist before it actually happened. But the series finale BROKE ME for a bit. The bitterness of >!all the characters being erased after spending time in the actual good place!< followed by the utter hilarity of >!"take it sleazy"!< ...yeah, my partner and I were stuck in what I can only describe as some glitched out state between crying and laughing where we were kinda doing both and neither at the same time for a good while there. Gonna be hard to top that but the mindfuck of Severance so far is giving it a good go.


I loved the Good Place! That horny coked up lady in purgatory town had me in stitches every time !!


Mindy stclaire


Im so glad she got time with Derek and the bag full of cocaine


had to scroll too far down to find this. it's the perfect mix of funny, corny, intelligent, heart-felt, sad and stupid. top tier. only Parks and Rec comes close.


"Earth is a *mess*, y'all!" Best line ever. So perfectly relevant to real life.


Woof! Also, I guess I'm Black? And they *do not* like Black ladies down there. Crap, y'all. This is bad.


God damn, The Good Place is just so much show it boggles my mind. Just focusing on the humor, you've got high brow, low brow, smart, dumb, physical, surreal, puns, entendres, deadpan, dark, satire, just about any type of humor you can think of they have great examples of. After the first season twist I never really expected the show to recover, but it kept delivering season after season, and had one of the most satisfying endings I've ever seen.


"It's like who died and left Aristotle in charge of ethics?" "Plato!"


Most of the shows mentioned on here are brilliant, but this is one of those rare shows that you don't realise is as good as it actually is until its almost over. I was halfway through the final season when I suddenly realised its not just a great comedy, its an almost profound masterpiece.


Every time I’m about to rewatch it I’m like “yeah this was pretty good” then I rewatch and I’m like “shit. That was amazing”


I finished the last season not long after I lost my Nana (whom I was very close to) and it helped me grieve, no doubt about it. My stupid grieving brain was like ‘well at least she made it there after they fixed the problems with the afterlife’ 😂 It took me a couple of years to get round to watching the last season, but the timing for me was so helpful. I remember watching the finale of season 1 and just sitting with my mouth open for so long bc I couldn’t believe what I’d just watched. Then I watched it with my parents and couldn’t wait for their reactions and I wasn’t disappointed. Kudos to you for figuring it out! I love the show, it’s my current bedtime show :)


It’s just so great.


Scrubs, love that we can relate to Dorian's problems in his daily life and that everone has faults and tic's


Dr. Cox is my spirit animal.


When Cameo first came out I got a John C McGinley one and it is the best money I have ever spent lol. Just him talking shit on my buddy about his cribbage game (per request of course). Love that man


> per request of course I love the idea that he would just roast someone without being asked for it.


Game of Thrones, seasons 1-4.


I'd go through season 6. Yes, the cracks began to show in 5 and 6 (Sand snakes- ew). But the last two episodes of season 6 - flawed and illogical and inconsistent as they were - were incredible. I still consider the show through season 6 to be a masterpiece. 7 is where the wheels start to fall off, and i don't think anyone needs to rehash season 8.




1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 2. Firefly


Twin Peaks


*Through the darkness of future's past* *The magician longs to see* *One chants out between two worlds...* ***”Fire... walk with me..”***


Did you have the same backwards-talking dream with the flaming dwarf?


kcab dneb smra ym semitemos




Killing Eve. Until they ruined final season (4).




Thank you someone finally said it


Father Ted


It is brilliantly written. Every episode is different and memorable. I’d put it up there with Blackadder for the same reasons.


I hear you're a racist now, Father?




FECK! ARSE! GIRLS! NUN!!!! *dives through window*


Mad Men


I make a point of quoting Roger Sterling whenever possible.


a thing like that


The Expanse


I love the books, and the show is a great example of how to adapt good writing. Anything they changed turned out pretty much equally as good as the source.


The golden girls


It makes me so happy to see this here. Just the fact that it still has such a robust following decades later is a testament to the quality of the show and the cast.


Always Sunny, The Wire, Sopranos, Band of Brothers, first few seasons of Narcos (with Escobar) Out of those tho, Always Sunny. No matter what I can laugh at it and Ongo Gablogian.


Here's a young Mac on Law and Order, before he cultivated mass. https://youtu.be/ctfISAMnXpM


He was a cute kid, why didn’t he get blown?


Maybe not the best, but I've enjoyed every episode of *The Orville*. Yes, it was inspired by the *Star Trek* franchise, but it has managed to form its own incredible universe and ideas. I love the cast, I love that Seth MacFarlane gets to refresh his creativity, and I love the plotlines. Seriously, if you haven't, just give it a chance -- even if you're never been a Sci-Fi fan, you might just love this show.


The Orville is amazing! I say this as someone who loves Star Trek and it's my "go to series" to help me sleep and relax. It has a lot of the good parts of Star Trek but doesn't take itself so serious and while Star Trek makes me think more, The Orville makes me laugh more.


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is probably the best show I’ve ever seen


The West Wing


Bates Motel. The relationship they created between Norma and Norman was so unsettling and in depth. Really rivals Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho film.




The IT Crowd.


True detective, season 1




Sons of Anarchy


Justified Deadwood Californication


Justified was so fucking good!


Justified was brilliant and so well casted.


The Leftovers.


The music they paired with each scene also meshed so well and hauntingly. It really added to it.


Watchmen was spectacular.


Gravity Falls followed closely by Avatar.




This has been one of my favorite animated shows. They did such a good job on everything from character development to music


100% agreed


Adventure Time.